so if you edit them and repost please just give me credit

Cosplay, Fanart and Plagiarism

(gif curtesy to Mel)

TL;DR: An artist traced (!) my cosplay photo without permission, gave me zero credits, sold the prints at a con and denied she’s ever seen my photo.

First, both of us, the cosplayer and the photographer, want to say that it would never have come to this if the artist would have immediately apologized to us in person, instead of being extremely rude to us and letting things escalate. A simple sorry and taking down the prints would’ve sufficed.

In the beginning of January, being hyped with the new SU episodes, I immediately fell in love with Blue Diamond and cosplayed her. Two months ago, a friend let me know that an artist she saw drew a fanart based on my photo. I was extremely flattered and happy, but also kinda sad the artist gave me zero credits. Us cosplayers and photographers work really hard to get a nice result, and everyone is happy when their photo serves as an inspiration for another artwork. I wrote a letter to her stating that I love her art, but I’d like her to credit me as a source of inspiration (adding the screen shot).

For two months, there was silence. I tried it again a few weeks ago, but again, no response. Okay, what can you do…

Last weekend we had a big con in Germany with a huge artist alley and both of us, the photographer and the cosplayer, attended. Suddenly, a friend came to us and said that there’s a girl selling this exact drawing. We were puzzled and decided to go to her booth and look at it ourselves.

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Even if you don’t do art, gifsets, edit videos and photos, write fanfics, you are important and fandom wouldn’t exist without you.

That also doesn’t mean that you’re not an artistic type of person.

There are two types of artistic personality:

a creator, who writes, paints, draw, do videos etc.

and a consumer.

The person, who sees art, for whom it’s made. Without them it wouldn’t matter, because there would be nobody to see the creation. It’s one of the most important roles, but many people do it badly.

How to be a good recipient?

First of all, you need to give feedback. Every time you take time to see/read something. And it can’t be any feedback. It must be good.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a fanart, fic, video, poem or something else. Give kudos. Comment it. Even if you didn’t like it. Especially, if you didn’t like it. It takes only 30 seconds to write something and it shows the author that you saw their work and took time to think about it. It really motivates them.

What you should write?

Well, anything you want. “Great job, keep going!”, “I love the way you did it!”, “Wow, amazing work, I’d love to see more!” is enough. Really.

 Of course, if you decide to say something more it’s great! Authors love to read your thoughts about their work. Tell them about the colours they used, how they match the scene and character, how they build the atmosphere with words, how you love the character development, the typhography they made. Tell them about everything that made you “wow, this is amazing”, about the piece that made you smile or cry or laugh or any reaction you had.

Tell them that you are waiting for sequel for this fic. That you can’t wait for the next fanart of this pairing. That you love seeing their work.

Thank them for it. I know that you know that they do it as a hobby, but thank them for spending their time anyway.

Reading this makes their day. And they’ll tell you that.

Okay, but what if you didn’t like it?

Then you have to write a comment anyway. Criticism is the most important for artist. Without it they can’t make progress.

Writing critique is harder than writing a positive feedback. You have to be precise here. The most important rule is:


like really

if you want to write something like that, then better don’t write anything.

You must add what you didn’t like, why, and how they can change that. Constructive criticism is the only one which matters. Otherwise you’ll make them not want to create anymore.

So how good criticism looks like?

“The colours you used don’t fit together. If you used warmer shade of red it would look better!”

“The main character of the story is too perfect, you should add them some flaws to make them more real. Perhaps something with their looks - too thin mouth or some scar? Their personality is also too mary sue. Try to give them some bad traits, maybe they can be blunt or a bit ignorant and listen to nobody’s advice?”

“The person you drew has anatomically incorrect legs - it looks like they don’t have knees. Try to work on it looking at some photos.”

The problem with criticism is that inexperienced artists often take it too personally, like an attack. Good solution is to tell them something nice.

“The scenere is beautiful, but…”
“I love how you write descriptions, but there’s something you need to work on…”

When you write comments it’s also important NOT TO DEMAND ANOTHER PIECE OF ART/CHAPTER/SEQUEL/WHATEVER

It makes them not wanting to contiune their work. So, yeah, encourage them, but not demand. “Is there any chance you’ll do it?”, “I can’t wait for more!”, “Please, continue this, I really want to know what happens next!”

What else you can do as a recipient?

Reblog. Not only like, but also reblog, so more people can see it. Don’t repost and if you have to ALWAYS GIVE CREDITS. And no, “source: tumblr” is not a credit (I feel like I should do another post about it)

Buy. I know all of us are broke, but many artists are really cheap (and that makes me sad). Just ask them to do something customized for you, like keychains or something like that. And pay them for it. Or just donate.

And remember




(feel free to add some things that I forgot and tell me all mistakes I made, it’s late and my brain is tired so I could use some wrong words but I tried)


“You can break my soul, take my life away, beat me, hurt me, kill me, but for the sake of lord..don’t ever touch him”// taegi. 

I’ve already seen a taegi set pic like this but i decide to do another one in my way with gifs so it’s not completely my idea. I’m not the owner of the gifs, i just edit them so please if you’re the owner contact me, i’m already sorry for use them without permission. 

If you repost please give credit. 



Hi everyone~!!! I know I haven’t been on in ages and I’m so sorry for that 🙈 but I’ve been super busy with everything and haven’t had the time!


I know I had them open before and tbh didn’t get many. But I wanted to open them again as a friend of mine has been diagnosed with Moyamoya disease, it’s a disease that attacks the arteries in the brain and is very painful for her.

This disease normally only affects people over 40 years old, and has only happened twice in America. My friend is only 18 years old! A big problem is that the only doctor that can help her (who had helped the other two patients) is in America. A lot of family and friends are raising money to help her.

So, I wanted to try and help her myself too! So I wanted to open commissions up again to try and raise money to help her get over Moyamoya.

