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Burnt Into Ashes (OCs, sickfic, part 1)

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A/N: IMPORTANT NOTE to understanding where in the GingerSnap timeline this takes place. There’s a point (a few years into their relationship) where Liam and Elliott broke up, and things didn’t end well. Liam was not nice through that time. To anyone, really, but especially Elliott. This fic takes place right in the middle of the year or so between their breakup and them getting back together. I hope that’s not confusing, but feel free to ask any questions if things aren’t clear. This is something I wrote like a year ago, but I’m still happy with it, so I’m sharing it anyway. That said, enjoy!

Elliott woke to his phone vibrating and ringing on the table next to his head. The sound cut straight through his skull, exacerbating the headache he was dismayed to find had not gone away with a good night’s sleep. Then again, he thought, he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep with all the tossing and turning and not being able to breathe.

He reached for the phone, nearly knocking it into the tissue-filled trash below, and squinted through the early morning darkness at the name on the blinding screen. Liam. The last person he wanted to talk to at–what time was it? He wasn’t even scheduled to work today, he remembered groggily.

“Yeah?” he answered, surprising himself with the roughness in his voice.

“Good morning to you, too, Chapman,” Liam said with an ever present snideness. It never used to be like this, Elliott thought. When they were together, Liam would bring him tea with honey and lemon in it and do whatever he could to keep Elliott from having to work when he was ill. Now it seemed like Elliott was the first person he called when he needed someone to cover. He wanted nothing more than to tell Liam to shove it, to leave him alone and let him go back to sleep, but he was afraid of what that would cost him.

“Whad’you wadt, Price, ’b ndot scheduled for t’day,” Elliott mumbled into his pillow. His head pounded harder with each moment he was awake, and he feared he might not be able to get back to sleep at all if Liam didn’t hang up soon.

“You are now,” Liam said matter-of-factly.

Elliott expected it, but that didn’t keep his heart from sinking. “Cad’t you fi’d sobeode else?” he asked. He knuckled the tip of his nose, a vague itch starting up in his nasal cavity. “I’b ndot re-hh!-really up to it.”

“Afraid I can’t,” Liam said, and he sounded genuinely exasperated by it. “Believe me, I take no pleasure in having to ask someone who spent half of the previous day sneezing in the bathroom, but we’re short staff as it is, and I can’t afford to have you out.”

The tickle was rapidly becoming much more than vague, and he missed most of what Liam said while he was trying to keep from sneezing. “Ndot sure you cad afford to hahh…have mbe there either.” God, the last thing he needed was to sneeze in Liam’s ear. He didn’t know how Liam would react to it now. Things were quite different from when they were together. Liam didn’t even bless him anymore. And yet, Elliott knew it was still plenty distracting for him if the way he flinched and grimaced were any indication.

“Better than nothing,” Liam muttered. “I can cut it to half what I actually need you for, if you’re going to be difficult about it.”

“D-diffic–huh! AEGhJISsSHu!” The sneeze wrenched itself free at the first possible opportunity, as soon as Elliott was distracted. And it wasn’t the only one. While his eyes watered, and he tried desperately to recover, his nostrils twitched and flared with the insatiable need, and he almost forgot to draw the phone back before the next outburst. “hah’EHGKtZIhSHU! h-huh’UhKtJISsSHU! h-hh-hih’IHGhTJhSSH!

He sniffled and groaned in the aftermath, throat burning while his head assaulted him with a relentless throbbing. He couldn’t think, and when he pressed the heel of his hand to his forehead, even he could tell it was too warm. With a shuddering breath, he returned the phone to his ear, ready to ask Liam one more time if he wouldn’t reconsider. But before he could even form the full thought, Liam spoke again.

“Be here for eleven, Chapman,” he snapped, and the call ended.

Elliott lay stunned for a moment until the reality hit him that yes, he did in fact have to work, and no, he could not persuade Liam to let him off for the day. He dropped the phone off the side of the bed, the soft thump cushioned by several used tissues, and draped his arm over his eyes.

Cielois Social Media HC’s

okay so modern!au cielois is fave and also social media is fave so ive combined the two so here we go.

- Alois has a tumblr (i mean ofc he does) and he has more sideblogs than friends at this point, one for memes, one for aesthetics and the other 10 million just of saved urls that hes not going to use but wont let anyone else have

- ciel having a tumblr but rarely using it.

