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Random Dialogue Prompts

I had some free time in class so, of course, I spent my time writing these. Feel free to use or send in requests!

  1. “Whoa, take it easy there.”
  2. “You really think you can handle this?”
  3. “Wow, you look, uh…interesting.”
  4. “Oh, come on, you’ll be fine.”
  5. “You know I didn’t mean it like that.”
  6. “Why would you go to all this trouble?”
  7. “You’re incredibly persistent, I’ll give you that.”
  8. “You don’t deserve this.”
  9. “Close your eyes.”
  10. “What are you doing under there?”
  11. “You need to stop before someone gets hurt.”
  12. “Where the fuck am I?”
  13. “You look like you could use some help.”
  14. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  15. “Hey, quit laughing!”
  16. “Nope, no way, not a chance.”
  17. “I’m fine, just tired.”
  18. “Why did I even try?”
  19. “You don’t scare me.”
  20. “Hey there, sleepyhead.”
  21. “I’d rather jump out a window, thanks.”
  22. “You’re such a dork.”
  23. “I can’t believe you!”
  24. “Oh my god, your hands are freezing.”
  25. “What did you expect?”
  26. “Any chance I could get you to stop staring at me?”
  27. “Can I pet your dog?”
  28. “Holy shit.”
  29. “Dude, it’s like three in the morning.”
  30. “Hey, slow down!”
  31. “Are you feeling alright?”
  32. “It’s not my fault!”
  33. “Dance with me.”
  34. “Listen, I’m running on two hours of sleep here.”
  35. “I can’t feel my toes.”
  36. “You look absolutely stunning.”
  37. “You sure you’re okay?”
  38. “How are you so perfect?”
  39. “I’ve never seen snow before.”
  40. “I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.”
  41. “Are you— are you afraid of thunder?”
  42. “How did I get so lucky?”
  43. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”
  44. “Would a hug help?”
  45. “You’re safe, I promise.”
  46. “Goddamn, that’s strong.”
  47. “Babe, you’re shaking.”
  48. “Okay, I know this looks bad…”
  49. “Listen, don’t freak out, but there’s something moving on your arm.”
  50. “I don’t want to go.”
disconnected | l.h.

Who knows if Luke’s texting mistake could lead to something great.



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Monday, October 28th

Let’s play 20 questions.

(Y/N), it’s 12 in the morning.

I’m aware.

What happened to not wanting details?

I don’t know, impulse decision?


What’s your favorite type of ice cream?

Wow, such a hard hitter to start off! Chocolate.

Where do you live?


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So uhhh many apologies for this chapter:

1. sorry this feels awkward?? idk I’m not good with this type of stuff as a person but ya know adrien needs from friend time with nino. 

2. sorry the handwriting is really shitty?? I think I was still in school doing this part. yeah wow, a long time ago. I do all these in advance

3. sorry the typed out dialouge hasn’t become a thing yet, idk I’m getting to it I just need to figure out stuff

4. sorry if all my replies to your asks are very slow I’m trying not to flood your dashboards, but like so many come in I’m lagging behind >< 

and well I just binge watched through My Love from Another Star and all I gotta say is… *breathes in* DO MIN JOON!!!!

Part 50

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omg your last head cannons was bae! Amazing! So is it okay if I request something? Imagine being a new overwatch agent and a spy who dresses like handsome males and sexy females for missions and your lover falls in love with you? Headcanons for that with Sombra, Soldier 76 and McCree? Sorry if its too much love <3 Thank you!

Wow, thank you lovely! That really means a lot since I’m new to this. I hope I’ve understood this ask right, I think its a reader who is a master-of-disguise-sexy-spy? If not, let me know, I’d hate to disappoint! Head canons coming your way, hope this is just as good for you! :)


You meet whilst you’re in still in disguise

  • You had just got back from a mission, walking to your room to change
  • Bumped into her in the hallway as she was running to wherever she was headed, as per usual
  • You fell over, since you were, at the time, wearing heels and she felt pretty terrible
  • “Damn it!”
  • She was a bit startled by your looks at first and you took this as an opportunity to get away and change as quickly as you could

When you meet again, she, like most people, doesn’t recognise you

  • It was in a team meeting and you sat next to her, nudging her with a smile
  • She looked at you quizzically
  • “Do I know you?”
  • Once you explained she looked closer and her eyes widened
  • “That’s cool.”