So, please will you commission me and help me raise money!! Also if you don’t want to commission me and just want to donate that would be such a great help too ☺️ or if you can’t do either, please Reblog this post! Anything to please help 💙💙


Paypal only

I will only accept GBP (£)

I have the right to turn down any commission that will make me uncomfortable.

Art to be commissioned should have complete description and references.

Please do not re-distribute, reproduce, sell my work, repost my work without permission and credit or claim it as your own. Credit is much appreciated when sharing my work on the internet.

Prices are not fixed and may vary depending on the complexity of your commission request.

What I will draw:
~ Fairy Tail Characters
~ OC’s (with references)

What I won’t draw:
Mecha, Furry, Hardcore gore, Violence, Hentai, Porn, Lolicon, Incest, Necrophilia, Pedophilia.
Realistic people, animals and sceneries/ backgrounds.

What to do:

1) Send me an email at It must have Commission: (Tumblr name) as the subject. If I don’t get back to you in 24 hours, then please message me here on Tumblr.

2) Please provide complete high quality references for the art that you will be commissioning: pose, expressions, mood/theme, clothes, character sheets/reference.
For OC’s please send me front and side views, explain their personality, and any other details that you think will help.

3) After you receive my approval for your commission I will email you my Paypal information for you to pay.

NOTE: The payment has no deadline but I will not start the commission until payment. You can either pay me full amount in one go or choose to pay 50% at first and then the other half on completion, and then the art shall be sent to you. (warning you will not receive the commission until full payment is paid).

4) I will send you the final sketch before I finalise it to make sure it is to your liking.

5) Deadlines!! I do not have any specific deadlines but if you have a specific date you would like your commission to be done by please message me, but I can refuse this deadline if I think I won’t be able to get it done in time. I will not be able to send you the commission on weekends though.

6) Refunds!! If for any reason I could not finish your commission, I will refund all of your money back to you.

7) When the commission is finished I will send it to you via email.

PLEASE!! If you wish to post my commission onto a site (Tumblr etc.) please make sure you give full credit back to me. And please don’t edit my name in anyway.

Note: all art will be done traditionally!
Thank you so much for reading, if you have any further questions please email me or message me on Tumblr.

If you would like to see anymore of my art, visit my art page: @xxgajevyloversartxx

Thank you everyone who helps!! ☺️💙💙

anonymous asked:

as a person who creates content myself, I do not understand why you're so pressed about your work being posted. If someone reposts mine and just goes credit: then whatever I'm chill with it why are you making such a big deal out of it, nothing you share on the internet is private and of course people will share it around, you need to chill the fuck out

So here I am, trying to get away from all the negativity in this site and on the internet because I have spent months trying to convince myself to not delete this blog and have been getting more reasons to delete for the last few days. And then I came into my blog to find solitude on the one hour I had before my exam and comes this message. To be honest, I wanted to just delete this message and block your ass from my blog, but since you have rudely told me to “chill the fuck out”, so I closed my app instead, walked into campus with a wide fake smile over my face and hoped that I could “chill” within the next hours of the exams so I can respond to you properly.

Now, since you told me yourself that you are a content creator, I need you to imagine this. Imagine yourself creating whatever content you make. I don’t know how long you need to make them, but let me just generalize it by how long me and my fellow writers needed to write. Let’s say you spent almost a full week creating your content - planning, choosing the images and concept of your content, working on them to be exactly how you wanted them to appear, then finalize it with editing. You lose hours of sleep, losing concentration on your class/work, and even think about the content while you’re out with friends - and then you feel the anxiety about posting them on the internet. You spend minutes, hours, contemplating in front of your screen, thinking - “will people like it? Is it good enough? will I have notes?” And then you take a deep breath and click that “post” button, and off the children of your creation went to the surface of the internet and beyond reach of your followers. And then the whole day and the next you find people looking at our content, giving likes and reblog, adding notes, commenting, giving feedbacks and spreading them around more with reblogs. Imagine how you feel. Doesn’t it feel exhilarating? Do you feel good about yourself and proud to see how people react to your creation? Of course you do.

Now come the reposters. Imagine they come to your blog, copy your creation and repost them on their blog/site/page. They don’t ask permission, they don’t ask if it’s okay to repost them with or without credit, and they don’t credit you properly (no links, just names, not even your full url), or even worse, they repost without taking your captions either. Imagine people coming to their blog, finding the content, and then praising them, giving them likes, reblogging the contents on their blog, adding their notes. Do you feel the spread? Do you get the notes? Do you receive the messages of the viewer asking you if you can share more quality contents as the ones they found? No. They will talk to the reposters. They will add the reposters’ notes. Do they come into your blog to give you a praise? No. Because I know that there are people who are too lazy to find source when it is not added, and because credits without linking back does not bring viewers back into your blog as the source. Do you feel good about this? Do you really feel proud having somebody else receiving feedbacks and praises (and probably more followers) of your hard work instead of yourself?

This is what happens to us. That is what we feel. This is what we are up against. Yes, I am well aware that this is the internet. People have easy access on every content being shared throughout the internet, and the only thing that I am asking (along with everyone else) is to be respected. Why is it so hard to respect our preferences of not having our work being distributed without our knowledge? Why is it so hard to respect our wish to protect our work? Aside from this blog, I also create things for a living. I have my work taken, stolen, being rebranded by plagiarists in real life. It sucks. It hurts. But the most painful thing I have to endure is losing money. Now we spread our work and our contents here for free, and the only thing I gain from sharing my contents are people’s feedbacks, the notes, the likes, the reactions and the respects. Nothing more. Now if I lose all of that, what else do I have left? Why is it so hard to have people ask for permission first? Have you not seen content makers asking people to “not repost”, to “not cut the credits on pictures” and to “not delete caption”? Have you not seen gif makers adding their credit on their gifs instead of captions because people repost them without their knowledge? Do you think people would do this if they are okay having their content reposted?

