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art theft in the phandom

This morning I woke up to several panicked messages from friends letting me know that somebody had tweeted a drawing of mine, claimed that it was their own, and that Phil had ‘liked’ this stolen artwork on twitter:

This person not only had the gall to upload it and suggest that they’d made it, but they also criticised the way I had drawn his face and then accepted compliments from other people, as seen in this screenshot:

This drawing means a lot to me. Ready Player One has been my favourite novel for four years now, and I was thrilled when Phil first mentioned it in one of his liveshows. It’s not a particularly well-known book, and it made me so happy to hear that Phil also enjoyed it.

I spent nine hours on that drawing. Nine hours hunched over that damn graphics tablet with a cramping hand and shoulders. I constantly redrew the pose even though I suck at anatomy because I wanted it to be perfect. I worked right into the early hours of the morning because I didn’t want to stop. I was so excited. I knew that Phil would enjoy this drawing.

The only other time I’ve been noticed by Dan or Phil was in 2015, when I tweeted another artwork at Phil. He ‘liked’ it and I almost had a heart attack.  It was an incredible feeling and I wanted to feel that again.
Everybody here knows how difficult it is to be noticed by Dan and Phil. Most people never get it. I was certain that this artwork would be recognised, and I was correct. It just wasn’t in the way that I wanted it to be.

The art thief deleted the tweet after being called out (they haven’t apologised or answered any of my messages yet), and I’ve posted my drawing again in an attempt to have it rightfully credited to me. Despite my best efforts, I doubt that Phil will see it again, or, if he does, I don’t know whether he’ll act. The pride and accomplishment that I felt after completing this drawing has been marred by this shitty, talentless person with low self-esteem and weak ethics. And what happened to me isn’t an isolated incident.

Take, for example, @phantheraglama and @maddox-rider’s constant struggle with people who repost their art. Or when @arctoids and @incaseyouart discovered that their work was traced and used in Dan’s The Urge video. I was there when @pinofs found themselves in a situation similar to mine, when Dan liked a tweet from someone who traced their drawing. 

It’s not limited to ‘art’ artists either. Some of my friends, @phansdick, @insanityplaysfics and @crescendohowell have their incredible phanfiction reposted constantly. @moaninghowell, @themostfuniveverhad and @moonlitdan’s edits have been stolen and posted, too. And this isn’t everyone. These are only the people I’m aware of, and the ones who are lucky enough to have had their plight seen by others. There are many, many other artists who don’t have enough followers to be noticed, or who never get the recognition they deserve because the thief has more followers than they do, and anything they say is overshadowed by that.

After scouring through copyright and code of conduct laws for various social media, I’ve learnt that unfortunately there is nothing you can really do except report the problem and hope that staff are able to delete the offending post. Since most phan artists don’t actually legally buy a copyright, we are completely reliant on the decency of others to prevent art theft from occurring. Most of the phandom is great and works to support artists, but unfortunately, the bad eclipses the good. The ‘good’ majority is irrelevant when there are ‘bad’ people out there, doing bad things.

So how do you stop this from happening? You can’t. There are, however, ways to make it harder for people to actually steal your art, a lesson I wish I had taken to heart before this happened.

1. Put your watermark in a noticeable place and make it your username, not your actual name. Write it somewhere that has a distinctive pattern or colours that are hard to replicate so that nobody can brush over it easily.

2. Specify in your caption what you’d like done with your art. Every artist is different – some are okay with people reposting their art with credit, others aren’t. Make sure you tell people what you want, as many people repost things with the good intention of getting it more recognition. 

3. If all else (including nicely messaging them) fails, report the shit out of the person.

And to anyone who has ever stolen art, know this: Your way of getting recognised by Dan and Phil is crap. Any reblog, like, note or compliment that you get is OURS. None of that goodness is directed to you. You have done nothing but shit on the hard work and achievements of other people. You’re the scum of the phandom.

I think that Vic, from @incaseyouart, phrased it really well: It takes many years to develop a fine skill such as drawing, because to learn is to develop your style by referencing other artists and material. Tracing and reposting someone’s image, and other forms of art theft, are cheap ways of reproducing art. It is plagiarism of great effort. Not only does it steal from the original artist’s feelings of accomplishment and pride over their creation, it also discourages proper skill development. Do not repost, create. Do not steal, learn.

I hope that we can start up a discussion about art theft again. I really don’t want anyone else to go through this stressful and disheartening experience.

Update: The person has apologised and seems to regret what they’ve done. Phil also liked my post on Twitter again! Thanks to everyone who helped, and Phil for seeing the issue and fixing it :) Even though this was a win for me, unfortunately art theft is still a huge issue. Let’s not forget that.

