so if that is not yezi

Hogwarts Houses: KPOP Girl Group/Solo Songs

Gryffindor: How’s This ? by Hyuna, Good Luck by AOA, Female President by Girls Day, Whatta Man by I.O.I, You think by Girl’s Generation

Hufflepuff: Cheer Up by Twice, Navillera by GFriend, So Crazy by T-ARA, Whatcha Doin’ Today by 4Minute, Heaven by Ailee

Ravenclaw: Excuse me by BESTie, L.I.E. by EXID, Full Moon by Sunmi, Four Walls by F(x), I by Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint

Slytherin:  Ssenunni by Jessi, Roll Deep by Hyuna ft. Ilhoon ,Whistle by Blackpink, Cider by Yezi, Bing Bing by AOA


Right now, I love rap, singing, and dance. I want to go to college later on when I feel like learning about something new, so I decided to give up for now. I want to enjoy doing this job since I made the decision. The cute name ’Yezi’ now has an aggressive image because of me. In the beginning, some even said that my name doesn’t fit me, but now people say it suits me the best.” - Yezi, FIESTAR

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why aren't there any female judges on unpretty rapstar??? i'm so sick of seeing dok2's non-existent hairline, tryhard ass every week i hate seeing the girls compete for the approval of men who act like they're the second coming of Real Hip Hop @Mnet please bring some female judges on the show already It Is Time

producer unnie pt. 2: listen!

secret wjsn (co-written by exy) closer oh my girl (co-written by mimi)  a sip of lips fiestar (co-written by yezi) 10 seconds aoa (co-written by jimin) ☆ blind 4minute (written by sohyun, rap by hyuna & jiyoon) ☆ cream exid (written, co-composed by le) stupid liar wa$$up (co-written by nada) ☆ lost nicole (co-written by nicole) yes or no 9muses (co-written by euaerin) ☆ fox boa (co-written by boa) ☆ what do i do? tiffany (co-composed, co-arrange by tiffany, written by sooyoung) ☆ shut up & groove heize (co-written by heize) ☆ red queen iu (written by iu)
passing by
lee hi (written, co-composed by lee hi) ☆ still hyomin (co-composed by hyomin) love me the same jessica (written, co-composed by jessica) ☆ across the universe baek yerin (co-written, co-composed by baek yerin) ☆ i miss you mamamoo (co-written by moonbyul) ☆ whoo rainbow (co-written by woori) ☆ to the beautiful you wonder girls (co-composed, co-written by hyerim, sunmi, yubin) ☆ tonight spica (co-written by kim boa) 

bonus: i like my way home moon hyuna (written by moon hyuna)