Look, if you are okay having your credits taken away from you and your content, then it’s fine with me. If you’re okay about people reposting without permission and proper credit, then I have no say on it. If you are okay with plagiarism, then please do not attempt to impose your personal preference to us when we are all here trying to protect our work the only way we can. And if you don’t agree with me, then it’s fine with me. Just don’t tell me how to feel or think, because you have no idea what it’s like to be me.

I’m not quite sure how to approach the situation, I don’t really want to make a huge deal out of it but I’m not going to lie, it kind of hurts.

A very popular blog took one of my edits and merely edited it a bit and changed the font of it. But it’s literally the same as mine, word for word, and they didn’t give me any credit. I came up with the wording myself, it’s not a quote (I wouldn’t have cared if it was a popular quote of some sort). What I’m afraid of is other blogs seeing my original edit and thinking I was the one who copied them, though you can go to my original and compare when the two were posted. I don’t want to cause any unnecessary drama, but I just want to address how I feel about my edits being reposted or even copied. I don’t care if my edit inspires you and you want to make one a bit similar, that’s fine! You don’t have to credit me. But if you repost my edit without any credit, edit my work without any credit, it really really hurts me. I don’t want to make a huge fuss, the edits are fairly simple to make but they’re something I enjoy making and to see a very popular blog I looked up to and admired a lot copy my work is honestly very hurtful.

So I just want to say, please don’t repost my content and don’t edit it to make it your own, unless you credit me!! You don’t even have to credit me if you use my work as your icon or header, so I feel like I’m not asking for much. Sorry for going on about this, I’m just still really surprised and hurt by this and I never expected the blog to do something like this. Ily guys very much but please don’t copy other people’s work and claim it as yours, it’s so disrespectful and NOT a positive thing in the positivity community!!

Seriously, this has to stop.

Stop stealing and reposting others’ works without giving them proper credit or asking for their permission. People took the time and effort to make it. 

I’ve seen some people who reposted my gifs without crediting me and it sucks. It’s not very nice at all. Recently, I saw a blog edited and added a filter or something to one of my gifs (again, no credit). Wow, just wow. Gif making takes time, especially mine (topaz + coloring takes the cake). I really don’t want to put my url/icon on any of my works. It’s gonna mess up the size and image. 

If you see others’ works being reposted, please let the original owner know.

+ Also, reposting with just “credit to the owner" (no owner’s name or link) is not actually giving credit to the owner.

Just reblog or put the link of the image, then put it in the post.

@the anon who has been sending @d–oki all these messages about me ‘reblogging my own caps’, let me make one thing clear. Never in my life have I reblogged anything of mine. I would’ve ended this here but you apparently sent two messages to her (this and this) and it pisses me off so fucking much to see this. it’s embarrassing and humiliating, and it’s hurting my pride and I’m unfortunately a very prideful person. I don’t care if I sound like an asshole rn, cuz I am and Im going to stick up for myself before anyone actually misinterprets this. plus im glad Lyric is so understanding and she handled it so well so screw you for trying to tarnish my name because I’ve got wonderful people around me, and everything she said was so genuine and true and there is no reason for me to write this post except for the fact that I am a disgustingly prideful being and I do not like the idea of being mistaken.

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The extent of reposting

You’ve been warned

This will be a really long post, and I’ll be addressing one account in particular, but will be referring to multiple accounts along the way. This is just a small, tiny part of the reposting community, and if you’re an artist who wants to protect their art, please continue reading as I will be showing proof that, reposters do not win. This is your art, your creation. Not theirs. 

Let’s say hello to this person:

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So recently I see a lot more reposts then before. It might be because if the new fans, new people on tumblr and all that. So here is a little bit of information on why you should reblog and not repost. 

First things first. 

“Wat is reposting?" 

Reposting is when you take an image, art work, graphic, gif… that isn’t yours (Read as; not made, edited, created… by you) and upload it onto your own account. Simple as that. Reblogging is when you press the little arrows on a post, so it goes onto your blog and adds to the notes on the original post. So you’re ‘sharing’ it without uploading it again.

Now, a more prominent question. 

"Why is reposting wrong?”

There are many reasons to why this is wrong. Reasons different for every person, reason people often don’t see as a reason to why this is wrong. Let me list a few.

  • You take away credit from the original poster.
  • It is no sign of respect to any artist. 
  • The same image turns up over and over again in a tag, which is really annoying. 
  • People assume you edited/created the art you uploaded, the original creator gets no credit. 
  • The no credit thing is really a thing to keep in mind. 
  • A lot of work was put into it, even if it is just a gif. Even when it appears as a simple edit to you. People do these things because they want to. Because they like it. Because they feel the need to contribute something to the fandom they are in. And maybe even because they want some recognition and notes. For you to take all of that away, is simply rude and disrespectful. 
  • It actually counts as copyright violation. Something people often forget is a ‘crime.’ I’ll go into this later on in this post. 

So those are just some of the reasons to why reposting is wrong. Now, speaking out of my own experiences, reposters often don’t take this as a reason. They often hold these things up against is, making us, the artist, feel like /we/ did something wrong by pointing out they reposted. It happens all of the time. I’ll list a few things I have come across to, answers people gave me when I politely asked them not to repost, and to take down my graphic/edit. I’ll also explain to why I believe what they said, was wrong. 

“I didn’t stole anything from you, I never even visited your page!.”

This you’ll hear very often when you are dealing with reposters. They probably never even seen your Tumblr. Which still doesn’t give them the right to do whatever they did. There’s a lot of sources to where they could have found your artwork. Think about google images, weheartit, pininterest… and so on. I will list and explain all of these later on in the post. Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether you have visited the website or not, it gives you no right to repost whatever it is you have reposted. 

“But I credited you, look there’s a little link." 

