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hey friendo! i heard you were taking promts, so if it aint any trouble could you do 'insecure trans nb boy lance being comforted by keith and others'? i hope you have a nice day!

Love to~  It got kinda long and out of hand, but I would love to see more prompts like this to explore.  If anyone wants to discuss this or why I went the way I did, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Lance stretches as he heads back to his room after a day full of training and drills.  He’s sore and tired and crabby, but he’s glad for the armor they’d all been wearing since their arrival out here in space.  Of course he knows himself and he knows his friends - he loves them all to pieces, but there’s only so much he can stand of being called a boy in one day.  It’s not wrong, per se, but he doesn’t see why he has to go by any pronoun like he or she most days…

He and Keith had had a heart to heart about this a week after Pidge came out.  The team had all rallied around her identification, leaving Lance to struggle with his own discomfort with being mislabeled.  Everyone had adapted so well to Pidge’s wanting to be called by a “normal” pronoun..  What are they going to say when Lance tells them that he’s more comfortable with “they” than “he?”  Running a hand through his hair at the memory, he can’t help but smile at how Keith had reacted to the mess he’d seen.

His face had been red and swollen, his hair a mess between his fingers as he sat with his knees drawn to his chest and his back to his bed.  Lance had ignored the stupid Mullet’s approaching him, had hoped Keith would leave on his own and not say a word.

Lance hadn’t expected for Keith to sit with him.  He hadn’t thought it possible for Keith to sit through Lance’s crying and hypervenitilation without demanding that Lance just shut up and get over it.  Lance had been so sure that it was impossible that when he calmed down, Keith offered to go get him water.  He’d been so sure that Keith panicked from Lance’s lack of response and helped get Lance back in bed to further calm down.

Keith had listened to Lance - only after Lance had drank a whole container of water, much to Lance’s annoyance - and asked questions in a way that hadn’t been as abrasive as Lance had expected.  He’d asked why Lance was telling him, why he hadn’t already told the team, why didn’t he tell the others when Pidge did, and a bunch of other stuff in Keith’s usual way, but Lance hadn’t expected for Keith to be so…understanding.

After that, Lance had felt his heart swell each time Keith referred to Lance as “they”.  Sure, Keith fibbed a little when pressured about the odd phrasing - “I meant Blue and Lance, Shiro.  They’re a pair just like any of us.” - but Lance had thanked him profusely at the unexpected help.

Now he just isn’t sure to bring it up to the others…

Hunk knew that Lance wasn’t…  Well, wasn’t a lot of things.  Lance wasn’t confident or snarky or spitfire or any of the things he pretends to be.  But what he does know is that Lance isn’t a guy.  And Hunk feels awful for knowing that.  Yeah, his friend isn’t straight - you learn a lot about someone when you spend two years bunking with them - but Hunk isn’t going to bring something up when he knows Lance isn’t ready to confront it yet and he knows better than to voice this thought.  It’s disrespectful to Lance if Hunk were to ever even think of saying, “I knew before you did.”

With that said, he’s surprised that Lance’s false bravado lasts as long as it does.  It’s nearly a month after Pidge comes out to the team that Lance asks for them all to come to Blue’s hangar before their mid-”afternoon” training.  With everyone geared up for the session later, Hunk looks over his friends.  Shiro seems just as confused as himself, Pidge, Allura, and Coran, but Keith is standing next to Lance in way too close a proximity for all the fighting those two do.

“So, why are we here again?” Pidge asks when Lance looks up at Blue for the fourth time without saying anything.

Hunk sees Keith nudge his elbow into Lance’s arm.  Just what’s going on…?

“Right, so,” Lance starts before hanging on the “o” to drag out the moment.  Hunk can practically feel the nervous energy radiating from his friend as Lance looks between their friends.  “I wanted to talk to you guys.. I just..  We’ve all been out here for so long, and I want you to know that..  Well, I trust you.  I really do.  Out there, as Voltron, we’re all in each other’s heads.  We know what each other think and feel, but I know we still say things sometimes and I want to make sure that..  Well, I want to make sure you guys know what to call me.”

Oh he so called it.  Hunk knows what Lance is going to say.

Lance looks at Keith who nods in return, neither smiling nor frowning in a very Keith-like reassurance.  A glance to the others tells Hunk that everyone else is clueless.

“I..  I’m not comfortable with being called “he” all the time,” Lance explains.  “That’s not cause I’m not a guy, but..  I..”  Keith puts a hand on Lance’s shoulder.  It looks like that’s enough to give Lance a second wind.  “I don’t feel comfortable being called a guy.  I’m not a girl, either, so..  I guess that leaves me as non-binary?”

