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Hi! I just thought I would drop in to say how much I enjoy reading what you write! While there are quite a few writers in the tmnt fandom you are by far one of my favourites! [Also the fact that a lot of what you write contains Donatello certainly is a bonus for me ;)] but I just wanted to say how wonderful and captivating your writing is! Thank you for doing what you do!!!!

THIS IS SO SWEET??? i don’t expect anon compliments and so when i do get them, im just SO HAPPY!!!! ahaha, THANK YOU SO MUCH! <333!!! I’m glad you like my writing, and Donnie because all i write is donnie ahah. :DD ILY ANON

do you ever think that each and every member of nct being together is fate?

like, think about it for a second. 

taeil got into sm at the same time he got into the university he had always wanted to go to. he knew he had to pick one, so he picked university. but after a while, he realized nothing would make him as happy as he felt when he sang. so he quit university, and joined sm instead. 

taeyong was street casted. do you know how insane it is to think that sm street casted someone as talented as him? he’s an amazing rapper, dancer, and vocalist with an incredible stage presence. it’s almost unreal to think he entered the company by chance. 

haechan’s dream to be a singer came by complete coincidence. he couldn’t sleep one night, so he turned on the tv. as soon as he turned it on, the music video for shinee’s replay came on. it sparked his desire to sing on stage, so he auditioned. and he got in.

since predebut, fans were not expecting the minis to end up debuting with the hyung line because of the age difference. but despite nct’s crazy unit and rotational system, it was made so that trainees of all ages could join as members. imagining nct without the younger members seems impossible now. i will never not be glad that sm kept the sr15b together in one group.

winwin practiced traditional chinese dance in one of the top three art schools in china where he got street casted. he had doubts, but decided to go to korea for a month to check it out. in that one month, he knew that this was what he wanted for his future. he himself said he believed it was destiny that he joined sm.

johnny trained for nine years. he’s been in the company for a long time, and probably had doubts on if he would ever debut. i think he wasn’t put in exo for a reason. because although exo is crazy popular and johnny would be extremely well known, nct suits him so well. he has grown so close to the other members, they’re practically his family now.

chenle was a singer in china. he had his own solo albums, and even his own solo concert before he even joined sm. he had a career set for him, but instead he moved away from home to a strange country to become an idol. even we, as fans, were not expecting him. but now, i can’t see nct without him.

i don’t know. i’ve never really believed in fate or destiny. but i think if it’s real, this is what it looks like.

Hidden Behind Straightened Hair

Hidden Behind Straightened Hair | The fives times Dan’s hair was used as a joke to hide his insecurity about his sexuality, and the one time it wasn’t.| Phan | PG-13 | Homophobia, Bi-Erasure, 2012 Scenario’s, Curly hair/Straight jokes | 5,304 Words

Massive thank you to @ineverhadmyinternetphase​ for quite literally letting me force her to read over my shoulder the entire time I worked on this, and her endless support of both my take on 2012 events, and bi-erasure.

Honestly guys, this is the thing I am currently the most proud of ever having written, so please let me know what you think <3 I’m literally shaking as I post this. 

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reasons why season 3 episode 5 “good form” is iconic and unforgettable:

- the mcfreaking ponytail that changed my life

- david saying “you’d have liked my brother” as his version of a Sick Burn & killian saying “you’d have liked my brother” bc his brother was his hero & idol Jokes On You, David Nolan,

- that one bit where david literally swoons into killians arms

- “you couldnt handle it” “maybe YOU couldn’t handle it” SmoothTM and SuaveTM CombacksTM property of captain killian jones

- davids happy golden retriever face when the poison drains out of his system

- “im not complaining” “ok, im complaining”

- when ur stuck in the amazonian rainforest saving ur abducted kid so instead of a Romantique First KissTM u just gotta go for some hardcore making out in the middle of the jungle instead

- & then leave the not-quite-bae staring into space for like 10 minutes afterwards like a lovestruck Fool while u go get stuff done

- u kno waht? rudolph the red eared pirate tbh

- also t b h smol leftenant jones??? biggest nerd in his majesty’s service??? bless his awkward heart

- when david thinks hes Gonna Die & hugs emma real tight n emmas like ????????????????? dad ur bein Extra & weird & davids just like ‘haha no this is my Normal Dad Reflex what r u talkin abt”

- snow: david r u sure everythings ok 

- david, close 2 Tears but laughing nervously: yah im fine i just LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH!!! not dying at all!!!!! cool!!!! let me hug u one last time. i mean one MORE time, hha, haha,,,