Another thing you’ll often see/hear. People indeed do that sometimes, repost your thing and put a source underneath. Now.. Let me tell you this; mostly the source is wrong and it wouldn’t lead to your original post at all. And second, people don’t care about that. 99% of people on here wouldn’t take a second to check wether you actually created that or not. Especially not when you put a link and still make the source connect to your own page. Speaking about this, reposting something when you actually know the original post makes everything, imltho, even worse. You know where the edit is, you know who made it… Why don’t you just reblog it? Why don’t just just click two times and have it on your blog. Why do you feel the need to go through the entire upload thing when all you have to do is click two times and have it on your blog? I assume people do this to gain notes/followers… And that is rather pathetic and once more disrespectful, because the person who created the thing that has been reposted deserves that credit and those notes/followers. 

"You should be thankful, look it has …. notes now!”

No. We artists should NOT and I repeat NOT be thankful for you reposting our art AT ALL. If anything, we should be offended. Which most of the time we are and we have every right to be. Reposting is not a way of appreciating you love the thing we did, reposting is not something we should be thankful for. 

Those are just some of the most common things I have come across from. Believe me, I have seen about everything by now. I also found, people are incredibly rude when you point them out they have reposted something. I barely ever come across someone who friendly replies. Of course, there have been some. But they really are outnumbered by the amount of times people shouted, called me names or whatever for just asking them to take down MY piece of art. If you want to know a few things; they involve calling my followers psycho bitches for letting me know about the repost, saying I cyber bully, saying I was causing them to feel suicidal. Yes. It really goes that far. 

Recently I found a lot if people putting together gifs/edits that aren’t theirs in a photoset, but claim they made the photoset. This also is reposting. This also is wrong. And so is taken an already edited image and just putting it into black and white. 

Anyway, to carry on, as I said earlier there are a few things people consider as a source, which isn’t really a source. Here’s a list. 

  • Weheartit: This website is probably the worse thing ever for an artist. Basically everything on there is stolen and credited in a wrong way. It gives an easy opportunity to repost things you find on there on Tumblr and it automatically creates a source that goes back to weheartit. Now I know it’s easy to find things on there, but please, keep them on there. They are already stolen once, please don’t do it a second time. So now all repeat after me: weheartit is NOT a source.
  • Google Images: Yeaa, we all did this I guess. Googled our favourite show/ship/anything. You’ll find load of great images, art work, edits… It is alright to save them to your computer. But it is not okay to reupload them. Follow the link you find on google, find out where it comes from and usually you’ll end up on some sort of Tumblr. Yes I know, it takes a /little/ bit of effort. But still not as much effort as it takes to repost the entire thing. 
  • Instagram: Aaah, instagram is like a repost heaven. Or hell. I’d call it hell. If you go through the Sherlock tag on there, you won’t see much original posts. Graphic after graphic, edit after edit gets reposted. On top of it, IG doesn’t come with a good report system like tumblr does. All we can do is ask them, but really. This drives me crazy more then anything. Because people won’t listed at all. As long as they gain followers though things they haven’t made, all is well. Fuck people who spent hours on what they just claimed as theirs. (Just to make sure, that was sarcasm.) 

Well, those are pretty much the main things about reposting. There’s a million more things to it and I could write/complain about it all night, but yea… Let’s move on to things YOU can do to prevent this.

  • Take a second to look at the source. 

Please do this. If you see the source is weheartit, or IF there is a tag/URL on the image you see and it IS NOT the same as the source, please do not reblog it. Don’t spread those reposts, instead either message the original poster OR just message the blog who reposted and FRIENDLY (always friendly. Never hate.) ask them not to repost. If necessary explain them why, they might not know.

  • Find the original post instead of reblogging the repost.

Yeaaaa I know, this sounds like a lot of effort too. And ain’t nobody got time for that, but you would really show your feelings towards a graphic/artwork if you did this instead of reblogging the reposted version. If there’s an URL on the image, you can just go to that tumblr and most artist have a tag for their art on their blog so it’s easy to find. If that isn’t the case, grab the URL of the image (right click, copy image URL) and take it to google images. Once there, you see this little camera in the right corner. You should click that and you’ll get this:

External image

Past your URL there and 9/10 times you will find the original post. 
  • If all else fails, and the person doesn’t have an ask. Please report them to tumblr. Don’t be afraid to do so. Just contact the suport and send the the links of your original post and the reposters. They will take it down. Click here and read more. 

Reposting Memes

Hey guys, so it recently came to my attention that some of my W2H memes are being reposted to Instagram. I’m not angry (at least it’s not my art, which I DO NOT ALLOW ANY REPOSTS AT ALL OF) just a bit disappointed (yes I’m giving the Dad™ speech) because no one’s giving credit. Some of my memes are edits that take me quite a while to make, some are just shitposts, but I still made them. All I’m asking is to PLEASE ask me before reposting my memes, or at least put my credit in the caption. If you can’t do either, DON’T EVEN BOTHER POSTING ANYTHING THAT’S NOT YOURS.

Yours truly


Replies to the art theft post

tanialel replied to your post “I was going to post art today…”

You must talk with the Gays on Ice’s admin, she understands what is going on and also she wants to solve the problem, just take it easy and talk at the first place. Maybe you’re overreacting… (I don’t want to offend nobody.)

lizeth-sandwich replied to your post “I was going to post art today…”

Why are you like this? Not everyone knows who are you, I didn’t know who were you until you pointed out a page that I follow. What is so wrong about sharing “FANARTS”? I mean, they want to share it because they like it, and they are your draws, yes, but it is Kubo sensei work, intellectual property… For me, and a lot more followers is sharing art knowing who the artist is to follow her. I can’t believe there is people getting angry and want to report it.                

lizeth-sandwich replied to your post “I was going to post art today…”

+I mean, is a page where we can laugh, where I can find people who share the same love for this beautiful art. If you want to delete that page just for that simple reason is unthinkable for me. Deleting a page because they want to share your beautiful art, how sad. I shared photos of concerts, I could take money out of them but I didn’t because I like when people say thanks to me, I like to share. I did found people sharing my photos without credits.       

