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Bakugou being tied up and muzzled on the podium is no laughing matter

I already wrote about that part in my post on his and Amajiki’s mental health issues some weeks ago. I knew it was gonna happen when the episode would come out, but really, don’t treat this scene as a funny one. It’s not something to make fun of. Bakugou is emotionally unstable, and has mental health issues that need to be taken care of. But it doesn’t make him an animal or a dangerous evil being that should be restrained and publicly humiliated like that. He’s a 15 years old boy dealing with complexes and anxiety, therefore making his behavior violent. What he needs, especially as a teen, is mental care, not being mocked and humiliated as a punishment. This moment will have consequences later, and I thank Hori for that. 

It’s not a funny moment. He’s dehumanized, treated as less than human in front of the whole society, and nobody say a thing. Even All Might just stay here and thinks Bakugou’s face is quite something, forcing the medal on him. And that’s a problem, both in the manga and in our reality. The trope of people being too emotional and angry to be rational, talked to and treated with care unfortunately participates in domestic abuse, and a lot of systemic oppression, mostly against mentally ill people and women (especially black women). Look at how Best Jeanist treats him later. 

Is that how you treat a kid you’re responsible of? Bakugou respects Best Jeanist; he doesn’t flare up and shout at him even if the man is being very rude and harsh against him. But because he saw how Bakugou behaved and was treated at UA sports festival, Best Jeanist made assumptions on him and didn’t even wait to meet and talk to him. He nominated him just because he wanted to ‘reform’ him. As adults, people of UA and Best Jeanist failed to take care of Bakugou.  Aizawa recognized it, and apologized later.

And this is no laughing matter. It will have consequences later, as Hori makes sure to show it, both metaphorically and literally with this notion of ‘being shackled by people and society’.

So, please consider it’s wrong that this situation is perceived as funny and unavoidable when he’s only a 15 years old kid. Bakugou angrily brushing his teeth after oversleeping is funny (kinda, he’s still frustrated after all). Bakugou being dehumanized and demonized by everyone, especially responsible adults who should handle the situation with care, is not.

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hi! i have a request. how would the chocobros react to their s/o crying because they love them so much. like they're just chilling and their s/o has a "oh my god i love them so much and i can't believe their mine" moment and starts crying

Noctis: Oh god this child is now broken. He thinks that he did something wrong. He starts awkwardly apologizing like. “I’m sorry for whatever I did just, please stop crying?” Once he hears the reasons behind it though, he’ll melt a little on the inside. He’d wipe away their tears and bring them in for a snuggle and never let them go.

Prompto: Child is also broken. He sees tears and automatically thinks the worst. If anything he’s gonna start crying cause his s/o is crying. So eventually they’re both a crying mess. It’d end up being his s/o’s job to calm the crying child with all the love that ended up making them cry in the first place. Give him love he’s precious boy.

Ignis: Still a suave motherfucker. While the tears would be shocking at first, he’d quickly pull out a handkerchief and wipe away their tears. He’d sit down with them and try to get an understanding to see if something made them upset. That night he make their favorite dinner, no questions asked.

Gladio: Once this man sees tears, you bet your ass his s/o is gonna be lifted up and hugged. Doesn’t matter the reason, good or bad. If he can comfort his s/o with giant bear hugs, he’s gonna do it. His s/o is gonna get a big cuddle bear for like the rest of the week.

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Kageyama (Haikyuu!!), Haru (Free!), Furuya (DnA), and Imaizumi (YnP) getting switched around because they look so alike. Furuya is taken to Iwatobi Imaizumi is taken to Seidou Haru is at Karasuno And Kageyama is at Sohoku Everyone is so confused because they're so different from their normal selves, and it ends with the captains all apologizing profusely to each other and scolding whoever brought the wrong guy. (Obviously it'll be Sawamura, Hinata, Nagisa, and Oonoda's mistake) ~Psyche


Those little devils tho. Imagine Sawamura, Hinata, Nagisa and Onoda chuckling devilishly at their little prank. I’d bet they’d be in for the greatest scare of their lives once divine punishment befalls upon them. 