Okay, so maybe Hunk wasn’t expecting that.

“Nonbinary?” Coran asks.  “Suppose that is rather archaic..  Your people have had all this time and yet still only use a few pronouns, right?”

“Humans have only been around for around eight or nine thousand years,” Pidge attempts to explain.  “Plus, there are some cultures that see gender as something a lot more diverse than just us.  I mean, I’m a girl who was born a guy..  There’s some people on Earth with a lot of hang-ups about that, but things are getting better.”

“Exactly,” Shiro states.  He looks to Lance and Hunk watches Lance relax from the affirming conversation.  “You’d prefer “they” then?  Or is there something else?”

That smile on Lance’s face makes Hunk’s heart grow.  Yeah.  His friend isn’t a lot of things, but Hunk loves them.

“We’re afraid he isn’t going to make it”

Oh boy, Here we go~ You asked for this one. Writing Prompt that was supposed to be published yesterday for Writing Promt Wednesday but WTTM happened and i’m still deceased but WHATEVER

ALSO AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry to the anon who sent this that it took me so long to reply! I wanted to write you a good fic because this is a killer of a prompt. (I didn’t mean that as a pun but oops?)

Potential angst under the cut - 

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Decided to do some promts while writing a Finn Balor imagine and getting old ships done. ^_^ Pick a prompt (or prompts if you like) and send it to me with a person of your choosing from below and I’ll write a short little imagine about them using that prompt :3

(Putting the promts under read more because it’s a long list)

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Send me a number and I’ll write a drabble

1. “What the hell are you doing?”
2. “I’m gonna pretend like that never happened.”
3. “Don’t tell anyone”
4. “I’m not crying, my eyes are sweating”
5. “I’m not a princess/prince, I’m a fucking queen/king”
6. “Deal with it.”
7. “You are very attractive, therefore, I will stare at you”
8. “Me behave? Seriously?”
9. “The Oscar goes to me for acting like I care”
10. “This was my mother/father’s”
11. “Well ‘agent/captain/(title)’ if that’s even your real name”
12. “I’m not angry it’s just my face”
13. “I’m trying to be a better person but some people are testing me”
14. “I like you. A lot. More than a lot. A lot a lot.”
15. “I love you, you piece of shit”
16. “If I choose you over sleep, you better feel so fucking special”
17. “If you tickle me, I’m not going to be responsible for your injuries”
18. “You’re cute, can I keep you?”
19. “Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back”
20. “Live, Laugh, love. If that doesn’t work then load, aim, fire”
21. “I’m not going anywhere”
22. “Being with you is like a walk in the park. Jurassic Park”
23. “I love you this much!”
24. “That’s not very much”
25. “Can you sing for me?”
26. “yeah I know he/she’s cute. But he/she’s mine.Touch him/her and I’ll kill you”
27. “I know I’m a handful but that’s why you’ve got two hands”
28. “Don’t make me laugh I’m trying to be mad at you”
29. “You can stay but your clothes must go”
30. “I love you even if you fart in your sleep”
31.”Lets cuddle so I can steal your body heat”
32. “I made you a cookie but I ate it”
33. “There was never really anyone else.”
34. “I’m so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness”
35. “I don’t want to fall in love. not at all. But at some point you smiled and I was like holy shit. I blew it.”

-updated 12/3/2016-


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Here, have a title ripped from Tracy chapman song lyrics: hunger only for a taste of justice (all that you have is your soul)

[or: maggie sawyer should have known she was too idealistic to be a gotham pd cop] 

maggie carries a bullet wound and covers it with silence, until the day that alex asks. 

and maggie tells. 

tells alex about when she got jumped by some of the football team and the sheriff watched, the sheriff let it happen. explains how that was the day she knew she was going to become a police officer. because someone has to serve and protect the kids that look like her. 

tells alex about gotham pd and how long it took her to notice the corruption, how the entire city is built upon corruption. and how maggie took a bullet to the shoulder, was left in the darkest corner of the city to die, or worse. how she barely survived, but never went back to gotham pd because the bullet she carried in her shoulder was a warning shot. 

tells alex how she drove all the way from gotham to blue springs with a bullet in her shoulder, like she was jason fucking bourne or something. using gas station vodka to clean the wound as best she could, and when she stumbled onto her aunts farm, she was half dead from blood loss. she explains how going into a hospital in gotham would have got her killed. so she left. went to the one place she felt safest. 

not blue springs, no, fuck that place. 

she went and let her aunt pull the bullet out in the kitchen. maggie didn’t care if it was going to scar, she didn’t trust anyone in this damn town, just the woman who served as an army medic before getting out, before buying a farm and deciding all she wanted for her life was the open skies and a handful of cows. 

the same woman who encouraged maggie to take the job offer from ncpd. 