How i make my BTS fake subs:

1. take a shitload of screenshots. 

per post in the BTS america reality series, i use around 40 screenshots. i usually take 100-120 screenshots from a 10 minute clip of their bon voyage episodes

2. choose the screenshots i want to use

3. come up with dialogue that matches the screenshots

for coming up with the shady dialogue, i’m either

  • a) inspired by their facial expressions/hand gestures/body language OR
  • b) already have a conversation in mind and manipulate the screenshots to fit what i want them to say

4. type out the dialogue and insert the black boxes behind the text

5. arrange them in order

6. crop and resize the photos to 500px 

7. Copy and paste them onto a 500 x 800 canvas (size varies)

8. watermark and save

it might look simple but this takes me hours. the hard part is coming up with the dialogue & getting the dialogue to match with their expressions/movements in the sceenshots

so dont fucking tell me that “anyone can make these fake subs” or “if you dont want it reposted then why did u make them?” cause it takes creativity and i put in my effort and my time to do this so i can make you guys laugh.

 if you repost my shit, you’re discrediting all of that. respect my work and dont ruin it for everyone else by reposting.

Hello!! I’m looking to follow a lot more new blogs!!! I’ve never really done a formal follow spree before but I’m hoping I can find more cool people to follow bc my dash is really dead rn;; 

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  • Notes
    • You MUST have a tagging system bc I can’t live without blacklist and I need shit tagged!!! 
    • I will not follow you if I see that you repost/steal art or graphics. Consequently, I’ll most likely report you bc that shit is not cool. 
    • I will do my best to go through all blogs asap but please don’t be upset if I don’t follow you in the end. I’m also not looking for anyone to follow me back just bc I followed them so don’t feel pressured about that!!

Mutuals: It’d be cool if you reblogged this to help me out if you can!!! 

Thank you so much everyone!!! 

akara1504  asked:

So I'm just a humble follower of every bts blog may it be all about pics, edits, imagines, crack ( which is you, I love u for that) and all that jazz. 2 of the blogs(kimtrain and btssmutgalore) that im following are pissed right now because of people reposting from them which they did not have permission so I checked out the site I may have seen some of your works so uh yeah

Russian sites translating things..this is golden :DD idk if they reposted mine things and frankly I don’t care…as someone who started to ‘stan’ ppl when I was 12ish I depended on these sites that would translate things cause I knew nothing in english…I understand that ppl who do art are mad when their stuff gets constantly reposted. I understand that reposting is shitty but on the other hand im not really that hyped about ppl writing memberxreader imagines and things like that so i can’t really feel for them as much (also i think anyone with at least a little knowledge of what ppl will like can write shit like that…same as anyone could learn how to do fake dont have to be genius for that:D except for bang-tan..but yeah) 

I’m not super excited about reposts when I see them but I mostly just make fun of it…but I do what I do to make ppl laugh and when someone reposts I try to think of it as my work fullfilling its purpose even more…(DOES NOT APLY TO FAN ART, EDITS AND FANFICTIONS YOU FUCKERS)

anonymous asked:

Hi! Just thought that you should know scottishboop on twitter is trying to pass of your sniper McCree art as her own.

Thanks for letting me know! I dropped a comment on the post in question – although, it looks like it ain’t just my work they’re trying to claim as theirs (which is incredibly dumb of them really, considering the amount of difference between the art styles of each piece). If anyone recognizes any other artists’ works that have been reposted there, it might be an idea to let them know as well. Hopefully it’ll all get resolved soon in any case– shame that the first time I use twitter in months is for such a thing tho, lol

EDIT: not five minutes later, they’ve blocked me! lmao


☀️ Misha Collins lockscreens ☀️

• Please reblog/like if you use and don’t delete the caption or repost :)

PSA: If you ship ____ you are NOT

JOHNLOCK/TJLC - a mofftiss-hating freak who fetishises gay couples
SHERLOLLY- a heteronormative homophobic straight woman who is ignoring the Obvious Love
SHERIARTY/ADLOCK - a supporter of abusive relationships

I’m so done with these angry anons or salty screenshotting accounts. Seriously, if you have the time to send cruel, abusive anons to ANYONE, you also have the time to get off Tumblr and take a break to think about what you’re doing. If you have the time to sift through another ship’s tag, screenshot something that gives them happiness in some form, and repost it on your account with a salty comment to gain attention, ditto. Instead of letting you happiness rest on mockery of someone else, enjoy YOUR ship. The only excuse you have to mock people is if a hater angry-anons your page. I get it, ‘they started it first with their @________ account’ but leave them. If they want to do their harmful shit, ignore them or block them. Don’t sink to their level. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, but honestly I have left so many of these ships because of the poisonous shit they’re saying about other ships. Thanks.