But damn these four sports nerds (Kageyama, Haru, Furuya and Imaizumi) resemble each other so much, no one would probably know they were switched until they started to act strangely during practice. 

Kageyama: (at Sohoku) *points at bicycle* …so how do i ride this thing? and where does the ball come in? are you seriously telling me this sport doesn’t use a ball? such a sport exists?

Haru: (at Karasuno) *strips* *breathes deeply* *closes eyes* I sense a pool 250 meters from here.

Imaizumi: (at Seidou) So I only need to run as fast as my feet can carry me to steal bases? Well, that’s not so different from cycling as fast as my feet could pedal. I’m in. 

Furuya: (at Iwatobi) *floats lethargically about in the pool* Ahh~ paradise!

(Art by @z-hard​)

But well, what do you know? Looks like someone has recently joined the pack.

Fujiwara Takeru or otherwise known as Haru’s “estranged” cousin according to this headcanon.

Submission is open! Send in your sports anime crossover incorrect quotes and headcanons.

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It's hard not to ship 2jae... The way jaebum looks at him w so much fondness.... Like the sun shines out of youngjae's ass (it does he's not wrong) it's just so sweet and nice he's always looking out for youngjae what a sap. I think youngjae is less open about affection but he seems to soften up around jaebum a lot as well, they're just so sweet and gross I love 2jae I love you for talking about 2jae

My lovely anon,

I adore you for sending me this message about 2jae and giving me an opportunity to commandeer your ask to talk about them more! I would apologize… but I’m really only regretful that it’s taken me so long to write this reply!

The way Jaebum looks at Youngjae so fondly is honestly almost too much. I mean, really. For how much they tend to try to keep their close relationship fairly quiet, you would think Jaebum would have better control of these heart eyes. But I will honestly never be over how intently and adoringly he watches whenever Youngjae does… well, anything really! Because of how obvious Jaebum’s love and affection for Youngjae is, I find that it’s really the main thing that gets talked about regarding 2jae. But it makes me really happy that you also bring up Youngjae’s side of things in your message, my lovely anon, and I do hope you don’t mind if I take the chance to talk about my feelings on this~

I think it’s true that we do see less obvious affection from Youngjae, but rather than implying that he cares less than Jaebum like it could be interpreted by some I think it just shows the ways in which they’re different from each other. Jaebum has implied through his lyrics that he “can’t hide” his feelings from his face, but Youngjae is much more prone to keeping his thoughts and problems to himself. In an interview he actually stated that he’s the type to hide his feelings even if he likes someone. ( x ) Which leads to my opinion that Youngjae’s very shyness about expressing his affection implies how much he really cares about Jaebum and how real and strong his feelings probably are!

Since he prefers to hide his emotions, it makes sense why he would be hesitant to be affectionate directly in front of an audience or cameras. Of course, there are exceptions like when Youngjae was clinging to Jaebum during their Fly win stage, but he was also the first to pull away when Jaebum crossed over to hold his hand.

(GIF by demfluffycheeks)

Yet, when I watch the moment, the way Youngjae lets go looks almost reluctant, like he wants to keep holding Jaebum’s hand, but he’s too conscious of the cameras and all the people. I think he wants to show his affection, but he’s too shy and nervous about it. I think it’s important to note though, that the times he gets stressed or emotional, he tends to turn to Jaebum for physical comfort, like when he got pranked

and then in the GOT7ing episode where he was actually begging Jaebum to hug and hold him while he was blindfolded. And also couldn’t see all the cameras… significant??

Another instance of Youngjae initiating affectionate skinship with Jaebum happened when they were at an airport and Youngjae seemed to be unaware of or too tired to care about the camera that was filming them, and started trying to cling onto Jaebum and Jaebum was the one to put some space between them.

And, for me, moments like that and this and the fact that they used to sleep while cuddling suggest that it’s only really in public that Youngjae is timid about skinship with Jaebum!

I think Youngjae is more comfortable with expressing his affection and also accepting Jaebum’s affection when it’s in the form of playing together. They’ve always had a very playful and flirtatious teasing relationship ( x x x x x x x ), and I think that playful connection is still very central to their relationship now! ( x x x x x ) In these instances, I want to point out not only how they make each other laugh, but also the way they turn to each other so deliberately, even if the action is intended to be for the fans!

