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Peter Pan Imagine/Do you love me?

Warnings: Smut, cursing, mentally abusive,cruel Pan, 

You never truly understood him, why he was so mean, so cruel, so heartless, for you only knew that you loved him, and your poor loving self thought you could change that, you were wrong.

From the day you met him, you knew you wanted to be with him, something about his mysterious ways drove you crazy. 

“Who are you?” he asked

“I’m Y/n.” you say with a smile

“Throw her in the lagoon, she’ll die faster!” he yells

“WAIT!” you yell a little alarmed

“Please, let me stay, I want to help.”

“What could you possibly have to offer me?”

You loo at him dead in the eyes,  “Me.”

The next thing you know Peter has you naked in his bedroom

He kisses up and down your neck and you are almost screaming his name,

As he is about to enter you stop him

“This is.. my first time.” you look every other way except in his direction

Peter is automatically irritated, he rolls his eyes, but makes sure you aren’t watching hi, he just wanted to fuck you already. He bends his down in the crook of your neck and starts to whisper “I’ll take go slow okay?”

You think he is the sweetest thing in the world, and of course you didn’t see the eye rolls.

He enters you and you start to feel the pain and start to complain to Peter, at this point he puts his finger in your mouth,

“Bite on this.” he says a little dry , you ignored that.

Next thing you know he starts going in hard and you could barely take it.

“Peter I’m a virgin!” you yell

But he completely ignores that and keeps going

“Peter please go slower”

As if he couldn’t be more of an ass he goes quicker

You’re digging your nails and hiding you face in the pillow you saw next to you begging him to stop, it felt good, but for your first time, it was a bit much.

As he stopped you realized he came and with that you took the pillow from behind your face and blushed as you looked at him.

His hair was a crazy mess, he was sweating, and had a satisfying look on his face, almost a “mission accomplished” look

He then came to your ear and nibbled on it a bit, you giggle as he does so

“You did such a good job baby girl, your king is so proud of you.” as he whispered in your ear, your heart melted, ever since then, this was your nightly routine. You loved making Peter proud of you, he would praise you, he would get you gifts, let you eat the first meal, showering alone, being his lost girl had some perks.

Almost every night Peter would fuck the brains out of you and he would love doing it.

“Do you really like the girl? Or are you just playing with her emotions?” Felix asked Peter

“Honestly, I don’t know.” Peter would say bluntly

“Oh Peter” you would scream his name so loud all of Neverland would hear, and he loved it, you barely could talk the next day because your throat would be red raw from screaming.

One day one of the lost boys got sick and you caught one of the colds they had.

“Not tonight Peter.” you simply say

“Excuse me?” he says

“I got sick and just want to rest.”

“Love please” he would kiss your neck softly, try to get you in the mood.

“Peter, you know I can’t say no to you” you say ans gab his face and kiss his lips.

He quickly takes off his clothes and yours and starts to stroke into you very roughly.

“Oh fuck Peter.”

He grabs the slides of your hips and starts to go very rough, he would always switch positions, doggy stile so that he could pull your hair, he would make you go on top of him, but eventually he would just take over and get on top, he loved being in charge, and if he felt that he wasn’t, he would make it be known by fucking you even harder. 

“Who’s lost girl are you ?” he would ask as he was about to cum

“Your’s Peter!” 

“That’s right.”

After he came he would always leave, he always had to do something.

“Baby please stay.” you begged

“Why would I do that?” he almost laughed

“Usually after people have sex they, I don’t know talk, cuddle, sleep.”

“Don’t be silly love, nobody does that.” he says as he walks out of the room.

Leaving you there, twisting your hair and letting tears come down your face.

You were starting to feel incomplete.

3 Weeks after

After an other night of well,, Peter getting what he wanted , you asked him something.

“Peter.” you lay on the bed still naked

“Not now Y/n I’m very busy.” he says as he puts on his pants

“Do you love me?” you ask almost regretting the question as soon as it came out of your mouth.

Peter looked at you almost in a confused way, and walked outside the door.

With that your heart shattered. You decided that enough was enough and ran after him, putting only a night gown on.

“Pan wait!” you say

He turns around, “Pan?” you were only allowed to call him Peter.

“I am sick of this, I just want to know if you love me or not.” 

“Y/n go back to bed.” he says as he began to talk to Felix

You step in the middle of both of them

“The hell are you doing?” he asked

“I will not move until you answer my question.” you say

“Fine, then we’ll move.” he says and him and Felix leave you, you stay there al night trying to prove a point, breakfast time and you have not moved, you were also sick as a dog, for it was cold that night.

“Come to bed.” you hear his voice and you turn around.

“Why?” you say sniffling your nose.

“Just come.” he says, you follow.

You get to his room and the fire is on, a long with a bunch of blankets and pillows.

“Oh Peter it’s Perfect! But it’s already breakfast time”

“We can skip it.” he kisses down your neck 

“But Peter I actually need it, I’m sick I need nutrition in my body.” you seriously.

“What you need, is me, I can make you feel all better.” he says.

“Peter stop.” you push him away 

“I’m sick, I’m going to get breakfast.” you say firmly

“What’s the point of having a lost girl then?” he mumbles under his breath but clearly wanting you to hear it

“Excuse me?” you began to heat up

“If you’re not going to give me what I want you’re better off sleeping in the tents outside with the rest of the lost boys.” he says as he crosses his arms

“So just because I don’t let you get it in I’m just an other lost boy then huh?” you almost scream

“You might as well be. That’s what I wanted you hear for.” he says bluntly

Your eyes began to tear up. “You’re an asshole.” you run outside and that was the last time you saw Peter.

