so if they just played a couple it would be perfect

Okay, hear me out.

An action film where Chris Pine and Sebastian Stan play partners, and Sebastian is in love with Chris but thinks Chris is into their handler, Zoe Saldana.

Chris gets kidnapped/captured and when Sebastian finds out he does that teary-eyed, barely-holding-it-together thing. He goes against orders and - with Zoe’s help covering for him at the agency - tears the world apart to get Chris back, while Chris fights his way out from the inside.

They meet in the middle and everything’s great for like ninety seconds until - PLOT TWIST - it was all a trap to capture Sebastian because he has information they need and the bad guys know he’s in love with Chris. Chris had no idea! Sebastian cries some more.

Of course they escape and destroy the bad guys and save the world and get medals or something, and then Sebastian is like, ‘Look, about the whole in love with you thing, I don’t expect -’ and then Chris just

Kisses Sebastian.

Right there. In the parking lot of their agency headquarters.

Sebastian cries because he’s so happy, and they make out a little more and then walk to their car holding hands, the first openly gay action heroes in a major summer blockbuster THE END


February 22, 2015

The day my life was going to start changing for the better.

The day I began to move on.

Sleeping with Sirens/Piece the Veil World Tour.

The moment I saw that smile of yours, I knew I was in trouble. Especially since I thought she was your girlfriend. Grabbing your arm so you would move up in the crowd with us was the best decision ever, and so was getting your number.

Yesterday (IV•XI•XV) was amazing. Spending all day with you. It was a small glimpse into our forever. Eating ice cream and watching AOT and then playing pool and basketball. It was just perfect.

It’s crazy. We have only been together for 9 days, and only known each other for a month and a half, but it feels like I’ve known you my entire life, and I truly do love you. I used to laugh when people would say they loved someone they had only met, but I don’t know, you make me feel so amazing about myself, and make me happy. I can’t wait for many more of yesterday derpmigikarp

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I love the F-Zero representation Mario Kart 8 is giving. I've never cared much for F-Zero as a series, partly because I've never played any of them and I'm not too big into racing games (ironic all things considered). But it does leave me just a tad bit disappointed that the closest thing to Captain Falcon we will get in MK8 is the Mii outfit. I can just see the greatness of him racing and letting loose a Falcon Punch whenever he gets a boost of some kind. Would be glorious.

The F-Zero representation is incredible but I don’t think it is impossible for Captain Falcon to get in. I can’t see Mario kart 8 being done with DLC now, just too much money to be made by it so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a couple new packs later this year.  Also think Kirby is the perfect character mostly so we can get a Kirby Air Ride track completely recreated for Mario Kart 8.

i never re-watch david’s ep of true love because i find watching stuff with adultery generally uncomfortable (there are probably exceptions; i accept that i have double standards about this depending on my emotional investment in the characters involved) 

anyway i was delighted to stumble across just the happy bits at the start of the ep in a video on youtube (literally just one minute twenty seven seconds of a cute happily married couple before it goes to hell)

and i can’t stop rewatching the bit where they’re in bed and he calls her baby and says he ‘still fancies the arse off her, it’s ridiculous, you are so old now’ asdfghjk i love how he teases her and his little giggle and why the fuck would that man cheat on joanne froggatt she’s so perfect and little and blonde and if i squint i can pretend she’s georgia lollll


I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I can no longer contain this…this infinite self hate. I know i should not care about others opinions. I know but it is starting to get to me. My religious christan parents are at it again. Telling me over and over again why can’t I be the perfect little Christian daughter. My father, telling me that I am just a follower. That the only reason I enjoy drawing and playing guitar is because I am so easily influenced. But that’s not it. I found out I enjoyed these things then I found friends who enjoyed the same. My mother found a couple of pictures of some female band members who I think are attractive. She accused me of a Lesbian. She was not entirely wrong. Then and there would have been a good opportunity to come out as a pansexual. But I was too afraid. I’m a coward. I should have done it and shut them up. Now I don’t think I can keep smiling any longer. I did not want to worry my friends but I do not have the courage to explain in person in fear of crying then and there. I’m crying now actually. I’m sorry for all this. I just can’t.
- Red☆

I’d like to see us like
Two stars in a black sky.
People would look at us
Side to side
And see us like a balance of each other
Like the moon and the sun
And the ancients would make
Myths about us
As two souls who couldn’t be seen separated
Cause we belong to each other.
And we may represent
Friendship and loyalty
And love, and safety
And never being apart.
Our legend would, then
Survive for thousands of years
And guide a million travelers.
And every friend in every place,
And every couple, and anyone who loves someone
In some way
And wishes to stay together
Will identify themselves with us
The two stars of the myth.
There would be paintings
And plays
About how good we look together.

