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Your dog is too skinny.

No, he is not. He is a young and active Weimaraner. The breed was bred to hunt all day and it is very bad for their joints for them to be heavy!!! You will see some overweight Weimaraners that are spoiled with people food or just overfed. However, that is absolutely none of my business (HINT HINT!). Those dogs will not be able to run like my Blu man but I am sure they are living happy lives. Ideally, you will see a little bit of ribs (but not too much) on a healthy Weimaraner. When Blu stands straight, you can just barely see a hint of two or three ribs. He is about 70 pounds and I would not like for him to gain more than 3-5 pounds if he gains any weight at all. Also, he was born with a chest deformity so he just might not look as filled out as some other Weimaraners in the chest area but that has not been a problem for his health. Lastly, please do at least 2 minutes of research before messaging somebody so you don’t come off as rude and ignorant. There are so many free and easily accessible resources out there…

Hey, everyone. So this is really, really important. Especially people in the TACOMA, SEATTLE AREA.

Early this morning (Sat. June 21) around 3:00 AM my husband saw somebody jump our backyard fence and snatch our 15 week old puppy, Fennris. Everything happened so fast, and it was completely unexpected so by the time we went after them, they had already gone. 

The puppy is about 15 weeks old, an Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature husky). He weighs around 6-7 lbs and his coat is white/gray/black and he has bright blue eyes. He is wearing a blue collar with a nametag on it that reads “Fennris”. 

We believe somebody grabbed the puppy, got into a car and drove away. 

Please, please, please anyone in the Tacoma, WA area keep an eye out and if you see anything at all or hear anything PLEASE contact me right away. 

If you don’t live in the Tacoma, WA area I would greatly appreciate it if you could signal boost this to your followers. 

Fennris is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet, and he’s young and he’s scared. He’s not just a pet, he’s a family member. Please help us find our puppy. 

We are offering a $500 reward for his safe and unharmed return.

Really? You’re really going to say this? 

First off: see this? 

This is my masters’ degree in anthropology. I’d show you my BA, but it’s at my parents’ house. I’m three and a half years into a PhD in physical anthropology. I’ve been employed to do physical anthropology at one of the world’s best natural history museums. My area of study? Teeth and diets. I’m not here to argue veganism or vegetarianism, I’m here to tell you, point by point, why you’re devastatingly misinformed about our place in the primate family tree, along with my peer-reviewed sources behind the jump. I know we live in a “post-truth” society so maybe being presented with the overwhelming consensus of the scientists who currently work with this material is meaningless to you, and honestly, this probably isn’t going to make a bit of difference for you, but I can’t let this slide. Not in this house built on blood and honor. And teeth.  

1. The evidence for being closely related to chimpanzees is vast and well-understood thanks to advances in DNA analysis. We share a huge amount of DNA with them, and not just repeating patterns in non-coding DNA. We have numerous genes that are identical and likely diverged around 7 million years ago, when Sahelanthropus tschadensis was roaming the earth. S. tschadensis was a woodland species with basal ape and basal human-line traits. The most notable was the positioning of the foramen magnum towards the central base of the skull and not emerging from the back suggests bipedality. This, along with other traits such as small canines worn at the tip, which implies a reduced or absent C/P3 honing complex (the diastema), suggests that this is actually a basal trait and the pronounced diastema we see in other species was a trait that came later. But more on that later- back to chimps and what we mean by sharing DNA. Our chromosomes and chimp chromosomes are structured far more like each other than other mammals. Furthermore, the genes located on these chromosomes are very similar. Chromosome 2, for instance, is nearly identical to two chimpanzee chromosomes. (Chromosome 2 in humans, Neanderthals, and Denisovans is different from Chromosome 2 found in apes and is actually the remnant of an ancient mutation where Chromosome 2 and 3 merged- you can see that from its vestigial centromeres and the genes found on it. We can’t get DNA from fossil material, but Neanderthal and Denisovan subfossils have demonstrated that this reduced chromosome count- we have one fewer pair than apes- is a typical trait of the Homo genus). Here’s a side by side comparison of Human and chimpanzee chromosomes. 

Gene coding regions are colored- bands at the same place mean that there’s two identical genes at that locus. Our similarities to lemurs, on the other hand, aren’t on homologous chromosomes. We have similar coding around the centromeres but the genes express themselves differently. The structure of non-ape primate genes is also significantly different; when the first chromosomal comparisons were done between humans and lemurs back in the 1990s, it was discovered that lemurs have much more highly-concentrated heterochromatin at their centromeres, whereas the structure of human and chimpanzee centromeres is similar. The major differences in chimp and human DNA are in the noncoding regions; most of our genes have identical structures. 