About 3 months later you got settled in a town called StoryBrooke, you loved it, and you loved your brother Henry, he was your best friend, even though he was younger than you, you told each other everything.

Well the peace didn’t last log because Henry was take, and you were devastated.

As you all meet up in Ruby’s diner you all find ways to know where Henry could be you began to eat Henry’s favorite desert, apple pie.

You ate while the grown ups figured out where he was, they usually could figure out was faster before you since they were the ones with the magic powers.

“Bloody hell, I know where this kid is.” Hook said

You popped your head up a little curious and playing with your food just in case you weren’t supposed to be hearing.

“Where?!” Regina and Emma yelled at the same time.

“Neverland.” he says

Your fork dropped on the floor and so did your heart, you haven’t seen Peter since you yelled a him, since he sad all those terrible things.

You were terrified, but you had to get your best friend and brother back, and Peter was not going to stop you.

Part 2?


(Y/N) had just vanished in a cloud of smoke, leaving a camp full of confused Lost Boys and even more confused new comers.

‘D-did I do something wrong?’ Wendy asked as she looked around.

‘Apparently so.’ Pan said with a tilted head.

‘I-I didn’t mean to offend anyone-’ Wendy rambled.

‘Wendy! Remember why we’re here!’ John hissed as he pulled Micheal closer to him.

‘Oh right. We are here for Bae, and we demand you return him and us home safely.’ Wendy said in false authority.

Pan couldn’t help but chuckle at this girl’s attempt at bossing him around.

‘Cage her.’ Pan smiled as his loyal boys grabbed Wendy by her arms and began pulling her away.

‘W-What did I do?!’ she yelled.

‘Wendy!’ John and Micheal yelled as they went to chase after their sister.

‘Not so fast boys.’ Pan said as he cast a quick spell that froze the brothers in place.

‘Normally I’d let you two stay and become Lost Boys and all that, but given your connection to a certain boy of mine I can’t offer that. Now I know what you want, your sister back. And I will giver her to you…after you have served your purpose.’ Pan explained.

‘For now I am sending you home, until I need you again.’

With that all said and he broke the spell and released them before his shadow swooped down and carried them off.

‘And that is the shortest amount of time anyone has ever spent on the island.’ one of boys scoffed.

‘Don’t let Bae find out about the girl, or that the Darlings were ever even here.’ Pan announced before letting the boys go about there business.

‘Now you Felix are going to help me figure out what made (Y/N) so damn mad.’ Pan said as he made his way toward the path back to his tree house, he didn’t have to look to know Felix was following.

‘Are you serious?’ Felix asked from behind him.

‘What?’ Pan asked in confusion.

‘She’s your wife and you just brought another girl to the island, a ditzy girl at that. Now how do you think she took that?’ Felix tried to explain, but the annoyed face he received from Pan told him that he had not been clear.

‘OK, how would you feel if she introduced you to a big muscular boy who was dumb as dirt but also gorgeous?’ Felix asked.

Pan’s face soured at the thought, but then his eyes widened in realization.

He groaned as he hurried toward the tree house.

‘And he’s got it, I’ll let you and the missus have some privacy.’ Felix said before he turned and headed back to camp.

Once he was at the tree house he took a deep breath, letting himself relax enough to stop being Pan and start being Peter. He wanted to always be Peter around (Y/N).

He tried to open the door but it was locked.

‘(Y/N) let me in.’ he said.

‘Shouldn’t you be showing your new little doll how to survive this island? Unless your newest kink is necrophilia.’ (Y/N) said angrily from the other side.

‘(Y/N) it-it’s not like that I promise. Let me in so I can explain.’ Peter tried again.

‘Explain from outside.’

‘I…I thought that you would like to have another girl on the island to talk to.’ Peter admitted with red cheeks,  happy now that she couldn’t see him.

It was quiet for a while before the door was unlocked and opened a bit, but not fully, just enough for (Y/N) to look at him.

‘What?’ she asked.

Peter looked down in embarrassment. 

‘You’re the only girl here, I thought you would like having a girl to talk to about girl…stuff.’

Again it was quiet.

Before (Y/N) let out a chuckle as she opened the door all the way, revealing that she had knocked down and destroyed basically everything that was on his side of the room.

‘You should have said something earlier.’ she smiled as she snapped her fingers and repaired everything.

Peter shook his head as he chuckled himself.

‘I’m sorry for jumping the gun, but you must have known how that looked to me Peter.’ she said as she stepped outside.

‘I honestly didn’t see how it looked until Felix pointed it out.’ Peter said as he sat on the edge of their porch.

‘Seriously? You didn’t see that bringing a prettier girl home to meet your wife was a bad idea?’ she said as she sat next to him.

‘I didn’t think she was prettier than you.’ Peter said honestly.

(Y/N) looked over him and he looked back her and she saw pure honesty in his eyes.

‘You wanna know why I was really upset?’ she asked.

‘You mean other than overwhelming jealousy that someone would realize how much of a catch I am?’ he teased.

‘Shut up.’ she groaned as she hit his arm.

‘I thought you got tired of waiting for me, that I waited too long to admit how I felt.’ (Y/N) said looking at the ground below them.

Peter looked over at her in shock.

‘Before Felix came to get me, I was already planning on telling you.’

‘You like me.’ Peter smiled.

‘Yeah…I like you.’ she blushed.