Slowly, she meets you in all your disguises

  • You can’t tell if you’re the one making sure you see her or its the other way round
  • As long as you meet and have your usual flirtatious banter, you don’t really mind
  • She takes great interest in your disguises and how they work
  • Once or twice, you even let her watch as you transform and smile smugly  when her eyes light up

You’re quick; you can tell the woman is smitten

  • She starts following you around like a lost pup
  • It would be annoying if you hadn’t fallen for her too
  • One day when she ‘boops’ your nose as she does every morning, you just pull her in for a kiss
  • “We’re doing this again, right?”
  • “Yes, Sombra, we’re definitely doing this again.”

Soldier 76

Met on the battlefield

  • You were in costume, having infiltrated the base to get the team where they were now, in the heat of battle
  • This costume however, was slightly skewed, wig messy and makeup smudged
  • Jack saw you at this point, whilst shooting and momentarily stopped
  • He had never been so enamoured so quickly in his life
  • But he was a soldier, and as such, he returned to focus and filed the topic into his mind to revisit later

After the battle, you were both in the medical bay with Mercy and you, of course, spoke to him first

  • He was much too nervous, mind in total overdrive
  • When you spoke to him, he took a few moments to calm himself down
  • Then he was super-smooth Commander Jack Morrison again
  • You were pretty interested in him yourself though he seemed so cool that you played it down as much as you could
  • This caused him to get a bit disheartened (I mean, he was out of practice) and you both left disappointed

Next time you met, you were out of disguise

  • Really, someone like him, you expected him to ignore you and not really know who you were
  • But, unbeknownst to you, he had fallen for you eyes and recognised them instantly
  • You struck up conversation once again, this time, it flowed easier and neither of you held back
  • He asked you to dinner that night
  • “Why don’t we just go right now?”
  • “Sounds like a plan, honey.”


You were in your room, about to take off your disguise, when McCree burst in without knocking

  • You saw him visibly look you up and down before his eyes came to rest on your face and you rolled your eyes
  • He introduced himself and somehow managed to make it the sexiest thing you’d ever heard in your entire life
  • And he knew it
  • You knew men like this though and quickly shut down his invitation for dinner to “show you around the place, darlin’”
  • He left looking as if he’d never been rejected before

Over the next few weeks, he sought you out more and more

  • He wasn’t one to give up on anything or anyone
  • Seriously someone give this guy a medal for ‘best effort’
  • He tries all his best lines, signature gestures, subtle touches
  • You make sure to seem like none of them are affecting you which strikes up some banter each time you meet
  • Inside, however, you’re melting

During that time, he’s falling for you

  • Of course, at first, it was just physical
  • And he wouldn’t ever say that he didn’t enjoy your different costumes each day
  • But it grew to something much deeper than that, which both scared and excited him at the same time

He prepared a little speech to ask you out properly, explain his new feelings toward you

  • You saw the change in him as soon as he walked up to you
  • Less cocky and much more anxious
  • You knew it was time to put him out of his misery
  • You closed the distance and kissed him passionately, him returning it wholeheartedly
  • “I’m falling’ for y’ darlin’”
  • “It’s a good job I’m falling for you too then, ain’t it cowboy?”

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Hey, your blog Is great btw. But I was just wondering if lestrade is coming back, and if so, what role do you think he'll play. Because I don't particularly keep up with this fandom but he's one of my fave characters, and I really hope he's not gonna be revealed to be a villain too. If he is then wow, dam baby got fire. Of course as long as johnlock goes canon I don't care, but still. Lestrade... I luv him.

Hi Nonny!

I LOVE LESTRADE TOO. Gawd Rupert is a sexy Silver Fox….. 

uhh… AHEM

Anyway. I think he and Hudders are probably the ONLY two people in the series NOT connected to the Moriarty network in someway. Do you know why I think this?