And from that moment on…everything went to shit for Maedhros.

I am not entirely happy with this but whatever. This is what I could pull off in such short time and now I am getting shit done before leaving for the airport. My clipstudio died on my so I used sketchbookpro..which is a good program but meh I prefer clipstudio -cries in sindarin-

Going to Russia..yay :>

Mandos being himself and cursing everything around him.

Hoping I’ll at least have Wi-Fi from time to time. D:

*If anyone reposts this I’ll get Mandos to curse them too.


#Repost @kapreekarter
Being in the club made me feel like I needed to get my body done. Like I needed a fatter ass or perfect titties. Then I realized if i wasn’t in this industry I probably wouldn’t even think about getting the shit done. Plus I make a bag with the body I have! I have friends that have fake asses and all of that, so this isn’t to down talk anyone who isn’t natural. It’s just a post to remind myself that I’m fine the way I am and I won’t let society make me feel any other way‼️🖕🏽 #natural 💖

Made with Instagram
PSA: Don’t Repost My Art w/out Permission

I’m not going to say who the perpetrator(s) are because I’m not the kind of person who likes to publicly call out people, but if you did not ask for my permission before reposting my art on Instagram/etc YOU. ARE. AN. ART. THIEF.

If you asked and I gave the go ahead that’s different, but right now someone is getting nearly 4k likes on my latest Lotor/Lance art on insta and I’m livid because I haven’t permissed anyone to post that artwork elsewhere. At this rate I’m going to suck it up and open an insta account just to stop this shit from happening, and I am not a fan of that particular media platform.

If this happens again I am banning reposts for good because if y'all do not have the decency to ask me, the person who spent hours making the thing, if you can repost it then I’m just not going to stand for it at all.

So yes, if you haven’t ask me directly YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO REPOST MY SHIT.

- A pissed off artist, out

Asking for a favor

A lot of you guys are aware that I become a raging banshee when it comes to reposting and art theft. I’m dealing well with the English-speaking community for the most part so the majority of reposts I find are from other communities. While I know that there are a lot of reposters that know it’s wrong and still do it, there’s fairly a good portion that don’t know. So I was hoping that some of you could help me translate some text. The more languages, the better. But the main languages I see a lot of reposts in in the ML fandom are Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

So if anyone can help translate this, I’d greatly appreciate it:

“Please do not copy, edit or republish onto this website or any other website. If you would like to share, please share the link to the original instead.”

The wording is a little awkward so if you could make it more eloquent, please do! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

… please dont do this shit to me guys

I hate having to make an example of anyone, but this kinda stuff hurts.

I hate even needing to say this, but I have to protect my intellectual property.


I don’t understand what is so hard about it. My messaging on Tumblr and Instagram is open. My email adress is

PLEASE. Just talk to me! 

<< if you know this user, please do not harrass them, they have respected my request to take it down

– And if you see any reposting that I’m not aware about, please let me know. :o

2/7 of Jongdae’s birthday edits


  • Like or Reblog if saved 
  • DO NOT REPOST (open for better quality)

anonymous asked:

I just went on Instagram and I saw so many reposts of Miraculous fanart (which I've not searched or liked anything related so far) with crap like "credits to the artist" and I'm trying not to explode. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

yeah instagram is fucking littered with reposted art and it’s really ridiculous

i mean, pure and simple, it’s people acting entitled. more specifically, they think they’re entitled to take another person’s art work and decide its worth, decide what should be done with it, use it to decide how their social media profiles are going to look. every single excuse a reposter gives you can be chalked up to that. 

“it’s just a drawing why are you making such a big deal out of it?” how dare you decide the worth of another person’s hard work. entitled

“but i want to give the artist exposure.” artist didn’t ask you to do that and how dare you just take it upon yourself to decide how that artist gets their exposure. entitled. 

“but i left credits to the artist when i reposted.” and you could’ve just as easily reblogged the original piece of art in the time that it took you to fucking source back to it. but no you just want to fill your instagram account with pretty fanart that isn’t yours. entitled. 