2.  All primates evolved from a lemur-like organism, not just humans. Here’s one of them. I’ve seen her in person. Pretty cool, huh?

Her name is Ida and she’s a member of the genus Darwinius. But that’s just like saying all primates evolved from something that was basically a tree shrew- which is also true. See, one of the main points of evolution is that organisms are continually changing throughout time. We didn’t jump from lemur-like organism to human; changes were slow and gradual and the lineage isn’t really a straight tree. The fossil species we have and know lead to different lines branching out. Some things died off, some things flourished. Heck, look at the Miocene- twelve million years ago, there were hundreds of ape species. Now there’s twenty-three. (Sixteen gibbons, two chimp species, two gorilla species, two orangutan species, and one human species. There’s also some subspecies of gorilla and gibbon, but I’m only counting the primary species.) It’s hard to trace things back, but saying that we evolved from lemur-like species is obtuse and obfuscates the real point, which is that Homo and Pan descended from a relatively recent-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things common ancestor. 

3. Our dentition is unique to the extant primates, but not australopithecines. Our teeth look very much like other members of the genus Homo, the extinct ones, as well as many of the australopithecines. We also have very similar enamel proportions to gracile australopithecines; apes have much thinner enamel overall.

But what did australopithecines eat?

Everything. We know they were eating fruits and nuts based on microwear analysis and strontium analysis, but we also know they were eating meat- and in pretty decent quantity, too. We’ve found all kinds of butchering sites dating back millions of years and in association with Australopithecus garhi, the earliest tool user, but we can also see this in tapeworm evolution. There’s many, many species of tapeworm in several genera. But three of them, in the genus Taenia, are only found in humans. And these species diverged from… carnivore tapeworms. Their closest relatives infect African carnivores like hyenas and wild dogs. 

Tapeworms that are adapted to the specific gut of their host species need a certain environment, as well as a specific cycle of infection so that it can reproduce. A tapeworm that infects hyenas is going to be less successful if it somehow makes the jump to a horse. But if the hyena tapeworm was able to adapt to our gut, that suggests that our stomach was hospitable enough for them chemically to survive- which brings me to the intestines.

4. Our intestines are also unique. Yes, we have longer intestines than carnivores, but we also don’t have cecums like herbivores. We are omnivores and that means we still needed to retain the ability to digest plants

The key to being omnivores is omni. All. I’m not saying we should only be eating meat, I’m saying our ancestors ate a varied diet that included all kinds of things. If we weren’t omnivores, why would we have lost the cecum’s function? Why is the human appendix only a reservoir for the lymphatic system, as it is in carnivores? The cecum is an extremely important organ in herbivores, as it houses the bacteria needed to break down cellulose and fully utilize fiber from leaves. But we don’t have that. Instead, we compensate with a long gut. Our ancestors absolutely did eat fruits and nuts and berries, but they also ate other stuff. Like scavenged carcasses and bugs and probably anything they could fit in their mouths. Which- actually, primate mouths are interesting. Humans and chimpanzees have enclosed oral cavities, thick tongues, and jaw angles much more like herbivores than carnivores- suggesting a herbivorous ancestor. That’s not something I’m arguing against at all. But again, we have adaptations for eating meat and processing animal protein because we are an extremely opportunistic species. 

5. Our canines are true canines. First, semantics: having a diastema does not canine teeth make. We refer to the canine teeth by position- even herbivores, like horses, have them. They’re the teeth that come right after the incisors. All heterodonts have the potential same basic tooth types- incisors, canines, premolars, molars- in various combinations and arrangements. Some species don’t have one type of teeth, others don’t have any- but it’s silly to say that the canine teeth aren’t canine teeth just because they don’t serve the same function as a gorilla’s or a bear’s or some other animal’s. It’s basic derived versus primitive characteristics. 

Now that we’ve got semantics out of the way, let’s talk about that diastema. The lost diastema is a derived trait, which means that our ancestors had it and we lost it over time. All other extant non-Homo primates have a canine diastema. All of them. However, when you look at australopithecines, we see that many of them either don’t have it or have it in a reduced capacity. At the earliest known hominin site, Lukeino, we see Orrorin tugenensis with reduced canines compared to ape fossils and modern apes- and… you do know that apes don’t use their canines for eating meat, right? Like, primate canines serve a very different purpose than carnivorans’ canines. It’s suggested that the large canines are for social display moreso than anything dietary- bigger, more threatening teeth are useful if you’re a gorilla or chimpanzee fighting to the top of your group’s social structure. 

