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So I decided to do a quick Year Later Redraw? Which turned into me having absolutely no muse and rushing (Seriously, I started this about 24 hours ago now, and have spent maybe 4 on it). At least their hair looks good? 

Anyway, this is pretty well exactly a year of progression I suppose, give or take 3 or so days. I have so much to work on– digital painting, line-art (for when I feel like doing that), anatomy obviously… but I mean its nice to see the difference.

okay so update: 

got two jobs now (im a barista and a special ed aide lol) 

moved our shit out of our old house and into storage and currently going thru escrow and class has been insane and my childhood cat died really brutally in front of me so ive been really depressed 

BUT gunna edit and queue a whole bunch of shit and do some gameplay

tHANK YOU to all my amazing new followers feel free to talk to me or reblog stuff or whatever. i lOVE making friends 

Hey girl- I think I wanna marry you!

Request: Hiya! Can you do a Reid/Reader fic where he proposes?! Something really cute, like kill me with cute.

Warnings: Cuteness ;)

Paring: Reid/Reader

Rating: PG

OKAY SO! Y/F/N- your full name And your best friend’s name is Rachel (: ~AdminAnna


You wrapped your hands around you morning cup of hot chocolate. The apartment seemed very quiet. It was day five without your boyfriend Spencer. You missed him, of course and it was around day 5 that it really started to seem quiet. You went to go turn on morning tv when there was a knock at the door.

You raised your eyebrows, surprised and went over to the door.

“Are you (Y/F/N)?” The delivery boy asked.

“Yes,” You said hesitantly.

He handed you a big box, bored, then retreated. You set it down on the counter, kicking the door closed behind you and opened the lid. There was a dozen red roses in there.

“Oh,” You exhaled, smiling.

There was a card laying on top.

Just to remind you that you’re the love of my life.


Tears came to your eyes. You reached out to touch the soft pedals. You picked up your phone and dialed his number. His phone was off. You exhaled with a twinge of disappointment. You picked up the Roses and put them in a vase. They were truly beautiful.

There was another knock.

“What is this grand central station?” You grumbled.

This time, when you opened the door, it was your best friend.

“Rachel!” You exclaimed, throwing your arms around her in a hug, “what are you doing here?”

She giggled, throwing herself on your couch dramatically, “Oh its so early.”

“Then why are you here?” You crossed your arms, looking down at her.

She sat up, “I’m here to give you a day of beauty!”

“Im sorry?”

“Spencer called me last night and told me he wanted to make you feel better.” She squeezed my arm, “He planned out exactly where I’m gunna take you.”

Worry started to bubble up in your stomach. You and Spencer had been doing great. Things were amazing. But this wasn’t the norm. You felt like there was something you had to worry about.

“Okay,” You bit your lip, “Are we suppose to go now?”

She nodded, “Our first appointment is in an hour so we have to get going.”


You were primped, pampered and scrubbed. Admittedly it did feel amazing. You tried to bring up to Rachel that you were confused. But she just brushed it off and changed the subject. That wasn’t like her at all, she was usually the best listener you knew.

By the time you guys were finished, it was dark outside and you parted ways. She gave you an extra big hug and smile.

Okay. She definitely knew something you didn’t.

You unlocked your apartment door.

You dropped your keys in surprise.

The room was filled with candles. Tall, short, different colors. It was beautiful. There were a trail of rose petals, leading out to your desk. You put your purse on the counter and slowly made your way out there. You took in your surroundings. This was amazing. Gorgeous.

You got outside into the warm night air. The rose trail stopped.

There was Spencer.

“Spence!” You gasped, beaming, “You’re back!”

You leaped into his arms. Immediately he wrapped them around your waist, gripping you to him.

“Hi sweetheart.” He breathed into your neck.

You grabbed his face in your hands, kissing his lips, eyes, cheeks.

“I’m so glad you’re back,” Tears caught in your throat.

He released all but your hands. He was nervous about something. You tilted your head to the side, studying him.

“Y/N,” He wiped a hair out of your face, “I adore you. I don’t know how someone as beautiful, funny and loving as you could fall for someone like me.”

“Oh Spence-“

“You’re my other half. The love of my life.”

“and you’re mine.” Tears were full on now.