lizeth-sandwich replied to your post “I was going to post art today…”

+but didn’t make a fuss of it, I just commented on my pic that it was mine and followers saw me. Some others edit giving me credits. But anyway, I wrote all of this to make you understand that if you talk to them they might comprehend, you should not rush with your statements. We want peace not war, everything solves by talking.                

mallenlisromero replied to your post “I was going to post art today…”

Well….you have your point but this is overreaction, everybody knows this blog and the content is yours but your reaction is incredible. The people who repost your work is because they love it. I don’t know why that reason is bad. Are you angry for that? Well, the best solution will be to delete your blog. That way no one sees your work and doesn’t feel like sharing. I don’t want to seem rude, but it’s very illogical and childish your rule of repost. You must ask to the                

mallenlisromero replied to your post “I was going to post art today…”

+You must ask to the people who repost “why you repost?” I don’t think that they respond “I’m a fanart thief ” If they do, it would be funny. That’s my opinion.                

mallenlisromero replied to your post “I was going to post art today…”

I understand, everyone wants the credit for their work and that’s logical because they did but… Don’t repost, don’t share…both are “pendejadas", sorry I don’t find a word in English for this expression. Your art is good, You should be happy with your fans, and proud that they share your work, obviously with the credits              

sofiarvs replied to your post “I was going to post art today…”

Ellos ponen el autor!!! Así es como conocí muchos artistas, que culeros                

Okay, I’m going to break my habit of only posting replies one time a day in the afternoon. Apologies in advance, and I hope you also don’t mind if I reply to these all together to avoid giving repetitive answers.

You’re right, the series, the characters themselves, and canon is the intellectual property of Kubo-sensei and the other YOI producers. However, fanart that I created is mine. I have never claimed that I own the characters, just my specific depictions of them in images I have created. There is a whole discourse on this, but that is a conversation for another time.

You’re also right, that not many people know who I am unlike the creators of canon material like Kubo-sensei. People will see an official art, and automatically know how to find the people who made it, they’re credited on all official media sites. For nobody fanartists like myself, not so much. It’s just “fanart.” Most people will not know of me or my blog just by looking at art they find floating around the internet. All the more reason that I would like that they know.

I stated specifically in my call out post that I want people to be respectful, and I apologize if the community is getting any harassment, that was not my intention. My intention is to hopefully get you and others to realize just how hurtful art theft is. “You’re overreacting. Creating a fuss. It shouldn’t matter, they share because they love it!” are statements that do not try to understand how the artist feels. You do not know how I felt creating my art, you did not experience the time and effort and struggle it took to finish and upload them, so I feel that you do not have the right to tell me how I should feel.

I am not an art machine. I’m a person, who dedicates more hours than one would expect at a full time job to nothing but producing art content that I make available for free. We are all fans here; I want to create and share drawings that hopefully make people happy, and I hope you can enjoy them in ways that do not hurt me in return.

There are so, so many ways in which art theft is hurtful. Notes/attention is certainly part of it. My art on the community in question had over 1K likes, when the original post barely had 2K. Think of how much more motivated I would feel to draw more similar content if even a fraction of those people decided to view my work on my blog, possibly even like, reblog, or comment. Instead, those views simply tell me that those people don’t care about the creator, just my content.

If you actually want to discuss, please be willing to learn. HERE’s one post that describes very well what art theft does. HERE’s another. Some quick scrolling and searching #art theft will give you plenty of results.

Different creators (not just artists) have different policies regarding reposting, because we all feel differently about how we are comfortable with our art being shared and we all have different past experiences with fandom, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because we’re all different people. Most people have their rules stated somewhere on their blog, and if you can’t find it (please search first) it doesn’t hurt to ask. Crediting is not the same as permission, as explained in the posts above. Some people allow reposts with credit, some do not. Please respect everyone.

I personally feel my own policies are pretty clear. You also cannot make the argument that you didn’t know.

The fact that I am uncomfortable with my art being shared on other sites should be enough, if you respect me and wish to support my art you shouldn’t need more reasons. I shouldn’t have to explain my history of being more open at first, but being more and more hesitant to give permission after a long stream of abuses. I shouldn’t have to describe to you in detail how it has impacted me personally, how it has played into my depression, how it has made me stop drawing and leave fandoms in the past, and the amount of effort it took to come back from that and give posting online another chance. Me asking you to please stop should be enough.

On top of that, this particular post was my first nsfw work I put on Tumblr, after almost 4 years of having this blog. It took a lot of debating on whether I should do it or not. When I did decide to do it, I took a lot of precautions to ensure that I would be comfortable with my decision. It is incredibly mild, I posed them so nothing showed, I tried for the right balance (to me) of erotic but not smut, I went out of my way to try to make sure no one looked underage. I posted beneath a cut, I added tags and warnings. I was nervous, but wanted to share, thinking maybe if it went well I might get the confidence to do a little more. Instead, NOPE, that’s it for me, people reposting with none of my precautions, my discomfort is through the roof.

I’m not asking you to not share my works. I’m not asking you to not enjoy my works. There are ways that you can do that that only inconvenience you mildly, but do not hurt me. If you are on Tumblr or Twitter, you can reblog/retweet. If you want to share on other sites like facebook, please just share the link to my blog. Yes, it may not match your community aesthetic, yes, it will take one extra click for people to see the images on my blog, and yes, it may be tedious to then go back to your community to have your conversations there. But is that really too much effort to ask, in comparison to the effort it took to draw from scratch? If it’s just sharing the link, you don’t even need to ask me for permission. I promise that I’ve made my blog as easy to view as possible, and there’s easy navigation that lets you maybe find other art too that you can share in the same way. You can have your conversations on your site, and I can still protect my works on my blog and choose how to present them and get traffic. Does this not work?