Not Molly or Not Mycroft, two people who actually SHOULD be considered to be important to Sherlock since Molly could be considered a friend (if you squint really tight) and Mycroft is his high-powered brother who took care of Sherlock. The series kind of paints both Hudders and Greg as surrogate parents for Sherlock. If anything, both of them will be targets of Moriarty’s web, and it will be up to John and Sherlock to save them. 

Nonny, trust me when I say that I don’t think ANY of us have found ANY proof WHATSOEVER in the series that could point to Greg being a villain of any sort. Greg is a good man and an honest, trustworthy officer of the law. He cares too deeply about Sherlock’s wellbeing and safety. 

If ANYTHING, it will be revealed that he was working unofficially with Mycroft to keep Sherlock safe, but now that he has passed the mantle on to John, I think Greg will be “set free” of sorts. I still like to think that Greg would still care about Sherlock’s wellbeing regardless, but he feels much better knowing John is watching out for him.


Without an invitation, Zach sat right next to her. Silvia, tensed. Besides his hair and and new beard, he looked no different than the last time they’d met. His eyes roamed her body as his lips slowly curved into a smile. She was about to leave when he finally spoke. 

Zach: You look… amazing, Silvia. Wow! 

Silvia: Thanks. Well I need to-

Zach: I mean you were okay back then but now you look gorgeous. Adulthood is really treating you well. 

Silvia: Is that your way of trying to compliment me because it comes off as an insult. 

Zach: No uh… shit. You just look so amazing that I just talk without thinking. 

Basic Phobia Starters

“Don’t move, you’ve got a spider in your hair.”
“Did you hear about the snake that escaped a few blocks down from here?”
“Great, the elevator door just jammed. Tell me you’ve got your phone on you.”
“Wow, this is really high up. I don’t think I like this.”
“You didn’t say this gig would be so crowded… Would it spoil the experience to stand at the back?”
“Are you okay? It’s not that high up, really. Come and look, the view is beautiful.”
“Don’t panic, just don’t look at it. The drip’s important if you want to get better.”
“Wow, it’s really dark in here.”
“If you would’ve told me you were so scared of water, I would have taken you to a movie instead.”
“I didn’t know this movie was going to be so bloody. I think I’m going to faint.”
“Are you alright? You seem very nervous. First time flying?”
“What was that?! Was it thunder? Oh no, oh… I really don’t like this.”
“What are you so afraid of? It’s just a bit of water.”
“Look, even if you do fail it’s not the end of the world, okay?”
“What’s going on? Why are you in such a panic?!”
“Don’t worry! It was just a small mouse and I can’t see any droppings. It was probably just lost, okay?”
“He doesn’t bite, he’s just happy to see you. Why don’t you say hello to him and he’ll leave you alone. Really, that dog is harmless!”
“I think I’m going to die. What if I die? I don’t want to die.”
“Shh, calm down. You’re in a panic. You need to try to breathe normally.”
“Did you check the gas? I think I smell something.”
“I don’t know what it is, but it’s big and it’s got many legs.”
“I can’t go to the doctor, okay? I just can’t and you can’t make me!”
“So, on the one hand you’re afraid you’ve got a deadly illness and on the other hand you’re afraid of doctors.”
“We all grow old. Why are you making such a big deal about it? It’s just a birthday, it doesn’t mean anything.”
“Calm down, it’s okay. The fireworks are over now. The banging has stopped. You can take your hands off your ears now.”
“Why do you hoard all this stuff? It wouldn’t hurt to get rid of some of it.”
“The sharks are behind glass, they can’t get to you and you should really see this. Come on, you’ll be fine.”
“You could’ve told me you were afraid! I wouldn’t have thought any less of you.”
“So, why does this scare you so much? Did something happen to you or something?”
“I think I heard something downstairs.”
“So, you’re saying you don’t want to be with me because you’re scared of committing, not because you don’t like me?”
“Is this too much? If you’re too afraid to do it, you can tell me.”
“I’m just so afraid of ending up alone. And it’s weird because I think about it all the time. That’s not normal, right?”
“It’s just a presentation, okay? Everyone gets nervous about those. You’ll be fine.”
“I’m afraid of being afraid. I sit there being anxious about something making me feel afraid, so I’m living my life in fear of fear… and I think I need help.”