‘Does that mean now we can consummate the marriage.’ Peter wiggled his eyebrows.

‘You perv, come on I’m being serious.’ she whined.

‘So am I.’ Peter said.

He pushed her back so she was laying with her legs over the edge before he placed a gentle, slow and sweet kiss on her lips.

They were both hit with a strong breeze that was so strong it shook the island, but still they kissed until they were breathless.

Finally they pulled away and took deep breaths.

‘What was that?’ (Y/N) asked.

‘A true loves kiss.’ Peter smiled down at her.

Never told us (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Could you do something where Damian has been childhood sweethearts with the reader since like middle school and he doesn’t tell his brothers, and one day him and the reader are making out and the brothers walk in and are really confused and like, “WHAT?!” +  Damian invites reader over to help her with her math homework, she gets so happy after getting a problem right she tackles damian in a kiss, Tim walks in at the wrong time, Tim sprints outta the room yelling and Damian cHASES him down embarassd,
Summary: The family finds out that Damian has been dating someone for a while and hasn’t told them.
Word count: 500
Warning(s): none 

You and Damian had been together since the early days of middle school, in secret of course. You were now in high school. His family knew you, they all thought you were friends, you often came to the manor to do homework or get tutored and no one suspected a thing. To think that a group of detectives couldn’t tell was quite funny.

You were at the manor today yet again. You couldn’t understand how to do a couple of math problems so Damian of course, was there to help. Equation after equation, you just couldn’t fully get it. Damian was as calm as ever, explaining again and again, trying to make sure you understand it.

You were doing an equation, your boyfriend calmly observing as you do. Suddenly you jump up, sitting on Damians lap, and kissing his face all over, “Beloved?” He asks in utter shock. “I DID IT!” You yell, taking Damian’s lips into a heated kiss. He wraps his hands around your waist, smiling into the kiss, when his door suddenly opens. “What’s with all the commotion…Oh wow,” Tim says in shock before making a run for it. 

Damian quickly sits you on his bed, “Wait here Beloved,” before running after him.”You better come back here, Timothy!” Damian yells. Tim runs into the cave where everyone was working on something, Damian hot on his trail. “Damian and y/n are dating!”  Tim yells on the top of his lungs gathering shocked looks from everyone. “SHUT UP!” Damian yells before jumping full force in to Tim, causing them both to topple down onto the floor. The only thing that saved Tim from hitting his jaw, was his quick reflexes to put his hands in front of him.

Damian! Get off your brother!” Bruce scolds. “Wait, the demon spawn really has a girlfriend?” Jason asks in disbelief. “Y/n was loudly screaming, so I went to check on them and they were full on making out,” Tim says clapping his hands to rid them of the dust from the floor. “And you never told us?” Dick dramatically says, making a ‘woe is me’ pose on his chair. “We’ve been together for years,” Damian huffs, his nose to the sky.

Bruce had been quiet all this time, and Tim was the only one that noticed. “Why aren’t you saying anything Bruce?” He asks the older man. “I knew.” Gasps fill the air. “Damian has been much calmer ever since it started and she started coming over more often, it was obvious.” He explained. The boys didn’t understand how they hadn’t noticed because it truly was obvious.

Are you going to give him the talk?” Dick asks after a moment of silence with a wide grin, causing Damian to loudly groan and send a glare toward his eldest brother, before coming back to his room to you.

How did it go?” You ask setting down your phone that you were entertaining yourself with. Damian just rolls his eyes, “Those imbeciles are ridiculous!”


With love,

I wasn’t even the one working for this one. I was at a fast food place getting breakfast before work and while in line, the woman checking out ordered a large mocha latte or something. I heard it because she was super loud. Then, when she was given it, she was livid because she ordered a caramel something-or-other and she couldn’t believe they fucked up and ring her up wrong so they were forced to apologize and remake it as she yelled and then when she turned to leave, at the top of her lungs, she said “Make sure you double check your orders because the girl’s behind the counter aren’t doing any good today!” Like??? The fuck??? And as soon as she left the guy behind me looked at me and said “But… she did order a mocha, right?” and I nodded and he said “What a bitch.” Luckily he gave the women a nice tip (like 30$) almost as condolences. So both fuck customers and thank customers.

Because no one ever told me how to love!” he yelled back at her. “You expect me to just say those words to you, but for what? Because you said them to me? Is that what would satisfy you? Some forced confession of something I don’t even know I’m feeling? Don’t get me wrong, I care so much about you and you drive me crazy, but who the hell says that this is love?”
“No one’s going to come to you with a sign that says ‘you’re in love’,” she managed to say, finally calm. “I don’t want to force you into feeling anything you don’t, but I also can’t say that it’s enough for me to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t know how he feels about me.
—  💜 - What do we do now?
Dream pt 3

Hi! Love your stories! I have a newt request if you fancy it? The reader is marrying a man she doesn’t love (arranged marriage or she doesn’t remember newt because she was oblivated) but newt is in love with her and she with him. He asks her not to go through with it and kisses her, they end up sleeping together then Newt asks her to come away with him and travel instead and she agrees

Part 1  Part 2

Tags- @danilovesstuff @i-ship-it-ironically

It’s a tad short so sorry but I hope you enjoy!

“Newt! What in the name of Deliverance Dane were you thinking!?” Tina whisper-yells at Newt. 

You wince at the sharpness in her tone. You didn’t blame her for being mad, and she probably could have lived the rest of her life without seeing you and Newt naked in the case. You knew what you did with Newt was wrong but, something about him seems so familiar.  