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I saw that you where taking le promts?? Could i trouble you for shome Klangst?? The whole "When i go, i want my memories stored in a giant ship" And he got his wish too soon so he gets injured, but, they didn't make it, and his memories where stored in replacement of the old AI c: (I saw a picture of it somewhere but i can't find it >.< if i do, i'll send a message with it that gave me the prompt idea for this!)

This is a really good prompt but I don’t really write character deaths, I’m sorry! If anyone wants to go for this prompt though by all means please do! I’m sorry again

buffy/willow is a small fanbase but almost all my favorite content creators like it which makes my heart happy

I am not one of those great content creators but I’m thinking about them right now so if anyone wants to send me asks/promts that would be appreciated :) 

The mechanic

A/n hi everyone! ok so this mmfd fic was inspired by the mmfd cast photos and what Nico was wearing and it was speculated that Finn could be a mechanic with chop. So I put out a promt idea of Finn checking under Raes car hood or bonnet depending on which side of the pond your on. So this story popped into my head but i wasn’t going to write it because i-love-mmfd had a similar idea and it sounded like kneekeyta was going to write something so i wasn’t going to write it but they kindly told me to go ahead and write it so I did although kneekeyta I do want to read what you would of come up with or anyone it’s still an opened promt.

Um I’m tagging people who asked to be tagged for my story’s, Um feel free to ask if you want on the list areyousad8118 stephsadickhead audisodd blue—green ililypop milymargot llexis ducky17

So tagging this for um smut and if it’s not your thing don’t read it!. This is my second attempt at it so be kind and sorry for any typos,spelling and grammar mistakes I’m typing this on my phone so no grammer check lol hope you like it any feedback will be appreciated thanks. I may have over done it on the car metaphors and the double entendres but i will let you be the judge of that. So heres the story.

He’s about to close up the shop, after a very long and hard day, he dries his hands after washing the grease off them from working on the last car of the day, he was ready to go home, take a shower, drink a beer while watching some telly when with five minutes to go before closing she appears. His mouth goes dry, his heart starts pounding as the most bloody gorgeous woman walks into the shop. She was wearing a low cut red vest top with a red plaid shirt over it and a black leather mini skirt with black fishnet stockings and black converse shoes. She had beautiful long raven black hair, beautiful hazel eyes, lips made for kissing, a beautiful warm smile that did things to him and amazing curves that should be outlawed in all of England, quite possibly the most perfect boobs he’s ever seen.

“hi I was wondering if you had time, if you could take a look at my car it’s been acting up and was wondering if you could… ” she looks him up and down licking her bottom lip “pop my bonnet and take a look?"she says softly with a slight hint of seduction in her voice. She stares at the man in front of her, with shaggy honey brown hair and warm brown eyes that reminded her of a cute puppy dog. He’s wearing a white T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up showing off his hard, taunt ,well muscled arms, she enjoys how they flex as he continues to dry his hands. The top of his coveralls tied around his waist let her get a good view of the outline of the muscles of his torso under his very thin T-shirt. They stood there for a few minutes eye fucking each other before the man cleared his throat.

"Um well…Um I was about to close but I got time to check and have a look. ” he sucks his lower lip, he definitely wanted to check under her bonnet but it wasn’t the cars he wanted to check.

“So what’s ya name?” the woman asked biting her lip which were doing things to him and made his cock twich.

“Uh i-it’s Finn and y-yours ?” Finn said nervously, swallowing a lump in his throat, trying to think of anything boring and not at the woman who was sending his little Finn into overdrive.

“It’s Rae as in Rachel… So do you want me to drive the car around to the garage entrance and…” Rae pushes back some hair behind her ear and than slowly brings her hand, grazing her skin with her fingertips, down her neck to her chest stopping at the neckline of her low cut top. “park it inside… So you can look at it? ” Rae asked biting her lower lip waiting for a reply.

“Uh y-yeah th-that’s fine…I’ll just meet you back there.” Finn let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Rae was about to go to the car when she dropped her keys and bent over to get them, leaving Finn with a good view of her arse, he had to tell himself to look away or little Finn was going to stand at attention in 0 to 60 in a heartbeat.