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I got to say this but- Is summoning Alcor is a bad idea?

California would certainly say so.

But for real. It doesn’t come out as much in fics, because most everybody loves Dipper/Alcor and wants to see him happy with other people, but Alcor is a demon. A demon with some human instincts, sure, but a demon nonetheless. He wants to be on top. He wants to rob you blind. He really really really wants to see if he can finagle your soul into the bargain, because wow those are delicious. Sometimes his pesky human brain butts in and messes things up (what we would think of as doing the right thing), but nobody should rely on that. Summoning Alcor is a bad idea. A really, really bad idea.

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Ok ok ok. So. Here's a prompt I think you'll like. I saw it and I thought of you immediately. "‘we live in the same apartment building but EVERY TIME WE’RE IN THE ELEVATOR YOU’RE ON YOUR DAMN PHONE and it makes it really hard to hit on you’ AU"


  1. the first time it happens, jyn is trying, desperately, to get her rent situation figured out. while running ten minutes late for work. jyn’s on the phone speaking as fast as humanly possible, trying to figure out why the hell her rent checks aren’t going through, and then cassian gets on, a floor below her. he wants to say hello, or maybe to say something intelligent, or even just compliment her, because wow, even in a  drab knee-length skirt and blazer combo, she’s probably the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. but then she keeps talking, on and on, until they eventually get off and go their separate ways. better luck next time, he thinks.
  2. the second time it happens, cassian’s on the phone with his mother, explaining why he won’t be there for dinner on sunday like he normally is. he’s speaking spanish when he gets on the elevator and stops speaking altogether, because there’s that girl. jyn’s eyes go wide in recognition – she’d definitely noticed him last time – and she opens her mouth to say something, but he’s already started speaking again. she wishes she remembered her high school spanish.
  3. the third time, they’re both on the phone – jyn’s just checking her messages, but cassian’s letting gaze know he’ll be late to the gym. he’s clearly dressed for working out, in shorts and a white sleeveless shirt that does nothing to hide the muscles of his arms. she’s going out for drinks with bodhi, so she’s got a shorter skirt than she’d wear to work and some more makeup on. even though neither one of them can say anything, they both take a long look at each other. jyn goes a little pink when she notices cassian glancing appreciatively at her hemline, and he smiles to himself when he sees her watching the way his shoulders tense and relax while speaking. they get off on the ground floor and nod to each other, then go in opposite directions. 
  4. the fourth time is the last straw. jyn’s talking to bodhi about plans for the weekend when cassian gets on the elevator. his eyebrows shoot up when he sees her, but then he notices she’s on the phone – again. maybe, he thinks, this just isn’t meant to be. but then he hears, “i’m gonna have to call you back, yeah?” and jyn’s hanging up. she smiles, takes a step forward, and says, “well, it’s about time.” they wind up going to lunch, and the next time they’re in the elevator together, they’re definitely not on the phone ;)
When Dreams Come True

Title: When Dreams Come True (guys I still suck at titles help)
Words: 1900+
Request/Summary: #6 from this prompt list: “Congratulations! One of your dreams has finally come true. Let me give you a big hug and wow, you’re warm…” // Reader grows up a No-Maj-born and thinks she’s the only one of her kind until she meets Newt and the Goldsteins and discovers the wizarding world. 
A/N: Okay I meant for this to be a oneshot, really, but it turned in to much more. I don’t know how many parts it’ll be and this first part doesn’t even contain the actual part that was requested. Whoops. So this has turned into much more than the original request and has become a slow build and I’ve probably gone overboard with it and I’m really worried about how this is going to turn out. Anyway, let me know what you think and if there’s anything you’d like in future parts?


You had always known you were different, ever since you were little. You could do things with your mind sometimes, like levitate books. Sometimes you could control your abilities and you attempted to practice to try and control them. Other times, however… Let’s just say they tended to get out of hand—particularly when your emotions had run high. Once, when you were extraordinarily upset, you had caused an entire china cabinet to explode. Instances like those were few and far between, however.

