so ill post a part 2 as well

Positions of Gems: Part 1

So I was looking at the gems and I realized that the positions of their gems sort of reflects their personalities. (The type of gem does as well, but I’ll make another post about that later.) 

Part 1: Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet
Part 2: Lapis, Jasper, Peridot 
Part 3: Steven, Rose Quartz, comments on gemsonas 

Pearl’s gem is on her head, and most of the time she thinks before she acts. She values knowledge and tries to share it with others whenever possible She’s “strong in the real way” meaning that she uses her head and relies on her wits more than anything else. The best example of this is when she’s fighting Sugilite. Pearl’s mind can also be a weakness to her, whenever she is met with something that she doesn’t understand she seems to shut down and doesn’t know what to do. (Also see autisticpearl’s autistic Pearl theory)

Amethyst’s gem is on her chest and, unlike pearl, she tends to think with her heart more than her head. She does what she wants when she wants to do it, and doesn’t think about the consequences as much as she should. She’s very impulsive and laid back, going with what she feels like doing all the time. In the Secret Team episode when she and Pearl are being attacked she tells Pearl that she can’t shape shift because she’s freaking out, showing that when she’s emotionally distressed she has a hard time functioning.

Garnet is the only fusion I’m going to put here because as of now we don’t know much about Ruby or Sapphire, and for the majority of the first season she wasn’t known to be a fusion and was displayed as such. (Notice that both gems in this gif are red.) For other fusions they are the combination of gems, so you can just assume that by putting the appropriate descriptions together you can get a good enough explanation for gem placement.

Garnet’s gems are on her palms, as if she were holding them. There are many times throughout the series when Pearl, Amethyst, and even Steven refer to Garnet as the leader of the crystal gems, so she clearly holds a lot of responsibilities. She holds the fate of her friends in her hands, being the leader, and by being able to see what could happen to them with her future vision. She tells Steven that his future is for him to decide and for him to take into his own hands, and that’s the philosophy she lives by. This can also be detrimental to her because she knows that certain outcomes are possible, so she tries to aim towards those. But a lot of things are out of her hands and so as much as she might try, an unwanted outcome is always possible.