so im gonna post selfies


sergio ramos + team mates christmas icons  ☆*✲゚*。(^▽^)。*゚✲*☆

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bias selfie tag! (even tho i have like 10 biases but 2 will do) 

 tagged by the cutest @ohsehbun❤️ 

also not to be a fake stan either but i dyed my hair gray before to match my mans tbh aka yeollie, bbh, jongin, and hun (yes, all of them) so i had to be extra and include that in this ㅋㅋ

tagging: my lovely mutuals that i never speak to (or do) 

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and also @yeol-stole-my-soul (you actually follow me on my other blog but ily and i just wanna tell u i love ur writing xoxo)

if u already did this pls lmk so i can go find the post huhu

I wanna post a selfie and tell you guys about the new eyeshadow kit I got and how much I love it, but I’m so awkward about selfies I feel like there should be some kind of special occasion or somethin. And despite my sour mood yesterday, I did extra to my makeup & it was the first time in a long time that I felt conventionally pretty.


this one is going to a graduation trip to spain for 2 weeks,,, tonight ! !! !

ft. my new hair and a very excited elín

so i wont be super online?? but i havent really been much online anywayy?? 


Local Gremlin Leaves Cave, Face Is Revealed



ok so im 18 now so im gonna try and post more original and personal content (art, maybe a selfie or two) more frequently and like try to make more connections w/ all the people out there on this blue hellsite 

…also if ur a minor and u feel uncomfortable at all dont be afraid to unfollow! I really do not mind, its ur dash and you should have a place you feel safe & happy!

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