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Favourite Musical Theatre Character Portrayals: 
Laura Osnes as Bonnie Parker in B o n n i e  a n d  C l y d e

“Bonnie has to be up there because that was the first role that I created for the first time and I feel like that role was my baby. The role started to be created around me and who I was and what I was bringing to the role and I was a part of it for three years, with two out-of-town runs before coming to Broadway. I have this tremendous sense of ownership over it, which is so special and I’ve never felt that for any other show or any other role.”


musical theatre female character meme ♀ a female antagonist in a musical

mrs. lovett // sweeney todd

“Oh, Mr. Todd, I’m so happy! I could eat you up, I really could!
You know what I’d like to do Mr. Todd?
What I dream, if the business stays as good?
Where I’d really like to go, in a year or so?
Don’t you wanna know?" 


The Light in the Piazza


2/10 lyrics: 
At twenty-one, a girl begins
to grasp the world and how it spins.
She grabs a box of safety pins
and builds herself a home.


I adore performing as Francesca
The thing is I try to do very different things, so it’s like apples and oranges trying to pick my favorite thing. Like, I loved doing The Pajama Game with Harry Connick, Jr. because it was so much fun. But then, I also loved doing The Light in the Piazza because I felt like I was a part of something really brand new and really beautiful. And then South Pacific is one of those epic things that you know will never happen again, one of those artistically rich things. So I don’t know what my favorite show is.  Definitely my favorite role so far has been Francesca in The Bridges of Madison County. Otherwise, I don’t pick a favorite.


1/1 thing you love most about bridges: the fact that Jason Robert Brown wrote a musical for Kelli O'Hara
“Jason Robert Brown promised to write something for me, which is difficult, because I want to sing operatically sometimes, but I’m still a musical-theater person. Somehow, he found those two worlds and gave me this voice that still goes along with the earthy tones of the other actors in this musical. It’s as if he created magic. It just flows out of me like something I was meant to sing.” [x]