so if they just played a couple it would be perfect

Okay, hear me out.

An action film where Chris Pine and Sebastian Stan play partners, and Sebastian is in love with Chris but thinks Chris is into their handler, Zoe Saldana.

Chris gets kidnapped/captured and when Sebastian finds out he does that teary-eyed, barely-holding-it-together thing. He goes against orders and - with Zoe’s help covering for him at the agency - tears the world apart to get Chris back, while Chris fights his way out from the inside.

They meet in the middle and everything’s great for like ninety seconds until - PLOT TWIST - it was all a trap to capture Sebastian because he has information they need and the bad guys know he’s in love with Chris. Chris had no idea! Sebastian cries some more.

Of course they escape and destroy the bad guys and save the world and get medals or something, and then Sebastian is like, ‘Look, about the whole in love with you thing, I don’t expect -’ and then Chris just

Kisses Sebastian.

Right there. In the parking lot of their agency headquarters.

Sebastian cries because he’s so happy, and they make out a little more and then walk to their car holding hands, the first openly gay action heroes in a major summer blockbuster THE END

When they first start chatting, it’s mostly just texts, the occasional phone call or Skype, and honestly, Mycroft’s more than a bit certain it won’t work out just because he doesn’t like to do the normal couple things like chatting all the time about his day or going out.  But when he finally gets the nerve to invite James over for drinks, he’s pleasantly surprised that they can literally just sit on his couch side by side and completely silent, both of them occasionally letting out a huff of laughter at whatever they happen to find playing on the telly or asking the other if they want a refill of their glass.  The next time he calls James up, he’s worked up the courage to actually ask him out - going out, to a nice restaurant and maybe a walk after, not anything too wild but still more than he normally would do for anyone other than required for work.  He’s even more surprised than the last time when James hesitantly replies that he’s really not much for doing things in public, not since everything with the war, but he really enjoys spending time with Mycroft, so maybe they could just stick to that?  But he completely understands if he’d rather do something more, but Mycroft doesn’t let him keep talking, interrupting James to tell him that no, staying in would be delightful.  It takes everything in his power not to instantly pounce on James with a kiss when he arrives, but when James goes in for a farewell peck after their night in, he figures it’s as much of a sign as any and pulls him back in for another before James has even so much of a chance to blink.

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Would you ever wear 24/7? And if you ever got the chance, what would your perfect diapered 24 hours be? Hypothetically.

I wouldn’t wear 24/7 long term no, but maybe if I ever had a couple of days with no plans that I wanted to dedicate to full on little time relaxation. For me I want to keep getting padded as a way to relax and not stress about big things, so wearing 24/7 just wouldn’t really work with that.

Hmm my dream 24 hours?… Well firstly I probably would want to spend it with other littles (or at least one) so kind of like a play date. We could just play all day and have yummy foods or maybe go out on a day trip to somewhere super fun. I’ll maybe try and write up a slightly better (longer🙈) answer as like a separate post but hopefully that’s enough for now

no but like realistic undertale gives me life

like it’s the perfect thing to apply realism to because it tells how fucking surreal and possibly HORRIFYING yet amazing and wondrous it actually is??? two talking skeletons?? the goat fam?? A LIZARD IN A LABCOAT AHHH seriously just hand it to guillermo del toro together with a couple of billions and give this thing to me I would cry so many tears of pure dreams

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Oyaoyaoya?? Matchup from any1 Nekoma team please? I'm 5'5 ENFP-T and a Scorpio. I'm pretty awkward and shy at first but I warm up to others p easily. I play sports and mainly as the defencive player. I rlly like Taylor swift and anime and reading!!

I’m matching you with Lev!!! You two would be so adorable together, I suspect he has a secret love of Taylor swift so lots of jamming sessions for you two!! He’d be kind of awkward and unsure at the beginning too but soon you guys would become just peachy! He’d love to see you at your sport tournaments and would be the loudest cheerleader for you!! Over all you guys would be a happy perfect couple!!

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001: romione!! c:

  • when I started shipping it if I did: like when they became canon in the book? i can’t remember shipping them while reading the books but well i read the books when i was like 8 so idk really. 
  • my thoughts: cutest couple ever. they complete each other so well. i really don’t understand why people think they’d break up after having kids. like hermione would be dying of love when watching ron playing with their babies.
  • What makes me happy about them: as i said above i just love the way they’re so different and how they complete each other so well. so bring balance to the other. i just think they’re perfect for each other.
  • What makes me sad about them: not much. idk. i see their relationship as really healthy without all the angst that other ships can have. they may lack communication sometimes. bc they’re both really stubborn and they don’t like to admit they’re wrong. 
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: oh god i haven’t read hp fanfics in ageeeees i really can’t remember. like making hermione the ‘intelligent’ one and ron the ‘funny/stupid’ one idk if people do that. but yeah that’d be ugh
  • things I look for in fanfic: i have no idea i don’t usually read romione fics
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: i ship hermione with pansy, sometimes with draco too. but idk who i ship ron with other than hermione. 
  • My happily ever after for them: just them growing old together surrounded by their friends and family idk. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: i feel like they would constantly switch. 
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: i have no idea wow. i feel like they’d love talking. like having arguments. not heated arguments or anything. idk. 

send me a ship or character(s)

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For your ocs: a perfect day? Odd Quirks? Favourite candy? Favourite animal? Weirdest thing they've done?

