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Summer 2012, in order of priority

I compiled this earlier today and thought I would share.

Vanity Fair is a reread for a paper I have to write, and The Great Gatsby is a re-re-read in order to christen the new hardcover edition I acquired in Paris as well as to be as knowledgeable about the story as possible before the film comes out in December so that I can be even more nitpicky about it

This is also just a starting point, so any recommendations are welcome, especially in the contemporary genre as I don’t recall reading any noteworthy contemporary novels since The Help. :) 

bashfulblood-deactivated2017012  asked:

I hope your realise you are being an insensitive jerk, I'm not for racism but I mean sometimes people don't realise it. So you saying they're a "fucking idiot that can't read" is a bit rude. Even if they're racist they're still people with feelings

Hi dumbfuck! Nice try, but if you’re writing to scold me about my tone with racists (sorry, and people so willfully ignorant about race that they belligerently write in complaining about shit like a lack of White History Month), yet you’re all worried about the feelings of racists, you actually are “for racism”.


V’s Q&A Time on Twitter

“@BTS_twt: 네 안녕하세요 정국이가 끝나고 제가 왔습니다- v”

“Yes, hello. I came after Jungkookie finished. -v”

“@BTS_twt: 마지막 두명 제가 뽑아보겠습니다 질문 주세여~ 마구마구마구마구 넷마블 마구마구”

“I’ll choose the last two people so give me questions~come at me randomly, recklessly, wildly throw me questions Netmarble magoo”

(T/N: it’s an online game ‘center’ and he’s using ‘마구’ under two meanings. First time is by using it under the actual definition and the second time is the name of a game from that game ‘center’)

“@BTS_twt: @thaslh 그런건 잘모르겠는데 그냥 eric benet 아님 정엽 ? 아님 뭐 john legend 저음보이스 좋은분들 좋아해요”

“Fan: I don’t know about that but just Eric Benet or 정엽? Or John Legend?
V: I like people who have nice low voices.“

“@BTS_twt: @cogus4479 @BTS_twt 태형이는 정국이처럼 하이톤이고 싶을때가 있나여? 당연하죠 저도 고음을 좀 이쁘게 내고싶어서 많이 연습중이에요..열심히할게요..”

"Fan: Is there a time when you want a high tone voice like Jungkookie?
V: Of course, I want to make pretty high notes so I’m practicing very hard..I’ll work hard..“

“@BTS_twt: @1204x0329 @BTS_twt 아이리스 쌤에게 칭찬 받고 나서 든 생각 있나요오오옹 아이리스쌤한테 얘기를 듣고나서 좀 마인드가 달라졌어요 제가 두려워하면 모든게 안되고, 그므시라꼬 라고 생각하면 음색,음정이 안 불안해지고 이쁘게 나오는거 같아요”

"Fan: Did any thoughts come to your head after getting complimented by Iris?
V: After hearing it from Iris, my mindset changed a bit. If I fear, nothing will work so when I ignore that fear, I think my tone and tune comes out nice.“

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