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Papercraft Bison* with Headphones 

Pattern and Instructions now available


  • 4 sheets dark grey cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 4 sheets brown cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 2 sheets black cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 2 sheets white cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 1 sheet light grey cardstock (65lb/176gsm)
  • 4 paper brads
  • 4 ceramic magnets (optional)
  • Some corrugated cardboard
  • Some brown tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Mod Podge or other water-based varnish

Difficulty: ??? Probably not hard to figure out, but it takes a while. 

Link to download pdf of instructions and printable pattern laid out for US letter paper.

Please contact me if you run into problems and I will help troubleshoot. Please contact me if you need the svg files for a scrapbooking machine (I spent a lot of time optimizing the svg files for cr!cut’s frankly terrible ‘software’, and I’d love to know how it works on the other brands). Please contact me if you need the layout for a4 paper. Really, please just contact me. I will be over the moon if anyone tries to make this. If you make one, send me pictures! 

Some tags after the cut

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so….the black mage from my old raid group just told me about a static he found that needs a caster and bard. So he came to see if I was interested and heck yeah raiding lets GO. He gave me the leader’s contact info for Discord and I went to say hello and all that.

They noticed my ML icon, which was a bit unusual since no one else outside my ML groups has recognized it for what it is. AND THEN:  “are you wintermoth by any chance?”

millions of players on this game

and he just so happens to find a static lead by someone who follows me what the heck even

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Please you need to open a Patreon. You're like my favorite artist in the fandom I need to see more of your process 💖💖 please let me support you and fling my money at you pleeeease

Aaaah anon thank you, you’re so sweet! Other people have mentioned this to me before… but I’m unsure, to be quite honest. I am not convinced that people would be interested in this, and just-… I don’t know ^^’ hahaha. 

Maybe? I’ll think about it. You guys let me know what you think and how you think it should work if I actually decide to go ahead and set one up. 

Thanks again for the support, though! And for the suggestion. 



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Hii so I wanted to let you know that I l o v e your works, the whole thedasbook stuff never fails to make me giggle and your DorianxLavellan fics are a goddamn masterpiece. Honestly, I love your Inquizitor and I've never seen a better written Dorian, and the banter is just magnificent, I'd love to see more one-shots! Your style is so light and engaging, interesting but realistic and lore-friendly plot...just please keep doing what you're doing because you are amazing.

Holy shit anon this is the nicest thing I’ve ever read, you made me tear up like an emotional human baby, that means you’ve earned yourself a terrible gif

Me @ you (is it any wonder Dorian’s entranced by my idiot son)

I’ll get some more silly one-shots on the to-do list for you, my sweet anon friend!

     heeelllooooo sweetpeas! nice to see you all on this lovely dash of this lovely rp. my name’s monica & I am the mun behind our darling Boo here. c: this is the first ever time I’ve done an intro post like this publicly, so I’m gonna warn you now: its gonna suck so bad. but pls bare with me!! I didn’t plan this beforehand, so this is all improvisation that’s being typed right now. alrighty then, so here we go! here’s some of Boo’s background. 