But, in some ways, I think Youngjae’s affection for Jaebum is almost the most visible when he isn’t there. ( x x x x )

I think missing and worrying about the person he cares for is what makes him less concerned about whether he’s revealing his feelings by acting too open or “obvious”.

I feel as if I’ve done a terrible job of actually conveying what I want to say in this monstrous mess, and I have so much more I could talk about… but this is already getting much too long! I just really wanted to take some time to appreciate Youngjae’s affection for Jaebum, shown in his own way! Even though he tends to be less open about affection and more reserved about his feelings, he still genuinely cares, and the fact that he’s so much more shy about interacting with Jaebum than with most of the other members (even though we know that 2jae are close) makes me think that it’s all an effort to hide really strong emotions, romantic or not. Though, honestly, I struggle to see why he would try so hard to hide his love for Jaebum if it was just platonic… While he may not cling to Jaebum, and he’s more likely to avoid skinship than seek it out, Youngjae does still show affection for Jaebum in a lot of different ways, and I think it’s just as important to acknowledge in any conversation about 2jae!

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How can anyone teach rcdart what they're doing is wrong when they've been shown to block any and all criticisms that don't pat their ass while doing so (the only reason the apology was published because it was a nice ask)? People have been criticising Rory for MONTHS and their only response was passive aggressive tweets on twitter like "steve is so trans and gay and i'll make his tits as big as I want" and "ugh how dare people call me transphobic"

The signs when someone is upset with them
  • aries- if you're important they'll admit they're in the wrong if not they're not even gonna bat an eye when you're all choked up
  • taurus- will accept your amends/or make amends because they're not use to people actually being upset with them for long and don't care for stretched out tension
  • gemini- will be upset right back at you and twist the situation so they're somehow the victim
  • cancer- will apologize wholeheartedly and try to pick up things where you left off and say little compliments so their in your favor once again
  • leo- their apologies are stuck in their throat and they have no idea how to approach the situation without having a little trouble keeping their emotions in check
  • virgo- bruh they totally oblivious do they even know you're upset even though you spelled it out for them tho..?
  • libra- they'll feel kinda bad and might apologize but also might totally ignore the situation and just be lost in their thoughts reflecting
  • scorpio- thinks it's prob your fault youre upset with them so their internal response is like oh well...cry about it..
  • sagittarius- won't know what to do at first eventually start acting as if everything's normal and there is no bad blood at all
  • capricorn-will admit they're in the wrong and handle the situation as it needs to be
  • aquarius- their attitude will read as "not my problem so I don't care"
  • pisces- they'll get a bit upset and feel emotional and internally question everything
  • Cole: You don't need to envy me, Solas. You can find happiness in your own way.
  • Solas: I apologize for disturbing you, Cole. I am not a spirit, and sometimes it is hard to remember such simple truths.
  • Cole: They're not gone so long as you remember them.
  • Solas: I know.
  • Cole: ...But you could let them go.
  • Solas: I know that as well.
  • Cole: You didn't do it to be right. You did it to save them.
  • Inquisitor: Solas, what is Cole talking about?
  • Solas: A mistake. One of many made by a much younger elf who was certain he knew everything.
  • Cole: You weren't wrong though.
  • Solas: Thank you, Cole.

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So um prompt 5 year old Anna and 8 year old Elsa They're aunt is visiting the castle and they're aunt doesn't like little Elsa Elsa's always friendly then the aunt glares at her and huffs then leaves while she loves Anna while she's here Elsa over hears her aunt saying she's strange and there is something wrong with her and more evil things then Elsa goes back and Anna hears her sister crying and sniffing then she cheers her up

Thanks for the prompt nonnie! I know it’s a little late but I hope it’s what you were looking for XD I didn’t edit because I am sleepy so I apologize for any spelling mistakes. I will read it over again tomorrow. Enjoy!

Elsa had never really enjoyed her aunt Sophia’s visits. For one she was never very nice, no matter what Elsa did the woman never smiled at her, and she was always trying to tell her what to do. 