“Here honey” Queenie says holding out some spare clothes and a mug of cocoa in her hands. 

“Thank you Queenie” you mumble. You put on the clothes and sit back down on the bed. You can hear Newt and Tina arguing outside Newt’s shed. 

“Queenie, do you think what I did was a horrible thing?” you ask. 

“Well, you two did have a real special connection.” She says, “But, you are engaged” she continues. 

You put your face in your hands. 

“I know, I know” you murmur. You stand up and start walking towards the door. 

“Where are you going honey?” Queenie asks. 

“I’m going to walk around the case, maybe something will jog my memory” you answer. 

You slip by Newt and Tina who were still deep in conversation. You walked over to some tree, green stick creatures were on the tree. One perked up when it saw you and started crawling over to you. 

“Why hello there” you say to the little creature who was now on your hand. You stared at it for a while, making some light small talk. 

“Well you better go back to your tree little one” you tell it.

You move your hand towards the tree but the creature scampers up your arm and sits on your shoulder. 

“Oh alright. You can stay with me” you say. 

You hear chirping coming from across the tree. A nest lays parallel. You walk and peer into the nest. Little blue dragon beasts curled up like a spring were chirping at you. You cupped your hands and placed them down next to one of the creatures. It slithered into your hand and looks at you. You bring it closer to your face and smile while it keeps chirping at you. 

You wanted to pet it but something in the back of your mind said no. You didn’t know why but you listened to your head and set the little creature down. A shiny glint caught your eye. Curious, you walked over to discover what was causing the light. You were met with a chubby mole, platypus looking thing. You let out a tiny squeal, 

“Aren’t you just the cutest” you gush. 

You held out your hands and the creature jumped into your hands. You brought it to your chest and started scratching its belly. The beasts started pawing at the necklace chain you had. 

“Careful y/n, he may look adorable but he’s a little bugger” Newt says. 

You look up and see Newt leaning against the little guys habitat. 

“What is this thing?” you ask, still petting him. 

“He’s my Niffler. Nasty little pest” Newt replies. Newt holds out his hands for the niffler but the niffler just stares at him before turning back to you. 

“They really love you Y/n” Newt says. 

“I guess they do” you answer. You hear a tiny noise and look to your shoulder. The green creature sits happily. 

“You found my bowtruckles I see, Finn still remembers you” Newt observes. You give him a confused look. 

“Oh right, um before you lost your memory you made quite the impact on my creatures.” Newt says sadly. 

You stay silent, you wanted what you used to have with Newt but you just didn’t remember what that was. You could see he really cared for you. 

“I feel like I already know all of them” you admit, “This place, it’s like another home” Newt meets your gaze. 

“You know y/n, my animals could really use another parent” Newt confesses. 

“What?” you ask. 

“Come with me. We could go to England. They don’t have the same rules about muggles like here” Newt pleads. 

“W-what? Newt, My life is here. My things, my fiance for gods sake” you exclaim. 

“We can get your things, I-I need you y/n. You can’t tell me you didn’t feel anything last night. I am so in love with you. I won’t lose you again.” Newt says. 

You stand there in confusion. You didn’t have a job, your family didn’t live here but, Jason. You still had a life with him. 

“Newt, I love you I truly do but, I can’t just ditch my fiance the day before our wedding. I mean, I know he’s busy a lot but…I still love him too” you admit. Newt’s face fell, the tiny hope he had vanished. 

“You’re right, it was a stupid Idea anyway” he says sadly. 

He turns and starts to walk away. You felt torn. You could go home, get married to a man who doesn’t pay any attention to you or you could run away with a man you forgot about but you slept together and you felt some sort of connection. 

“Newt wait” You call out. He stops and turns around. 

“I-I’ll go with you” you say. 

Newt starts walking closer, “You will?” he asks. 

“Ill go to England with you” you repeat. 

A smile appears on his face, he runs to hug you but you stop him. 

“Newt! Niffler!” you say looking at the ball of fur in your arms. 

“Oh right sorry” Newt takes the niffler and puts him back in his burrow. He takes Finn off your shoulder and places him on his tree. 

“Now” Newt pulls you into a hug. 

“Oh how I love you y/n” he says. 

“I love you too Newt, I don’t need the past memories. I know now that I love you so much” you confess. 

Newt crashes his lips onto yours. You melted into his kiss and place your hands on the back of his neck. 

“But Newt, how are we supposed to get past MACUSA?” you ask. 

“We’ll find away, I promise” He reassures you. 

“I can’t believe I’m running away from my wedding with a wizard with a magical suitcase because it’s against magical law” you mumble to yourself. 

“Yeah but you love me” Newt jokes. He takes your hand and you start walking over to Tina and Queenie. 

“Are you ready to get yelled at by Tina?” you tease still holding on tight to Newt’s hand. 

“As long as I get to stay with you, I’ll take a million scoldings” Newt says dramatically. 

“How cliche” you say.

 Newt rolls his eyes and walks over to Tina. It might have been cliche but at this point, you could care less. You were together again and that’s all that mattered. 

This was so cringy I’m sorry. But this is the end of the Dream series. Hope yall liked it. 


“She’s been in there too long. Something’s wrong.” Reid says, licking his lips.

“Calm down, brainiac, it’s only been five minutes.” Morgan replies. “(y/n) can handle herself just fine.”

“I know, but why’d she have to go alone?”

“Because the unsub wouldn’t be very thrown off to see a woman. He’d want to use her, so it had to be (y/n).” Hotch says.

