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To the lovely mun: Besides USUK, what other ships have been announced canon in this AU? Are there more ships to come?

(( The only confirmed ships are usuk,sufin and pruame(freddie and Gilbert) I cannot confirm any others ships for now!Have fun shipping whoever u want on here))

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Hi nissi can you please help me? I want to reread this yoonmin fic so bad, but forgot the title. It's coffeeshop!au, where jimin is a new barista but he was in different shift with yoongi. Yoongi just heard abt Jimin from the rest of bts, n one day yoonmin had the same shift and they fell in love. I remember Jimin invited yoongi to this dance thing but didn't invite anyone else. Thanks in advance! <3

is it coffee is the fuel of love by jiminiejambles? 

Honestly, Yoongi’s kind of mad at himself for being so cliche as to fall for his co-worker.

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i don't understand people who send anon hate. they need to exfoliate their souls. get rid of the nasty parts of their personalities. smh.

‘maybe if i scrub enough i’ll be a decent person’

jonathan might not have ever been talkative, but i can see it getting worse after lonnie pushing him to take a rabbit’s life on his 10th birthday. mind you, even now, it’s still a fight to tell people men have and can express emotions too. a whole week, and i can imagine the name calling beginning there, from some bully’s unknowing taunt to jonathan crying in the classroom, and there came the f-slur and q-slur, but jonathan didn’t even compute back then.

then they got rid of lonnie, and he saw how hard joyce was working to keep the family together. swears to help her as soon as possible. so he invests his time into getting as many extra hours as he can get, juggling school and work while also taking care of his mother and his brother, saving up the minimal for photography just to keep himself marginally sane.

he doesn’t have time to socialise. it isn’t a priority for him. he is perpetually tired, constantly worried about bills and all, at some point he probably discussed dropping out with joyce, who shut him down so quickly with a “Jonathan Byers, I did not work my ass off so my sons can quit school”. probably found her crying alone in the living room late at night and he promised her he will graduate, and then they’ll figure out what next.

i can see him taking a picture at school, probably just some friendly neighbourhood squirrel on the lunch table, and some other kids – mostly curious and unfortunately cruel at their age – teasing him for being unable to connect to people. he is lonely, he knows it, but his family comes first and there is no space for making friends. he won’t have time to hang out anyways. so he didn’t reply even when they were trying to, in some weird sense, pull him out of his shell, inviting him to a social event.

he stayed behind his camera, and then someone said it, the name that would stick with him till the day he left Hawkins, “Pretentious creep.” He didn’t even react. He already blocked everything out.


CTM Countdown - 23/42

      just a lil announcement that’ll p much be completely inactive this weekend friday the 19th until sunday the 21st. I won’t have a computer, I won’t have wifi and I’ll only be able to look at my phone from time to time. So I’ll basically be dead until I can resurrect sunday evening ( i’m actually going to a church thing this weekend so this joke is ironic ). I’ll probably queue things and be on Skype from time to time ( mutuals can add me @ meliaponds just let me know who you are ) but yeah i’ll miss y’all and will be excited to see you again xoxo



so I’m doing a follower special thingie?

turns out I like making aesthetics? Don’t know if I’m any good at it, but okay. so here’s the deal: I’m gonna do name aesthetics!

  • follow me
  • reblog this post, yes this very one that you’re reading, don’t be a dick about it
  • Send me an ask with your name, and maybe a lil something about yourself
  • if you have a cat, tell me all about them
  • or any pet really
  • I’ll look up the meaning of the name and make you an aesthetic
  • it will probably be quite shitty, don’t say I didn’t warn ya
  • one aesthetic per person
  • you can send in asks till August 31st

and, yeah, that’s pretty much it, I guess

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Widowmaker speaks

It looks like I’m the only admin now at Talon HQ, would any others like to help me admin it? @motivational-reaper-blog @hanzo-motivates @motivational-edgelord (don’t read my tags lmao)

So I'm on leave

Hi! Sorry that, as you may have noticed, I just suddenly haven’t been around much lately. I’m doing a 30 hour a week mental health treatment program (which is excellent) and spending a lot of time on things associated with that. All good stuff, leaving not much time, energy, or brain space for blogging. But know that I do miss it, and all of my lovely trash. The program ends and I start back part time at work after next week. V. excited about it!

Also v. much looking forward to having more time (and an excellent schedule) to be back blogging in September. I’ll have a special request for you all then (ah, well, I’ll be professionalizing my theme and user-friendly-izing this all a little bit, then asking for monthly donations), and, if that works out, will be able to continue to provide y'all with copious amounts of the quality Lin content you’ve come to know and, from what you tell me, love and really, really appreciate. I appreciate you all, and the opportunity to practice and share my fannish vocation, so much! Looooove bye (for now!)


Taking my time and getting dress for this evening festivities ;)

oh yeah and that lil fucker hissed at me so hes in the cage till mama leaves then ill let him out.

also wearing my favorite bra by @isaderoche bishhhh this bra is so comfyyyy cant wait for your new collection to come out

Camping Hiatus

so I am going into the wilderness for a week without service or wifi so I am not going to be available! Y'all can still send me messages and keep me updated (would really appreciate it!) because a week is kinda long. But fear not I shall return on next Sunday! Love you all so much

Kass xx