- alois having a special “ciel” tag in which he tags everything he thinks ciel would like so he can show the posts to him when they’re lay in bed on their phones

- ciel being the queen of snapchat filters thoughhhhh

- you thought alois was gonna be the snapchat whore? think again. ciel made a snapchat just to look at the filters everyday

- “goddam thing wont recognise my face- THE EARS ARE ON MY NOSE”

- none of them really use twitter, ciel uses it to keep himself updated on news and stuff and alois uses it to tweet indirects about teachers.

- same with facebook

- they use it for group chats and keeping up with whose got beef with who.

- alois having a youtube channel (which has like 200 subscribers or something, not that many) just where he posts all the videos of ciel doing very domestic or cute things 

- instagram is an eh for them, ciel doesn’t have one. well he does but its private, alois has one thats all him and ciel, lizzy and Doll just mucking about.

ill probs have more of these in the morning because its 11pm and im dying from sleepiness so im going just watch tv, ill make a part 2 if anyones interested

narfoonthenet  asked:

I just read the Freezerburn Arranged Marriage AU in one go, and I. Need. MORE.

Yeah, haha, I got a little distracted with other projects, so part 11 isn’t done yet, but- WAIT. SHIT. AFTER CHECKING, I APPARENTLY DIDN’T POST PART 10 YET. I AM SO SORRY.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 (here)

Yang awoke with a curse caught in her throat and a thickness in her chest that promised to take a week’s worth of coughing to dislodge. Although extremely well versed in using her chi to deter grievous wounds, the blonde had yet to master keeping herself free of illness, which meant her trek through the freezing rain the night before had left her facing the mundane nuisance of a minor cold. Her head felt cloudy, as though she was wading through a swamp just to reach the next thought, and the pressure above the bridge of her nose hinted at built up mucus clogging her sinuses. With a groan, she pushed herself into a sitting position, suddenly aware she was on her back but not quite sure why that set off alarm bells in the back of her mind until she managed to get herself upright. Forcing her bleary eyes open, Yang cast a look around for her wife, an apology replacing the curse as she remembered not only her propensity for snoring but the position which seemed to cause it. Dull lilac searched the immediate area but Weiss was nowhere to be found, though a few things had changed since she’d fallen asleep the night before.

The slim blade had disappeared, likely with its owner, but her gauntlets were laid with care above the orange cloth as always, the fabric looking freshly cleaned rather than simply dried after being peeled off her the night before, and the gleam to the metal spoke of a recent polish applied to it rather than the water spots and mud from when she’d stumbled on her way back home. At first, guilt washed over her, the obvious explanation being that she’d driven the woman from their bed in the wee hours of the morning and the Atlesian had taken to occupying her time with cleaning up after Yang rather than sit idle, but she could see the sliver of bright sunlight peeking past the bottom of the blinds on the window, indicating that it might well be afternoon rather than morning. She’d obviously overslept, which gave her hope that she hadn’t rolled onto her back until sometime after Weiss had awoken naturally, but it didn’t bode well for her; the messengers from the day before had brought with them enough news to nearly bury her, meaning she’d already lost far too much time to slumber. There was too much to do for her to stay in bed, succumbing to a simple cold. She needed to get to her study immediately, pour over her maps and wrack her brain until a solution presented herself, and she only had about two days to do it by her guess, considering the dire situations presented to her.

Honestly, Yang wasn’t even sure if she could find a suitable solution- one that would solve every problem presented to her- but lying in bed certainly wouldn’t help her one way or another.

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Whiskeytango stuff

disclaimer: this is basically just a jumbled mess of me being weak and deprived of whiskeytango fluff