Slowly, he sunk down onto one knee. You gasped, your hand flying to cover you mouth.

“Will you marry me?”

You put your hand over your heart, nodding vigorously.

“Yes,” You barely forced out, “Yes of course I will.”

GUYYYYSSS GUYYYYYSSSS I finally got me clear scan of this! OMGGGGGGGG this tattoo is soo gunna happen! Now to find a time/money and sit down with the artist who’s going to do it!


(watermarked the fuck up so PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS I paid to use this image!)

THis is going on my right shoulder and will probably be the start of a sleeve of sailor moon stuff (or just my fav things because I’m itching for she-ra too)

//So I’m gunna be making an attempt to tackle some drafts since I feel I can right now (yayyy) but… here’s a quick psa before I do!

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Holy fuck.

So I just got an email from my aunt ( i finished up a logo commission for her a while back) and apparently they (the CEO and another lady) now want me to work on a couple projects for/with them as well as make a metis children’s colouring book.

Never thought that’d ever happen to me haha

Wow. I’m just. I don’t even know what to say.

This is big


He did not look up at me, even though I was certain that he could feel my gaze scrutinize him. I watched as light and shadow competed for the soft features of his face. The fire burned deep in his dark eyes, turning the brown of his irises red.  - His Shadow by @bottomgeneralhux

So I got the privilege of getting to read parts of this before it was posted which was super fun!!! so some concept type stuff + ren pokin at a fire bein all creepy (and hot) Im such a sucker for vamp!aus RIP. 

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I FUCKING LIVE FOR LAURENS RANTS AND CALLING PEOPLE OUT!! i agree L!! she did it with so much class yet was real as fuck and omf i just love lauren so much!! she already cut camila out of her life and calling out camren shippers was the last she needed to do in order to cut her out even more




i asked you guys what you wanted to see in this update for afterbirth+, and the number one suggestion was “some music”. so i put an image in a video so you could see it! (IDIOTS!)

flux is a track from some place in afterbirth + that im not gunna talk about right now! 

and since ive been too busy to update more often here is a lil item tease, an effect that is long overdue. 

afterbirth+ is shaping up really nicely, i wish i had a date and price for you guys but things have grown a bit as per usual and we want the mod tools to be perfect.. so we are just not sure yet.

speaking of things im not sure the price and release date of…


fleshing out the menus for this game, james is doing a mighty fine job. hope to start showing actual gameplay soon, maybe even the games intro.

this vid is still wip, but i think it looks rad and wanted to show off the visual theme of the game a bit more.  


tyler is a powerup madman, maybe next update this thing will actually have a name so we can start talking about it like its a real thing.. 

The signs as things I have said while playing Overwatch

Aries: “Oh, we have two Genjis that’s cool so basically fuck this round I’ll play Widowmaker, oh hey look someone immediately picked Hanzo right after cool. I love this game.” 

Tauros: *any time I get epic or legendary upvotes* “Shout out to my fans, I love you.”

Gemini: “if someone doesnt get this tracer off of me right now i swear to god im gunna quit”

Cancer: “I hate this game why do I even play it” *is level like 480*

Leo: “I’m not saying i’m carrying but I have four gold so step up?”

Virgo: “blizzard needs to hire me I have some great ideas to make this game playable” 

Libra: “dont worry you guys i’ve got this” *picks genji*

Scorpio: “like no offense but when are you guys actually going to kill something?”

Sagittarius: “fuck this i’m switching teams i hate you guys”

Capricorn: “no dont worry it’s okay i’ll play support, again, for the 20th time in a row” ‘cail i can play support if you wa-’ “NO I’VE ALREADY PICKED MY CHARACTER FUCK YOU”

Aquarius: “where’s my team? *high pitch shrill* teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!!”

Pisces: “i have two sodas sitting right next to me i’m ready” *someone queues us up* “wait cancel the search i need to potty”

One Thing Leads to the Next

Requested by Anon <3



Roman Reigns x Reader


Your eyes flickered open when the sun rays hit your face. You looked at the clock and it was 8 in the morning. You groaned and hid your face with the small pillow underneath you. You moved the pillow slightly when you heard laughing coming from in front of you. You moved the pillow far enough down your face to see your boyfriend Roman Reigns standing in the doorway of your bedroom.