“Sit up straight.”

“Princesses don’t climb trees.”

“Do not laugh at the dinner table, it’s unlady like.”

Mama and papa never told her to stop, but they always said nice things about Elsa to her, and they always gave Elsa extra dessert and kisses if she was polite. It helped that the woman didn’t travel to see her brother and his wife very often.

Elsa had even tried impressing her aunt with her magic. Papa had warned her that aunt Sophia might not like it, but everyone liked watching Elsa play with her magic. The second she let the snowflakes burst from her palm, the woman had made a sound like a cat getting its tail stepped on and told her to stop it. Elsa never used her magic in front of her aunt ever again, even when Anna asked her to.

Nothing was good enough for aunt Sophia when it came to Elsa, but Anna, Anna was her favourite.

Every time she came to Arendelle, she would fawn over her youngest niece, telling her how pretty she was and bringing her the best presents. One time she gave Anna a beautiful hand-painted china doll, and all she brought for Elsa was a new pair of stockings, that didn’t even fit.

Elsa had been mad at first, trying not to cry because she was seven and a half years old now, which meant she was big girl, and big girls didn’t cry when their aunts were mean. But right after, Anna had run over to her big sister, showing her the new doll before grabbing her hand and pulling her to their room so they could play together. She didn’t even say thank you. It had taken all of Elsa’s will power not to stick out her tongue at the woman, Anna still liked her the best.

And then the accident happened.

Elsa had secretly hoped that aunt Sophia wouldn’t want to come back, if she didn’t like Elsa before she was bound to like her even less now. No such luck.

She spent most of her aunt’s trip hiding in her room. Even though it had been a year since Elsa had last seen the miserable woman, Elsa just didn’t think she could handle her aunt’s criticism and the overwhelming guilt that choked her whenever she caught sight of Anna’s white strand of hair. However, Elsa was forced to leave the security of her bedroom when papa told her she was expected to join them for dinner.

Aunt Sophia didn’t respond when Elsa greeted her, – even when she curtseyed like her tutor had taught - instead she simply glaring at Elsa down her long nose. The girl hadn’t really cared, she was just happy her aunt hadn’t yelled at her. 

Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as Elsa had thought it would be. Elsa sat quietly in her seat at the table and for the most apart everyone left her alone, all content to listen to Anna ramble about her day. Elsa had been thinking about what book she was going to read that night when Anna asked aunt Sophia if she liked her new hair style.

Instantly, the entire atmosphere of the room turned tense and everyone froze. Elsa felt tears prickle behind her eyes and suddenly she didn’t feel well. Elsa had to fight the urge to run away, but she knew it would make her parents upset with her, so instead she hunched her shoulders and began playing with the material of her gloves.

Aunt Sophia was the first to break the silence.

“Agdar, have you given any more thought to the letter I wrote you last month?”

Elsa didn’t see the shadow that slipped over her father’s face at his sister’s question or the way her mother tightened her grip on her cutlery, but Anna did. Goosebumps rose on her arms and she suddenly wish she’d worn something warmer.

Anna looked from her aunt, to her papa, back to her aunt again. What did a letter have to do with her hair? Why did her parents look so angry? And why was Elsa acting like she was in trouble?

“My answer remains the same, Sophia.” His tone was abrupt and left no room for argument.

The woman pursed her lips and she sighed. “Be reasonable, Agdar. I know you think keeping her among normal people is acceptable but I don’t think you have completely thought this through. This is dangerous and when people get wind of what is going on here in the castle, there will be a mob at your gate. No one will accept this, especially if you insist on allowing- ”


Anna jumped when papa slammed his hand on the table. He looked really angry now and mama looked like she did when Anna had fallen off her pony – scared but worse. The screech of chair legs against the floor was the only warning they had before Elsa tore out of the room mumbling something to herself over and over again.

“You forget yourself, Sophia, and I will hear no more of this!” Papa roared.

“Anna honey, go to your room.” Anna blinked at her mother for a few moments before jumping down from her chair and following Elsa out of the room.

