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art theft in the phandom

This morning I woke up to several panicked messages from friends letting me know that somebody had tweeted a drawing of mine, claimed that it was their own, and that Phil had ‘liked’ this stolen artwork on twitter:

This person not only had the gall to upload it and suggest that they’d made it, but they also criticised the way I had drawn his face and then accepted compliments from other people, as seen in this screenshot:

This drawing means a lot to me. Ready Player One has been my favourite novel for four years now, and I was thrilled when Phil first mentioned it in one of his liveshows. It’s not a particularly well-known book, and it made me so happy to hear that Phil also enjoyed it.

I spent nine hours on that drawing. Nine hours hunched over that damn graphics tablet with a cramping hand and shoulders. I constantly redrew the pose even though I suck at anatomy because I wanted it to be perfect. I worked right into the early hours of the morning because I didn’t want to stop. I was so excited. I knew that Phil would enjoy this drawing.

The only other time I’ve been noticed by Dan or Phil was in 2015, when I tweeted another artwork at Phil. He ‘liked’ it and I almost had a heart attack.  It was an incredible feeling and I wanted to feel that again.
Everybody here knows how difficult it is to be noticed by Dan and Phil. Most people never get it. I was certain that this artwork would be recognised, and I was correct. It just wasn’t in the way that I wanted it to be.

The art thief deleted the tweet after being called out (they haven’t apologised or answered any of my messages yet), and I’ve posted my drawing again in an attempt to have it rightfully credited to me. Despite my best efforts, I doubt that Phil will see it again, or, if he does, I don’t know whether he’ll act. The pride and accomplishment that I felt after completing this drawing has been marred by this shitty, talentless person with low self-esteem and weak ethics. And what happened to me isn’t an isolated incident.

Take, for example, @phantheraglama and @maddox-rider’s constant struggle with people who repost their art. Or when @arctoids and @incaseyouart discovered that their work was traced and used in Dan’s The Urge video. I was there when @pinofs found themselves in a situation similar to mine, when Dan liked a tweet from someone who traced their drawing. 

It’s not limited to ‘art’ artists either. Some of my friends, @phansdick, @insanityplaysfics and @crescendohowell have their incredible phanfiction reposted constantly. @moaninghowell, @themostfuniveverhad and @moonlitdan’s edits have been stolen and posted, too. And this isn’t everyone. These are only the people I’m aware of, and the ones who are lucky enough to have had their plight seen by others. There are many, many other artists who don’t have enough followers to be noticed, or who never get the recognition they deserve because the thief has more followers than they do, and anything they say is overshadowed by that.

After scouring through copyright and code of conduct laws for various social media, I’ve learnt that unfortunately there is nothing you can really do except report the problem and hope that staff are able to delete the offending post. Since most phan artists don’t actually legally buy a copyright, we are completely reliant on the decency of others to prevent art theft from occurring. Most of the phandom is great and works to support artists, but unfortunately, the bad eclipses the good. The ‘good’ majority is irrelevant when there are ‘bad’ people out there, doing bad things.

So how do you stop this from happening? You can’t. There are, however, ways to make it harder for people to actually steal your art, a lesson I wish I had taken to heart before this happened.

1. Put your watermark in a noticeable place and make it your username, not your actual name. Write it somewhere that has a distinctive pattern or colours that are hard to replicate so that nobody can brush over it easily.

2. Specify in your caption what you’d like done with your art. Every artist is different – some are okay with people reposting their art with credit, others aren’t. Make sure you tell people what you want, as many people repost things with the good intention of getting it more recognition. 

3. If all else (including nicely messaging them) fails, report the shit out of the person.

And to anyone who has ever stolen art, know this: Your way of getting recognised by Dan and Phil is crap. Any reblog, like, note or compliment that you get is OURS. None of that goodness is directed to you. You have done nothing but shit on the hard work and achievements of other people. You’re the scum of the phandom.