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a hella long list of random lyric sentence starters (pt. 11)
  • "We were close, never close enough."
  • "I'll come around if you ever want to be in love."
  • "You always had something effortless."
  • "At school you were the biggest deal."
  • "We were young, we were side by side, don't know when we started losing touch."
  • "I know our filthy hands can wash one another’s."
  • "There are roads left in both of our shoes."
  • "If the silence takes you then I hope it takes me, too."
  • "Brown eyes I hold you near."
  • "You’re the only song I want to hear."
  • "I've tried before to tell her of the feelings I have for her in my heart."
  • "Every little thing she does is magic."
  • "Must I always be alone?"
  • "I’m drunk off your kiss."
  • "This is becoming too routine for me."
  • "I did not mean to lead you on."
  • "It's all right to pretend that we still talk."
  • "It’s just for show, isn’t it?""It’s my fault that it fell apart."
  • "You were everything I wanted but I just can't finish what I've started."
  • "I still pick my friends over you."
  • "We're making our own history."
  • "This is the moment where it all began."
  • "Every single hero has to start out looking like me and you."
  • "We can do this if we really want to."
  • "Why mess up a good thing, baby?"
  • "It’s a risk to even fall in love."
  • "This is trouble."
  • "I don’t go out much like I used to."
  • "Why leave when I got you, baby?"
  • "It’s a risk but babe, I need the thrill."
  • "I never said you'd be easy."
  • "It could be lethal, sleeping with a friend."
  • "No heroes, villains, one to blame."
  • "The thrill is gone."
  • "We used to have it all."
  • "It's our time to go, but at least we stole the show."
  • "I'm not calling you a liar, just don't lie to me."
  • "I'm not calling you a ghost, just stop haunting me."
  • "I love you so much, I'm gonna let you kill me."
  • "When you kiss me, I am happy enough to die."
  • "Classy girls don't kiss in bars, you fool."
  • "You and that girl, she your girlfriend?"
  • "Pretty girls don't know the things that I know."
  • "I love this secret language that we're speaking."
  • "Never really thought we would make it."
  • "I don't wanna see the end begin."
  • "I never felt nothing in the world like this before."
  • "You could have stayed but you wouldn't give me a chance."
  • "Why does your pride make you run and hide?"
  • "Are you that afraid of me?"
  • "I will wait for you."
  • "You're still in love with me."
  • "You don't love me at all."
  • "You're a bad-hearted boy-trap, babydoll."
  • "You're so damn hot."
  • "So who's this other guy you've got?"
  • "Once upon a time, we burned bright, now all we ever seem to do is fight."
  • "I could've been a princess, you'd be a king, but no, you let me go."
  • "You really hurt me."
  • "I'm going straight to hell."
  • "You're going down."
  • "God, it hurts so much to be the bearer of bad news."
  • "Don't just dream in your sleep, it's just lazy."
  • "I am going sleepless and you're out of lullabies."
  • "You've got a dark heart, you've got a cold kiss."
  • "You always let me down."
  • "I'm a junky for the way that you please."
  • "I almost told you that I loved you, thank God I didn't because it would've been a lie."
  • "I say the damnedest things when your on top of me."
  • "I'm not the one that you want, I'm not the one that you need."
  • "My love is like a fucking disease."
  • "I'm the hardest mother fucker to please."
  • "They say you never miss it 'til it's gone; well you're gone and I wish I'd done it better."
  • "I miss having you close to me."
  • "I'm sorry, I promise I'll do better."
  • "Can we start again?"
  • "You needed something better."
  • "I want more."
  • "I try my best, but I don't ever change."
  • "Who wouldn't want it when he looks like that?"
  • "If I try my hardest, would you look my way?"
  • "Do you want to show me something new?"
  • "I know I want it far too much."
  • "Are you coming over soon?"
  • "Can I be what you like?"
  • "Don't try to fuck with me."
  • "This is the last time I am gonna put you back together."