I’m going to refer you to a blog post written by Dr. John Hawks, a good friend of my advisor and generally a pretty cool guy. He’s got a nice writeup on the evolution of hominin teeth and how the human line’s teeth have changed through time. 

Also, of course our teeth are going to be smaller. When we compare archaic Homo sapiens fossils to modern skeletons, their teeth and jaws are much more robust. This is likely related to the introduction of soft foods- and by soft, I mean cooked grain mush- to the diet around the time of domestication, right before the population explosion that happened about 10k years ago. In general, post-domestication human jaws are much smaller and more crowded than any other humans and hominins that came before.

6: Neanderthals did die out, but not in a catastrophic event like we think of with dinosaurs. While there are no living Neanderthals today that we would classify as Homo neanderthalensis, there is plenty of evidence that we interbred and likely outcompeted them as a species due to our overwhelmingly large population size (hypothesized based on number and locations of remains found). While there’s only a small percentage of Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA lines in human populations today, it’s quite likely we lost a lot of that due to genetic drift and population migration- Neanderthals, after all, had a much more limited range than Homo sapiens sapiens. Their eventual extinction is a mosaic of events- outcompetition plus assimilation. The line between Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis/Homo sapiens neanderthalensis is blurry- there’s some physical anthropologists who actually think we should be including them within our species as a subspecies- but they are extinct in that the specific subset of hominins with distinct karyotypes and potential phenotypes no longer exists.

And if you don’t know, now you know.

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I had nearly a thousand comments and messages to my health update post yesterday. They were all amazing and lovely and I had a streak going with absolutely no douchey anons. These two kind of ruined it, but I still think two out of a thousand is pretty damn good. Thank you all very much for your kindness. It really meant a lot to me. 

As for these two…let’s see.

I do wash myself, though it actually can be difficult. If I underestimate my energy, my legs can give out. I have collapsed several times in the shower. Perhaps you shouldn’t assume that “normal” activities are a cakewalk for people with chronic illness. 

All in my head? 

Well, my depression is mostly in my head area. The chemicals that are imbalanced like to live there. 

My chronic fatigue syndrome is in every cell in my body. I leak energy from my cells and do not use it very efficiently. HOWEVER, my head is part of my body. So I guess that is in my head too.

My narcolepsy is a neurological disorder. My immune system attacks the “wakefulness” protein called hypocretin. The cells that produce these neurotransmitters are… in my head. 

You may be on to something. 

All of my illnesses are in my head.


Perhaps decapitation would be a viable treatment. 

And just to correct an error in your statement…

Exactly how much more stuff do I have to do with my life to satisfy your requirements? 

My parents are pretty much the best roommates ever. I’m proud to live with such amazing people and they like having me here.

It is also nice that my mom makes me cookies when I’m sad. I’m wondering, how many of your roommates have ever made cookies for you when you were sad?

Straight White Boy Problem #833

oh yeah dude that lifeguard is so hot haha she’s so tan! Probably because she’s always out in the sun guarding lives! Hehehege how old do you think she is? *sees an attractive mom walking by the pool with her two toddlers* whoa dude lol you see that mom *pointa at the mom* she! is! hot! That’s a Mom I Like to Fff—*realizes I’m in a family friendly environment* —riend request! LOL alright guys let’s go back to the five foot area in the pool and have chicken fights haha just hop on my shoulders dude im totally not gay hahahaa

All right, guys, I need you to do me a favor.

This is Anna M. Smith. She goes to school with me at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, and she’s been missing since September 2nd.

She’s originally from High Point, North Carolina, is 18, and she has short, red hair, blue eyes, nose piercings, a tattoo of a sunflower on her upper chest near her right collar bone, a tattoo in Latin over her lower left ribs, is 5 foot 9, and is described as having a “slender build.”

Please help us out in finding her. If you see her or hear from her somehow, please call Appalachian State University police at (828)-262-2150, or contact me so that I can do so.

I know that basically none of my followers live in the area, but please, spread this around and give us a better chance of finding her. Bring her home.



