so if you edit them and repost please just give me credit

I’ve…i’ve just started blocking people who repost edited art


that’s not ok

you didn’t ask and you certainly dIDN’T CREDIT THEM LMAO??




and please don’t give me that “But I put credits to owner” or “I gave a link back to the original artist”

Because that doesn’t mean?? Jack shit??

You didn’t ask Permission

You didn’t credit properly if they did give you the go ahead

I’ve seen a lot of artists just..quit fandom because the fans are so goddamn shitty

or just stop arting altogether

if you really wanna’ use shit


and if they tell you “NO”, but on your big adult boots, suck it up, and respect their decision.



“You can break my soul, take my life away, beat me, hurt me, kill me, but for the sake of lord..don’t ever touch him”// taegi. 

I’ve already seen a taegi set pic like this but i decide to do another one in my way with gifs so it’s not completely my idea. I’m not the owner of the gifs, i just edit them so please if you’re the owner contact me, i’m already sorry for use them without permission. 

If you repost please give credit. 


This is sweet but not really, no

AGAIN, this kind of pages are massively followed but none of these pieces of art are credited. Mine, as you can see, has 637 likes and 2 comments. I never gave them permission, I never received a message asking if they could repost my art. No credit whatsoever in the description, either on the Instagram or Tumblr page. I’m a bit tired of this. Thought about messaging them but they wouldn’t suddenly be editing it all and giving credit where it’s due so I must appeal to all of you to, at least, warn other artists and ask how they feel about this. And maybe contact Tumblr/Instagram support if need be. Some artists did post their credits on the image, but some, like me, did not think that it would come to this… sigh.

Please share this and show them that it’s not at all okay to just repost stuff without authorization and even less without credit!! These pieces all took an incredible amount of time to be made and NEED TO BE RESPECTED. 

Pages I’m talking about: HERE and HERE

Please share this, this is just SHAMEFUL and outright PLAGIARISM.