You gave him a key to your house because you would always forget your house keys and since you travelled a lot together before you started dating, you trusted him enough to give him one. You and Roman Reigns had just started dating a few days ago, but you both had been friends for years now. You’ve always had feelings for each other, it was just a matter of sharing your feelings, and once you did, you were a happy couple. With being in a new relationship, you hadn’t done much of what couples do. You had yet to have your first kiss with each other and it made the both of you nervous. You held hands, but that was about as far as things had gotten in the few days you had been together.  

You rolled your eyes and brought the pillow back up to your face.

“You never really were a morning person huh babe?” You let out a small growl making him laugh a little louder. “Come on, get up. We need to go to the performance center.”

“At 11!!” You whined and he moved closer into your room.

“Im fully aware, but by the time you get up, get ready. Do all your girl stuff and eat, it’ll be time to go. So, get up princess.”

“I refuse to get up right now. It’s way too early and all I have to do is shower and get dressed. I don’t have to get all pretty cause we’re going to work out.” You said muffled into the pillow you were holding over your face.

“First, you’re always pretty, second, If you don’t get up, I guess i’m gunna have to get you up myself.” Your eyes shot open and you raised your eyebrows. You moved the pillow from your face seeing him at the end of your bed, grinning. You threw the pillow at him and he caught it making you laugh nervously.

“Was that your way of challenging me babygirl?” You shook your head and laid back down pulling the blanket over you. You were determined to get more sleep.

Before you knew it, the blanket was ripped off of the bed and thrown to the side. You looked up to see Roman with his arms crossed. He shrugged and laughed it off.

“Told you, we can do this one of two ways. You can get up by yourself, or ill get you up.”

“YOU’RE SO ANNOYING I WAS SO COMFORTABLE.” He laughed loud and it only annoyed you more.

“I’m what? What did you call me?” He kicked his shoes off and started climbing onto the bed.

“I swear to God… don’t even think about it.” Your voice sounded angry but you couldn’t help but smile a bit.

“Are you gunna get up?”

“Nope.” Right then, he jumped on you and started to tickle your sides. You couldn’t hold in your laugh and you started to laugh hysterically.

“FUCK STOPP!” You managed trying to catch your breath. You used the little bit of strength you had to move from his embrace and it didn’t last long. You were pushing as hard as you could against his arms and he was pushing down. His strength overpowered yours and you were started to wrestle each other on the bed. You were trying to get him to stop tickling you and it wasn’t working.

“Told you I would get you up!” He said laughing as you attempted to move from underneath him.

“Ro! GOD! I can’t breatheee!!!!” You screamed while laughing and he stopped suddenly allowing you to catch your breath. You were breathing heavy and you looked up into his eyes. You smiled while heavily breathing and he smiled back at you. You stared at each other until the pace of your breathing finally slowed down.

“See, you’re awake now! You can get up.” You shook your head and closed your eyes. Your hands were still pinned next to you by his. He chuckled at your attempt to pretend like you were sleeping. You smiled a bit but didn’t budge. After a few moments, you felt warm lips on yours and you kissed back without thinking. Your stomach filled with butterflies and your mind filled with fireworks. He pulled away and you opened your eyes. You both smiled wide and you reached your face up to his kissing him again. When you pulled away, his smile seemed to be brighter.

“Now will you get up?”

“Can you let me enjoy our first kiss? Damn.”

“Fine, only because I’m still enjoying it too.” With that, he gave you one more kiss before kissing both of your cheeks and climbing off the bed. He dragged you up and now you had no choice but to get up. All you could think about were his lips and he couldn’t think about anything but yours either. It was from that moment that you knew you were nothing but happy with him.

Stay with me - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Since the fire that broke out and destroyed your house and put your mother in the hospital, you had been staying at Stile’s house. You had always had a crush on him, but an odd kind of crush, like you would be okay if you two stayed friends forever, and lately all you had been wanting from him was his ability to talk and listen for hours or sit in silence for hours, you just needed someone right now.