My family’s cat Tango disappeared from our garden in Garforth, Leeds (England) yesterday (19th of July.) He is a 10 year old male tom cat, neutered and a rescue cat who is relatively new to the area, so we are scared he is either lost or stranded because of an injury. We are in the middle of the a heatwave in the UK and therefore are even more worried that Tango might have gone without food and water for over a day in very high temperatures. Please signal boost this, as he is very important to our family and we want to see his safe return. He is microchipped so you can take him to the vet’s if you find him or contact if you have any information about Tango’s possible whereabouts (please for relevant information only! This is a work email!!)


Amanda Shoemaker
Seattle, WA
Nikon D7000

You are a self-confessed forest dweller. How do you think that helps you capture nature so intimately? Tell us about your experience with nature so far.

I have lived in Western Washington my whole life. Here in the more urban areas of Washington, it’s easy to forget the natural world around you. When I started doing photography, I began to notice things that many people forgot or simply didn’t take the time to appreciate. Photography definitely brought me closer to nature and I’m glad that it did. I feel at peace in the forest so I find myself going there often. I love to explore and I love to go on road trips to see all of the different landscapes Washington has to offer. There is a certain energy that the dark forests of Washington emit and I want to capture that. I want others to experience what I experience from being there. This connection that I have and the feelings that are created while being alone there are definitely a direct inspiration towards the intimate images I create.

Tumblr: @autumns-aurora
Flickr: @bloodbirds
Instagram: @birchwhite


Not-so-friendly reminder that your whiny fucking protests actually have a negative impact on other people’s day to day lives.

My roommate was unable to get to work today because the “protestors” (see: rioters) had closed down 4 consecutive MAX Stations in downtown Portland, and the busses in the area weren’t running either.

That’s money out of his paycheck. That’s money out of his bills.

Unlike you fuckers protesting, some of us have to work for a living and don’t have time to deal with you getting in the fucking way.

submission - student digs
  • our heating’s been cut off until you pay the bill and i'm pissed
  • you’re the clean flatmate and i’m the messy one - it’s really fun to wind you up with the state of our kitchen. (bonus if another flatmates watches the saga unfold intently)
  • we roomed together last year but then moved to separate houses in the same area. you’re over all the time and my housemates think we’re a couple
  • admin put us in the same halls for our first year and i don’t know you that well but i can hear you crying in your room late at night sometimes
  • you’ve racked up noise complaints from everyone in the area - except for me. the tracks you blast are always my favourite ones
  • i set off the fire alarm at 3am and you have a test tomorrow. i’m so fucking sorry i’ll make it up to you i swear
  • i’m in love with you. this would be fine if we didn’t live together but i have to see you all sleepy and dazed in the morning and it’s destroying me slowly

160703 fansign Kyungsoo accounts:

@wonDerful930112: Kyungsoo thank you so much ! That is a whale ! My favorite animal 

@jgds5959 (audio source): 

Xiumin: D.O.’s been very into cooking lately! So do you know what I see him doing whenever I come home? Sharpening knives (laughs). He’s sharpening knives.

Suho, Kai: Actually, didn’t he order them? I hear they’re expensive ones.

Xiumin: The sound and sight of sharpening knives is scary (laughs).

Members: (discussing where he does it)

Baekhyun: In the living area. You need light, so you know he can’t go to his room [because everything in there is black].

Xiumin: I find the sight of him sharpening the knives very sexy. 

@sagak_sagak: I asked him if he still bit his fingernails and he said he still does it a lot ㅠㅠㅠㅠ He brought his hands together to show me, going “please look~” and it hurt my heart to see the broken skin on his round fingers

But it was killer cute too, how he brought his fingers up to show me o(-(…. so round.. in that moment I felt bad for how neat my nails were. My baby, should noona give you a manicure? (dragged away)

@dokkomi_: I prepared a flower crown for Kyungsoo. I asked him to try it on while he was signing, and he put it on while laughing 💕 

I asked Kyungsoo if he was happy and he grinned as he said he was. When I told him his fans are always happy because of him, so please do everything you wish to do, his eyes were so tender ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

@proudD_O: Why was Kyungsoo so pretty today ㅜㅜ He put on an angel headband and beamed, it was an assault on my heart ㅜㅜ It was over in a flash… how sad ㅜㅜ Thank you Kyungsoo♡

@1993_112: Kyungsoo put on the headband, I will go die now

I told Kyungsoo it was a wish I’d always had, and asked him to try it on, that he could just take it off right away. He went “this one?” and took it to put it on himself. Then he stared at me and asked “is this good?” ⊙♡⊙ I was so emotional, all I could do was nod..