Finn was waiting in the back for Rae to park the car in the garage to take a look at it. Rae pulled the lever to open the bonnet. She got out of the car and than leaned seductively against the side of the car, looking at Finn working on the car. Finn was trying with all his might to focus on the engine and not Raes ample cleavage that was making him overheated . He saw what the problem was, fixed it and was done. Rae moved out of the way as he closed the bonnet,walked out to the side to stand in front of her and looked at Rae.

“Right well it was just a couple of loose wires that just needed tighting up… Also noticed your bumper had a dent in it but nothing else is wrong with ya car.” Finn said wiping his hands clean, his jeans were getting uncomfortably tight.

“Well maybe you could give it a good pounding… To get the dent out… How much do I owe ya?” Rae asked leaning against the the drivers car door while playing with her neck, again grazing her fingertips on her skin. Finn never thought he’d be so jealous of someone’s fingertips as he did right now, he wanted to touch her skin so bad and wanted to pound something alright but it wasn’t Raes bumper he was thinking of.

“Um n-nothing, on the house wasn’t much to fix.” Finn blushed nervously

“Well I insist on repaying you somehow… For your kindness.” Rae said breathly, licking her lips giving Finn her best come hither stare. Finn smirks seductively at her than leans in, putting his mouth to her ear.

“Well maybe we can come to a satisfactory agreement.” Finn whispered in her ear, his breath sending shivers of pleasure down her neck.

“O-oh i-i hope so.” Rae said practically incoherent. Then his lips are on hers as he kisses her with fiery passion. Finn nibbles on her lower lip while Rae licks his top one, he opens his mouth as she slips her tongue into his mouth, they both let out a moan as there tongues make contact, gliding and slipping around each other. There kiss deepens into an almost primal ancient dance of tongues and lips. They break apart from their kiss, catching their breath, foreheads touching. “You know my engine is a bit dirty maybe you could take a look and clean it."Rae said in a manner clearly meaning she wasn’t talking about her car. Finn leans his head back while licking his lower lip, raising his eyebrows than smiled at Rae.

"I’d be more than happy to clean your engine. ” Finn sensuously smirked at Rae. He crashed his lips onto hers, pushing Rae up against the car door roughly. Finn starts to take off Raes plaid shirt while she pushes off the car door to let him take it off the rest of the way. They break their kiss so Finn can take off her vest top while Rae takes off his T-shirt. Finn took a moment to admire the black with red lace trim bra she had on before reaching around to undo the clasp, loseening it than he starts kissing her neck down to her shoulder as he slides one bra strap off her than makes his way the other side to kiss her neck and shoulder as the other strap glides off her, letting the bra drop to the floor.

There lips meet again while Rae’s hands glide over Finns well muscled chest, revealing in the feel of hard muscle under her fingertips. One of Finn’s hands caresses the back of her head, intertwineing his fingers in her soft hair while the other finds it’s way to her ample breast, grazing his palm on her harding nipple causing Rae to groan while Finn smiles into their kiss. He continues to massage her breast, rubbing her nipple between his thumb and forefinger sending waves of pleasure through her body straight down to her clit. He loves the feel of her soft skin under his fingertips. Her breathing becomes laboured, she unties his coveralls and finds her way to his jeans and starts to undo them reaching in his boxers to rub his hard cock. Finn gasps than moans at the contact of her soft hand on his hardness than grabs her wrist stopping her, he didn’t want to cum yet. He breaks their kiss looking at Rae with dark lust filled eyes, ready to continue to devour her than Finn grabs her other wrist and puts both up against the car door. Finn starts to to kiss her neck than slowly works his mouth down, dragging his lips over her skin while his hands let go of her wrists, his fingertips glide down her arms than to her sides causing Rae to moan loudly at the combination of his hot wet kisses and his firey touch on her skin.

Rae leans her head back against the car, as Finn drops to his knees kissing her soft stomach, his hands find there way to her leather skirt zippers undoing them letting her skirt fall to the floor as he kisses her hip. Finn is surprised to find that Rae wasn’t wearing any kickers under her fishnet stockings, he looks up at her with admiration in his eyes while she smirks down at him. He than tears at her stockings at the croch, causing Rae to gasp, until there was enough room for his face to taste her. He puts one of her legs up and over his shoulder to support her weight while Rae grabs hold on the top of the car as Finn puts an arm in front of him using his thumb and forefinger to part her outer folds of her labia, giving him access to her clit while two fingers of his other hand sliped into her dripping wet vagina, her walls instantly clenching his fingers. He licks her clit while his fingers push in and out slowly of her wetness, juices dripping down his hand, Rae groans loudly as Finn circles his tongue slowly over her clit, a warm fire builds deep within Rae as Finn increases the speed of his tongue and fingers in her. Rae’s breathing becomes ragged as her body starts shaking, sweat starts forming on her body.

