so im documenting her as much as possible

penelope had moved away from her old state and began school, but on the other hand, she missed her friends and whatnot. checking social media wasn’t enough, she wanted to see them in person and hug them and tell them how much she missed them, but that wasn’t a possibility yet. always on social media, like snapchat, penelope documented her new life in her new school and always ended with a ‘i miss you guys so much,’ and went off to her classes for the day. with a major in poetry and a minor in music, penelope was a jet setter, she wanted to be a poet but she also wanted to be a singer and no one was going to get in her way. at the end of the day, penelope went home, checked snapchat, her texts and all that to see if the one person she’d been talking to for a few months had sent her anything. every time she got home, she’d have a small snack, check her phone and then study before talking to the one person she had small things in common - safe to say she wasn’t enamored with the guy, but she was happy to have made a friend somewhere and she didn’t care about where he was.

with a plan to visit her old home, she had jetted off with a few bags of clothes and left her new 'home’, seeing how she wasn’t really familiar with it yet. as she got on a plane and texted the guy she had been talking to, she hoped that maybe, just maybe, they’d cross paths or something; but she wasn’t so sure. a light sigh leaving her lips as she looked out the window and then down at her phone, tapping the edges in nervousness, waiting for the plane to leave. a few hours later, they had landed and she was more than happy to see her old home, the one place where she found herself when no one else did, the place where she could lose herself in the most places hidden.