[more under cut]

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- 30x20
- furnished: $18,903 / unfurnished: $17,918
- required ep: Late Night
download (in .sims3pack)

Been wanting to share this for the longest time but I’m a master procrastinator so… Anyway, this is actually where my sims Grayson and Blair currently live. It has one large kitchen/dining/living area, an office, a common bathroom, a laundry room, master bedroom with walk in closet and en suite bathroom, and an extra bedroom. The plan was to share it if/when they move out but I’m an impatient potato. It’s basically unfurnished except for the most basic of the basic necessities, lights and ground floor lobby. If it’s not too much trouble, do tag me if you use it in your game. I’d love to see what you do with it. Thanks!

P. S. It’s my first time to export a lot so please message me if there’s any problem.


CLEVER FOX MOXIE is the third game in the LONELY WOLF TREAT series. please play that and FRIENDLY BUNNY MOCHI for the best possible experience! this time, moxie needs to find a way to make money so she can continue to live in the foxy den with her friends… but is she trying too hard?

this game is quite a bit longer than the last two, so estimated playtime is closer to an hour if you’re trying to see everything. by the way, there’s a bonus area you can reach if you found the secret code in the previous game… ;)


and hey if you’re into my stuff and want to throw money at me, maybe support me on patreon!

thanks, please enjoy! <3333

I got an anon yesterday that I am going to post after much consideration. I am not saying that what this anon is saying is true or false. I am just leaving it here for everyone to do with it what they will. 

I found your blog through a friend. I’m sure you get a lot of trash in your ask, so believe me or dont, its fine. I see a lot of speaking about taylor and calvin that they cant go out because of paps etc but I live in LA and I can tell you thats not really true. I saw them TOGETHER (yes, no joking) at whole foods (MY EDIT: I ASKED HER WHICH ONE AND SHE SAID THE ONE IN BEVERLY HILLS) like 2 weeks ago. Im not totally into this taylor swift fandom but I thought maybe you’d want to know. I was shocked too when I saw them standing in the vegetables area and there were a few people being so embarrassing (“Oh God Taylor Swift! Look it’s Taylor Swift and her boyfriend!! Oh how cute”) but they handled the situation very gracious and normal. She is beautiful in reality by the way! I think she was wearing no make up, casually dressed. He seemed very protective but gentle, carrying the basket, always a hand on her back. they stood on front of us in line. They are both giants in real life guys. Oh and they bought ben&jerrys chocolate fudge brownie :D they both just behaved like a normal couple. He payed. She was looking at her phone when they stood in front of us. They seemed very familiar with each other, always whispering. So, this is all I can tell. Sorry for the anon. I run a pretty popular fashion blog here and I’m not interested in the attention that’d come with me sharing my wholefood experience ;) But I sometimes see some edits coming from TS blogs and I thought you guys might want to know! have a lovely day

ICYMI: A woman in Baltimore received this super weird and homophobic note after decorating her yard with rainbow lights and the words “love” and “ohana” in honor of Pride month. The note reads:

“Your yard is becoming Relentlessly Gay! Myself and Others in the neighborhood ask that you Tone It Down. This is a Christian area and there are Children. Keep it up and I will be Forced to call the Police on You! Your kind need to have Respect for GOD.” -A Concerned Home Owner. 

The homeowner, Julie Baker, has responded by creating a GoFundMe page asking for supporters to help make her home even more relentlessly gay:

I am starting this fundraiser so I can work to make my Home even More “relentlessly gay”  If we go high enough, I will see if I can get a Rainbow Roof!

Because my invisible relentlessly gay rainbow dragon should live up there in style!

Put simply, I am a widow and the mother of four children, my youngest in high school and I WILL NOT Relent to Hatred. Instead, I will battle it with whimsy and beauty and laughter and love, wrapped around my home, yard and family!!!

You can’t make this stuff up. 


-busts through the door- My turn, Tammy!! >:0

For the 3 of you who don’t know, @tamarinfrog/@searching-for-bananaflies and I did a squid exchange with our Inkling/Octoling couples! Her INKredible part can be seen here if you haven’t seen it yet. <3

As for my part, I just decided to have a bit of fun with it! ;v; 
Sheep is terrified enough with just ONE Octoling around, so having two in the same area is about as frightening for him as you can imagine. He immediately clings to Arnick for safety. (But seeing as Tetrox lives among Inklings, he won’t feel safe anywhere… He’ll definitely be watching his back!)