  • "I'm sending pic after picture, I'mma get you fired."
  • "I can't stand these nights alone."
  • "You light up my cold heart."
  • "A love like this won't last forever."
  • "I'm not the one that you want me to be."
  • "Are we just gonna stay like this forever, floating?"
  • "I know I'm gonna let you down."
  • "I wish I could say what I'm feeling; I'm scared to let these words out."
  • "I can't trust you."
  • "This isn't fun anymore."
  • "Damn, I thought we'd make it."
  • "You never got to heaven but you got real close."
  • "I beg for attention in small doses."
  • "You play those hearts like toys."
  • "I'm the option you shouldn't have chosen."
  • "This is the night you'll regret in the morning."
  • "I always wonder how far we could go."
  • "We could be free."
  • "This is my life and they'll call it a song."
  • "Make myself a king."
  • "There's no one to blame but you."
  • "You need me there, ain't no leaving me behind."
  • "There ain't nothing here for me anymore, but I don't wanna be alone."
  • "I can be a lone wolf with ya."
  • "All the world is gray as though you took the colors with you."
  • "We don't talk anymore like we used to do."
  • "What was all of it for?"
  • "I just heard you found the one you been looking for."
  • "Shoulda known your love was a game."
  • "I just hope you're lying next to somebody who knows how to love you like me."
  • "Call your girlfriend, it's time you had the talk."
  • "Say it's not her fault, but you just met somebody new."
  • "Let her down easy."
  • "You never meant to hurt no one."
  • "I give you something that you never even knew you missed."
  • "Don't you even try and explain how it's so different when we kiss."
  • "Now it's gonna be me and you."
  • "You're not sure that you love me."
  • "Don't worry 'bout this heart of mine."
  • "You're gonna break my heart anyway."
  • "Get it over with and just let me move on."
  • "Don't concern yourself with this mess you've left for me."
  • "You not making up your mind is killing me and wasting time."
  • "I'm sorry, I'm really a mess right now."
  • "I'm trying my best to get it together somehow."
  • "Tell me where love goes when it's gone."
  • "Suddenly someone is no one."
  • "I'm sorry, I let me fall for you."
  • "You're the hand I can't hold."
  • "I don't want you back, I just want to have what you took from me."
  • "I'll come around again, I know it's not the end."
  • "Love leaves a black hole where it dies."
  • "How can I ever love again?"
  • "I see you with her and it crushes me inside."
  • "Guess I should stop thinking about you all the time."
  • "Maybe this is a sign."
  • "Maybe I've been blind to reality."
  • "You seemed so interested."
  • "Was it real or was it all in my head?"
  • "She's so pretty, you two look so great."
  • "It was probably just a silly crush anyway."
  • "I just can't help but think that we could've had something."
  • "Did you ever feel the same?"
  • "I promised I wouldn't do it again."
  • "Taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget."
  • "I hope you find a way to be yourself someday."
  • "Change can be amazing."
  • "I pray for the best for you."
  • "I wish you could be honest with me."
  • "Why’d you fake it?"
  • "Hesitation is killing me, too."
  • "I couldn’t save it."
  • "Friend, why don’t you love me?"
  • "Tell me you want me in your life."
  • "It helps that you feel the same."
  • "We started from a spark."
  • "We got dreams and they start right here."
  • "I cry like a baby when I don't get my way."
  • "I won't apologize when I make a mistake."
  • "Do you want me?"
  • "I got scars on my heart and they won't go away."
  • "Everybody knows I'm a little insane."
  • "I feel you don't even know I'm alive."
  • "I feel you think that I'm out of my mind."
  • "I just want someone to hold."
  • "You're looking at me strange like you want me to change."
  • "I think you're a saint and I think you're an angel."
  • "You give me something to think about that's not the shit in my head."
  • "You're a miracle."
  • "I gotta stay with you."
  • "You're a glimpse of bliss, a little taste of heaven."
  • "I know you're gone now, but I still wait for you."