“OH FINNNN… J-JUST LIKE THAT… OH FUUUCK… IM SO… SO SO CLOSE. "Rae pants out than screams out loud as her orgasm erupts into pulsing waves of pleasure through out her body. Her vaginal muscles constrict around Finns fingers, he than pulls them out and laps up her sweet, salty cum as if he was tasting and drinking the sweetest water, loving her taste.

Finn gently puts Raes leg down, getting up while steadying her. Rae takes her hands and makes quick work of removing Finns coveralls and pants while he kicks off his shoes so he could get his clothes off the rest of the way. She reaches for the elastic waistband of his boxers taking them off, squeezing his arse alone the way, freeing his hard cock. Finn takes Rae’s hand while bending down getting a johnny and walking him and Rae around to the front of the car. He turns Rae around and puts her hands on the bonnet causeing her to bend over the car, giving Finn a wonderful view of her perfect round arse. Finn rolls on the condom than positions himself behind her at her entrance while he glides his hand up her bum continuing up her back, the other on the bonnet besides her hand to support himself. He moves her hair over to one shoulder, giving him access to her neck, he leans down to kiss it as he pushes into her. They both gasp at the feel of him inside of her, Finn takes a moment to relax afraid he wouldn’t last if he went to fast, he continues to kiss and suck on Raes neck tasting her salty skin, sending shivers down Raes spine. Finns begins to move inside her finding a nice rhythm, his free hand finds her breast squeezing it as Rae let’s out moans of ecstasy, Finn slides his hand down to her clit, rubbing it in fast circles until another orgasm roars through her body like the rve up of a car engine.

Finn pulls his still hard cock out of her than turns her around lifting her up on top of the bonnet as she lays down, gasping at the contrast of her heated skin and the cool metal, her head resting on the windscreen. Finn put his hands down on eather side of her supporting his weight as he slammed back into her, Raes legs instinctively wrap around his waist. He leans down to kiss her lips, never being able to get enough of her mouth on his, he pounds into her at a punishing pace as he moves his lips down to her neck to continue to kiss it.

"Oh fuuuck …god you’re so fucking big…yesss…harder, harder… oh god yesss.” Rae said raggedly into Finn’s ear, her breath sending tingls down his neck. He continues to slam into her not sure how much longer he could last, Raes nails scratch down his back causeing Finn to groan out loudly at the pleasure and pain it caused. Sweat was pouring off their bodies, Finns hand made its way down between their bodies to rub Raes clit, both of them making gruttral groans now as their orgasms started to build like a car speeding around a racetrack, Rae screams out “OH… FUCK FINN!” with Finn groaning out “OH…RAE… FUCK.!” as their orgasms crash through their bodies, Finn releases himself into the condom as Raes vaganal wall contracts around him. Finn collapses on top of Rea, both of them trying to catch their breaths, they look into each others eyes, smiling at one another as they burst out laughing.

“I love you Rae! "Finn said smiling at her while pulling out of her,getting off of her gently, tied up the condom and throws it in the trash bin.

"I love you too…dickhead!” Rae smirked at Finn as she got up off the bonnet of Finn’s car shakily. She started to gather up her clothes putting them back on, Finn gives her a towel to clean up a bit.

“Oi I’m not the dickhead you are… So did this live up to your fantasy?” Finn asks while putting his own clothes back on.

“Oh Fuck yeah!…I can now cross off fucking a hot mechanic off my list now…I love the perks of you helping out chop and closing up the shop.” Rea smiled at Finn like the cat who got the cream.

“Well you know it’s a two way street Rae…I got to live out my fantasy as well.” Finn smirks at her giving her a kiss on the cheek as he cleans up the bonnet of the car.

“And what’s that than?”

“I got to fuck my hot grilfrend on the top of my car bonnet of course! ” Finn bit his lip looking at her slyly, Rae blushed giving him a smile.

“Say it again.”

“My hot girlfriend.”

“Yep will never get tired of hearing that… By the way you owe me a pair of stockings! "Rae said the last part in mock anger.

"Yeah I’ll get you a new pair… I quite liked you in them… And was that a new bra? ” Finn asked.