Then, someday
A scientist would look in his telescope and discover that
We are so far away from each other
And have never been together.
In fact,
We can’t even see each other
Closer than people on earth.
We are just perfect together
From one point of view
In one place of universe
This infinite universe,
Full of viewpoints.

But the truth is:
We never happened
And we never will.

First Thought on Sensory Couple a.k.a. The Girl Who Sees Smells

And now I’m watching The Girl Who Sees Smells and its soooooo good and fun and perfect and yoochun is very asdfghjkl

I have to admittted, that i’m a little bit scared with the drama at first. There’s so many doubtful thing. First, there’s a few actress that turn down the lead role before Shin Se Kyung got it. Suzy, Kim Ji Won then Jin Se Yeon. Especially when the rumour that Jin Se Yeon will be the lead female spread, it scared me the most ㅋㅋㅋ i dont really like that girl since Doctor Stranger, honestly. And Shin Se Kyung, well yeah i have this negative feeling about her playing some funny person, but who would ever thought that she become the most perfect Oh Cho Rim than the other candidates. Seriously, she potraying her lovable side perfectly! One just cant watch the drama without fall for her innocent.

This drama air after one-of-the-most-dissapointing-drama-i-ever-watch Hyde Jekyll Me, and the story based on the webtoon, as well. I somehow become paranoid because they might ruin up the whole plot the way it does to HJM. After watch HJM, i learn one of the most important thing about k-drama: Dont ever expect too much when they adapting a worthy webtoon into drama (yeah, i know maybe i’m late to know this)

Its maybe too early too judge that TGWSS is all perfect etc. But so far, i love it. Hope they will not ruin up the plot. It such a waste to see another great actor waste their time playing such a very bad-drama-storyline

And the soundtrack is really good they give me some kind of nice ohrwurm. I love it.

And Yoochun… you guys put it your self there. I’m sure we are all have the same thought about him in TGWSS. The only thing I could say is, i love him even more and more by each episode.

qem-chibati said: I know right it was hilarious. XD So many great moments of the boys being utter dorks. XD

ohmygosh. yes.  every moment was perfect.  ^_^  it was everything i hoped it would be, from nagisa repeatedly calling sousuke ‘sou-chan’ to his face (and then sousuke being unable to make nagisa upset!!!) to rinrin complaining to makoto about being a maid to just every part of those overly dramatic boys playing with water…!!  somuchlove.  even with being spoiled for essentially every second of it, it was still super fresh and hilarious.  ahhhhhhh i love these boys!!

(but oh, oh, it just felt so perfect for hhc in a couple of ways… when haru mentioned at the beginning that rin told them not to come, the way he said it and all made me think that like haru, makoto, and rin had been talking and rin said don’t come, so yay for free!some hanging out together being semi-implied or at least i’ll take it that way!!  theeeeen we get nagisa and rei having that Super Secret Lover’s Look to decide that they needed to mix up the teams… almost like they were experimenting with an open relationship.  at least in my head.  ^_~ )

i can’t even talk about the souharu moments, because toomuch. perfect.  buuuut i gotta say, strangely, my absolute fave shippy moment was sou drenching ai and then covering gou with his jacket.  that boy knows how to be a gentleman.  when he chooses to.  which is to say… for gou and gou alone, ha.



Things that piss off Yac

People who eat food and make slurpy noises as if they are giving fellatio. It’s like seriously just calm down, enjoy the taste of your food and don’t flipping make it sound like the dam that holds your saliva in place has just broken open. And to further prolong the torture the noises continue even after the food has been so pigishly devoured.