“Relax, Reid. Everything’s fine.” Prentiss says.

Reid turns back to the house. “She wasn’t even wearing a vest. What if-” He’s cut off by the sound of gunshots from inside the house.

“(y/n)!” Reid yells, running to the house. He can hear the rest of the team protesting behind him, but he also hears them following him.

After searching the main floor rooms with the rest of the team, Reid goes through the basement door. He looks around to see you sitting next to the woman the unsub kidnapped recently.

“(y/n).” Reid breathes out, rushing to his love and pulling her into a hug. “I heard shots, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Spence.” you reply, pulling away. “He just got a little too close for my liking. Gave me a nice hit to the head.”

You wince involuntarily when Reid looks at your head. “I’m fine, Reid. She’s the one that needs medical attention.”

The genius finally looks over to see the unconscious victim lying to (y/n)’s right. “Rossi, call an ambulance.” Reid yells up the stairs. Then he turns to you. “Can you stand?”

“Yeah.” you reply, but taking his outstretched hand anyway and letting him lead you up the steps and outside. Paramedics get there soon, and you both watch silently as they load the victim into one ambulance, and the dead unsub into another. Reid doesn’t let go of your hand the whole time.

“Why’d you come after me when you heard shots?” you ask, looking at Reid.

He looks at you seriously. “Because I love you, and I couldn’t stand it if anything happened to you.”

You smile and lean over to kiss him softly on the lips. He kisses back, smiling a little bit. You pull away and smile at him. “I love you.”

He smiles. “I love you too.”

I fucking love Leah from July Talk. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of them. But Leah has a special place in my heart.

I like them for the music they make. I love them, especially Leah, for the values they promote. July Talk is so honestly feminist that it fucks me up. Last night someone yelled at Leah to show her tits at a show, and they kicked him out. That is taking action and letting people know that sexism and objectification of women won’t be tolerated. It’s also something that is commonly ignored at concerts. Yelling disgusting things like that not only hurts Leah, who it’s directed at, but it also hurts every other woman in the venue. That kind of comment, even when not directed at you, makes a place feel so unsafe. But July talk kicked them the fuck out.

Also, her tweet following the show was vulnerable, strong and comprehensive all rolled into one and I love her all the more for it.

The entire band is standing behind these values when they’re put out there like that, so I love them for it.

Leah gets the honourable mention for putting up with the brunt of it and being the fronting face of it all via her Twitter & Instagram.

Also, don’t get me started on July Talk fucking w gender roles in performance art. I could write a 3000 word academic essay on how July Talk is a feminist band. Fuck me up I love July Talk.

I met a lady in the grocery line today. I told her about your laugh and how it sometimes still rings in my ears. She smiled and said the cashier was ready for me to swipe my card.

A man at the gas station was rambling on about how a certain energy drink made him feel alive. I told him I didn’t need a Monster to feel the blood pumping through my veins, I already had you. He got so angry with me because I got the brand of his drink wrong and he started to yell. The station manager said he has bigger issues than trying to feel something. I left the store.

An old acquaintance got a hold of my number and wanted to get drinks. She suggested the bar that you and I used to go to. I went, and I told her that I used to come here every Friday night to watch the soccer game. She didn’t ask me who I came with. I don’t think she ever even thought about it. I slept with her that night and it was strange falling asleep on sheets that didn’t smell like you.

My best friend sent me a song that she discovered and I told her it was on one of your fifty Spotify playlists that I spent so long memorizing. She sent me 3 more songs that same day. I didn’t listen to them, I didn’t even look to see what the names of them were.

My English professor gave us an assignment: what is the most difficult thing you’ve ever had to overcome? She told us that if we didn’t feel comfortable sharing an experience then we should come talk to her, but how do I tell her that the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is learn how to fall out of love with you? Learn how to stop doing those little things I’ve picked up from you? How to train myself so I don’t cry when I see someone with the same curl to their hair as you do? That the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was delete all the messages and then all the I-love-you voicemails and then finally, months later, your number? I told my teacher that I couldn’t write her paper because it stings to talk about being hurt. She gave me a different assignment.

Don’t you see? You haven’t touched these people. They don’t feel you the way I feel you. And if they don’t, then why the fuck do I have to? This is me letting go of you. This is me existing out of your reach. This is so you can’t touch me anymore.

—  Based on Michaelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ painting (via @hiighsound)
All Grown Up

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Pairing: Teen!Deanxteen!reader
Word count: 1,793
Warnings: Swearing, verbal abuse
Request: Anonymous. can i request a teen!dean and teen!sam where they meet a 16/17 year old with verbally abusive incompetent parents so they help her run away and just tell her a bit about whats out there and help her get on her feet and flash forward they run into her and she is like super badass smart hunter? ending can be whatever ya want sorry if that is really specific ahah

Dean’s POV

I knew something was wrong. Just by the way you acted. Every time someone remotely raised their voice, there was a slight flinch. Something about you made me want to protect you.

And then I heard it. The things your parents yelled at you. The way they belittled you enraged him. Yet, you defended them at first, repeating the lies they had burned into your brain. How dare they treat you that way? You were only two years younger than me- 16.

You rushed out of your house, trying to hide any signs that I just heard your parents say those things to you.

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My parents are divorced and I'm gay, I came out to my dad before my mother and when she found out she got super angry at me for not telling her first so she yelled at me and threatened me for about 30 minutes about this. It was only one time and she never did anything like this ever again. This was about 5 months ago. Whenever I recall the memory I become nervous, my hands shake and my vision blurs. So kinda a minor panic attack. Is there something wrong with me? What is it?