Perfect day?
Marlene’s perfect day consists of being productive and playing with her kids. She loves to take them and Malik to parka and stuff, to show the world how amazing her family is.
For Ambrose it would be a beach day that is full of awesome waves.
Uriah’s would be to get free cigarettes/weed and have a chill out day to just smoke.
Talia would be to spend the day out on the beach, sitting in the water and making music.
Shachar would love a nice nature walk and then spend a couple of hours reading.

Odd quirks?
Marlene doesn’t know a lot about the human world, so when she finds something new she’s like what the fuck is this?
Ambrose is a huge anime nerd.
Uriah’s laugh is adorable and he snorts a lot.
Talia can eat her weight and still be hungry.
Shachar can hear things in higher and lower decibels than any living thing.

Favorite candy?
Marlene enjoys anything chocolate
Ambrose loves nerds
Uriah is a Reese’s fan
Talia likes skittles
Shachar loves sour things

Favorite animal?
Marlene loves any and all birds
Ambrose loves cats
Uriah loves wolves and bats
Talia likes sharks
Shachar likes reptiles.

Weirdest thing they’ve done?
Marlene was Queen of Hell, does that count as weird?
Ambrose surfed while doing a handstand.
Uriah took acid once, but he was not a fan.
Talia ate five hotdogs at once.
Shachar isn’t much of a weird one.

Standing at 6'4" built like a collegiate athlete with a perfect smile and blue eyes… I felt like I couldn’t breathe. He’s sooo much better looking in person and he has such a nice butt!😍👌🏼
I drove over and was welcomed with a hug. We walked into the house then into the den where the tv was playing and there was alcohol resting on a table. We sat down and talked for awhile. He offered me a couple drinks (which were wayy to strong) and we continued to talk. I couldn’t not get over how perfect this guy was!! He was sexy, and rugged, and had fantastic style and amazing taste in shoes! I was hot and bothered within minutes! He just keep repeating how beautiful and gorgeous I was which would make me all girly and shy lol finally he threw his long ass legs up and then told me get comfy and lay with him. So I reposition and laid on my said so our faces were looking at each other. He started kissing me and at first I didn’t like the he kissed… He would shove his tongue down my throat every time but then I got used to it. He pulled away to get air and was like in heaven haha he kept saying ohmygawd you’re An amazing kisser, ohmygawd haha so eventually he stands up and rips my bottoms off, then takes his off. He Lays on me and tries to force his member (which is perfect shape but longer than average and a whole lot more girthier too!) inside me.. It hurts because he’s so big, so he tried to work it in there and it’s still not fitting. So he spits on it and it smoothly just spreads me and he finally is able to penetrate. It feels like the sweetest hell, and he’s losing his mind. Well after awhile he pulls off of me and says let’s go to my room. So we get to his room and he lays on his back. I climb on top and twerk for him. He’s noises are so sexy. He grabs ahold of my hips and helps me thrust sitting up. Soon enough he finishes and pulls me in really tight and covers me in kisses. We clean up and cuddle til we fall asleep. He held me so tight the entire time. 😍👌🏼
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Today the workout did my body good! ✔️Body Beast Shoulders-Bulk ✔️Played 2.5 hours of volleyball with the 17’s I coach. I am feeling good about moving and working out for the long term benefits….right now my body is pretty upset with me! Ha ha There are many days that I would love to skip my workout and just maybe take a nap (can’t remember the last time I slept 8 hours….) but instead I am doing what I know is going to help me long term. I know that the reason both Cayson and I have remained so healthy is because I eat right, drink my superfoods shake daily and work out at least 30 minutes a day 6 days a week. No one ever said it was going to be easy but it definitely is rewarding and SO worth it!! 🏆 WINNING‼️ by ashlehorvath_fitness


Ive made a couple more quick GIF’s, not 100% developed or perfect but i was just having a play around at home with a one of my drawings, collage and one internet found images of Tess Holliday because this is relevant to my essay writing. i would like to edit it a bit more to maybe change more elements of the image. So far all good :)

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It's actually really complicated, but she loves me too, she just doesn't want to be in a relationship. But right now she seems mad at me, and I don't know what I did wrong. I just want to go back to the other day where she was just wrapped in my arms and everything was perfect and pure.

Do you know why she doesn’t want to be in a relationship? :/ It seems weird that she would do “couple-y” things with you like that but then say she doesn’t actually want to be with you. I don’t know the situation, but be careful in case she’s playing around with your feelings so she can get attention when she wants but doesn’t have to be committed <3