You were home alone on the couch reading when Scott dragged Stiles through the door. You looked up and felt a jump in your heart, Stiles was white as a ghost and bruised and bloody. “Oh my god Stiles! What happened?!” you ran and held up the other half of Stile’s weak body. “He got in the way of a fight when he was waiting outside for me.” Scott said. “What kind of fight?!” You two slowly lowered him onto the couch. “A completely human fight, just some punks picking on a younger kid, Stiles being the hero, he decided to try to help as i was bringing my mom some dinner at work.” Stiles winced in pain. It was killing you to see him like this. In the two years of knowing Stiles, you had never seen him in physical pain. “Do you need anything bud?” Scott asked. “No- Im…okay, you can go i got (Y/N) here anyway.” He forced a smile out.

After Scott left you didn’t really know what to do. Does he want help? You didn’t want to feel as if you were treating him like a baby. “I should get you some ice.” You said awkwardly and hurried to the kitchen.

When you came back Stiles was attempting to get his jacket off. “Here ill help.” You slowly helped remove his jacket, heart stopping every time he grunted in pain. “What did they do to you?” You asked as you saw the bruises on his arms and face. “Well, they hit me, punched me, kicked me. You know a typical ally jumping.” You laughed. He shifted so that you were both facing eachother and you placed the ice on his forehead. You couldn’t help but look at his eyes, his goofy smirk, his cute nose. You hadn’t realized how cold the ice was on your hand, you all of a sudden dropped it in pain and glanced at your hand, it was tomato red. “Sorry, my hand is just frikin cold.” You both laughed, Stiles took your hand in between his and brought it up to his mouth. You stopped breathing as he blew warm air into it. “better?” He asked. You smiled. The silence was taking over, you felt the need to break it but you couldn’t think of anything to say, you could tell he couldn’t either, so you both continued to stare at eachother. You all of a sudden felt him getting closer to you, so close that he was going blurry. You could feel his breath on your face now. You closed your eyes, and opened them again at the abrupt sound of the door opening.

“Hey kids- Stiles what happened?!” Mr. Stilinski asked as he walked through the door with bags of groceries. “Oh nothing supernatural, its all good dad dont worry about it.” Mr. Stilinski starred for second, squinting his eyes like he had so many questions. “Ok im just going to take your word on that then.” He walked into the kitchen.

You felt like you should leave the room now that Stiles’s dad was home. “Im just gunna go upstairs…” you said as you got halfway off the couch but was stopped by Stiles hand around yours. “Please stay…with me.” You smiled and sat back down. “You know what we should do, we should watch a really bad movie and make fun of it the whole time.” As you settled into the couch you noticed Mr.Stilinski heading upstairs. “Okay what movie?” You asked. “hmm i was thinking something bad like…Spider man.” You instantly playfully punched his arm forgetting he was in pain. “OWW!” He grasped his arm. “Oh my god Stiles! I’m so sorry i totally forgot!” You put your hand on his in sympathy. “ha. its ok….” He dragged on as he looked up at you. Before you knew it Stiles’s lips were on yours. Stiles Stilinski that you had been crushing on for two years was kissing you, you had thought about this before. You were sure if he ever tried to kiss you, your heart would stop. But surprisingly, you felt comfortable, warm.

You opened your eyes and smiled. “Spider man it is.” You said as you both giggled.

Wanna Bet?

For : rocker-girl90 

Dean Ambrose x Reader x Roman Reigns (? I guess)

Here you go loveee

You and Dean Ambrose were very close, considering you’ve known each other since you both started in the wwe around the same time. He knew you very well and knew all your secrets. The two of you were close enough to be able to tease each other all the time. One thing he teased you about all the time was liking his other best friend, Roman Reigns. Dean would constantly joke around with you and tell you that he would tell Roman how you felt about him.

“Look (Y/N), your man is about to have his match.” Dean teased at the two of you looked on a tv backstage to watch the match. You gave Dean an eye roll and watched the screen. Not realizing, you whispered “God, he’s just..” loud enough for Dean to hear. He started laughing and said “I’m gunna tell him you’re in love with him.”

You turned a bright red and faced Dean. “I swear, if you tell him I’m gunna tear you apart. Please don’t do that.” He didn’t respond, all he did was laugh as he heard how frantic you were getting.

Roman’s match ended and he was beginning to walk backstage.