I do not want to have to put my art behind a pay wall like Patreon. I like that anyone can view it. I don’t want to have to block out non-Tumblr users. I don’t want to have to create a locked community. I don’t want to stop posting my work online, and only have my work available through purchase of physical copy like many Japanese artists. I would like to keep my watermarks small enough that you can still enjoy the images.

I don’t ask for money or make you join a community. You don’t even have to like, reblog, follow, or comment on my work, though that certainly is wonderful. All I ask is that you please, please, not hurt me for posting art.

I am not asking that you delete your community or blogs, like you above have suggested I delete mine. I do not want people to be angry with you, and again I am sorry if people have been acting disrespectfully. I do however want to ask you to please try to understand artists, to please respect our wishes, to please treat us like people. So many artists have stopped drawing because of art theft, or have lost faith in the internet and feel they can no longer share. Please do not contribute to that culture. I do not want to be driven from this fandom too.

If you didn’t know how much art theft damages the artist, that’s okay. Now you do. I hope this post helps explain part of why it’s bad.

I know you love the series and want to enjoy fanworks. We creators want you to enjoy them too. We like the same things. All I ask is that you reconsider how you think of sharing art. A small change in how you share art is all it takes to no longer hurt artists, but instead encourage us. Yes, it is a bit more work, but isn’t it worth it? Please support us and treat us with respect, and we’ll draw more things you can enjoy, and together we can create a better fandom community.

Thank you.

-Kazu (YukiPri)

Edit: I hope no one does this but I’ll say it anyway: please don’t harass any of the people I posted this in reply to. I’ve said my piece, and I’d like all conversations to be respectful. I posted this publicly because I want people to know the discussion going on, but I have no quarrel with individuals. Please do not bully. Thank you.

EDIT 2: If any bilingual Spanish speakers would be willing to translate my response to the Spanish-speaking community, I would be incredibly grateful. I feel like they’re mostly getting “the artist is mad and we should just not share her work,” and that is not the point of this post, which seeks to explain WHY it is hurtful and therefore should not be done, and alternatives on HOW to do better. (EDIT 3: Someone has kindly offered to translate, we’re working on it now! Thank you!)


I finally get why this sucks. I’m no artist but I respect them for their hard work and talent and not paying them seems a bit unfair. Art can be very time consuming, some even take days to complete. And asking stuff for free is like you’re wasting your time for nothing. (Refer this statement to the artists.) It takes a lot of time and practice to achieve their own style and bashing them for it is just plain wrong.

The reposting stuff too… I had a little problem with that before because I didn’t know about the repost issue and I accidentally posted something not mine. I apologized and took it down after I received the news.

This is also why artists put watermarks on their works to avoid theft, some crop or even edit out their signatures. Even though some give credit, it is not enough without the artists permission to repost or use their art. An artist knows his/her art when they see it and no matter how much you claim the art is yours, the artist will always find a way to claim it as their own. (Like how Chloe copied Marinette’s design)

so please respect artists and their hard work. Doing something like this is just really nasty…

I am not posting this for attention. Rather, I am posting this to bring to your attention the problems that artists are facing. They are just humans like us. Words and crap also hurt them. Sure, they do requests and that’s the time they do art for free but if they don’t take requests and you want art from them, then do the right thing.

My favorite artists, @ceejles @luciasatalina @baraschino @edorazzi @piku-chan @thebirdfromthemoon-art and other amazing artists I came to know and love, please do not let things like this ruin your day or stop you from being inspired to create. Continue to live on your passion as people like me appreciate what hard work you gave for your art. Remember, there is more good than bad. I love all you artists out there who strive to find their own color in the world. 😊💕
Kayswiss does Commissions! (warning: long post)

Hey y’all, Kayswiss here! I’m opening up commissions to help pay for college and help my folks with bills.

I’m can’t apply for jobs mainly because my parents rather I focus on school than on work, and I also do not have a car so driving to work would… Be impossible for me. At the same time we’ve hit a large rough patch of gross grass coming into 2017 (we recently payed off a mortgage for my grandparents’ house and for those who don’t know PAYING OFF A MORTGAGE IS RIDICULOUSLY HARD). 

Click the “keep reading” section because it further explains my recent situation & frustrations with one particular family member.

Other than that, here are the prices, terms & conditions, and what I can draw.

Will do

OCs, Fan OCs, and characters from fandoms

Animals; reptiles, mammals, fish, birds- you name it I’ll draw it


Will not

Anything NSFW/Fetishes/Smut; Mostly want it to be SFW

Hate Art

Intense Violence or Gore

Extreme complex designs (ex: Machines)

Terms & Conditions

  • When commissioning me, please provide me image reference(s) before submitting a payment. If your reference is just a description you will be charged more.
  • If you have any questions about your commission or need to provide me addition information (like how you want it to look, references, poses, etc.) you can contact me at or on my tumblr @kayswiss-mist via Submit.
  • When I start your commission I will notify you via your email or tumblr. You can also request the commission’s progress when I start it at least up to 3 times; giving your opinion on any additional details, change of the look, etc. After the 3 times are up you can no longer request to see it until the final product is done.
  • If you’d like to cancel your commission tell me ASAP, do not put it off until last minute while I’m in the process of finalizing the artwork. Please be 10000% certain before proceeding.
  • If there is a specific date you’d like a commission to be finished at, please tell me in the notes of the payment or in an email. The date must be in reasonable time; at least 5 days to a week and a half at minimum for me to do it in. I’m still busy in real life, so sometimes I’m unable to draw for some days due to the amount of work I’m doing.
  • The finished product will be watermarked and posted on my tumblr blog (kayswiss-mist) and my instagram (kayswiss.mist); it is for personal use only. DO NOT CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN. It is not to be used for profit or commercial use. If you want to edit or change your commission (like make it into an icon), it is allowed… but credit me! I cannot stress this enough, but if I so much as find that reposted somewhere else and has the watermark on or off… I’m going to report it to have it taken down.
  • If I made a mistake somewhere in the commission (like colored something incorrectly) I will fix it free of charge. I have a tendency to mix up layers so that’s on me, not the commissioner. However, if there are any major changes needed after the commission (like add in something that wasn’t initially stated) that will be charged more. Like just a dollar or so, not by much.