Utterly confused and a little frightened by her father’s outburst, Anna made her way to her bedroom, even though it wasn’t even dark out yet. Had she said something wrong?

She was still trying to figure what was going on when she walked past Elsa’s door, but quickly turned around. Maybe Elsa would know.

Anna raised her hand to knock but stopped before her fist could make contact. She could hear something coming from the other side of the wood, and eager to find out what it was, pressed her ear to the keyhole.

It sounded like… crying. Elsa was crying! Anna sprinted to her bedroom.

Elsa pressed her face deeper into her pillow - not caring that she was probably leaving tear and snot stains in the fabric. It hurt, it hurt so much. It felt like someone was squeezing her chest until it hard even to breath.

‘Among normal people.’


‘Mob at the gate.’

Without looking, Elsa knew that her powers were upset too. She could feel the snowflakes in her hair and the blankets beneath her had become stiff.

It wasn’t until an hour later that Elsa calmed enough to sit up, eyes puffy and cheeks coated with frozen tears. Looking around, Elsa sighed heavily at the sight of her frost-covered bed, though she was relieved to see it had stopped snowing. Peeking over the edge of her bed to see if the ice had made it to the carpets Elsa caught sight of something near the bottom of her door.

She was surprised to find it was a piece of paper with her name on it. Picking it up, Elsa realized it was a drawing of a very ugly woman in a cage and two girls – one, a blonde with tears on her face and the other, a frowning redhead – that looked like they might be hugging next to it. Elsa giggled when she realized that the ugly woman was her aunt, recognizing her by the bright red spectacles drawn on her face. At the bottom of the page, in crude writing, was the name, Anna.

The ache in her chest disappeared as Elsa stared down at the drawing and to her surprise, when she turned back around, the room had thawed.


That’s how angel Dae apologies (✿◠‿◠)

I guess he said something wrong accidently^^ 

And Jiyong in background “It’s ok, It’s ok”^^

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Okay, enough lurking from me... I love your muffins so much! I'm writing a lot of kidfic these days and they're a constant source of inspiration. (The little muffins in nug costumes reminded me of my Ursula and Cordula, I'm hopeless). And Sera and Dagna with a muffin of their own... oh, yes, more of this, by all means.

I can’t help myself when it comes to muffins, so I’m more than happy to oblige. ♥️ 

((And I’d like to say here that your kidfic is gorgeous, and I love it.))

