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As someone who actually used to listen to The Barenaked Ladies, I am slightly disappointed that there aren’t more Sanvers edits with their lyrics.

“When you try to see the world
Beyond your front door
Take your time is the way I rhyme gonna make you smile” - Pinch Me

“The odds are that we will probably be alright
Odds are we gonna be alright, odds are we gonna be alright tonight” - Odds Are

“Isn’t it beautiful to see two people so much in love?
Bare naked as two virgins hand in hand, and hand in hand in love” - Be My Yoko Ono

“Call it impulsive, call it compulsive
You can call it insane, oh oh
But when I’m surrounded I just can’t stop” - Brian Wilson

anonymous asked:

Eleanor has done so much better without Louis. She is gorgeous and stylish and should NOT get back with that cheating rat. Who needs that Briana and baby drama when she can go to awesome parties. The rat is a junk food eating pot head anyway.

1. I didn’t want to finish reading this message the moment I saw you called Louis a “rat” fuck off with that nonsense bullshit, because what the fuck is wrong with you to degrade an actual human being to a rodent??? What the actual fuck?

2. We do not know why Elounor broke up, and we will never know the real reason. You do not have proof that he cheated on her. 

3. Eleanor was doing well before Louis and will continue to do well if she gets back with him or not, but there is nothing wrong with getting back with an ex, or being friends with an ex. Period.

4. What does “that Briana and baby drama” mean? Louis is a father, anyone who dates him will have to deal with that fact, that he has fathered a son, and has to co parent with Briana, who I believe is lovely!

5. There is nothing wrong with smoking weed, if you are careful about it and take care of yourself while doing so. Period. And eating junk food, well that’s my middle name. You gonna talk shit about me? Yeah, didn’t think so. Fuck off.

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Timothy Lawrence! and (as much as i was tempted to say 'all the numbers' i thought i'd select some instead of feeling like i'm being cheap even though i'd be v/ interested in reading your thoughts on them all) 2,5,11 and 13 through to 20. (which -admittedly- isn't much better so feel free to pick and choose or answer all the numbers and get it over and done with; If you want to do that)

Anon(s), it’s like you know me. Between the two of you (and others) you asked for most of them, so… :D

Below a cut because 22 headcanons is super long.

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The signs as what they want for Christmas
  • Aries: Hamilton Tickets
  • Taurus: Hamilton Tickets
  • Gemini: Hamilton Tickets
  • Cancer: Hamilton Tickets
  • Leo: Hamilton Tickets
  • Virgo: Hamilton Tickets
  • Libra: Hamilton Tickets
  • Scorpio: Hamilton Tickets
  • Sagittarius: Hamilton Tickets
  • Capricorn: Hamilton Tickets
  • Aquarius: Hamilton Tickets
  • Pisces: Hamilton Tickets

female rulers + the four elements - for @ladyflorence1215

turhan hatice sultan and isabella of portugal // elizabeth i and nurbanu sultan // wu zetian and hurrem sultan // victoria i and anne of austria


Steggy AU: Six months after Steve goes down in the Valkyrie, Howard and his team find his wreckage in the middle of the Arctic and, much to their surprise, he is still alive. Once recovered, Steve returns to the Commandos while Peggy stays on in New York with the SSR. That is until the Commandos requests the SSR’s help with an undercover operation and Steve chooses the worst time to propose.
Spoiler Alert: The next time Steve pops the question, Peggy says yes!

Merry Christmas to my Steggy Secret Santa, @mrgaretcarter

“ p.s. keep an eye out for a good gift for Remus from the lot of us!! xo ”


From the “Intro to A Scandal in Belgravia” on PBS:

Martin Freeman: “Generally, Sherlock knows he’s the cleverest person in the room. And so when he meets Irene, he kind of…he might not be the cleverest person in the room, and that’s upsetting. And also not only that, but he might also want to…kiss the cleverest person in the room, you know. So I think that confuses him in all kinds of ways.”

I highly recommend watching the actual clip so that you can hear the way he hesitates to find the…well, TV-friendly word in that third gif.


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