Hey friend,

I’m so sorry you’re going through that! It sounds really rough, and you deserve better than that.

It sounds like your brain is reacting to the trauma that happened when you came out. There are several different kinds of disorders that can stem from traumatic experiences. I’ve listed a few below, along with their symptoms and descriptions. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a list to give you an idea of the types of disorders that can result from trauma.

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

RAD is when a child  doesn’t form attachments to parents or caregivers. This can occur if their basic needs for affection and nurture aren’t met in their early years. This can affect their life when they are older as adults if untreated.

Symptoms include:

  • Demonstrating irritability, tendency to withdraw, fear, or sadness that is difficult to explain
  • Showing no response when others try to give them comfortable
  • Lack of interest in playing with others
  • Failing to ask for help

Dis-inhibited Social Engagement Disorder (DSED)

DSED is when a child acts overly familiar with strangers or other people they have never met before. This kind of behavior is often seen as culturally inappropriate, and can cause issues with people who might not have the best of intentions.

Symptoms include:

  • Behavior patterns where a child acts overly familiar with people they have met before. They do not show any signs of caution when approaching strange people. They also neglect to check in with their parents or caregivers to see if it’s okay to interact with strangers. This can also be challenging when children are willing to go off with adults they have just met.
  • These behavior patterns are not because of impulsivity, but because the child doesn’t understand or see the danger in doing so.
  • The child has experiences extreme patterns of insufficient care, such as neglect or deprivation, frequent changes in caregivers (like in a foster home), being raised in institutions where there are few caregivers to watch over them.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Probably one of the most common trauma induced disorders, PTSD happens after someone has experienced a traumatic event. There are several conditions that have to be met in order for PTSD to apply. Our body has a strong fear response that can be hard to counteract, especially if external circumstances reinforce that fear.

You must meet the conditions outlined below in order to be diagnosed with PTSD (by a mental health professional)

At least one re-experiencing symptom:

  • flashbacks
  • nightmares
  • scary thoughts

At least one avoidance symptom

  • staying away from triggers that remind of the traumatic event
  • staying away from feelings and thoughts related to the trauma

At least two reactivity symptoms:

  • getting startled easily
  • having trouble sleeping
  • feeling on edge
  • getting angry outbursts

At least two mood symptoms:

  • trouble remembering details of the event
  • negative self or world view
  • experiencing intense guilt or blame
  • lack of interest in activities that used to bring joy

Acute Stress Disorder (ASD)

ASD is when someone develops severe anxiety and dissociative symptoms soon after a traumatic event. These people have a decreased emotional capacity to respond, and find it difficult to enjoy activities they once loves. They also feel bad about doing day to day tasks, in comparison to the trauma they experienced.  These people can also have a hard time concentrating on tasks, may feel detached physically, may feel like the world is unreal, and have a hard time recalling the trauma.

In order to be diagnosed with ASD (by a mental health professional), you must also experience at least one symptom from each of the categories listed under PTSD.

Other symptoms include:

  • Response to traumatic event involves intense fear or helplessness
  • Avoiding stimuli that remind sufferer of the event

Feeling 3 or more of the following while recalling the traumatic event

  • Feeling numb or detached
  • Reduced awareness of your surroundings
  • Derealization
  • Depersonalization
  • Dissociative Amnesia

Adjustment Disorders

After experiencing significant stress, individuals can have difficulty adjusting back to normal life. Your normal routines might feel overwhelming, and you might have a hard time doing day to day things. This may lead to making reckless decisions or feeling suicidal.

Symptoms include:


  • Sadness
  • Nervousness
  • Crying spells
  • Hopelessness
  • Anxiety
  • Jitters
  • Lack of enjoyment
  • Desperation
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling overwhelmed at things that you used to be able to do just fine
  • Suicidal thoughts


  • Reckless driving
  • Fighting
  • Ignoring bills
  • Avoiding friends or family
  • Skipping school
  • Performing poorly in work or school

In no way should this be considered a diagnosis. If you want a diagnosis, advice on medication, or professional help, you should go and see a therapist or psychiatrist. They have a lot more resources available to their disposal and have more experience in helping people recover from this sort of thing. I would highly recommend going to see someone who specializes in treating trauma. They have different techniques and ways of treating trauma disorders than general therapists.

Good luck, and I hope some of this can be helpful to you!

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”


I don’t want to use real names, so I’ll call her Jay.
She was friends with me since my first year of school. At first I wasn’t interested in her, but she didn’t give up and kept at me until I became her friend.

A lot of stuff happened in year 5 after another girl joined the party, I ended up getting bullied severely by the two, I had to beg my parents to pull me out of school, which they eventually did. The bullying gave me depression, and I really wanted to kill myself at times because it was so bad.

The other girl who joined ended up cutting me off completely, leaving a message that still echoes in my head.
She started yelling at me over something on twitter and when I asked what I did wrong, she replied,
“ Everything, now can you just go away? ”
And never spoke to me again.

Jay also cut me off at some point, but I eventually asked to talk to her again. She said yes. I found out I gave her depression also when I ditched her for a while in school. The sadness never went away. I was also the reason for the scars on her wrist. You can only imagine the pain you’d feel after someone telling you that you’re the cause of their issues.

At that point I was self-harming too, which then led to these messages above. We promised to stop cutting, and tried to stay clean as best we could. I never flushed my blades, I lied to her, because I wanted her to stop. She did for a while, but more sh!t happened and I ended up putting more scars on her wrist.