"The Craft" Sentence Starters
  • Edited for the convenience of memes. TRIGGER WARNING FOR SUICIDE, SELF HARM.
  • "We are the weirdos."
  • "Now is the time. This is the hour. Ours is the magic. Ours is the power."
  • "I was just wondering; do you still have any powers?"
  • "So, if you ever just want to hang out and chant or call the corners..."
  • "Hold your breath until I call."
  • "Be careful. You don't want to end up like her."
  • "Did you tell your friends?"
  • "Did you tell your friends that you're a lying sack of shit?"
  • "What's wrong with your scars?"
  • "It isn't real."
  • "Then why are you still bleeding?"
  • "Run! Run to your up room like a little coward you are."
  • "She's so pathetic!"
  • "I wanna apologize for those guys in French. They're assholes."
  • "Yeah well, you know what they say. You are who you hang with."
  • "Yeah right... wait, did you just call me an asshole?"
  • "Sorry, my defenses are up."
  • "People here have been really rude to me."
  • "You don't even exist to me!"
  • "Do you understand what I'm saying?"
  • "By the power of three times three, make them see, make them see."
  • "What's wrong with her?"
  • "She doesn't want to be white trash anymore. I told her, 'You're white honey! Just get over it.' "
  • "You know, in the old days, if a witch betrayed her coven, they would kill her."
  • "I drink of my sisters."
  • "You know, if I were as pathetic as you are, I would have killed myself ages ago. You should get on with it."
  • "No one can help me."
  • "All these songs are by Connie Francis."
  • "Since I was a little girl all I've wanted in life was a jukebox that played nothing but Connie Francis records."
  • "Who's Connie Francis? Honey, listen and learn! Connie Francis!"
  • "Relax... it's only magic."
  • "Now who's pathetic?"
  • "Sorry, I thought I saw a bug. They have shampoo for that, you know."
  • "You look like you need to talk to somebody anyway."
  • "What's going on? Why aren't you dead?"
  • "He comes on to anything with tits."
  • "I'm not watching him."
  • "I speak from personal experience."
  • "He was just trying to save-face because he's going around the whole school saying that you were the "lousiest lay he's EVER had" and coming from him that's pretty bad."
  • "The almanac says today will bring an arrival or something."
  • "We don't need a fourth."
  • "I love a woman in uniform!"
  • "I guess this confirms she's not a natural blonde."
  • "If she leaves you alone, nothing will happen to her."
  • "Sorry, my pedicure ran late."
  • "It just felt really nice to belong."
  • "I disagreed with them once and they turned their backs on me. That's not friendship."
  • "You have a tremendous light inside you... more so than anyone I've ever known. You must not be afraid."
  • "I can't control it. I always end up hurting someone."
  • "So does stuff like tonight happen to you a lot?"
  • "I'll want it just to be quiet and I'll wish for it and wish for it, and I'll go deaf for three days straight."
  • "Guys, concentrate or it's not gonna work."
  • "I think I sprained my finger."
  • "Light as a feather, stiff as a board."
  • "Shut up or you're gonna fall!"
  • "How do I get down? Whose got the instructions?"
  • "I know you think we're getting what we want now, but it's going to come back to us, threefold."
  • "Stop trying to win them over, because it won't work."
  • "I'm not trying to win them over, you're paranoid."
  • "Why does it always have to be that way with you?"
  • "Because that's the way it is!"
  • "All I'm saying is, I think you should think."
  • "Hey, you know, I was thinking we should move in together."
  • "I don't think I'm ready for that level of commitment."
  • "I can't stop thinking about you."
  • "I can't eat, I can't sleep."
  • "I think I love you."
  • "I've never loved anyone before... well, except for my mom and this little puppy I had when I was little..."
  • "Why are you doing this to me? Do you think you're funny?"
  • "She's gonna cry, then I'm gonna cry, and we're all gonna cry!"
  • "You're not like your friends."
  • "You know I've never read anything about this stuff before. I mean, I don't follow it."
  • "He's gone completely crazy."
  • "Hey, I like your butt. Do you want to have dinner?"
  • "There is no undoing; it must run it's course."
  • "You should let him suffer."
  • "It's not for you to judge suffering."
  • "True magic is neither black, nor white - it's both because nature is both. Loving and cruel, all at the same time."
  • "The only good or bad is in the heart of the witch. Life keeps a balance on its own."
  • "You can defeat those who challenge you, but you must surrender yourself to the higher power."
  • "You must invoke the spirit."
  • "Oh, did I frighten you? I'm sorry."

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About Pearl/fandom. One of the differences between su and cartoons from when I was a kid is in my day when a protagonist behaved wrongly there would always be a scene at the end where they would sorta summarize what they did wrong and usually apologize for it so that the kids watching at home got that they're still a good person who made a mistake. I'm glad su doesn't patronize it's audience like that but sometimes I think that some characters nuances goes over some peoples heads as a result.

yes, this is true and its kind of what I was talking about the other day. In a lot of older shows (especially those that have black and white morality) the stories are self contained and rarely was there significant character development between episodes (most shows returned to the status quo by the end, so you could pick up the show at any episode and it largely didn’t matter - you cannot do this with SU). Whenever a problem came up it was introduced just in that episode (it might be based on behavior the character already exhibits, but since there’s little carry-over between episodes its generally not anything significant) and it was always resolved within that episode. As you said, it would end with them being told they’re wrong (or, usually, karmic punishment of some kind) and an apology. The entire incident would be wrapped up within one episode, as if our mistakes and habits could ever be resolved in such a short amount of time.