I think that Vic, from @incaseyouart, phrased it really well: It takes many years to develop a fine skill such as drawing, because to learn is to develop your style by referencing other artists and material. Tracing and reposting someone’s image, and other forms of art theft, are cheap ways of reproducing art. It is plagiarism of great effort. Not only does it steal from the original artist’s feelings of accomplishment and pride over their creation, it also discourages proper skill development. Do not repost, create. Do not steal, learn.

I hope that we can start up a discussion about art theft again. I really don’t want anyone else to go through this stressful and disheartening experience.

Update: The person has apologised and seems to regret what they’ve done. Phil also liked my post on Twitter again! Thanks to everyone who helped, and Phil for seeing the issue and fixing it :) Even though this was a win for me, unfortunately art theft is still a huge issue. Let’s not forget that.

How i make my BTS fake subs:

1. take a shitload of screenshots. 

per post in the BTS america reality series, i use around 40 screenshots. i usually take 100-120 screenshots from a 10 minute clip of their bon voyage episodes

2. choose the screenshots i want to use

3. come up with dialogue that matches the screenshots

for coming up with the shady dialogue, i’m either

  • a) inspired by their facial expressions/hand gestures/body language OR
  • b) already have a conversation in mind and manipulate the screenshots to fit what i want them to say

4. type out the dialogue and insert the black boxes behind the text

5. arrange them in order

6. crop and resize the photos to 500px 

7. Copy and paste them onto a 500 x 800 canvas (size varies)

8. watermark and save

it might look simple but this takes me hours. the hard part is coming up with the dialogue & getting the dialogue to match with their expressions/movements in the sceenshots

so dont fucking tell me that “anyone can make these fake subs” or “if you dont want it reposted then why did u make them?” cause it takes creativity and i put in my effort and my time to do this so i can make you guys laugh.

 if you repost my shit, you’re discrediting all of that. respect my work and dont ruin it for everyone else by reposting.

Asking for a favor

A lot of you guys are aware that I become a raging banshee when it comes to reposting and art theft. I’m dealing well with the English-speaking community for the most part so the majority of reposts I find are from other communities. While I know that there are a lot of reposters that know it’s wrong and still do it, there’s fairly a good portion that don’t know. So I was hoping that some of you could help me translate some text. The more languages, the better. But the main languages I see a lot of reposts in in the ML fandom are Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

So if anyone can help translate this, I’d greatly appreciate it:

“Please do not copy, edit or republish onto this website or any other website. If you would like to share, please share the link to the original instead.”

The wording is a little awkward so if you could make it more eloquent, please do! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

And from that moment on…everything went to shit for Maedhros.

I am not entirely happy with this but whatever. This is what I could pull off in such short time and now I am getting shit done before leaving for the airport. My clipstudio died on my so I used sketchbookpro..which is a good program but meh I prefer clipstudio -cries in sindarin-

Going to Russia..yay :>

Mandos being himself and cursing everything around him.

Hoping I’ll at least have Wi-Fi from time to time. D:

*If anyone reposts this I’ll get Mandos to curse them too.


my vision may be complete shit but his perfection is crystal clear in my eyes

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Art Thieves: A Summary
  • Artist: *draws a picture and posts it* Please enjoy only on my site, thank you for all your support! (^-^)
  • Art reposter: Omg it's so good, I'll share it on my site!
  • Artist: D: Um, please don't do that. I can't control what people might do to my picture if that gets spread to other sites. They may edit it or even sell it and that could get me in trouble ;; I might get fined, or lose my job, or main source of income, or even worse..!
  • Art reposter: What, how could you be so selfish? Art is meant to be shared! We're helping you gain exposure and more fans! You're lucky we even think it's worthy enough to be shared on our site! If you didn't want it to be spread, don't post it online!
  • Artist: ): But I was never even asked permission...and the quantity of my fans don't really matter as long as my art makes my followers happy. I'm happy that you like it so much, but please be reasonable...
  • Art reposter: Well since you never put anything like 'Don't repost' we ASSumed you'd be chill with it. But fiiiine if you want to remove it you'll have to come to us directly.
  • Artist: But I don't have an account on your site...and I don't understand your language..?
  • Art reposter: Tough shit then. *keeps reposting artwork*
  • Artist: ... *closes account* I'm sorry, but it's gone too far and I don't want to risk legal problems... I hope my followers understand. m(_ _)m
  • Art reposter: Holy shit does anyone know what happened to ____? Their art was so good and I totally loved their work! Hope they come back :'''(
The extent of reposting