People who play football without understanding the game. I know that Yac is a supremely talented goalkeeper, however unfortunately some people take that for granted. I play football every Tuesday with a group and the first few times I went, I had the motivation of being unknown to them, so to say I was perfect would be an under-statement. Unfortunately for me, that seems to translate to my defenders as, ‘just let the other team shoot’ (this actually came out of two defenders mouths) Now while I could just take it as words, the last couple of weeks has shown they are stupidly serious about that tactic to the point that they just back off so much they end up behind the frikking goal!

People who don’t have the guts to be honest or direct. Well this one is quite self-explanatory. I pride myself on being decent, respectful and open for people to speak honestly and directly. Communication is the key to an easy life. Being ‘protected’ from a harsh truth is much more annoying than having to face it. Luckily for me, those who have disappointed me in that sense are either gone or have a very minimal involvement in my life at this point. While those who have been brutally honest with me have retained my respect and maintained good relationships with me. 

Dropping my phone. About a year and a half ago, I bought a new phone for £600. Since then I’ve broken the screen twice and sadly for me, when the screen is cracked; the phone doesn’t work… so that’s meant £300 spent towards repairs. On the last occasion my screen was cracked, it was a tiny crack! Apparently my phone could survive numerous falls on concrete and North Korea, it couldn’t survive being sandwiched between my fat ass and a metal railing, which for some weird reason I sat on. My misery was further compounded when my girlfriend showed me her Samsung phone…. her phone looked like it had returned from holiday in sunny Hell being sodomised by demons. My phone had a crack smaller than a 1 day old baby’s crack just on the left side of the phone. And somehow her phone worked and was perfectly navigable while mine was rendered impotent! 

Now since then you would have thought I’d be more careful? Well not a day passes where my phone hasn’t been dropped or sat on. And it pisses me off!

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If I was dating you I would watch lots of movies with you and we'd cuddle and I'd throw popcorn at you and play silly games with you, and we'd cry over rdj's perfect face together, and we would totally do a couple cosplay because that's so much fun and I would drag you around with me on vacations all over the world because travelling is the best, especially with great company and it makes so many memories <3

You had me at movies, hun. But it got better and more perfect with every new thing, I mean damn, couple cosplay that’s like my one of my biggest dreams ever. And then traveling? I’m almost afraid of how brilliant all this sounds, have you been spying on me or something, honey? (not that I mind, quite the opposite.)

I’m kind of speechless. Just, damn.

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I'm going to take you on a date one day just like that post you just reblogged. If we can ever get out of bed 😜 I'm really not sure how I'd ever be able to get out of bed with you around. You're so irresistible. 😘😘

I couldn’t think of a more perfect date. Even just hanging out watching movies would be perfect!! We have to sneak in a couple kisses though while the boring parts of the movie are playing
(All of it) 😜😜😘

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Could I get a ship? Thanks. I'm 16.. I'm literally addicted to music. I've played the violin for 9 years and I love to sing. I go crazy over guys with deep voices or guys who can play instruments like guitar or piano. I'm usually the most mischievous out of my friends and I like to laugh and smile a lot. and idk why im telling you this but im obsessed with teddy bears

Wow! In EXO-K, I ship you with Chanyeol! You two are clearly a perfect match! I can really imagine you two making music together. You guys would be the couple who live in a big apartment in New York and on Saturday mornings, you would wear his sweatshirt and you guys would just be making music together <3 

In EXO-M, I ship you with Chen! He’s a little cheeky bum that would be so cute with you! I can see you guys doing silly things together! You guys would be the couple who would decorate their rooms with little stuffed animals. Lol you would have your teddy bear on your side of the bed and he would have his teddy bear on his side of the bed <3 

Deflated [ part 2 ]

How the fuck was he supposed to continue on like he hadn’t read that letter? The more he thought about it the more it made sense. He was the bad twin, it inevitable. because he was the bad kid in high school, despite his amazing great grades, he skipped class, smoked, did weed, all the stuff kids weren’t supposed to do. but not Michael, Michael was perfect got straight A’s, didn;t cut class, he helped Dean get his act together when John failed to do so.