There’s nothing wrong with that kind of storytelling, its good for moral lessons, but its the opposite of natural story/character progression where characters have long arc and significant development, so they’re a different person if you’re watching a season 1 episode vs a season 4 episode (for a good reason, rather than oversimplification and flanderization). But the simplified storytelling does tend to be more immediately satisfying, since when a character does bad they get their comeuppance right away, they’re punished for it and correct right then and there and the problem immediately goes away. Nice but unrealistic. I still believe that, once the series is over, the ‘long way’ character development they’re doing, where it takes many many episodes to solve character’s problems, will be much more satisfying. It can just be frustrating the first time through since we don’t know how it will end and we’re so used to stories that wrap up big character problems within the span of a single episode

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My biggest pet peev is when a customer is super rude and aggressive with you about something, and then you prove them wrong and they're just like "Oh..well anyway" . No apology? No "sorry I was wrong"? They just act like nothing happened, who raised you? How did you get so old and never learned basic manners? My mother taught me to apologize when I made mistakes, before I was old enough to go to kindergarten ugh

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i don't understand half of these people?? if they're not saying "you and saeran should fuck lol" they're telling saeran to kill himself like he doesn't already have his own head telling him that or they're wishing ill fortune on everyone. it's your life to do what you want so i feel obligated to apologize on the behalf of humanity. it won't ever stop because that's fucking the human condition, but i apologize nonetheless.

Thank you, but your apology isn’t necessary since you’ve, presumably, done nothing wrong. You have no blame to be forgiven of.

@556e6b You didn’t tell me about this. How many messages like that did you get while I was gone?

I don’t understand why certain people have such a problem with Aubrey getting to do Booth’s job after Booth QUIT his job at the FBI. I can concede that maybe in real life, Aubrey wouldn’t get to do that because apparently he was just a junior agent and there’d be other agents who’d want the job. BUT BONES IS NOT A REALITY SHOW NOR A DOCUMENTARY. If they can move the DC monuments to create nicer shots and have DNA results done in a few minutes and so many other things that are not true to real life, why can’t they have Aubrey do this? 

Don’t even tell me, he’s too young for it, when the show started, Brennan was already at the top of her field, and she was only approximately 28 years old.

Aubrey being able to take over Booth’s position has nothing to do with Booth’s incompetence or the show telling us he’s replaceable and all the other stupid stuff people say. What it tells us is that Aubrey and Booth have different goals. What it tells us is that Booth is happy where he is. We’ve heard a few times that Booth avoids promotion and Jared even said that his brother is very competent, but “ he doesn’t like to be visible above the ridgeline”. And we know that’s true.

You know what Aubrey wants? He wants to have a career at much higher places, that much is evident and he said so very early on in S10. So clearly, if he wants to accomplish something outside of the FBI, he has to start young and he has to try harder and do everything in his power to move up the ladder quickly. 

Booth is extremely good at what he does, but he does that within the limit of wanting to stay in the FBI and being a field agent, solving murders and helping people. Aubrey is good at that, and I think he loves being a field agent too, but he doesn’t want to stay there and do this for the rest of his life. Booth does. He wants to keep being an FBI agent in the field, so there’s no overachieving and ambitions for something better. “BECAUSE IN MY BOOK, THERE IS NOTHING BETTER.” (I’m not saying Booth has no ambitions, but he certainly isn’t trying to get anywhere else, he’s happy where he is - I mean normally, when he’s an agent and not teaching at Quantico). It makes sense to me, that without Booth, Aubrey would do anything and take any chance to move to higher places to achieve his ultimate goals.

So how is that in any way wrong or demeaning to Booth? I honestly can’t see that.

call-me-o  asked:

In response to your comment on the bisexuality/unicorns post: Representation is really, really important in media. Imagine if some part of your identity was never seen in shows or movies or books: say you're a white cisgender straight male, if every character you ever saw was a queer POC, you'd feel odd, out of place. Maybe you'd never connect with characters or stories. You might feel as if the way you are is wrong. So when there are no bi characters, bi people feel wrong. And they're not.

That actually makes a lot of sense, I do apologize, I feel like an asshole for adding to that post yesterday, I was in a bit of a shitty mood and just scrolling a long my dash, seeing people complain about things that seemed tedious to me just made me feel shittier, but the way you explained it makes a lot of sense, I’m sorry for what I said before.