“I’m gunna do it!”

“DEAN PLEASE NO.” Dean got up and walked down the hallway. You followed close behind and his footsteps sped up. You stopped once you saw Roman.

“Hey guys.” He fist bumped Dean and gave you a smile. You returned the smile and looked at Dean.

“Bro, I gotta tell you something.” You started getting nervous and gave Dean an “I will kill you” stare.

“What’s up?” Roman didn’t notice the looks you were giving Dean. After Dean had let out a low chuckle he finally spoke up. “Nothin’ really I just heard they have cheesecake and sushi in catering today.” The boys shared a laugh and turned to you. Dean gave you a smirk and asked, “Wanna come?” You mimicked his smirk and shook your head.

“I have a match.. Bye Dean. Bye Roman..” You waved at the boys and finished getting ready for your match. Dean was the only one who knew how you felt about Roman and he was going to do everything to use that to get under your skin.


You returned from your match and made your way back to the locker room to change. As you were on your way, you bumped into Dean again.


“Hey loser.” Dean raised his eyebrows in a jokingly annoyed way. You let out a giggle and tried to walk by Dean but he stepped in front of you stopping you again. You gave him a confused look and said “What? Did you want something?”

He shook his head and crossed his arms. “Scared you earlier huh?” You let out a loud sigh and rolled your eyes.

“You can’t tell him. I’m serious.” He gave you another smirk before you spoke again. “Wipe that smug look off your face. Thanks.” He was laughing now.

“Someone’s a little feisty today?” The both of you started laughing. Then Dean took a deep breath and said, “I’m still gunna tell him.” You crossed your eyes and the two of you had, it seemed like, a dramatic showdown.

“You won’t.”

“Wanna bet?” He moved past you and yelled. “Roman!”

Why was he always so easy to find? You thought to yourself.

You grabbed Dean’s arm and he turned to face you. He could see how nervous you were getting and started laughing.

“I will hit you if you even think about telling him Dean, i’m serious. You can’t.” You let go of Dean who was losing breath from all the laughter.

“Well I’m thinking and im reacting.” He opened his mouth to call out to Roman again and you gave him a hard hit to the shoulder. He quickly grabbed his shoulder and gritted his teeth.

“What the fuck? You weren’t kidding! Why are you that strong?” You rubbed his shoulder and a smirk played on his lips.

“I told you I was gunna do it! So now you won’t tell him.”

“Oh no Doll, just for that, I’m really gunna tell him now.” Dean ran down the hallway holding his shoulder and you reacted and ran after him. He reached Roman a few seconds before you did. Roman looked between the two of you, confused. You put your hands on your knees and took a deep breath before standing up straight. Dean was leaning against the wall doing the same.

“Shit, I didn’t realize how long that hallway was.” You nodded agreeing with Dean.

Roman finally spoke up. “uuhh, something going on that I should know about?” Dean looked at you and opened his mouth to speak but you interrupted him.


Dean’s eyes widened and he started laughing once more.

“Alright you two, you’ve been acting like Tom and Jerry for a few days now. What’s going on?” Dean and you glanced at each other and you glanced down at the floor. Dean spoke up.

“(Y/N) likes the fuck out of you and she doesn’t wanna tell you. SO…. I did.”

You muttered “Oh god…. Dean I hope you’re ready to die.” You looked up at him and then to Roman who was staring at you smiling.

“Is it true?” You nodded shyly and put your face in your hands.

“Well damn, I was hoping you said something! I feel the same, Come on, let’s go have dinner.” What? Just like that? You shot up your gaze to Roman’s and said “Really?” He nodded and you agreed. You then turned to Dean who had a  “See that wasn’t bad” look on his face. You gave him a hug and said “I’m still gunna kill you later.” He laughed and said “We’ll see!” You looked over to Roman who was laughing now. He put his arm around you and walked you to your locker room. You knew one day, you would thank Dean for being as annoying as he was.

You’re mine (Part 2)

Last Part :) I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Message me what you’ve thought about it :) 

For rocker-girl90 

im no good for her.”

When you heard this, it broke your heart. You had tears streaming down your face before you stopped listened to them. You started to walk away sobbing.