Apparently at some point she tried to Over Dose, when she told me that my heart sank. I was the cause of this. It was my fault. I felt so horrible and still do. I broke off contact with Jay a couple of weeks ago, so these were not the last messages between us. But I did something I will forever regret. This is long enough, so I won’t go into details.

I made a promise to Jay before I left.
Telling her I’d never come back.
After she thanked me for lying to her all this time, she told me I’d never be seeing her again. My response was cold, but filled with pain on my side. All I could bring myself to say was

“ Kay den. ”

I miss her, so much. I wish I could ask how she is doing, I want to apologise for the way I left things. It hurts a lot. I used to sneak out to meet her and honestly it was so much fun just hanging around at the lake and the train tracks, but I can never get those times back. I’ve lost her for good, and again… it’s my fault.

I miss her so much, but I made a promise.
I won’t break it, even if it kills me.

Imagine a male character constantly making inappropriate sexual comments about a female character, blatantly hitting on them, intentionally setting up their workout gear in front of them so they’re forced to show them their half naked body all the time, and when the two “finally” get together she constantly yells at them, insults them, and gets in the way of their job as well as kicking them out of their own apartment, making fun of their PTSD, and controlling what she was allowed to do and what decisions they’re allowed to make about her own child. And then whenever they’ve done something wrong or something bad happens that is their fault they find a way to make it their fault.

Sounds just a little bit away from an episode of Criminal Minds, right?

Well swap the genders and you have the “cute” relationship on Arrow.

She'll Pay - Fred Weasley Imagine

Hi! Could you do an imagine where (Lyric, my name or you can just do it reader) gets in trouble by Umbridge for something she didn’t do and Umbridge uses the blood quill on her and Fred (her boyfriend) finds out and goes berserk on umbridge? Thanks love! <3

~Lyric’s POV~

“Oh my god! This is so dumb!” I yelled aloud to myself “It was stupid Malfoy who kept talking to me! He always has to ruin everyone’s day!”


“What Gryffindor can’t defend yourself?” Malfoy taunted, I didn’t listen to him and continued to write notes in my notebook. “I thought Gryffindor’s were brave! Apparently I was wrong!” He snickered lowly with the rest of his friends. ‘I had enough of his Crap!’ I stood up “You know what Malfoy! I-” “Excuse me Miss. Lyric! I will not tolerate yelling in my class! Detention tonight at 8:30 sharp don’t be late!” She yelled. I looked over to malfoy and gave him a death while he and his group laughed at me.


I reached the door and knocked on it lightly hoping that no-one would be in the room then, I heard the dreadful voice ring through the door “Come in” I sighed deeply and opened the door “Take a seat” I sat down at a desk quietly looking at her suspiciously; she put a blank piece of parchment in front of me “Now I want you to write ‘I must not be disrespectful’ continuously on this piece of parchment” I nodded and opened my bag to take out a quill but she stopped me “You don’t need a quill I’ll provide one for you” she said sweetly as she passed me a quill “Um where’s the ink?” I asked softly “You don’t need ink, Hurry up get started!” I quickly wrote the first sentence.

Then I felt a sting of pain on the back of my right hand; I looked at my hand to see ‘I must not be disrespectful’ encrusted in my skin and bleeding just a little. I looked up at her with wide eyes “Is there something wrong?” She asked with a wicked smile glued on to her face. “Nope. Everything’s fine!” I gave her a glare “okay” she said still smiling. I wrote another sentence 'Oh god’ I whispered to myself. I felt tears run down my cheek; the more I wrote the more I cried.

After an hour of torture; she finally let me leave the classroom. I went up to the Gryffindor common room wanting some sleep and maybe planning to go to the library to find a way to stop the stinging. “Password?” The fat lady asked “Fairy Lights” I said gloomily and walking upstairs to my dormitory.
“Lyric!” Your friend said worried “How was the detention? What did she make you do?” I plopped down on my bed and started at my throbbing hand “I don’t wanna talk about goodnight” I said sadly covering my whole body under the covers and letting tears fall out of my eyes.

~The Next Day~

“Hey Lyric!” I turned around to see Fred running to catch up with me “Hi Freddie” I said giving him a tender smile. He locked our fingers together; I winced when Fred touched my cut. “Love, what’s wrong?” He had a big look of concern on his face “It’s just a cut” I said lowly almost like a whisper. “Here let me see” he grabbed my hand gently and picked my sleeve up to reveal the red letters. He gasped loudly “What happen? Who did this to you?” “Umbridge” I said quietly “That fat toad! She’ll pay!” He said angrily running into the Great Hall that was filled students and staff.

“Fred! Fred wait! What are you doing?!” I yelled trying to make him stop “Hey Umbridge!” I heard him shout. I entered the Great Hall to see him standing in front of the staff table. The whole room was quiet and all eyes were on Fred. “Mr. Weasley! Where are your mann-” Umbridge was about to say 'Manners’ but was cute short “No! Don’t give me any of your Bullshit! You hurt my Girlfriend!” Fred shouted in her face. She was completely stunned and just sat there with her mouth open wide. “Mr. Weasley may I ask how she has hurt your girlfriend?” Dumbledore asked Calmly. Fred turned around and gestured me to come closer; I walked slowly to Fred and showed Dumbledore my hand. The rest of the teachers came to look at it too “You used the blood quill Dolores” he asked “I-I D-” “We do not harm our students!” Dumbledore yelled at her.