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How do the 2p! Allies react to you attempting to flirt with them?

Scenario: *2P’s reactions to you flirting with them*

2P!America: *he looks down at you, surprised for a couple of seconds before he starts reciprocating.* “Oh? Is that how you want to play, doll? Well, then i’ve got a backseat in my car, y’know, if you want to skip a couple of levels and just get straight into the fun~” He said, lowering his black shades to show his suggestive gaze.
This guy half took you seriously; to him, flirting is either go big or go home! …and he wants to go to the backseat of his car ( ◑‿◑)ɔ┏🍟–🍔┑٩(^◡^ )

2P!England: *Oliver’s light diamond eyes glazed over before covered his flush freckled cheeks bashfully.* “Oh, love, you know how to flatter a man~. If you’re interested, perhaps i could interest you in having tea and cupcakes with me later, then?” he responded sweetly, interest peaked in his tone.
This baby would be a bit embarrassed, but he’d appreciate your efforts! Regardless of whether or not you two are dating or not, he’d be happy to spend tea time with a lovely lady like yourself~!  (◡‿◡✿)

2P!France: *being very unfamiliar with being flirted with by someone other than a prostitute, he’d be genuinely confused. He would look around, not sure if you're talking to him.* “You talking to me…?” he’d mutter, cigarette still sticking out of his mouth. When you nodded, he would immediately avoid your gaze. “You…aren’t trying to sell me something, are you?” he asks curiously, trying to figure out why you even took the time to flirt with him.
He didn’t ask those questions to be mean, unlike most of his statements, now he was wholeheartedly curious as to why a nice, young, and pretty girl like you found interest in trying to flirt with him. A con? a scam? genuine emotion? ಠ_ಠ

2P!Russia: *Emotionless.As.Fuck….don’t get him wrong, he is genuinely flattered, but of course he has the pOKER FACE OF A GOD-* “Excuse me? Was that targeted towards me?” he asks, raising an eyebrow ever so slightly.
Seriously…was there nothing to tame this emotionless, sorrowful man? Continuing your attempts, you were pretty confused by one thing: if he was really annoyed, why didn’t he tell you to stop? “It’s not causing me any harm, and if it brings you entertainment, then i do not mind being the subject of your attempts at intimacy…” he’d answer, muffled behind his tan scarf.
He’s not exactly the most social of 2P’s, so any communication would just about confuse him; but flirting? He’d be trying so hard to analyze what your goal was, but for the life of him couldn’t find it. He’d have to hide his flushing face behind his scarf to maintain his dignity. (◑́_◑᷅ )

2P!China: *Snickers a bit, wrapping an arm around your shoulder while the other taps your nose playfully* “Silly girl, that’s not how you do it. If you re trying to get in bed with me, you just have to ask~! If you do that,i might actually think you're interested in me- wait…are you?” He seriously took your flirting as an indirect booty call, so when you dismissed that…he realized that you were trying to make intimate (not suggestive) attempts at letting him realize your affection. So, after that finally dawned on him, he’d be more than happy to spend time with you~
It’s not everyday he can just find a girl who can see past his flaws, and would make attempts to actually get to know him better that the same time, (plus, he thought you were pretty damn hot) ❤(ˆ‿ˆԅ)

2P!Canada: *Gets genuinely shocked for a bit, his face flushing against his will.* “Are you trying to say what i think your saying?” he asks, taken aback by your sudden flirtatious attempts. He was starting to feel the effects of it too, his heartbeat was beginning to quicken and he felt his face growing hot to the touch. After a quick nod, he tried to compose himself, letting out a gruff exhale as he lowered his shades back onto his eyes and crossed his arms across his chest. “Well…i guess i can’t turn down a girl who’s asking nicely…my pops raised me better than that.” he said with a small click of his tongue, and Matt was desperately trying to ignore the fact that you were now hugging him and making his composure hang by a single thread.
He has a weakness for innocent things, that’s why nature got to him, so seeing a cute girl wholeheartedly trying to get his attention made his heart flutter and skip a couple of beats~ (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ//// ˆc)

((I was tempted to link this request to the “cheesy pickup lines” post, but i hoped that i could try to add variety and go into further details on their reaction, as opposed to the flirting itself. I do good, anon-sempai?)) (っ^▿^)っ


I discovered that the newer disciplines are actually the exact dimensions of the T-shirt specifications over on society6…. so I uploaded 3 kind of random ones to see how they looked! 

I have absolutely no idea how these will print, but they’re American Apparel… apparently. So. The Tshirts are $22 each and the Hoodies are $40ish. Some of the color choices are a bit random, so be careful when deciding o-o; handsome-princess has ordered one, so I await to hear the review from that. 

If there’s interest I’ll see if I can put up any of the other guys…. gals. I am not sure for some of the older ones, but i’ll see what I can do. 

The Magician and The Fool are also up as prints, but I’ll do a bigger thing on all the Tarot cards later. 

You can go inspect them here