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And to add to what i said since this is also inevitably a discussion about racism in general among fandoms: mlmoc are generally fetishized far worse than their white counter parts are, and frankly while I'm not in the fandom since I don't want to touch the trash fire after having read the books, a good chunk of love I see Magnus getting often has racist undertones as if he's inherently more sexual by virtue of being a man of color

I agree that fetishism of mlmoc is a huge problem, I regularly block and report white supremacist  raceplay porn blogs on this site that fetishize and dehumanize Asian mlm in interracial relationships. And it’s definitely happening in fandom spaces too, to some extent…

But, tbh, when it comes to fandom, more often than anything, I see mlmoc characters either being ignored altogether or being blatantly erased from their own narrative. 

For example, True Blood had Lafayette Reynolds, but the [general] fandom mostly had seen him as “sassy” and funny character and most of the fandoms love and shipping was given to white characters. It’s really hard to find any Lafayette/Jesus edits in tags, even though the fandom used to be relatively big on tumblr. Oliver Hampton from HTGWM has a significant fandom, but, from what I can see, fandom mainly gushes about his white boyfriend. Lito/Hernando from Sense8 are not even the most popular ship in their own fandom, and they are certainly not nearly as popular on this site [in fandom tags] as those white mlm couples from Skam, or Eyewitness, or Class, or even any other popular fanon!white!slash couple for that matter. Noah’s Arc, a US TV show, had two seasons and a movie, but it barely ever gets any recognition, unlike similar shows centering LGBT characters like Looking, both versions of QaF, Please Like Me or more obscure shows like Swedish miniseries Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves. It took me ages to find edits for Noah’s Arc for NAFR’s queue, but I had no such problem when I checked DEWTWG’s tags. Cucumber/Banana series had two gay Black characters in the main cast. The fandom never cared about any of the two - all the love and shipping in the fandom was given to the white gay characters. (No shade on all of the mentionedabove shows, which are great shows, but I’m just pointing out double standards here – fandom cares about white GBTQ men, GBTQ men of color – not so much).

When we’re talking about mlm fetishism we’re talking about straight women who are obsessed with imagining and seeing men in sexual/romantic situations. And the fact is that the most popular fanon slash and canon mlm couples are white.

You’re saying that

mlmoc are generally fetishized far worse than their white counter parts are

but in order to be fetishized “more than white mlm” mlmoc need to at least be as much as popular in fandom? Or I’m missing something here? Do you have some examples of this? I admit that maybe I’m not seeing the whole picture here?

As for  

a good chunk of love I see Magnus getting often has racist undertones as if he’s inherently more sexual by virtue of being a man of color

I’m not quite sure what to say to this, because I am in the Shadowhunters fandom, and I’ve been tracking Magnus and Harry’s tags for two years now, and sure, I’ve seen a couple of fetishists in tags like that one gross Cas-something-something person, but I usually block them on sight. Other than that I don’t see how Harry/Magnus fandom is different from any fandom that centers a popular male character / actor. Quite frankly, D@ddario’s fandom is more sexualized, from what I can see. I regularly see gushings over Matt’s hairy chest in Magnus/Harry’s tags, and as a rule, those gushings have zero relation to Magnus/Harry whatsoever.

Does Magnus/Harry’s fandom sees him as sexually appealing? Of course. Harry is a handsome man. Not to mention that a good chunk of the people in his fandom (on this site at least) are fans of color, LGBT fans of color. Also worth noting that Harry isn’t just a “PoC”, he’s an Asian man. And Asian men have traditionally been desexualized in Western society / Western media. Recognizing that Harry/Magnus is handsome (the same way as any mediocre white guy gets his recognition and love from fandom) isn’t racist.

Then again, maybe I’m not seeing something? Do you have examples of this “racist love” that Magnus is getting?

Eta: followers pointed out that both Lito and Hernando are white, so I take back that example, but other than that the point still stands.


Favourite Musical Theatre Character Portrayals: 
Laura Osnes as Bonnie Parker in B o n n i e  a n d  C l y d e

“Bonnie has to be up there because that was the first role that I created for the first time and I feel like that role was my baby. The role started to be created around me and who I was and what I was bringing to the role and I was a part of it for three years, with two out-of-town runs before coming to Broadway. I have this tremendous sense of ownership over it, which is so special and I’ve never felt that for any other show or any other role.”


The Light in the Piazza


2/10 lyrics: 
At twenty-one, a girl begins
to grasp the world and how it spins.
She grabs a box of safety pins
and builds herself a home.


Favourite Musical Theatre Character Portrayals:
Kelli O'Hara as Julie Jordan in C a r o u s e l 

“It’s like the soundtrack of my childhood, so I guess I try to bring that closeness and joy into the roles. I love them. The Carousel overture has always been one of my all-time favorite pieces of music. So standing just off-stage listening to the NY Philharmonic play it might just be my favorite [moment in the show]. But the bench scene would be a close second.”


2(i)/8 cast moments: kelli & steve’s ask a star interview
“I would fall in… you know… I would have an affair with Francesca Johnson. Maybe not the way she looks, but whatever.”
“She’s pretty hot; Francesca Johnson.”
“Well I’m glad you think so.”