He just felt like crying, like quitting football because would it really matter. Yeah it made him happy, but it also made him happy to see his twin brothers grin when they won, won the game and played well, slap him on the shoulder and say good job, brother, and later on celebratory sex.

He was about to lose all that in a couple of months. For what so Michael can have a bigger pay check, so he doesn’t have to be tied down to a deadbeat who on more occasions than one was suspended for things, got arrested. yeah he was the bad twin, and Michael was shoving off his dead weight.

Dean perked up and saw the stupid grin on his brothers face, acting as if nothing was wrong, he didn’t give a shit, didn’t know that Michael was holding Dean together. He was well aware he looked like a kicked puppy, but it didn’t matter soon Michael would be gone and nothing would matter, his life wouldn’t matter.

“Hey…” He smiles then it fades, his stomach dropped and he wasn’t hungry, and he was on the verge of tears and he couldn’t lose it not in front of Michael, it would give him that much incentive to leave right now.

“M'not hungry,” he mutters and picks up the shampoo he to from Michaels bag and putters into the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it behind him.


Well—that was unusual. And weird. Dean had been begging for him to just go out and get some damn food already because he, as he sat and watched the highlights of somebody else’s game on the edge of the bed, was starving. So after some playful banter and teasing, Michael had gone out to do just that.

And now he wasn’t hungry? Now he needed to take a shower, go to bed?

What the fuck?

But it wasn’t like Michael could do anything about it. He took a seat at the end of the bed Dean had just vacated, pried open his bag of Chick-Fil-A, and dug in.

As he chewed on his chicken burger and fries, he racked his brain. What was there that could have possibly pissed him off? Another girl? No, but they’d talked about that—Michael wasn’t going to come out as gay any time soon, maybe not ever. And he certainly wasn’t going to tell anyone he liked sucking his own brother off. So what? The letter from the Chargers was locked away, safe in a briefcase with his manager back in Lawrence, so it wasn’t that…

What the fucking hell, Dean?

Speaking in class of political logos, this topic goes perfect with my blog. I decided to pick on Jim Runestad, because his logo is way too wordy and honestly, isn’t catchy at all. His whole logo plays on the fact that his last name starts with run and I guess I just don’t really like this decision. The logo is so busy that when someone first glances at it they would have to read it a couple of times to get the jungle of words that it plays on. The use of colors are not simple enough either.

How can people even dismiss the arts as a career like those gifted people can actually draw something you look at and think it’s a photo. Have you seen the detail on paintings of the human body or of the creases of a dress. Photographers capture just the right things in the perfect angles to make you feel nostalgic about somewhere you’ve never been. Directors know how to play out a scene perfectly so that the audience sees what they see. How many people can successfully project their exact visions to others? Actors make you forget their real names for a couple of hours regardless of how many times you’ve seen them. How boring would life be without artists, the very people who make us feel like the earth is more alive and more vibrant than it seems.

100 Handwritten Days [4] - Don’t be an ass.

I really wanted to change it up and somehow, this phrase kept popping in my head. I pictured a sassy grandmother saying it to an older grandchild.

I tried a couple of styles and settled on italic. It made it feel like it was more of a statement than a command. It also made me notice a few things about the nature of italics…and on that note, I just realized there’s something wrong with the b. I’ll let you figure it out.

It was a lot harder than I expected and I’m not really satisfied with this version. What particularly bothers me is that the a’s don’t have enough of an angle. I much preferred the previous version but the words an ass were too close and it looked like anass.

Alas, I said they would be posted without perfection. So…Don’t be an ass :)

Oh, the things I do for my health.

9:20 on a Friday night and I’m sitting in my room, listening to the music blast from a nearby dorm, listening to other people have fun. I had originally planned to go to a water polo tournament this weekend, but I suddenly found myself so unwell that I couldn’t make it to class in the afternoon, let alone water polo practice and a four-game tournament. So not only am I not in a hotel with a really cool group of women, preparing to play a really cool sport, but I am also not getting ready to go out and dance with all the other people I love.

For the record, I am really fucking tired of being ill. If I could just have one day of perfect health, I would be happy for at least another couple months. But, apparently, that doesn’t seem to be in my near future. So for now, hurray for hella supplements and the internet.