so if i stop suddenly mid way

I want an episode of spn where Sam, Dean and Cas go hunting for a witch, and they failed to kill her and so she flees. After their failed attempt at catching her, they return to the bunker and plan a way to find her back.
And just as Dean says “So what you guys think?”
Castiel says “I don’t know, but that’s a pretty interesting idea. I know a spell to trap her and—”
and he stops mid-sentence and just looks at Dean, his eyes widening. And Dean just steps back confused when Castiel suddenly lunges forwards fingers grasping at his leather jacket, and Dean screams, puts his hands on Castiel’s face to push him away, “What the hell is happening! Sam—”
“Oh no…” Sam sighs as Dean winces at the kissy faces Cas makes at him, “He—uhm…the witch put a love curse on Castiel, I think.”
“What?” Dean chokes out in disbelief and accidentally loses his grip on Cas, and Castiel kisses him.
Sam just chuckles, “The love spell. It only starts working after a few hours, and the person who’s cursed will fall in love with the first person he or she looks at. Which in Castiel’s case, is you.”
“Are you fucking serious right now?” Dean exhales as Castiel starts kissing his nose and chin. And the next few minutes of the episode are scenes of Dean grumpily sitting on the couch with Castiel’s head in his lap, murmuring that Dean is his “everything” and “his life” , touching Dean’s lips and pecking him while Sam is smiling in the background, searching for a way to get rid of that love curse when he secretly might lie about not finding one because he finds it too cute.