* Mornings in the whiskeytango household are tooth achingly sweet
* their body clocks are so in tune that they almost always wake up within a few minutes of each other (even when they’re apart–it’s honestly scary)
* waking up often goes something like this: mumble g'morning to each other, do that nose rubby thing, sleepy kiss(es?), “your breath smells bad.” small giggles “oh yeah?” blows breath right into other’s face, more laughing (sometimes a fake dramatic death), another kiss, one leaves the bed and the other follows, not far behind
* tango tries to cook, but it usually results in a lot of confusion at how he could’ve possibly messed up so badly
* it’s okay though, because he loves watching whiskey cook (he just looks so happy whenever he’s making a meal, the joy is contagious)
* some memorable dates they’ve had:
* going to the salem willows the first summer they started dating. they spend over half the day playing air hockey in the arcade (by the end they had played almost 30 games).
* letterboxing on their 3rd anniversary, coming up with stories for the other people who’ve left signatures during their picnic
* going out for ice cream + mini golf at Martel’s with nursey and dex (it’s an ice cream shop in maine shhhh i wanted to include stuff from my hometown)
* spent the day in salem common. it started pouring so they decided to wait it out in the gazebo (they also attempted to recreate the 16 going on 17 scene but they were laughing too much to do it seriously)
* every year since they moved in together they’ve hosted a christmas party for the smh (complete with karaoke and every single Christmas dessert known to man)
* they own two cats. one is a tall, grey turkish angora with green eyes named mulder, and the other is a small red somali cat with blue eyes named scully (they’re nearly inseparable)
* when they first moved into their apartment, they spent the whole day painting rooms and completely forgot about setting up any of the furniture. at the end of it all they spend the night on the floor with some old blankets, but it’s okay, because at least it’s a memory they can share. the first memory of their new home.
* when they first move in together and they’re not doing so hot with money, they constantly shop at thrift shops for anything they need (i.e. goodwill). This often results in some very…..interesting outfits on tango’s end, and surprisingly fashionable ones on whiskey’s end
* with most of their new furniture and decorations coming from thrift stores, their apartment has a very mixed aesthetic (lots of things from the 50s and 90s, as well as a mix of modern things)
* i cant think of anything else and ive been writing this post for like 3 days
* it’s still not long enoughhhhhh
* ill think of more stuff later and make a new post so look out for part 2 i guess

[ALIVE] Side G: Vol 1 - Track 5

ALIVE: Growth is a part of TsukinoPro’s new series. They’re still in the same universe as Procellarum, Six Gravity, Fluna and Seleas. Maybe. Probably.  Someone has already made an intro post about them so please do read it over before continuing.

I heard vol 2 is coming out next month! I’ve been meaning to translate the whole thing but I keep forgetting. Ill try to put up the first part next month. Tracks 1 and 5 are drama tracks. Tracks 2-4 are songs.

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Annoying Part 6 - Luke

I’m aware that posting this on NYE probably isn’t the best idea, but if any of you are like me and not doing anything, then here’s something to read! I’m really ill and my best friend screwed me over for a boy, so that was nice 😒 ah well, I have wine, the Gavin & Stacey box set (best tv show ever. Thank you, James Corden) and my cat 😂 I hope you’re having a lovely New Year’s Eve, whatever you’re doing! Here’s part 6!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5


“What is it?” Luke smiles at you, questioning why you keep glancing at him.

“Nothing” you place a hand on his chest, “you just look really good, baby” your lips hover over his jawline.

“Making an effort for you” his hand presses to the bottom of your back.

“Well, I like it” you kiss just below his ear.

“Don’t you two start” Ashton pulls a face at you.

“Sorry, bro” you chuckle, disentangling yourself from Luke.

“Drink?” He looks at you.

“Yeah, gin, please” you nod.

“What are you doing with him?” Ash frowns at you as soon as Luke has walked away.

“Ashton, I promise it’s nothing” you run a hand thorough your hair.

“That’s what concerns me” he sighs.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s nothing to you, but is it to him?” He asks what every other person has.

“Yes, it is. It’s just fun and….it’s nothing. We both know that. Neither of us wants anything more. Just leave it, please.” You go to find Luke, realising how badly you need that drink.

“Here you go, love” he hands you your drink, his arm finding its way around your waist again. This was fun, it wasn’t serious. It could end tomorrow and you and Luke would go back to the way you were before. You told yourself that repeatedly. This was nothing to both of you.

“What are you looking at, weirdo?” You notice Luke’s eyes on you.

“You” he smiles.

“Why?” You frown at him.

“You’re an idiot” he laughs, kissing your temple.

“Can you ever just be nice?” You wrap your arms around his neck.

“You don’t like me being nice” he argues, but is soon cut off by your lips on his. You only mean to kiss him gently, but as usual, you can’t seem to pull away from him. It’s Ruby who forces you apart.

“Ugh, you know we’re in a public place, right?” She shakes her head.

“You can talk” Luke turns to her.

“Luke! Come here!” Mike shouts across the bar. Luke reluctantly let’s go of you and moves over to his friend.

“This whole thing is weird” Ruby scrutinises Luke’s departing figure.

“Don’t you start” you take a sip of the drink in your hands.

“For someone who insists you’re just interested in sex, you’re acting very much like a couple” she gives you a look.

“We do not act like a couple, we act like we’d rather be having sex than spending time with other people” you argue, “he’s hot and I like his hands being on me. I’m not going to stop him. We both know what this is, and we’re happy with what it is.”