“Yeah I got it and the stockings at the same place I got my teal undergarments from… All part of the of the fantasy and I figured you like them!” Rae winked at Finn while he finished cleaning up the garage.

“I did and I especially liked the lack of knickers.. That was hot!” Finn huffed out a laugh than gives Rae that smile he only saves for her.

“Thought you liked that… I have to say you got into the fantasy so well with you acting all nervous earlier when I came in.”

“Oh Rae that wasn’t acting… You always make me nervous in a good way… You looked so fucking hot tonight… ” Finn sucked on his lower lip than smiled at her. “Speaking of getting into it , you did good yaself… I mean "god your so fucking big ” that was a nice touch.“ Finn blushed a little at the words Rae said.

"Oh Finn that wasn’t acting ether… That part was true….” Rae winked at him “ come on let’s go, after what we just did I’m just plan knackerd. "Rae yawned as she made her way to the car getting in. Finn gets into the car, backs out than parks it and gets out and Finishes locking up. Finn makes his way back to the drivers side and gets in.

"Finn would you be apposed to wearing a costume next time… Say like a Roman Centurion one? ” Rae asked with a seductive smirk on her face.

“Um…no why?” Finn asked a bit confused and a bit turned on at one of his girlfriends ideas.

“oh you’ll see.” Rae winked at him as she put in a mixed tape as finn drove to his house than thay made love before sleep overtook them.

So i really liked this idea of rae being a little more comfortable in her skin and that her and finn were acting out one of her fantasies. ok will admit to blushing and giggling a little as i wrote this, I’m so sorry if this is bad, i tried. Um I’m sure one of the better writers in the fandom could write this promt way better than i did but again i tried hopefully my writing will get better. Bye :)

My follower count is OVER 9000!!! Lol! Okay, sorry, couldn’t miss the oportunnity to do that. :P Seriously though, I’m almost to 10,000 which is mind blowing! I am so happy that everyone has enjoyed what I post, and glad that so many new people are starting out yoga! Rock the yoga mat! For anyone messaging me about questions, I apologize for not being promt about it. I appreciate your comments and want to answer them but it’s just hard to find time to sit down at a computer and respond with a thoughtful comment. Especially when I mostly have my phone, and that I am not the best writer. In time I will message people back.

Thank you all so much for the love, much love back to you! Happy yoga practicing, stay safe, listen to your body, and have fun! Namaste!

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R&E have been dating for a little while in secret, not telling the town for whatever reason, and when regina is in the diner waiting for emma she over hears hook telling everyone how much emma loves him, so when emma comes in regina stands up and goes to kiss her in front of everyone, [that is if you dont mind the promt, thanks in advance]

Thanks for the prompt :)

Regina frowns as she sees Hook with his pirate friends. He doesn’t bother to put up his front of redemption anymore not know that Emma dumped him. Admittedly Emma telling him over and over that she no longer wants to be with him doesn’t stop him from chasing her. 

He’s one of the main reasons why she and Emma haven’t revealed their relationship to anyone but Henry. With Hook still so bitter and jealous over the break-up Emma fears that his aggressive pursuit of her will turn into an aggressive harassment of Regina and Emma refuses to let Regina be in danger because of it. 

“She’s still in love with me,” Hook declares to anyone who will listen. 

“Then why did she break up with you?” Smee asks. 

Hook scoffs, “She got scared. It’s plain for anyone to see how much she still loves me - besides I already won her once, I can win her again.” 

Regina seethes at his attitude clenching fists as she takes deep breaths and tries to remain calm until Emma gets here. Finally Emma walks in. She sees Hook from the corner of her eye rising as if to chase after Emma. 

Regina frowns before rushing to meet Emma. “Can I kiss you?” she asks in a whisper. 

Emma raises a brow, “What about not telling?” 

“I don’t want us to be each other’s dirty little secrets anymore. I want people to know that we love each other and that we’re happy. I want to hold your hand in public and take you out on a date. I want to kiss you and let you know you’re loved without worrying that someone is watching us.”

Emma smiles before nodding. Once she does Regina leans in and kisses her lovingly. Emma’s smile grows wider as she slips her arms around Regina’s waist and kissing her back. They vaguely hear a glass smashing in the background and Emma frowns. She breaks the kiss to see Hook seething in the corner. 

“Wanna grab lunch somewhere else?” Emma asks. 

“Wherever you want to go,” Regina replies. Emma smiles entwining their hands as they both walk out of the Diner glad to be out in the open.