so if you want to see it in full go watch the video



Finally!! We have arrived to my most recent crossover video; another collab, this time with the wonderful CCK95! :D We decided to go for a video with Non/Disney benders and it was AWESOME! (*_*) I would love to do another video like this someday again, because they are too much fun! <3

Once again I decided to upload only my manips, so if you want to see Pocahontas as the avatar, Jim waterbending some sense into Meg and Herc, and other lovely stuff, then go check out the whole thing! ;3


[►] I’m sorry, but can we please talk about THESE EXTREME HEART EYES!? Good lord, Ian!

First off, let me start by saying that there is A LOT of heart eyes in this video from both sides and it’d be nearly impossible to point them all out in a single post, so if you want to see their “low-key” love in full detail, I recommend you watch the video by clicking the play button like at the very top of this post!

Now with that out of the way, let’s go into detail!

In the first gif, nothing particularly interesting happens; but in the SECOND GIF, we have Ian looking at Anthony’s eyes, then down to his lips. He then looks back up at Anthony and ass soon as he does AN ADORABLE AND VERY LARE smile is painted across his face! His smile continues in the next gif and so does his wandering eyes back and forth from Anthony’s his lips to his eyes. Then in the last gif, he answers the reporter so she’ll get the sense that he’s somewhat paying attention when in reality all he and think about is Anthony and his gorgeous eyes and lips!

Like I said, heart eyes Hecox is a VERY rare occurrence, but when it does happen, YOU CAN’T BEAT IT!



My first collab video, made together with the oh so talented BleedGirl! :D We wanted to make a tribute for Disney and Studio Ghibli (with a touch of Kingdom Hearts) and this is our little baby! <3

I decided to only include my own manips here, but make sure to go watch the whole video if you wan to see more characters like Belle, Howl, Ariel, Ponyo, Totoro and many more! (^-^)