You’ve been warned

This will be a really long post, and I’ll be addressing one account in particular, but will be referring to multiple accounts along the way. This is just a small, tiny part of the reposting community, and if you’re an artist who wants to protect their art, please continue reading as I will be showing proof that, reposters do not win. This is your art, your creation. Not theirs. 

Let’s say hello to this person:

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Seriously, anyone stealing and reposting other people’s art on the internet either has the maturity of a 13-year old or is a piece of shit. 

Covering up the original artist’s watermark with your own and not giving credit, so the artwork looks like your own, is the height of shittyness. Congrats, you’re a disrespectful asshole.

This mostly happens on Instagram, but evidently some of those bitches are on tumblr as well, posting imagines and what not. These same people complain if other people take their screenshots that literally are not edited at all, and complain about theft.

I don’t want to be that person who calls people out but this needs to stop.

Naruto Characters + Instagram

Naruto - Kind of a train wreck of an instagram that’s just full of anything and everything he finds notable or funny. Constantly posting selfies he’s taken whenever he bumps into a random friend around the village and occasionally puts some heartfelt messages in the description box - though he is not above poking fun. Also comments on like everyone’s pictures without fail. 
Sakura - She has a pretty typical instagram filled mostly with pictures of her and her friends plus the occasional landscape shot captioned with like “mood” or something. Likes to post throwback pictures + photos of women that inspire her. 
Sasuke - His instagram is a barren wasteland with no posts to speak of. He still has like a few dozen followers but they’re mostly all those spam accounts that wanna sell you weight loss tea. Sakura uses his account to mass like all her pictures to add to her like count. 
Ino - 2.2 million followers. Constant selfies in which she always looks absolutely stunning and gets 100k likes each. Also posts different flower arrangements + other aesthetic photos and runs that instagram like its her damn business. 
Shikamaru - Doesn’t really give a shit about instagram and only ever posts ironically. Ino is always trying to get him to be more active so he’ll sarcastically post a picture of some innocuous item and copy all of her hashtags just to get under her skin. Secretly just keeps his account so he can snoop on Temari. 
Choji - Always posting pictures of his meals and is just generally really pleasant. Sometimes he’ll put restaurant reviews in the description and definitely over uses chatspeak faces and “lol”. Is weirdly good at photo editing and getting the right angle so his profile is actually really pleasing to look at. 
Hinata - She’s tagged in photos way more often than she posts but will share a picture Sakura or Ino edits for her every once in awhile. Is basically an angel and always thanks anyone who give her compliments in the comments section. Mostly uses the app to keep up with what her friends are posting. 
Kiba - His instagram is full of shit memes and reposted content that he finds funny around the web which has gained him a few thousand followers. He also gives updates on all the dogs his family raises and those posts are always liked by a mysterious user with the handle “lightninghands3000″ which is actually just Kakashi in disguise. 
Shino - Posts really frequently but its always a picture of some species of bug with a really long informative description that no one reads. He gets one or two likes on every photo and its usually from Hinata. 
Lee - Workout photos workout photos workout photos. Does this boy ever do anything other than physical conditioning. Types in upper case for everything and has the username “kohohashandsome_greenbeast” 
Tenten - Lots of variety but posts frequently about new weapons she’s purchased + the occasional group selfie with friends. Also regrams a slew of motivational quotes with frilly backgrounds you can find riddling middle aged mothers facebook timelines. 
Neji - Doesn’t post frequently but will relent and put up a group photo or two when Tenten insists. Is always surprisingly encouraging in the description box and will usually write a nice thing or two about what the people in whatever given photo mean to him or what he’s learned from being around them. Also hangs out with little cousin Hanabi and posts photos of her training progress cause he’s fond of her. 
Sai - Doesn’t understand the actual function of instagram but loves posting anyway. He often goes on morning walks and takes pictures of trees or flowers of interests and posts those + any little sketches he’s done recently. Occasionally goes crazy on the filters because he thinks they’re fun. 
Temari - Is beautiful and likes posting photos of all the cool places she gets to go on her ambassador trips + occasionally videos of Kankuro when he’s being dumb/funny. Always has really clever captions and has a pretty respectable following. Gets into mock fights with Shikamaru in the comments section. 
Kankuro - His instagram is mostly full of updates on different puppets he’s working on and little mini tutorials on how to build things. Also puts up fun snippets of he and his siblings daily lives which always get a huge number of views because the villagers are interested. Has definitely posted his share of shirtless mirror selfies. 
Gaara - His instagram is run entirely by Temari and he’s never actually posted a single thing on his own - mostly because he has no idea how to work it but also because he just doesn’t care. There have been rare occasions where he logs on and browses some of the village kids photos which always gets such a big reaction from them like dude the KAZEKAGE liked my picture of us skateboarding wtf!!!! 