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 Here’s a tip about figuring out NSFW poses.

 1.Sometimes you have to do a lot of stick men first on a page.This is a good warm up when you have an art block.

2. Don’t always focus too much on finishing your drawings. Keeping it simple. It helps you figure out WHAT to draw when you don’t  know what to draw. It is mindless practice.  Do not spend too much time on the pose either. If you do a lot of simple poses like this, You might come out with  a really strong pose.You’ll be able to pick your favorite  to continue to work on.

3. If you’re drawing an otp. Try to avoid thinking about them while doing this. Finish your stick men first then apply your otps to a position they would most likely be in.  Also maybe look at pictures and locations like “wow they would so fuck in that back alley…and on that kitchen table..oh and here.” Its nice to have a background and nice  atmosphere to your sex scene.

4. What’s  really  IMPORTANT is your line of action. (The spine of the stick man. So S curves if they’re arching into a touch or half circle if they’re bending over to kiss/embrace their lover.etc) It really puts a lot of life into your poses.

** Most of these are off the top of my head because of practice.

Which is using reference and look at pictures and study the line of action in them!

Infj needs support (and looks for it in the wrong place)

INFJ: So guys, after coming out to everyone I know, I’m thinking it’s time to tell my parents too.
INTP: Oh, that’s a big decision. Have you considered it carefully?
INFJ: well, i-
INTJ: Intp’s right. You are by no means obliged to come out to anyone, really.
INFJ: um…wow, real supportive guys.
INTP: we’re just being realistic. Ultimately, it’s your choice and if you’re certain of it, then do it. But if you aren’t, then maybe you should reconsider.
INFJ:…..Entp? Do you agree with them?
ENTP: oh no, not at all. I think you should definitely come out!
INFJ: finally! An understanding and supportive friend.
ENTP: in fact, I know the best way to do so.
INTP: ah, here it comes…
INTJ: what the fuck
ENTP: and when they walk in, throw some glitter around and say “mom, dad, I think I’m gay.”
INFJ: *mortified*
INTJ: what the fuck is wrong with you?
INTP: but what happens after she says that? Do they keep going at it?
INTJ: and what the fuck is wrong with you?!
ENTP: sure, why not? Oh, this is a great idea.
INTJ: then you do it, asshole.
ENTP: but I’m not gay!
INTJ: oh wow, poor entp.
INFJ: um guys…
INFJ: Nevermind, I’m not doing it after all. Just stop talking, please
INTP: oh, well then.
ENTP: what, why?!
INTJ: because you traumatised her, you moron.

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Tbh every time I come to your blog to reread a fic, I always think about how you're one of those heroes we didn't know we needed :'). Ty for your awesome writing skills and dirty imagination that you share with so many of us. I'm pretty sure I've read most, if not all of your writing and I'm not even a bts stan lmao! Keep up the good work and have an amazing day!!

I am so flattered that you like my stories even though you’re not a BTS stan, wow! Thank you!! This made me really happy :’)

dating ten!

-ok so #1 good job because ten is Probably the Sweetest guy on earth
-anyways he’s honestly the definition of fluff!!!
-like he probably loves giving lil kisses all over your face
-“hey y/n come here”
-after he says that you should anticipate at least a thousand kisses all over your face
-on top of that he probably loves cuddling more than anything if he’s in a relationship
-and he’ll always insist to be the little spoon because he likes feeling your body warmth
-it makes him feel Safe And Comfy
-he loves letting other people know about your relationship
-“hey, johnny! have i told you about what y/n did yesterday? because it was so cute i almost died”
“hey, lee sooman! yeah you know how i have the cutest s/o? well they’re really cute!!!!”
-as you can see he’d always be calling you cute
-and if you called him cute back, his whole face would probably light up and he’d turn a little bit pink and just be so Happy
-like?? the cutest person he knows just called him cute? Instant Knock-Out
-also he’d buy you guys matching knit turtle necks ?? just because he imagined seeing you in it and nearly died
-anyways, he’d be the most doting and caring boyfriend ever
-he would really take care of you
-he also really loves getting nose kisses
-can you imagine just randomly giving him a lil kiss on the nose and then his cheeks turn super red and he’s just like
-he would also probably take a little bit of time to say i love you to you
-because he doesn’t have much experience with love and he doesn’t know if you love him back
-but he would find out he loved you so much while you’re doing the most mundane thing
-and if you said i love you back he’d probably cry or at least tear up
-OVERALL!!! he’s the sweetest boyfriend who tells everyone who’ll listen about you