Method of Payment

I accept money by Google Wallet and now PayPal officially. After I calculate the price for the commission DO NOT SEND ME THE MONEY SOON AFTER! I will request it from you, that way we both don’t get in trouble with the paper work.

How you can pay me via Google Wallet you can find instructions on their FAQ. It’s a little easier in my opinion but it only works if you have an American Bank account or debit card.

*Note: If you are not satisfied with the product you will receive up to a 40% refund of the product. Money wasn’t the only thing used in making the artwork MY TIME IS JUST AS VALUABLE, so I hope you’ll understand.

You have up to a 5 business day period to contact me about a refund after me showing you the final product. So it goes like this:

Payment > Work on Product > Client gets Product > Refund Request within 5 Days

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Alice Drake

I have read a couple of very nice theories on here the last few days.
There were three that stood out to me and I support and on which I’d like to base my little theorie (if one of them is yours, please, tell me so I can credit you)

1. Spencer has a twin
2. Mary is Spencer’s birth mother
3. There are triplets, based on the story about the two girls (Mary and Alice): Mary Drake, Jessica DiLaurentis, Alice Drake (AD)

Now for my thinking:

Spencer does indeed have a twin and Mary is their birth mother. Now, I don’t think there are triplets but I do think there is an Alice Drake.

Hear me out.

When Mary give birth to the twins (fathered by Peter Hastings), one stayed with Peter and received his last name and the other initially stayed with Mary and therefore received her last name, Drake. What happened to her in the course of her life, we don’t know but it can not be pretty.

This twin of Spencer’s is named Alice Drake and she is A.D., maybe even Uber A.

Her motive? ‘One was born jealous.’

The course of Alice’s life hasn’t been easy by far and she has grown jealous of Spencer, who has lead the perfect life according to her.

The ‘Spencer’ that Hanna saw, is Alice, A.D., the one who captured her and wants to know who killed Charlotte, her sister.
She sang 'Hush little baby’ to Hanna. Where would she have heard this before? Yes, she heard Mona sing it in the dollhouse. Hear this:

I think that Alice and Charlotte have been working together and built the dollhouse. Remember how the masked person in the dollhouse seemed familiar to Spencer? Yes indeed, I think this was Alice, Spencer’s twin.

Now for the question that arised to me and might arise to you about this theory and what I think is the answer:

- Who was Spencer texting 'how do you know she is still alive?
I don’t really know but I have two options:
1. She knows about Alice and texted her about Hannah. I that case she does know that Alice is A.D. (Spencer would definitely be able to put two and two together and realize that A.D. could be Alice Drake) but doesn’t tell the rest for some reason.
2. The text was NOT about Hannah being alive it was about ALICE. Spencer knows about her twin and is trying to find out whether SHE is still alive and therefore if she could possibly be A.D. Spencer’s friends don’t know about this possible twin and I think it is quite Spencer-like to not tell them until she knows everything for sure.

This theory isn’t complete by far but I just want to throw it out there and I will edit and repost whenever I come up with more.

Please, let me know what you think.

The Last Novelization: Chapter 1 Part 3

Finally got through this… With everything going on for me lately, I haven’t really been in the frame of mind to focus on translating for the past few days. Thanks to everyone who waited patiently.

This is also the section that contains the previously translated scene with Hinata and Hanabi… still not happy about that being reposted without crediting me. (Mentioning this because I don’t want anyone who saw the rip-off to mistakenly think it was the original post and that I’m the one stealing it or anything. This was my original post and someone else took my work and reposted it.) And with that obligatory disclaimer over…

Previous sections:

Prologue Chapter 1 Part 1 Chapter 1 Part 2

Next Section

Edit: Guidelines for using my translations. Please read before reproducing in whole or part

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anonymous asked:

why dont u wont your art reposted on anything other than tumblr? mind ofc that a lot of people would give credit and twitter/ etc brings a lot of attention to your blog/art ? not to be mean or anything! just wondering, bc i'd love to post them on mine with giving credit included

To be precise, I don’t want my art to be reposted anywhere - tumblr included. There’s this button you know…

it allows you to reblog posts.

Art reposted on other sites doesn’t bring a lot of attention to the creator’s blog. It brings a lot of attention to the reposter’s blog/site.
How do you think, who gets the notes, likes, comments, all the feedback? Well, guess what :) Not the author! (who in most cases have no idea someone took their art in the first place!)
You want to bring attention to someone’s blog/art? Share the link and write something nice about their creations. If it’s all about the artist then there’s no problem if their pretty drawings don’t appear on your site.
No picture - no example? Well, let’s think. If you’re very popular people will check the link to see who you reccomend, you’re famous, a trendsetter. If you’re not very popular then people who follow you must know you quite good and will trust your judgement, they’ll check the link.

Now you’re writing anonymously, I don’t know you! Even if I said yes, how am I supposed to know where you want to put my art, what you plan to do with it??? How am I supposed to keep the track of what’s happening with my drawings?? Have you linked me to your site and asked what drawing you want to put there??? I don’t think so.

You may say artists are stupid, why don’t they want the recognition, the fame, the glory??? Well… respect the fact the art is made by them, they did it, they were sitting in their dark room, googling their eyes and ignoring the wrist pain with determination to get that tiny line right at last. And even if it seems abnormal that they want to keep their art only on tumblr or deviantart, stop making them happy against their will! Artists are weird, just deal with it!

What else? Ah.. In my faq you can read:
Can I use your art as an icon/sidebar/theme element?
Yes but give credit! (also please don’t use the icon I am currently using :))

^ this is not about reposting my art!
^ I guess that’s clear.