- The Princess Bride ReferenceTM

- davids Dad Smile when hes like “hook saved my life” & everyones like REALLY???? FORREAL??? that part was pure   

- anyways this was a good ep i should watch it again


It always comes as a surprise to me when I see myself on the screen, or read something that identifies me as a star. When I was a little girl, I always worried that no one would ever love me, and that I would never find a man willing to marry me. My nose wasn’t pretty and I was terribly thin. I was sickly too, with asthma and quite miserable about my prospects… But at least, I was lucky I got off the shelf. Audrey Hepburn

@the-buttoned-one :

Hiya! I am one of your patrons and from your tutorial I tried to draw a sans…… It didn’t quite come out like I’d hoped and he looks a lot younger than he’s supposed to and I don’t really know how to fix that??? I just thought to show you because I am really excited to learn from you!


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How would the Akatsuki members react to a random baby/their own? Im sorry. I'm Akatsuki trash

Itachi is alright with kids, he quite likes them if they’re relatively tame. But with his own baby he’s very cordial and likes playing peek-a-boo constantly. That’s his go-to, he gets so happy with his baby

Kisame just isn’t one for babies. He can tolerate kids who are old enough to think for themselves and behave, but they’re still brats to him. He wouldn’t be great with kids, not even his own

Sasori does not like children at all. He’s the type who will look at a baby crying and just go “You’re being incredibly annoying”. He’d be a bit more lenient with his kid, but he’s the type who doesn’t let them act like a fool in public. If they cry or throw tantrums, he’d get on them

Kakuzu also just does not like kids. Honestly the last thing he’d ever want to do is have a kid. He sees a baby and immediately he just thinks “You better not start crying”

Hidan hates kids too. Thinks they’re annoying and he wouldn’t know how to handle them. It’s best to keep babies away from Hidan

Konan is great with kids. Very caring and is the one that can get them to stop crying almost immediately just by holding them

Nagato likes kids but he doesn’t quite know how to take care of them. He’s extremely awkward. With his own baby, his s/o will have to encourage him and guide him

Deidara scares babies tbh. Like if they’re crying he gets in their face and is that “Why are you crying? What are you fussing about? Shut up” type, which just makes them cry harder. With his own baby, he’s still kind of like that. Fatherhood would be a chore to him 80% of the time. He’d take care of the baby, but he gets annoyed easily. And never expect him to change diapers

Obito would love kids. Always playing little games with them, can really keep babies occupied. With his own kid he’s a little more hesitant, like he’d be the type who’s super nervous about holding them for the first time, but once the nerves die down he’s super enthusiastic

Happy new year guys!! Sorry i couldn’t come up with anything cooler cuz i’ve been quite busy lately preparing for my new semester ;w; so here’s a quick lil thing i made!

I just want to thank you guys for an amazing year! 2016 was a wonderful year for me on tumblr, nothing rlly big happens but at least i managed to talk with a few artists that i admire //w// and reaching the 1k milestone was awesome too

However, as for 2017, it might be the busiest year for me, so i may not be able to post as frequently as i could, but i hope u guys would still stick along with me until the very end <3

| Elli in her wedding dress! —“Harvest moon” |

Im playing the “boy version” of Back to nature right now & im sooo going to marry this lovely girl~😏 (Elli won my heart the day she got me sandwiches for lunch, haha)

—I enjoyed lots while colouring this one! It was pretty hard because I always have troubles to combine the different colours, but I still love to work on that! 😂❤️