tinlizzies  asked:

i want to join the private server why aint i invited everyone else is

Why? Here’s why:

-don’t repost my shit
-don’t post fake spoilers
-don’t use suicide as a threat
-don’t spam my inbox
-don’t harass my friends
-don’t blame a mental illness. you can still be kind
-don’t tell me how to run my blog or what to do
-don’t try to emotionally manipulate me or anyone
-don’t insult me on my own posts
-don’t do this to SO, so many people. wait– you already did. Whoops.

Get fucked


GENRE: Smutty AF. Sarcastic AF. Sassy AF. 

Word Count: 4549

WRITERS NOTE: I originally wrote this on my old blog, Bias Backlash. SO, if you are seeing this come around for the second time… welcome back? This is just a side note, so none of you fine people think I plagiarized this from the last time it came around. I’m just rewriting, replotting, and reposting it. My soul cried when it was lost with my last blog that got deleted.

You make a bet with your best friend Yoongi. It doesn’t quite go according to plan. Not that anyone ends up complaining. 

“You’re going to lose.” No. Shut up Yoongi.

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( repost, don’t reblog )
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“My what a guy!” - a villain you can’t help but love: Draco Malfoy? I mean, he’s certainly painted as a villain, but I don’t really see him as one (like VOLDY is what I’d call a villain, but Draco? he’s a lil’ shit sometimes, but a villain, not so much). How can he help it that all the adults in his family totally suck as role models? 

“Here’s where she meets prince charming.” - your OTP: Ron & Hermione from Harry Potter, Ella & Charmont from Ella Enchanted, Eowyn & Faramir from Lord of the Rings, Beatrice & Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing…

“I want much more than this provincial life.” - a character who’s destined for greater things: Cress, from Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles, Bilbo/Frodo Baggins, from LOTR, Evie from The Diviners…

“Be our guest!” - a book that made you hungry: Twilight. It made me hunger…for Stephanie Meyer’s blood. (idk)

“Beauty & the Beast.” - opposites attract: Katniss & Peeta from The Hunger Games, Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice

“There’s something in him that I simply didn’t see.” - a character who’s more than they appear: Nix Riley, from Jonathan Maberry’s Rot & Ruin series.

