so im gonna post selfies

so yeah this is officially now an oc blog from here on out until i change my mind

Yoo I’ve only had this blog for 108 days and I just hit 250 followers!! Nice ✌

tfw u try and take selfies cause u feel Validated and Cute and then u look at urself and all u can think is ‘who the fuck does this gremlin think he is??’

Im feeling myself so hard rn omfg i am so cute i got mcdonalds today, i got a new highlighter and a tonymoly eye pack , i just did my makeup and its super pretty, im on the feminine side of the gender spectrum today, and im just in such a good mood. Just thought you should know 💗💗💗💗

edit: Oh and I also returned and exchanged my new swimming suit for one that fits! Its Hello Kitty, will post pics when I go to the beach next. And with that I got 50% off any other clearance item (cause the swimsuit went on clearance by the time I remembered to exchange it) so I got a new dress!!