Flooder buddies too!! Hope you ladies know how to drive that thing! Don’t splat any innocent bystanders! >:‘0  And Rain… Oh Rain, honey. She’s not seen too many Inklings up close aside from Sheep. Arnick definitely has that 'tall and manly’ allure in her eyes. B’) (sorry, he’s taken, sweetie!)

This was a ton of fun, and I’m honoured to have been able to trade with such an amazing artist. ;v; Your OCs are so fun to draw, and I’d love to do more in the future when it allows, yo!!
(Aaa! I hope you like this! <’3)


The cookbook is almost here! It comes out April 15th! (And for those of you who pre-ordered on Amazon, it should be delivered to you on the 15th).

There are 100 vegetarian recipes, inspired by living in our little cabin in the woods, and the local California produce here. Twenty of the recipes are favorites from the blog (like the 3 above) and then there are 80 new ones! (see some of them, here!) Plus the book is packed with lots of my watercolors and photos of the cabin and cocktail parties on our deck.

Just like the blog, everything is displayed visually like the recipes above, so it’s super easy to cook from. There are lots of upcoming book signings scheduled for the New York and San Francisco areas- see them here! More to come. Feel free to sign up for my newsletter for updates.

And of course, you can order the book HERE.

Happy cooking!

xx Erin

Trying to find a home for this female pit bull! She is a rescue that my friend can’t keep. If you live in the LA area or anywhere driving distance in California please reach out. She is very kind, quiet and loyal. You can message me on tumblr or see more pictures of her on her current owners instagram @ornelastagram

If you can’t adopt her it would mean a lot if you could reblog this so we can find someone who can. Thanks so much!

My boyfriend was telling me what his friend had told him about a girl that the friend used to live with. Apparently she would sit post-shower in the kitchen and put her feet up on the table, so at certain angles you got a full view of her genital area. 

My bf told me that his friend had said it was “untidy, like the Gaza strip”. When I furrowed my brow a little, trying to connect the image of the Gaza Strip with genitalia, he said “you know, it was torn apart?” 

I then said that that sounded more like she’d had FGM or something. What did he exactly mean? What does tidy even refer to? Cause I was thinking just her pubic hair or something and failing to see how that is like the Gaza Strip, unless her landing strip wasn’t well shaped anymore?

So he tried to compare it to an “unpacked donner kebab”  To which I said “that’s not particularly helpful either” and I asked “do guys really compare women’s vaginas to donner kebabs and the Gaza Strip?” and he said well, no, but it’s just a joke and it’s a common one (so I guess what he should have said is, “yes”!) 

I said, well 100 years ago the “n word” was still a common term but that didn’t make it appropriate. Obviously, “one is not like the other” because one is a joke

I told him that actually I found it offensive to think that someone would be comparing vaginas to the grossest meat on earth and that it’s no fucking wonder that vagino and labioplasties are on the rise.

He got exasperated and said that I have to turn everything into a platform and it is just a common joke*. He tried googling kebabs to show me, but got caught up on the fact that “unpacked kebab” was in the Urban Dictionary, as though that made it better.

He probably told his friend about our exchange.

“Yeah, but she’s always been like that though,” is what my bf said his friend would tell him.

*I fail to see the humour in the joke - he couldn’t even explain it to me. Therefore it is not a joke but merely the derogatory comparison I took it to be.

ladies and gentleman, nik Hampshire of stay|ragged here officially apologizing for the hiatus. it’s been a bit hectic on my end and a few life changes are underway but fear not! These change are for the best for me and for you!
I began this blog as a way of sharing my life and perspective with anyone who was interested in such things in hopes of inspiring you all to live a life worth living! in keeping with this spirit i have officially left my day job to dedicate 100% of my energy and focus on my modeling and blogging career! this means you should see a more steady stream of content here from me and hopefully bigger and better things along the way! i should be able to get back on my wednesdays and sundays schedule! i’ll also be traveling a lot more so if there is anyone who’s trying to shoot from me anywhere in the world feel free to contact me. i’ll be assembling a list and once i have enough work in any particular area i’ll make my way out there!

furthermore, thank you all so much for all of your continued support! literally, the only reason i can even consider making an attempt like this is your continued interest and support so thank you a million trillion times over! keep the likes and reblogs coming! hit me with any questions or recommendations and i’ll try to make this more interactive if i can! don’t forget you can follow me on instagram/snapchat/twitter (@nikhampshire).

this here is a few moments the ever so talented @kellyelainesmith took of me in my own apartment. no fancy cloths or location. just an innocent look at me raw and exposed, like how i am for you here on this blog.

thanks again everyone and as always…