“i want to share it with more people on other social media sites.” yeah and just fuck what the artist wants, right? hey, they might not want their art on any other sites other than the one they posted on but who the fuck cares right you want to share it on other sites because you’re calling the shots here. entitled

it’s fucking infuriating moreso because it shows how people in fandom take content creators for granted. they just expect all this art to be here like they expect to find leaves in a tree or water in a lake. they think that because all this art is just there that they can do whatever the hell they want with it. that fandom culture is just passing around pretty pictures. there are people drawing fanart that make their livings off the art they draw and have plans to become serious artists in the future. there are artists who slave over their work and put so much effort into what they show us. these are all people who take their craft seriously. the fucking least other people can do is take an artist’s work just as seriously as the artist themselves does. but no. people wanna fuck around and just do whatever they want and act based only on their own interests – like that’s not another person’s blood, sweat, love, and tears you’re holding. 

and people are sitting here wondering why an entire group of artists is just fucking done with drawing shit for them anymore. 

Naruto Characters + Instagram

Naruto - Kind of a train wreck of an instagram that’s just full of anything and everything he finds notable or funny. Constantly posting selfies he’s taken whenever he bumps into a random friend around the village and occasionally puts some heartfelt messages in the description box - though he is not above poking fun. Also comments on like everyone’s pictures without fail. 
Sakura - She has a pretty typical instagram filled mostly with pictures of her and her friends plus the occasional landscape shot captioned with like “mood” or something. Likes to post throwback pictures + photos of women that inspire her. 
Sasuke - His instagram is a barren wasteland with no posts to speak of. He still has like a few dozen followers but they’re mostly all those spam accounts that wanna sell you weight loss tea. Sakura uses his account to mass like all her pictures to add to her like count. 
Ino - 2.2 million followers. Constant selfies in which she always looks absolutely stunning and gets 100k likes each. Also posts different flower arrangements + other aesthetic photos and runs that instagram like its her damn business. 
Shikamaru - Doesn’t really give a shit about instagram and only ever posts ironically. Ino is always trying to get him to be more active so he’ll sarcastically post a picture of some innocuous item and copy all of her hashtags just to get under her skin. Secretly just keeps his account so he can snoop on Temari. 
Choji - Always posting pictures of his meals and is just generally really pleasant. Sometimes he’ll put restaurant reviews in the description and definitely over uses chatspeak faces and “lol”. Is weirdly good at photo editing and getting the right angle so his profile is actually really pleasing to look at. 
Hinata - She’s tagged in photos way more often than she posts but will share a picture Sakura or Ino edits for her every once in awhile. Is basically an angel and always thanks anyone who give her compliments in the comments section. Mostly uses the app to keep up with what her friends are posting. 
Kiba - His instagram is full of shit memes and reposted content that he finds funny around the web which has gained him a few thousand followers. He also gives updates on all the dogs his family raises and those posts are always liked by a mysterious user with the handle “lightninghands3000″ which is actually just Kakashi in disguise. 
Shino - Posts really frequently but its always a picture of some species of bug with a really long informative description that no one reads. He gets one or two likes on every photo and its usually from Hinata. 
Lee - Workout photos workout photos workout photos. Does this boy ever do anything other than physical conditioning. Types in upper case for everything and has the username “kohohashandsome_greenbeast” 
Tenten - Lots of variety but posts frequently about new weapons she’s purchased + the occasional group selfie with friends. Also regrams a slew of motivational quotes with frilly backgrounds you can find riddling middle aged mothers facebook timelines. 
Neji - Doesn’t post frequently but will relent and put up a group photo or two when Tenten insists. Is always surprisingly encouraging in the description box and will usually write a nice thing or two about what the people in whatever given photo mean to him or what he’s learned from being around them. Also hangs out with little cousin Hanabi and posts photos of her training progress cause he’s fond of her. 
Sai - Doesn’t understand the actual function of instagram but loves posting anyway. He often goes on morning walks and takes pictures of trees or flowers of interests and posts those + any little sketches he’s done recently. Occasionally goes crazy on the filters because he thinks they’re fun. 
Temari - Is beautiful and likes posting photos of all the cool places she gets to go on her ambassador trips + occasionally videos of Kankuro when he’s being dumb/funny. Always has really clever captions and has a pretty respectable following. Gets into mock fights with Shikamaru in the comments section. 
Kankuro - His instagram is mostly full of updates on different puppets he’s working on and little mini tutorials on how to build things. Also puts up fun snippets of he and his siblings daily lives which always get a huge number of views because the villagers are interested. Has definitely posted his share of shirtless mirror selfies. 
Gaara - His instagram is run entirely by Temari and he’s never actually posted a single thing on his own - mostly because he has no idea how to work it but also because he just doesn’t care. There have been rare occasions where he logs on and browses some of the village kids photos which always gets such a big reaction from them like dude the KAZEKAGE liked my picture of us skateboarding wtf!!!! 