“I was innocent and certain, now I’m wiser but unsure.” - a book that changed you in some way: (I mean, SO MANY, but) obviously Harry Potter, LOTR, the Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix, The Hunger Games series, Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman…

“Kill the beast!” - a book you picked up because of hype: A Court of Thorns & Roses, by Sarah J Maas. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

“I’ll never shake away the pain.” - a book or moment that always makes you cry: the deaths of Dobby & Fred in Deathly Hallows.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm not certain but I think that art you reblogged of cas on the bed and dean on the floor might be a repost?

Oh shit. You mean this one

Just from visiting the source blog I’d have to agree with you - there are a bunch of art posts in different styles that are not credited anywhere. Some I actually recognize, like the work of @petite-madame, but others (like this one) I don’t. 

I can’t seem to find an original source on a quick google images search, so if anyone happens to know the original artist, PLEASE let me know? Or contact this person at let THEM know at least. A lot of people don’t understand why or how reposting is bad, so please be polite if you do contact them.

Thank you for letting me know, anon! I try to blog responsibly but sometimes I mess up, too. <3


I’m back! And holy shit, what is better than coming home to 600+ followers?! You guys are simply amazing! Thank you so so much qwq
And welcome to everybody who is new here! Feel free to send me asks or something!

Btw, would anyone be interested in commissions? I’m thinking about doing some..

So have a super simple Grillby painting(i forgot his bow tie, i’m so sorry) while I unpack C;

I know, I’m reposting my art… Bear with me… I’m trying to get ready for my next portrait, so I’m studying the big mistakes I made on this one, so I can work on them…

just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by. repost & tag away !
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001: openness. he says what he wants and does what he wants no matter who he is dealing with. entitlement means nothing to him. he will not restrict himself.
002: rubatosis. the unsettling awareness of one’s own heartbeat—he often listens to the thrums of his core, the strong echo of life and the electric currents of adrenaline present in his veins.
003: mischief. he wants to play, to trick, to mess with others. he wants amusements in his life. he treats everything as if it is a game. 
004: protectiveness. a strong sense of living and dying for others, shielding his loved ones from harm’s way and guarding them from the world’s pains, only to destroy the agony in its entirety.
005: eccentricity. strange and unconventional manners and traditions drive his body, mind, and soul. he walks a path not yet explored; he marches to his own drumbeat.

001: smiling widely. he is exuberant most of the time, he wants to show his happiness to the world.
002: waving wildly. he will wave down a friend or ally from a distance, making it known he wishes to speak with them.
003: calling out loudly. he does not care for any social repercussions—he wants to let his voice be heard.

001: orange—any shade of orange, but mostly that found in a beautiful sunset, as well as the variety found in lantern lights and in his hair.
002: red—blood, blood, blood. one of the many shades of inari okami; the hue of various streaks in his fur; the shade of violence and petulance in his eyes.
003: white—another color of inari, it represents innocence. it is his fur in his enhanced form, pearly and impeccable. it is the gleam of vulpine fangs in a smile. 
004: navy blue—his initial clothes, his scarf, his gloves. a contrast with orange, a symbol or evidence pointing to his style and sensibility. 
005: black—not as prominent, but visible nonetheless. he sees it mostly in the eyes of his prey, his enemies. streaks of darkness can sometimes be found on him, only to disappear in the light’s display.

001: perfume. he loves loves loves self-care and douses himself in good smelling aromas. more often than not he chooses fragrances of flowery or fruity smells.
002: soap. similar to perfume, he does bathe very very often. he smells like cleanliness and bathhouses, like salts and scrubs in excess.
003: sunshine. he is a being of light, born to high peaks so as to become closer to the ever-shining star. he smells like warm days and comfort.
004: silk. a soft and sweet smell, closely related to fresh linen but somehow more luxurious despite his wild lifestyle. 
005: flowers. he admires their beauty, he picks them at times. he lays in fields and under trees and smells so much like the fauna—like the earth’s little laughs which sprout in full.