Now, do people follow these instructions? Hell no! I can enter some blogs that have my dawing as an icon right now and I won’t find any ctredit if I turn their blogs inside out. Why? Because they don’t give a shit. They like the picture and nothing else matters.*

All these things, the fact that so many people take artists’ stuff without asking, without giving credit, (MY GOD!) editing it as they like without permission, make artists bitter and distrustful, suspicious and apprehensive. So don’t be surprised that if you send some artist an anonymous message saying: “Hey I love your art! Can I post it to my twitter?” the artist can say NO!


...soo back at it with the...

Gemini Coven Appreciation Week!

Dates: August 21 - 27, 2016

(edit: i’ve made a mistake earlier the week starts Sunday 21st and ends Saturday 27! it’s easier math My apologises!)

I’m sorry again I had to delay the event, I was just too stressed then to take care of it. Nevermind now cause I have free time/mind to do so :) So as I promised here it is! Thank you for your patience!


Day 1: History day: The Merge/The Siphoners/Prison World(s)
(Sunday, August 21)

First theory/meta day:
You can post your fanons for these three categories

Don’t forget to precise which one!

You can imagine the merges, the siphoners, the prison worlds at different eras, write about or illustrate their specifities etc!

Day 2: History day (bis):

The Gemini Coven & The Bennetts/ Relationship with other covens

(Monday, August 22)

Second Theory/Meta day: Focus on the relation between two lines of witches.
mainly the Gemini/the Bennetts. But if you’re inspired you can imagine the Gemini’s relationship with other covens too.


  • The origin of their alliance
  • Rival/Ennemies
  • The Bennetts and The Geminis over the centuries
  • Sheila Bennett relationship with the Geminis and her involvement in the coven

Note for these two history days: Writing posts is not an obligation. You can write complex meta, or something short and simple like a prompt, or create an edit etc, as you like!

!Bonkai can be included here!

Day 3: Organization of the Gemini Coven
(Tuesday, August 23)

We focus on the Gemini Coven in itself and in general.

What is the role of the leader? And how does the leadership works?
What are their rules, how do they earn money?
Do they have people like doctors, guards, teachers?
How do they raise and teach their children?
What are their rapports with other covens and how do they feel about supernatural creatures: vampire, werewolves, vampire hunters etc..?

The places they own, house, schools, their HQ etc

Day 4: Gemini!Magic
(Wednesday, August 24)

Witchy woo day!

It’s about everything involving cloacking spells, ascendents, and merge magic.
Also everything you can think about involving spells, gimoires and witchcraft, dark magic. Ps: think about the creepy cult vibe the covent

Day 5: The Parker Family
(Thursday, August 25)

We focus on the Parkers:  Joshua, his wife, Jo, Kai, Liv and Lucas and their dead siblings.


What was it like to grow up in this familly?
Who was the mysterious Mama Parker?
How was Joshua’s youth, how did he felt about his twin brother?

Day 6: Fanon Day
(Friday, August 26)

Write or illustrate what you wish would have happened in season 6, 7 and 8, including the Gemini Coven and The Parkers.

!Bonkai can be included here!

Day 7: Free!Gemini
(Saturday, August 27)

You have any other idea(s) that don’t fit in the other themes of the week? You missed a day? It’s ok post today!


The exemple in my suggestions are mainly here to make each themes understandable. They are just suggestions, you’re not “forced” to follow them ;)

However, if you have any questions or if you are not sure your idea fits in a theme, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Things you can do & participation:

  • Edits, gif-sets, edits, manips, drawings
  • Video, vines
  • Playlists, song post, song meta
  • Fanfics one shot, prompts, text post, meta, chat post
  • …and anything else you can think of!

Giving appreciation , writing comments and reactions on people posts is a big part of the appreciation week! Even if you don’t create artwork you can still participate this way. It’s important, people will be grateful and only add to the fun!

PS: i’m adding a ressource post

Some rules:

  • Don’t forget to write the day + themes in your post
  • The hashtag for tumblr and twitter is  #GCAW2016
  • /!\ Condition to tag the bonkaistanclub tumblr: the artwork must be yours and it must include Kai and/or Bonnie. If it doesn’t not, do not tag them. Their hashtag is #bonkaistanclub
  • If you do post on twitter and tag people in your tweets please stay respectful? & I know we are all really disappointed with what they did with this amazing plotline, and characters but I just want to keep this positive and give the Geminis the appreciation and hommage they deserve. We should have fun!  You can tag the actors and the genius writers of the Gemini and Kai episodes on twitter to show them your appreciation.
  • You can repost your older creations if it fits in the themes. (but please don’t reblog them)
  • Post your creations. If you post creations that aren’t yours ask permission and/or credit the original maker properly.
  • No obligations to participate everyday. This isn’t a contest either so no pressure ;)
  • Have fun!! reblog, comment, appreciate! Get Gemini Coven Wasted!

If you have any questions send me a message in my askbox!

also important: please tag people you know would be interested in participating!

As we say in french they more fools we are, the happier we get :D

Special thanks to @malachaibennett and @bonkai-kingdom how helped me with my preparation and who were so enthusiast :)

Tagging everyone i can think of (sorry to everyone i forget!!)

@bonkaiqueen @writeturnlove@whybonkai   @pikitanita @ohkaiparker @oh-bonkai @newasskid @likeouch @vampirefairyestelle @little-regina-blue @liamstilinskii  @wasabicakes  @hanifah97 @thewitchandlonerdiaries @darkbonkai  @humbu-bumbu @leianaberrie  @multifandombooklove @live-love-bonkai @jordanjanellejoy @chantelmarie4k @leilanistar @megasaurusify @allison221b @fiftyshadesofchriswood @simplylyan  @iamnottomriddle @iamtalkingrightnow  (Lian!) @donebars  @our-fallen-machine @holymalachai  @fuckitimfangirling @parkerwitchbitch@tjbinx @albion19

@l0nd0ninnit @unicornsince88 @iddieforkai (my girls from bkficandlyrics!)

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