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Hello, I just wanna thank all you writers/artists for contributing to Mercymaker content. When I first discovered the pairing back in December I was reading the same 40-ish fics on repeat, but now there are over 101 fics on A03. I don't think I can tag in Asks and sorry for that, but since it seems most of the prompts come from your drawings I hope the others will see this too. Thank you all and have a great week <3

Wow thank you so much!

There really is a wonderful community of writers and artists in the mercymaker tag, and they’re all great people as well.

Lets not forget the non-creators either! Its incredibly motivating and rewarding to have so many people stoked about this ship, it keeps us going!

tl;dr everyone keep doing what you’re doing, you’re all rad as hell and ilu ❤

A slice of quicksilver pie

Requested!                                                                                                       Your Mutation: Controlling the elements.                                                           Note: Hope you guys like it. Please request some more stuff for me to write.(Not my gif)

The moment you had arrived at the school you knew that you and Peter were gonna be great friends. Both of you loved the same type of music and to play pranks on other people so the two of you hit it off right away. Although you and Peter were just friends he still flirted with you. You were sitting on the couch in the living room when Peter suddenly appeared next to you.                         “Hey Y/N guess what, tonight is your lucky night.” He said as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder.                                                                             “Oh really? Why is that?” You asked looking at him amused.                  “Because you finally get to go out with me.” He said smirking.                   “Wow Peter I think that is the worst pick up line you have ever used.” You said laughing.                                                                                                         “Oh come on babe. I know you are just dying for all of this.” He said as he gestured to himself still smirking.                                                                     “You just keep thinking that Pete.” You said patting his shoulder.               “Come on Y/N you can’t deny our sexual chemistry basically everyone can feel it.” He said leaning closer to you.                                                                     You just started laughing as hard as you could.                                               “Oh Peter that’s…that’s hilarious.” You said between laughs.                           “Fine if you don’t wanna go out with me then I guess I’ll have to find someone else.” He said standing up.                                                                               You didn’t know were it came from but you suddenly got a jealous feeling and pulled him back down.                                                                                     “No you’re not you are mine. Got it.” You said looking at him.                       “Well well look who suddenly wants a slice of quicksilver pie.” He said as he started to smirk again.                                                                                         “I don’t want a slice of quicksilver pie.” You said crossing your arms over your chest.                                                                                                           “Yeah you do you just told me that I am yours.” He said also crossing his arms. “Just admit it hot stuff. You like me as much as I like you.” He said.               “You like me?” You asked shocked.                                                               “Well yeah I thought that was obvious.” He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.                                                                                                 “I thought you were just joking around I didn’t think you actually liked me.” You said shocked.                                                                                                “Well now that you know that I am serious. Do you wanna go out?” He asked as he handed you a rose that he went to get.                                               “Yeah I would love to.” You said taking the rose.                                           “See I told you that you wanted a slice of quicksilver pie.” He said wrapping an arm around you.                                                                                             “Just shut up.” You said as you kissed him.

Imagine dressing up as Harley Quinn for Halloween and your best friend and co-star Jensen, who also has feelings for you, surprising you by dressing up as Joker.

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A/N: Just because Halloween is coming here we are! And there should be more, a different idea I had which is even cuter!

“So?” he grinned at you as you stared at him with wide eyes “What do you think? Better than Leto or what?”

“I-” you breathed out a laugh “Wow”

“I’m taking that you like it then huh?” he grinned at you and although you should have kept looking at him as if he had grown a second head but actually giggled.

“Joker. Really?” you raised an eyebrow and he shrugged.

“Yeah, but I’m your Joker.” he shrugged, throwing an arm over your shoulders.