001: haori, traditional wear of his ethnicity. usually sleeveless. initial form bears blue-schemed haori which is the base of his fashion. enhanced form bears white haori with red patterns, which also is the base of the rest of his fashion. 
002: long-sleeved undershirt, to give him more skin coverage with his haori. matches the haori in color scheme, usually.
003: fitted (not tight) pants which reach his ankles. matching color scheme with all of his clothes. 
004: scarf which is seen on his person at all times. at first, the scarf is falling apart with dark blue and cream yellow threads fraying out. by the time he reaches his stronger form, the scarf is renewed with white and red thread. 
005: shin & arm guards which help protect him from blunt attacks. they serve more as formality since he often fights in his fox form.

001: beast stone of bright colors which helps to contain his power and allows him to transform between human and fox form.
002: scarf which he never leaves behind. counts as clothing as well but he loves it so.
003: shoes which he wears often, they are traditional makes called zori.
004: ornate hair comb which he has received from his mother long ago. it is a prized possession which he uses often for self-care. it is adorned in pearls and silver.
005: a small hand-mirror gifted to him by his father. it is a token received from harmless humans, and the mirror serves its normal purpose, as well as an occasional reminder for Nishiki to “remember who he truly is”.

001: laughing & smiling too often. he is a cheery fool and shows it with enthusiasm.
002: naivety. while he is cultured in his own sense he is very behind on the times and does not understand humans and their traditions. 
003: easily trusting of others. while he is cunning and witty, he can also be quite dumb and simply take others for their words. a truly secretive person can hide many intentions from him. outside of battle/war he is very, very foolish and often does favors for people even when they did not ask.
004: objectifying and/or triviliazing death/murder/violence. he has become so desensitized to it that it no longer bothers him as it once did. he still detests his kind being hurt or killed off, but he will also easily tear humans to shreds.
005: lying. a contrast to his naive state of mind, he is a clever liar and can hide things easily. he can and will make a fool out of others for his own sake. 

001: hands on hips, showing his playfulness and arrogance.
002: tail wagging or swaying back and forth. rapid movements can imply excitement or nervousness, while slower movements can imply comfortableness or thoughtfulness.
003: head held high, he is prideful and vain but also confident and straightforward. he knows himself.
004: ears perking often. a forward incline may imply shyness, while straightening and rising upward shows awareness and/or happiness. a downward movement may show displeasure or the occasional sadness.
005: arms are never shielding him (crossed, holding one arm with the other, etc.) they are always at his side or open. he does not try to defend himself against others in casual conversation.

001: sunrises or sunsets, casting light and shadow over the world.
002: forested area or mountains, with heavy trees and winding trails.
003: secrecy in every form—a hidden village, a mysterious scarf, an unknown smirk.
004: fire in the forms of floating flames, guiding lights which hover at his side in his true form.
005: a shrine of old shinto deity, a temple of worship and legends of old.

001: liar dance - deco*27 ( kuraiinu cover )
002: eternal youth - rude
003: beautiful - monsta x
004: warmth - bastille
005: kouyou - ice

so the more i think about that reposter the more mad i get? Ok, for one, they said something about “forgetting” to credit the artists. Yes. They “forgot”, every single time they posted. Second, they said “put your signiture on it”, because i can TOTALLY put my signiture on art youve already reposted.
They basically said “fuck you i use your art for whatever i want” when ignoring us and making that post, just because they are too lazy to credit.



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Ardynoct, Igdyn, Ardyn x Fucking Over Gods


Whatever will place a challenge upon my muse. Ardyn’s interest is kept by giving him something new. I typically follow what the muse wants. Give him too much fluff and expect strict romantic out of him? He loses interest in you quickly. Fall in line to his commands too quickly, too often? His gaze will go elsewhere for a lover. In likelihood you will sooner pluck one night stands out of him than anything meaningful. Only a lucky few shall grab his attention so fully as to be given anything remotely considered affection from a broken man.