Everyone was completely stunned because Dumbledore really never yelled he was always chill. “Okay everyone return to their meals, there’s nothing to worry about” Dumbledore said softly. Most of the students obeyed his request but there was still some who eyed to the side just in case. “Now I’m very sorry for Dolores inappropriate behavior, I will grant you two, three free days without classes. Enjoy!” He said happily “T-thank you Headmaster” we both said. Me and Fred both sat down at Gryffindor table “Fred I can’t believe you did that!” I laughed hugging him “What?! She deserved it, trust me she hasn’t seen the last of me yet!” He growled “Fred calm down! I think you got her in enough trouble! But I still can’t believe you did that for me, I love you” I kissed his lips softly “I love you too” he placed his lips firmly on mine; grabbing the back of my head. “Oi! Get a room!” George said faking gagging “Oh we’ll get a room!” Fred said picking me up bride-style and walking out of the Great Hall with me in his arms.


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Name one thing you wanted to happen with westallen but it didn't, and one thing you were so happy when it did happen.

Something that didn’t happen : 

I wanted Iris to find out Barry is TF through investigating and digging up stuff. OR I wanted Barry to come clean on his own, realizing he couldn’t keep lying to her. Don’t get me wrong I loved the ~spark~ concept but I would love it more if they actually mentioned it again, which they never did. 

Something that hasn’t happened (YET) : 

*yells* SLOW DANCING AT A FORMAL EVENT. I have said this 34532 times already but I REALLY need this to be a thing.

Something I was happy when it happened : 

The multiple instances of Iris-powers-the-flash 
How the reveal was handled :  the narrative clearly showing that Iris was in the right, the dispute she had with Barry at SL was EVERYTHING, it still remains my fave angsty moment

(I can’t think of anything else rn but there’s so much more)

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Actually I think isabelle will keep people in the dark about yin fen and when alec finds out in episode 9 they have a huge fight,clary and izzy will fight because clary lied to her about her rune powers,jace will be away and by ep 9 or 10 we will know aldertree and raphael's intentions which at least one of them won't be good for her,and I think that's when she will break down when she realizes that she hasn't got anyone in her life right now that she really needs some help.

i think you’re right but at the same time i think that at some point it’ll be just… visible that something is wrong? cause you could already see how her hand was shaking and she barely even started using it. so it’s just gonna get much worse

i think her fight with alec will be because he will want to help but he just won’t know how? and when alec gets frustrated, he’s angry and even yells at people. and izzy will be probably very angry as well so that’s why they’ll have this huge fight
but in the end, i really hope he’ll be the one to help her because they could always count on each other. and now izzy needs him more than ever

i doubt raphael has any bad intentions but victor… well, with every episode i believe more and more in this theory made by fandom that victor is in fact sebastian in disguise. that would explain SO much (especially that creepy smile in ep. 6 when izzy said ‘wait!’)

A Little Too Much (Nate Maloley imagine)

| Requested by anon: Nate and Y/N had an argument, Y/N hates arguments so she’ll get quiet when he’ll be still yelling and after while he’ll notice she’s not screaming and get the signal he did something wrong and he’ll try his best to calm her down and apologize like 1oo times and yeah.. Idk, just idea (MASTERLIST)

“You don’t fucking get it!” He screamed in my face.

Not one of these again… Nate and I have been fighting for over an hour now. But it seemed like an eternity to me. “What the hell is there to understand, Nate? I have a life besides you!” I yelled back, trying to hold in the tears. I hated when people yelled at me. Especially when people I genuinely love yelled at me.

“You’re saying I don’t?!” He raised his brows.

“No, I’m not-”

“Then why the hell did you say that?!” I gave up. This was tiring me and I had enough of screaming and yelling at hm. “You seriously think I’m ‘obsessed’ with you? Let me tell you, the reason I’m angry is because I can’t even fucking remember the last time we spend actual quality time together! And what did we even do?! I think we had some kind of lunch and then you fucking bailed on me again! You really think I enjoy that?! Don’t you have any feelings?” I bit the inside of my mouth and stared at the ground. “You’re so fucking pathetic. If you don’t want to be with me, all you have to do is just fucking say it. I don’t get why I got with you in the first place.” I lost my shit at that. But I stopped myself from yelling at him.

Instead I just ignored it and stared at the ground again. I harshly swallowed my tears. There was an awkward silence. I heard Nate’s heavy breathing and that was the only thing I really heard. “W-Why aren’t you yelling at me?” It was rather a demand for me to yell at him than a question. “(Y/N).” I said nothing and continued to focus on the ground again. I heard shuffling and saw Nate standing across me. This time a lot closer.

I couldn’t do this anymore. Slowly but surely I blinked the tears out of my eyes.

“You’re so fucking pathetic.” “I don’t get why I got with you in the first place.”

“(Y/N)?” Nate touched my cheek and wiped the tears away. “I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I just got caught in the moment.” I harshly swallowed, refusing to look at Nate. “I swear. I-I’m just so fucking stressed and I shouldn’t be attacking you with my frustration.”

“You can also talk to me instead of yelling at me.” I softly said. I felt so damn weak. I hated it.

“I know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry, baby. But please don’t cry. I hate seeing you like this.” He gently pulled me into his chest. Oh, hello tears. God, this is why I don’t want to get comforted. “I’m sorry, baby.”

“Stop saying sorry. It’s okay.” I weakly smiled. He returned a smile. I couldn’t stay mad at this cutie.

| I really liked the idea, thanks anon! (God I cri at A Little Too Much)