Art Thieves: A Summary
  • Artist: *draws a picture and posts it* Please enjoy only on my site, thank you for all your support! (^-^)
  • Art reposter: Omg it's so good, I'll share it on my site!
  • Artist: D: Um, please don't do that. I can't control what people might do to my picture if that gets spread to other sites. They may edit it or even sell it and that could get me in trouble ;; I might get fined, or lose my job, or main source of income, or even worse..!
  • Art reposter: What, how could you be so selfish? Art is meant to be shared! We're helping you gain exposure and more fans! You're lucky we even think it's worthy enough to be shared on our site! If you didn't want it to be spread, don't post it online!
  • Artist: ): But I was never even asked permission...and the quantity of my fans don't really matter as long as my art makes my followers happy. I'm happy that you like it so much, but please be reasonable...
  • Art reposter: Well since you never put anything like 'Don't repost' we ASSumed you'd be chill with it. But fiiiine if you want to remove it you'll have to come to us directly.
  • Artist: But I don't have an account on your site...and I don't understand your language..?
  • Art reposter: Tough shit then. *keeps reposting artwork*
  • Artist: ... *closes account* I'm sorry, but it's gone too far and I don't want to risk legal problems... I hope my followers understand. m(_ _)m
  • Art reposter: Holy shit does anyone know what happened to ____? Their art was so good and I totally loved their work! Hope they come back :'''(
a bitch is angry

the constant disrespect has to fucking stop. going through his trash?! standing outside his house?! leaking his private info/pictures?! this cant go on anymore. harry lives his life in a fucking fish bowl. all he wants to do is love us (and everyone really) share his beautiful music and enjoy his down time. but EVIDENTLY HE DOESNT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THAT BECAUSE HIS FAMOUS. you do realize that going through someones trash is a whole nother level of crazy shit ive never seen and its gross in more ways than one. whoever did it better be lucky h is so sweet and might not call the cops on yo stalker ass. harry is the sweetest little angel alive and hes so kind to literally everyone and this disrespect needs to end. now. WE ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING HARRY HAS EXCEPT FOR HIS MUSIC. END OF DISCUSSION. do i wish he would be more open about his life? sure i do, all the fucking time. but i dont have the right to his personal life. none of us do. and maybe crazy shit like this is the reason he is so private in the first place. he is a human being with feelings and a heart and this is one of the most ugly things anyone has ever done in this fandom. not to mention the rumor about robin????? dont even get me stated on that cause that triggers a whole new level of bat-shit crazy. so please, lets all try to make a difference. if a photo/info was leaked- dont reblog, repost or retweet it. try and report people who get/spread this info around. if he asked you not to post it - DONT FUCKING POST IT sick people like that dont deserve all the love harry gives us. as much as hes done for us, the least we can do is try and make a difference in the way some people treat him. its not fair. and i know these are the actions of only a few. but since, in todays world its the new thing to take the actions of a few and label the group as a whole, WE ALL GET LABLED AS CRAZY STALKERS and this is the reason this fandom has the rep that it does and im sick of it. and i hope harry knows that most of us love him to bits and would never dream of treating him like this. so please please please lets all come together for harry and detox the fandom so we can return to the happy, fun loving family that harry wants us to be. 

The extent of reposting

You’ve been warned

This will be a really long post, and I’ll be addressing one account in particular, but will be referring to multiple accounts along the way. This is just a small, tiny part of the reposting community, and if you’re an artist who wants to protect their art, please continue reading as I will be showing proof that, reposters do not win. This is your art, your creation. Not theirs. 

Let’s say hello to this person:

Keep reading

Idk if this is a lot to ask but if anyone sees my art being reposted anywhere (coughcoughinstagram) then whenever you’re feeling up to it I’d really appreciate it if you’d point it out to them that I don’t want reposts and maybe kindly ask them to take it down? No one is obliged to do it of course, but I can’t keep my eye on everything alone plus I’m so anxious about confrontation, so it’d help me a huge deal.


my vision may be complete shit but his perfection is crystal clear in my eyes

i was tagged by the super pretty @ilsanthot for the selfie/bias tag a while ago and didn’t get to it until now lmao (thank you so much for tagging me!!!)

tagging (only if you want ofc!!): @emjooni @parkmochibean @bangbangbangtanx @ourlilbangtan @92liine @parkjiminbiased @jeonqguks @dreamjeongguk  and anyone else who wants to! ♡♡♡