And really you are not going to get what Tumblr considers a ‘ healthy’ relationship out of Ardyn. You just won’t. It isn’t going to happen. He can have his moments of ‘sweetness’, but they aren’t traditional, and he isn’t going to bring you flowers or ask you to have his babies.


If your muse is canonically under 18 I am not going to do it. Nope. There is no convincing me of it otherwise.


Yes. If only because of the nature of the muse himself. He is not one easily swayed by conventional standards of courtship and flirtation. Sure the Chancellor will participate in such as is his personality, but teasing and flirtation do not equate with true interest unless it continues with more lecherous acts. Words mean little. Actions mean everything. I will also not ship with muses Ardyn considers an easily broken toy. They have their amusement for one time use, but beyond that?

Why keep a lover around so easily broken and torn apart? There is no challenge, and it grows dull for the Chancellor. If he wanted a toy to tear apart, he would likely just build himself a sexdoll or something. He is also highly unlikely to be buddy-buddy with the Astrals. They have fucked him over. There is no repairing that burnt bridge.

As I a writer I tend towards M/M, but I am open to M/F if the right muse strikes his interest.


When I start having to write words like cock and ass. Then yeah it is probably going under a read more tag that just screams to the RP community LOOK PORN OVER HERE 8′D.


I will just call out and embarrass those muses I do have ships going with since I am open and what not. You will note this is a short list. Ardyn doesn’t make very many friends tbh.

Closest to a romantic!ship though not really: @lastkingoflucis, @rexcrystallis

Platonic ships: @dragonerinn

What the fuck are these two doing ship probs world destruction: @coeles

IAMNOTYOURGDFATHER-ship: @kyouminaine


Yes. I need substance to work with. I can hint on how you can keep/grab Ardyn’s interest, but sometimes the muse does run from me on such matters. If you heavily imply it in a thread and my muse is feeling it, I will typically roll with it. However, I do prefer discussion beforehand. There are just some things I won’t do.


It isn’t a priority for this blog. If it happens, it happens. I like a healthy mix of shipping threads with my let’s fuck with people threads because mind games are fun.




A little of both? I am obsessed with the ships I do have built up and shared with other specific accounts, but I don’t go actively looking to make new threads with shippy material. If that is something you want come at me.




Ask me or let the muses dictate it as they often do within a thread. I prefer plotted threads with ships so I know where it is going etc, etc.

SHIPPING INFO // Answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog.

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What’s your OTP for your Muse?:  oh jesus……probably sh.eith or sh.att……or any sh.aladin ships bc i need my boy to feel loved

What are you willing to RP when it comes to shipping?: almost anything.  but not toxic ships or actively abusive things because of personal shit.

How large does the age gap have to be to make it uncomfortable?: well…considering i’m putting shiro at the oldest at 19, i wouldn’t ship him with anyone over 22-23 ish ??  anything more than that in main verse and it’s a definite no from me.

Are you selective when shipping?: mmm i guess ??  there has to be some sort of chemistry, but if u can sell me on it, i’m down.

How far do steamy moments have to go before they’re considered NSFW?: when clothes start coming off i guess ??  i mean i’m still a minor plus i can’t write nipple without laughing

Who are other muses you ship your muse with?: right now, there’s keith ( @swelteringinstincts ), matt ( @shootingforthestcrs ), and potentially smthn with another keith ( @ardcntblaze ) if shiro stops being an idiot.

Does one have to ask to ship with you?: u don’t gotta bc sometimes it just happens ??  but if u wanna dive right into it, just ask and more than likely i’ll kick my leg up really high and say ye

How often do you like to ship?: shrugs

Are you multiship?: YAS.

Are you ship obsessed or ship more-or-less?: i mean i like ships and all but ??  shiro’s not exactly about that romance life he’s a lil slow and plus ptsd tends to put a damper on your love life…so does fighting a galaxy of galra

What is your favorite ship in your current fandom?: sh.eith……

Finally, how does one ship with you?: puNCH ME IN THE FA CE

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