so im gonna draw these things and not finish them

im working on storyboards for a lil thing i have to do to class and i have been drawing NONSTOP today and didn’t get to this until like 8 pm so i know that i’m not gonna finish them by tomorrow which is when i need them :( been talking with some cool folks about doing voices for it tho

i feel like you guys are going to appreciate this blatant pandering to your interests

jace boy me bob….

Hehe this thing took me like a week to finish+ I used fuckin highlighters instead of watercolors which makes it look weird T-T
Anyways I rlly love this blog n all of the boys are great I’m gonna draw all of them soon!! I hope all of u r doing ok!!❤️


AAAAAAHHHH PURPLE THIS IS THE CUTEST DHJFG I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DREW YOONGI THIS IS MAKING MY HEART FLUTTER dsjfkl I love your style so much it looks so good even if it’s with highlighters;;;;;;; HOLY SHIT IM. IN. LOVE.



i started doodling an fma monster au thing that I cant really see myself finishing so im gonna post them before theyre lost forever hhhfhfjf

Soooo. Got a few messages letting me know of recent events. That supposedly Sasuke and Karin have a kid now. Lol. WOW. 

To be honest, I haven’t been following this story at all, nor do I really care. But I’ve been waiting too long for Kishimoto to draw adult Karin, so… I was at least pleased to see that.


Once i finally finish all of these im gonna look back at the first ones i did and be unhappy with them and redo them, then it will become a never ending cycle of me constantly redrawing the same things because of how inconsistent my art is.
/End mini rant
So uh yeah his hairs too long lol. Also i didnt draw him holding that stupid book bc his hand was awkward looking at that angle

anonymous asked:

Hi! I recently discovered The Aeventure Zone, and may I say, I love your animations! I really hope you continue doing them (but no pressure, because I have some friends who are studying animation and I have seen how hard it can be)! Thank you.

this is the nicest thing ever tysm!!! i’m not finished with the podcast yet so in all likelihood i’m sure those boys are gonna say something else ridiculous i’m gonna have to animate lol

Sammyboyman and Spiderloaf off to save the day from the forces of Billy evil!

The second of my old sketches done, and probably the last for a while since i gotta get ready for school soon (second year of college yay -_-). I do have a bunch of ideas I still want to do though, so i’ll see if i can still squeeze them in :)


Wow I’m finally finished phew. I may fix some lil things later, but here it is!

Sketch by circlejourney and color/lineart by yours truly. It was really fun!! (also i gave Dave freckles bc im trash and all striders/lalondes i draw will eternally have freckles a ha ahaaha)