You laughed with a shake of you head, feeling your cheeks heat up and you could have never been more glad for the make up “I was going to question your choice of style but- I think I already know the answer, right?”

“Don’t you always sweetheart?” he grinned and you had to keep yourself from staring. A different kind of Joker, that he definitely was, and his make up and style was a mix of that of a few not just the most recent one- although that Joker was the most prominent one.  

“I thought you were supposed to be batman?” you mumbled and he shrugged.

“Next year. For now I need to accompany my beautiful Harley to a party right?” he suggested and you breathed out a sheepish chuckle.

“Right. Misha and Jared must be waiting for us already. Better get going. Soon.” you said curtly trying to hide how embarrassed you were or to let him realize anything. Especially your feelings. Especially how insanely handsome he was in his costume.

“Of course, come on sweetheart. Let your Joker take care of you tonight.” he winked at you walking forward and you felt your breath hitch on your throat. Damn him.

“You know their relationship sometimes goes-”

“Oh but our relationship is far better than anyone else’s… or will be that is.” he grinned and you tried to avoid looking at him even in the eyes.

“Yeah yeah sure. Let’s go, they’re waiting.” you cleared your throat as he laughed, opening his car’s door for you.

“By the way did I tell you how good you look in these shorts?”

If Jaebum was your boyfriend...

i was 100% gonna put JB on this but then I realized ppl might see it and think it was justin bieber ((like someone thought DK was for donkey kong)) so i decided to put jaebum instead..

  • literally does eveything for you
  • he’s actually so protective like he always has his arm around you
  • or his hand gripping yours
  • and he won’t let you do anything that takes “a lot” of physical power
  • like trying to move a chair or something??
  • nope, you can’t do that
  • you’re too precious to be doing that let manly jaebum do it for you
  • also buys you a shit ton of gifts while he’s gone
  • he’s that boyfriend where you come home to like 5 victoria’s secret bags on your bed and he’s like “how about you model these for me, y/n?”
  • and you’re hella embarrassed and he’s so smug about it like he thinks he’s the shit
  • also complimenting you ALL THE TIME
  • “wow babe your hair looks really nice today.”
  • “is that a new outfit?”
  • “you’re so gorgeous.”
  • like they’re not even really complex and well-thought out, they’re just what he’s thinking at the time
  • also scolds the members whenever they get on your nerves
  • like you’ll be sitting there and they start teasing you or something and jaebum’s like “stOP LEAVE THEM ALONE I WILL KICK YOUR ASS”
  • and they leave you alone for a little while but start messing with you again just to irritate the leader
  • lots of late-night cuddles when he gets home from work
  • like he trudges into the bathroom and takes a shower
  • and then he just comes out and flops in the bed and pulls you into his arms and nuzzles his face into your hair before falling asleep
  • also not much pda unless someone’s flirting with you or he wants you to pay attention to him
  • he either gets really needy and whiny or he gets really irritated and ends up giving you the silent treatment for like an hour
  • until you offer to give him unlimited kisses and maybe a back massage if he starts talking to you again
  • and then he’s the most talkative person ever
  • tons and tons of neck/shoulder kisses
  • like even if your neck/shoulders aren’t exposed he’ll literally move your shirt out of the way just so he can kiss them.
  • and he likes to give you hickeys in really noticeable places just to see you blush when people point them out
  • plus it lets people know that you’re taken.
  • LOVES when you wear his clothes
  • like you could wear his socks or some shit and he would be all over that
  • and when you wear his shirts in the morning or to bed he’s just  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°)
  • basically a babe and will take rlly good care of you

I am so excited for everyone who is able to meet and listen to Gillian and Jennifer speak about WE in the coming week. I am on such a high after last night and am still processing what I heard. It is such a privilege to attend events that really make you think about how you treat yourself, how you treat others, and your place in the world.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

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look man, people are eating you up here, i've gotta advise you just to stop trying to be a movie character so bad. it comes across as something a preteen thing to do, i mean would people really think "wow that guy is so tough living in the desert and putting his snake hat on in front of the webcam to show how cool he is, gee i wish i was like him" - honestly i thought your blog was a joke blog at first

No they’re not. See you think I give a fuck.