Haha! Drew IRL Jace (unintentionally wearing my red hoodie XD) :3
Alright, so i’m quite rubbish at this, yeah XD
In any case, I’ll be thanking some people who changed my year drastically :3
To @nekophy @angexci and @blogthegreatrouge , thanks for inspiring me by doing great, top notch art! I’m positive you hear this near-often, but you guys are seriously inspiring. I don’t understand how you keep your creativity flowing, but keep at it! :D You make alot of people happy, and we hope we do the same ^u^
To @bunabelldraws , thanks for being one of my bestest friends. I’m not sure when you’ll see this, but whenever you’re online, i’m always so happy to talk to you again, whether it’s for a short time or not :‘3 You got me back in this goshdarn sinful fandom afterall, so you’re definitely a big influence on me and my (kinda) sinful art XD Don’t give up! I’m positive you’ll be able to get on more often, we’re all rooting for ya! :3
To @haruheartchester , for making the PPA very eventful and just being an all-out great friend :3 If you hadn’t declared war on the PPA a long while ago, I don’t think we would have talked :‘3 If ever you feel terrible or down, know that there’s alot of people that care for you :3 Talk to them, and i’m sure they’ll be there for you, every step of the way uvu
To @calibriskeleton , sweet mother of tea biscuits! Girl, I swear to god just talking to you made me more sinful than I already am! XD You’re such a cool person and amazing friend to talk to! I’m always having fun whenever we chat/roleplay X3 Keep on being a sinfully inspiring artist, sister :3 I still don’t remember how we started talking, but thank god we did!! XD
To @nelly-the-dog and @hostghost84 , You guys are just- hnnn, so sweet and adorable!!! You’re such great senpais and you both have amazing art!!! Even though we don’t really talk much, I hope you both have a great new year! ((And #delly all the way ;3))
To every PPA member, active or not, thank you for being my new family. Each and every one of you are special and great and just overall amazing! I love seeing you guys interacting and having fun in this silly , not-so-little group!
And thank you to all my followers for sticking with me through this weird and amazing journey! Without you guys, I don’t think i’d be where I am now! You’re all simply wonderful!!
Edit: I ALSO WANNA THANK @xxpurplesketchxx @a-sinner-insomniac @lovedarkspirit @sketchingheart @lillithofacademytale @bleuybleu @rosans @xdreamerofthestarsx @swaysway4433 @anda-blr @ghost10s @theunfortunatecheese @littlestar110 @dimini @shipperdeluxe @currentlymelody @fancyalex @puffrisk @huwat @anniecyan

irene obvs is hella bisexual, but even if she was exclusively attracted to women (she isn’t just watch the damn episode with your eyeballs)….she…as a lesbian…could still text Sherlock…on his birthday…because…as a lesbian…you can still care about… the males …?????(particularly ones that idk like… saved ur life??) like there isn’t an invisible lesbian decree that forbids yee from wishing a dude a happy birthday lmao wishing someone happy birthday doesn’t automatically TAINT your lesbianness/ mean ur super madly in love and need the d immediately so could annoying jlockers quit comin into my ims like “but she a lesbian!” nooooooo she isn’t and even if she was she’s allowed to care about another human being in a deeply non-romantic-i sorta owe u my life- kinda way cos they r grown!!! ass!!! people!!!!…so chill, quit it with the bi-erasure and making every little damn thing about havin the sexy times…like she could have sent him anything from “hbd babe let’s have dinner” to “check out my sick new aquaponic project” or even “here i made u a meme” we just don’t know

Onwards to 2017

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WELP 2017 is almost upon us! It’s been quite a year, let’s all root for 2017 to be better than this one.
I decided to do a follower/mutuals shoutout to celebrate the upcoming year and to thank you all for making my tumblr experience a nice one, whether it be art, anime things, shitposting or just pictures of cute animals.

I’ve listed people whom every time I see them on my dash or in my activity I’m like “hey there they are, I’m glad this person is here right now”. Even if we haven’t interacted outside of activity ever, I still consider us buddies :’^)

IF YOU’RE NOT LISTED HERE AND YOU FEEL LIKE YOU SHOULD BE, please message me!! I may have been confused with a url or icon change and don’t recognise your new url ;u; I’m sorry about that!!

Also I APOLOGISE FOR THE LONG POST but there’s just so many people I wanna give a shoutout to!


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Happy new year you all!

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When I was 14, I spent a month in the hospital for heart failure from anorexia and then 5 months after that in a psychiatric ward, sedated for depression/anxiety/suicide attempts. I am now 17, only on one antidepressant, just applied to uni sciences with a 98% average, left a very toxic relationship, am going to England next year to play field hockey (which I had to quit for some time due to my eating disorder) and have been clean from self harm/ my addiction to adivan/oxy for 1 year. 😊😊

MAKE A MOVIE FOR YOURSELF TBH this is !! so amazing im so happy for u


95.2.10; the day the heavens sent us an angel. you grew up to be a talented, witty, charming gentleman with a giant heart and an infectious, beautiful laugh. no one else radiates warmth and happiness quite like you. thank you for always making my days brighter; i’m so glad to be able to be alive at the right time to be able to experience everything with you and support you whole-heartedly as a Swing. i hope this next year is filled with laughter and joy and all the blessings that you more than deserve. thank you for being born. i love you with my entire heart, my sunshine. 💖