“But i think i-im falling for her. and she makes me feel normal. We never really spoke but being around her man, it makes me feel good. I need her.”

“Go get your girl boy!”

Dean smiled when he finally worked up the confidence to tell you. He walked out of his locker room and saw you walking away

“(Y/N)!” You kept walking knowing it was him. He ran up to you and stood in front of you making you stop. You looked up at him and he noticed you were crying.

“Whoa. What’s wrong?”


“Those tears don’t look like nothin’ “

He brought his thumb up to your face and wiped the tear falling down your cheek. The contact made your heart race. But it only made you even more emotional. He pulled you in to hug him, you didn’t hug back, your arms were crossed and he didn’t seem to care. He just let you cry for a few minutes. Everyone was already gone, the show had ended about a half hour before Dean found you. Roman had gone after his conversation with Dean so it was only the two of you in the hallway. After a while, Dean pulled away and held you in front of him, his hands were on your shoulders. You looked up and saw he was genuinely concerned. You decided to speak up.

“I-i ….. i wanted to come talk t-to you a-and i heard what you said to R-Roman..”

Dean instantly felt terrible about what was going on. He knew you were crying because of him.

“Ah man, well.. wait, how much did you hear?”

“Last thing i heard was say you weren’t good for me. So i left. I wanted to tell you how much i liked you.” You began crying again. Dean pulled you back in his arms.

“Well darlin’ you didn’t get a chance to hear the rest of the conversation.” You looked up at him confused.

“You missed the part where I said that I was pretty much falling for you. I know, I know we’ve never spoken but, listen okay? I’ve had a rough time with telling people my emotions. And i see you and i see how amazing you are. You’re beautiful, so nice and you’ve never cared what anyone said to you. You only care about what you know yourself. I love that. You’re amazing, and…..” He stopped

“And?” You say sniffling

“…and you make me feel normal. You don’t make me feel crazy. Everyone else looks at me like im some wild guy but you look at me like i mean something…”

“Dean, you do mean something. Ive been trying to talk to you for a long time now. I really REALLY like you. I feel like you deserve to be with someone who’s gunna love you and show you what it feels like to be wanted.” Dean’s eyes were beginning to water. You kissed his cheek and his emotions grew.

“(Y/N) I want you to be the one to do that..”

“I want to be”

“So let’s properly do this? I really like you, I really think i’m falling for you and I want to be yours, and i want you to be mine..” You wiped the tear off of Dean’s cheek and he leaned into your palm. This was the most emotion he has shows anyone besides Roman.

“Dean i’d love to be yours, and i’d love for you to be mine. I really like you too. I can’t breathe when you smile at me.” Dean chuckled showing you his dimpled smile. Your breath hitched. He noticed. “You weren’t lying” You smiled at him and took a deep breath. “No i was dead serious”

The two of you were laughing now and wiping the rest of your tears.

“So is it official now?” You looked at Dean and smiled. He countered your smile.

“Yes Dean.” He kissed you softly sending fireworks through your body. The both of you smiled into the kiss. He took your hand and rested his forehead against yours.

“You’re mine” He whispered against your lips as he kissed you again.

You brought his into a hug and whispered into his chest.

“You’re mine” It felt as though you were in each others arms for hours. He pulled away and grabbed your hand again. “Ill walk out with you, do you need a ride to the hotel? Everyone’s pretty much gone. Except for that guy.” Dean pointed at a random employee.

You giggled and looked back at Dean. “I’d love that, thank you. Ill go get my stuff and meet you back here?”

Dean nodded and gave you one more kiss.

“I’m never gunna get tired of those.” You giggled and kissed his dimple. You let go of his hand and started walking back to your locker room. Dean mumbled to himself.

“She’s finally mine”

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more nursey dex headcanons pls bc i am trash?

this took ages cause I’m terrible and lazy but

Okay so Dex and Nursey have been together for over a month.

They’ve kept it a secret from the team.

Only getting close behind closed doors and trying to not make it too obvious that they haven’t been bickering as much.

(as much… Just because they’re dating doesn’t mean they’re perfect.)