“Are you sure about that? Because I think you’re in denial” she won’t let it drop.

“Oh my god, I’m fed up of defending this! Our whole friends with benefits situation is what we’re both want. Please stop making it into more than it is.” You’re tired of defending yourself.

“Why?” She purses her lips.


“Why is that all you want? Is this about Will?” Ruby barely wants to say his name, let alone bring him into the conversation.

“I…that…no, it isn’t about Will”
You weren’t prepared for her question, “this is about me and Luke. Both of us, not just me, both of us have said that we didn’t want a relationship. That what we have now is all we wanted. It’s fun and easy.”

“Okay, then I’ll shut up” she holds her hands up in defence.

“Good, now go and find your boyfriend” you nod at where the rest of your friends were.

“Fine, but I just…be careful, Y/N” she squeezes your hand once before walking away.

“Yo” you sidle up to where Luke and Calum are stood.

“Cal’s trying to flirt with the barmaid” Luke nods at the pretty red headed girl behind the bar.

“Luke!” Calum hits his friend in the stomach.

“Mate, sorry to say it, but she’s been looking at Luke all night” you pat his shoulder.

“Thanks, Y/N” Calum scowls.

“I reckon you’re well in there, Hemmings” you nudge his arm, “she’s beautiful, you should go for it.” You know there’s something wrong with your words before you speak them, but you force yourself to say them anyway. Calum glances at Luke, who’s face is impassive.

“She is beautiful” Luke agrees, taking a sip of his beer.

“Erm…drink anyone?” Cal clears his throat.

“I’m okay, thanks” you shake your head. Luke nods at him, leaving his empty bottle on the side of the bar.

“Cal could do with a nice girl” you muse.

“What are you, his mum?” Luke laughs.

“He’s lovely and deserves someone lovely!”

“Don’t couple all of our friends up, they’ll just be me and you as the singletons them. We’ll be third wheels all the time!” Luke laughs, but the sound is forced.

“That’s true. Okay, new plan. We’re going to split everyone up, so we’re just a group of single people.” You glance over to where Ruby and Michael are cuddled up.

“That’s a good plan. Let’s make everyone single and bitter about love” he laughs.

“Are we horrible people?” You ask.

“You are”

“Ah, we’d be doing them a favour” you wave off his comment, “we’re better off alone, we won’t get hurt that way.” Luke stares at you, a serious look on his face, one you can’t figure out. You quickly look away from him and instantly regret it.

“Y/N?” Luke notices your gaze is focused on the other side of the room.

“H-he’s here” you mutter, your eyes on Will. You can’t believe he’s here. You hadn’t seen him in almost a year and then you see him twice in the space of a month.

“Do you want to leave? Baby? We can leave” Luke takes hold of your hand, but you’re too focused on your ex-boyfriend.

“It’s too late, he’s seen me” you breathe out, Will’s eyes meeting yours. His eyes widen as he takes in your appearance, and instantly he begins to move towards you.

“Y/N..” Luke begins, but you barely hear him. The last time you spoken to Will was the day your relationship had ended. You drop your hand from Luke’s and move towards the boy who broke your heart.

“H-hi” Will stammers, his eyes fixed on yours.

“Will” you forget there’s anyone else in the room. Every detail of your relationship, details you’d tried to forget, come rushing to your mind. The boy you loved for so long was in front of you and you couldn’t focus on anything other than him.

“I…how are…god, I’ve missed you” Will blurts out.

“…” You don’t know what to say to him.

“I can’t believe you’re here” he smiles at you, “can we talk? Please? I need…I need to talk to you.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” you can feel your heart pounding in your chest.

“Please? I miss you. I can’t even tell you how much I miss you. I was such a fucking idiot for treating you the way I did, but trust me I’ve paid for that. I lost you. Please, can we just talk?” The look in his eyes makes you give in to him. Something you’d always done.

“I’m listening” you cross your arms as the cold from outside hits you.

“H-how are you?” He looks lost for what to say now it’s just the two of you.

“I’m good. I..I’m…fine” you finish, lamely.

“I’m not” he gives you a sad smile, “I’m not okay without you.”

“Will, we ended it a long time ago” you know you need to walk away, but he’s drawing you in.

“Because I made the biggest mistake of my life! And I’m paying for that every day!” He looks desperate.


“Tell you feel nothing for me and I’ll walk away” his eyes are boring into yours.

