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Hogwarts Houses: KPOP Girl Group/Solo Songs

Gryffindor: How’s This ? by Hyuna, Good Luck by AOA, Female President by Girls Day, Whatta Man by I.O.I, You think by Girl’s Generation

Hufflepuff: Cheer Up by Twice, Navillera by GFriend, So Crazy by T-ARA, Whatcha Doin’ Today by 4Minute, Heaven by Ailee

Ravenclaw: Excuse me by BESTie, L.I.E. by EXID, Full Moon by Sunmi, Four Walls by F(x), I by Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint

Slytherin:  Ssenunni by Jessi, Roll Deep by Hyuna ft. Ilhoon ,Whistle by Blackpink, Cider by Yezi, Bing Bing by AOA


  • NO:EL - Parents (부모)
  • Bumkey feat. Tablo - Better Man
  • Crush - Fall (어떻게 지내) 
  • Crush - Sometimes (가끔)
  • Dean - D(Half Moon)
  • Dean feat. Crush, Jeff Bernat - what2do
  • Dynamic Duo - Guilty (죽일 놈)
  • E-Sens - The Anecdote
  • Gary feat. Gaeko - Lonely Night (또 하루)
  • Heize - Underwater
  • Hyorin feat. Basick - My Love
  • Jay Park - Stay With Me (곁에 있어주길)
  • Jay Park - The Truth Is (사실은)
  • Jooyoung - This Is A Break Up (이별이란 걸)
  • offonoff - bath
  • Primary feat. Beenzino - Far (멀어)
  • Swings - Your Soul
  • Xitsuh ft. Suran - AND (끝)
  • Yezi ft. Babylon - Chase
  • Young B - Map (지도)
  • Hoody - Like You
  • Loco feat. Crush - Still (남아있어)
  • Heize feat. Shin Yong Jae - You, Clouds, Rain
  • Boi B feat. Sik-K - ADY (아침에 다시 얘기해)
  • Woo Wonjae feat. Tiger JK, Bizzy, MRSHLL - Again
  • Donutman - Christine (Everyday)
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