Nursey obviously could care less if the team knew, or anyone else for that matter

But Dex is a bit more cautious. This is new, strange territory for him. He’s never really dated anyone and he certainly has never dated a guy. As much as Nursey loathes that Dex worries so much, there’s a part of him that understands the fear. Nursey would love to show his boyfriend off to the world, but he wants to be supportive and give Dex the time he needs to get comfortable.

So for now, no one knows.

Then one day they’re hanging out at the Haus with the guys and Dex is hit with a realization. If they keep hiding he might *actually die*. All he wants is to touch Nursey whenever he wants. To be able to wrap and arm around his boyfriend’s waist if he feels like it and sit too close during movie night or kiss him on the cheek when Nursey offers the rest of his pie.

Dex has had it. He’s terrified, absolutely terrified… But he can’t handle keeping secrets anymore.

Nursey tries to hide his immense relief and be supportive.

“Hell yeah. When do you want to do it? I mean, we can do it whenever you want. Im not pressuring you. Do you want to go to the Haus right now? Or… Ow! Okay fine not right now… Dude what I’m just excited!?”

When they find out Jack and Shitty will be back for the weekend, they figure it’ll be the best timing they’re gunna get. Sure, Dex is panicking about the idea of telling everyone at once but Nursey knows that Dex wouldn’t be able to handle doing this multiple times or risking people finding out secondhand. This’ll be like ripping off the bandaid (while also seeing just how red Dex can actually get).

So the weekend comes and they’re all at the Haus for a team dinner (provided by Bitty of course). They’re finishing eating, sitting on various surfaces of the kitchen.

There’s a slight lull in conversation and Nursey knocks shoulders with his boyfriend, asking permission. Dex ducks his head down and Nursey appreciates how the red in Dex’s cheeks brings out his freckles. He assumes that’s a yes.

but then Jack clears his throat.


Dex sighs discreetly but with no less aggravation.

Nursey figures hey, what better time than after the signature Jack Zimmermann Speech complete with “I’m lucky to have played with you, just because I’m a hot shot nhl player now doesn’t mean blah blah blah”

But then Jack actually starts talking… And then Bitty starts blushing… And Jack puts his arm around Bitty’s shoulders…

Dex almost falls out of his chair and Nursey LAUGHS. he laughs so hard he can’t breathe and the entire room is giving him a dirty look but man, this is too much.

Nursey can’t catch his breath.

Dex stutters “N-no.. He’s… It’s not… fuck…”

No one knows what the hell is going on. Dex storms out of the room. Nursey coughs a few times and takes a deep breath and nods at Bitty and Jack..

“I uh, I guess we had the same idea. Me and Dex are ah, well, ditto. I’m just gunna… Yeah.”

He gives one last bark of laughter before he leaves the room to make sure Dex hadn’t already burst into flames.

The room is silent before Holster speaks up.

“Am I supposed to be shocked by any of this or…?”

((Later on Nursey coerces Dex out of hiding and the team has a nice, supportive chat. Jack and Bitty corner Nursey and Dex for an awkward but overall pleasant conversation. Ransom assures that the team is happy for the two couples but any and all possible fining is effective immediately.))

brittanyuchiha replied to your post “Im caving, im gunna watch yoi”

Please post when you hit episode 10. Crying breaks are every 2 episodes. Popcorn is necessary unless you’re afraid of crying with your mouth full. Uh..What else.. Oh Yuuri is adorable and Viktor’s hot. And there’s a lot of salt in episode one.

Im gunna be frank with you, im not really liking the show so far.  There is a very large amount of fatphobia in it. Im watching it out of bordom more than anything else. 

Ya Victor is hot, but he also seems to be a really self centered dick and doesnt take Yuuri’s feelings into account. 

Its not doing very much for me right now, but im just starting episode 3 so there is a lot of room for it to improve. 

Im hoping for the best, especially given that i have only heard good things about it

imthisimthat  asked:

I've been dating this guy for 2 years but he's like a pyscho now cause im his first for everything and he's so over protective and controlling and won't let me have any friends. So I said i wanna break up and he said 'no' like wtf. What should I do?

LMAO THE NIGGA SAID NO AS IF IT WAS IN HIS HANDS LOOOL I’m dead you have the pussy you control the relationship he can say ‘no’ all he wants but he’s gunna look stupid as shit when he see’s you with the next nigga