“You can’t just do this to me” you can feels the tears stinging your own eyes, “there’s more to it than that.”

“There doesn’t have to be. I’ve tried to move on and I can’t. I love you” he steps towards you, his hand coming up to your cheek, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He knows he’s won you over. He always could. You had completely adored him, something Will was very aware of. He’d messed up, but now was his chance to make you his again.

“You broke my heart” you whisper, your voice cracking.

“I’m so, so sorry” he lowers his lips to yours, “please, forgive me.”

“Will” you reach your hand up to the back of his neck. You knew Will, you knew everything about him. He was familiar and as much as you knew you should say no, you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t walk away from him, the person you’d loved for so long.

“I love you” he murmurs, before his lips finally meet yours, “come home with me.”

You nod, not knowing if you’re making the right choice but choosing him anyway. You taste the familiarity on his tongue, smell the scent of his aftershave he always wore, your mind couldn’t focus on anything other than the two years you spent together. The two years you were happy. Now he was here, in front of you, and you were caught up in it. So you ignored the little voice in your head, you ignored your better judgement and went home with the boy who told you he loved you.


😬😬 Part 7??

EXO Beasts: Part 3 WIP | Part 1 | Part 2

yes i made suho a bunny and kris a dragon! b/c why not XD

and idk why i made luhan a pretty boy even though hes so manly ugh (plsdonthatemeluhan)

i cant deal with chen winking because i cant handle it very well but i just had too ;A; <3

that’s all of them >v< YAY~ i will split them into k and m when posting because i dont know how else ill split them up =^=

Imagine/Preference #4 Midnight Playgrounds

CALUM: Your best friend Calum had just called you around 11:30 PM asking if you wanted to hang out and he picked you up in the next 10 minutes. You were driving around listening to music for about 20 minutes before you came across a park. “Oh my gosh Y/N!!!! Look it’s even got a sea saw!!!!” Calum shouted with excitement “Wow I’ve never actually one of these in person” you said as Calum turned towards you with his jaw dropped, “Get on” he says signaling to the teeter totter. After a few minutes Cal suggests you play confession, “Fine but you’re going first!” you smile back. You go back and forth sharing some embarrassing stories and secrets. You had just finished telling him a confession, “Okay Cal your turn” You say wondering what he might reveal next,”Y/N, I don’t think I have anything left!” he says with a chuckle “Oh come on Cal there’s gotta be something” you respond not wanting the game to end, there are a few minutes filled with a chorus of chirping crickets while Calum thought, then you notice something change in his face and you could tell this one was gonna be different than the others, deeper. “Well there is this one secret that I have been keeping for a while…” he trails off “Well, what is it?” You ask, your curiosity peeking through your voice. “It has to do with why I called you earlier…” 

His POV (10 PM earlier that night)

We were practicing for some upcoming shows, and let’s just say I was a little off my game. I had been messing up on almost every song. “Alright guys, I think we need to just take a break for a while” Michael said sounding frustrated of course. I walked to the kitchen to go get a glass of water as Luke and Michael followed behind “Calum what the fuck was that man?” Michael asked “I don’t know I guess my head wasn’t there..” I trailed off knowing I messed up. “Try picturing Y/N is here watching us maybe it’ll help you motivate you to keep your head here this time” Michael chuckles as he walks back to go grab his guitar. “What the fuck was that about???” I asked Luke “Well you just tend… you seem.. to” Luke paused seeming to find a way to phrase what he was about to say very carefully. “Look Calum you have feelings for Y/N and before you interrupt saying you don’t just realize we all know you do, but it’s been messing with you lately and you need to tell her before someone who feels the same decides to tell her first. We all don’t wanna see you go through that mate.” Luke says waiting for my reaction. “You’re right but what if she says she doesn’t like me, what if she doesn’t wanna be friends anymore because it’s too weird” “Cal what if she says she likes you back!” I feel my cheeks getting hot just thinking about it “Shit I gotta tell her Luke oh my god what am I gonna say?” I start to panic how on earth am I even going to be able to talk to her. “Calum just breathe, you’re going to just tell her the truth tell her how youre in love with her” “But Luke what if I screw it up because im so fucking nervous” “Calum its good to be nervous, it shows this means a lot to you” as he says those words I realize, I’m going to do this and I’m going to tell her tonight.

AUTHORS NOTE: Okay guys so this is only part 1 and depending on how many notes it gets and requests for it ill maybe post part 2 and I will also possibly try to do the other boys. as well