so if one of these is yours and you want credit or you want it taken down

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No disrespect but I was just wondering why you would take down your jk roommate au series if it was one of your most popular fics and would just continue to give you more views and followers? People who repost unfortunately already got ahold of it so taking it down yourself doesn't stop the fact that it's already out... idk that just my opinion ^^" I guess I'm just bummed out that I'm late to the party and just found out about your series today only to see the message saying it's taken down OTL

Lol I’m sorry but I don’t write to gain followers or views , I write to make others happy and I just want to get the credit I deserve for making them smile. Is it too much to ask ? I took it down because that story isn’t just any story. It’s a story that took a very special place in my heart and I want to protect my work. Yes ppl took a hold of it and they took it down as well. I know you meant no offense ….but pls think of how many authors stop writing because ppl belittle their work and steal it . I can’t even look at that fic anymore….