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Hello everyone!!! Welcome to the Tumblr Semi-Formal!! My name is Skylar, and I am in charge of our celebration today!!

Anyone who wasn’t tagged and happens to see this-feel free to join in the fun, I don’t mind!! It’s all fun and games!!

Tag any repost of this with ( #sky'ssemi ), along with any pictures/photo’s please so I can track everything!!

Anything is allowed, though do at least TRY to keep it PG/not kill anyone (“^^)

If I forgot anyone, please, feel free to let me know!!

Have fun everybody!! If you need me, I’ll be with my girlfriend! 💕

~ Sky

(PS: Please pardon my outfit. I’m bad with clothes and I’ve gained to much weight to fit in anything nice ;u;)

“This has always been where I’ve come when I just want to get away,” Khan said, pulling back to meet Arthur’s gaze. “I’ve never brought anyone here before. I’ve never wanted to bring anyone here, actually.”

“So, why have you brought me here?” Arthur asked quietly. “What made you change your mind?” Khan reached up and brushed a lock of hair off of Arthur’s forehead.

“You changed my mind,” Khan replied.

Part Three of Fic/Art Collaboration with Ashley. we’re doing Freebatch pairings with DragonAU. I reposted this because it seems like the original post had been deleted? and I do not know what causing that. But what more important is me and Ashley gonna continue this AU, adding few more Freebatch pairings such as Stephen Strange/Everett Ross, Wallace/Lester Nygaard, and many more. thank you for sticking with us for all this time!

[Read the fic here!]

[The art for Guixon here]

[The art for Juliver here ]


I’m back! And holy shit, what is better than coming home to 600+ followers?! You guys are simply amazing! Thank you so so much qwq
And welcome to everybody who is new here! Feel free to send me asks or something!

Btw, would anyone be interested in commissions? I’m thinking about doing some..

So have a super simple Grillby painting(i forgot his bow tie, i’m so sorry) while I unpack C;

This is not okay

I just watched the newest Tumblr Tag video on Phil’s channel. Then I made the mistake of going in the tags. I am honestly so disappointed in the maturity level of the vast majority of the phandom. All of this mess over someone REPOSTING A PHOTO. Really? Is all of this shit absolutely necessary?

In no way, shape or form is this acceptable. This is cyberbullying. Over a reposted photo. Give me a fucking break. 

I’m not saying what she did was okay. She shouldn’t have reposted Dandong’s photo without permission. That was her mistake.

But Dan has made it clear that he uses Tumblr regulary. For all we know, he could’ve seen Dandongs’ art ages ago without anyone’s awareness of it.

But I guess that’s beside the point. The point is that this is an unfortunate situation that has been blown way out of proportion. Telling some to choke on their own saliva for reposting someone’s PUBLIC art is unbelievably stupid. I hate to break it to you, former Dandongs followers, but this is the INTERNET. If you want something to remain private, KEEP IT OFF OF HERE. ANYONE WITH A WI-FI CONNECTION AND THE SENSE OF SIGHT could’ve seen Dandongs’ blog! Especially on a platform like Tumblr, where millions of people come regularly. You can’t stop people from reposting things. If you have a popular blog, as Dandongs did, there’s ALWAYS going to be that ONE person who reposts without permission. And you usually won’t be able stop it.

And to you, @omfimsherlocked , I think an apology to Dandongs from you is in order. It might also be best to make a new blog with a different user, and avoid the tags that mention you or Tumblr Tag 3. That is all.


Part 1 of tonight’s update:
Shit ton of doodles of the valar and their maiar/anyone associated with them.

Click the pics to see the description for each one!
The bottom one is Vaire with Miriel Therinde but miriel is super small so here’s a close up:

- Please don’t repost/use/post my art on other websites without my permission -


CHECK THIS SHIT OUT! okey, about translating my comics, and reposting them places, look i’m an adult and i hope you guys are to, i kind of not like it as anyone could expect, is not always nice to see your work in other web sites, but you know what, i can’t avoid that, it is something that will happen anyway, so don’t feel bad, don’t ask for permision to do it because i’m not goin to give it!, but there is little i can do in that matter, besides that woul take to much energy to do it, and there is also the theme of translations, i wish i could do it by myself, at least for spanish, i don’t know, is a complicated thing i guest, but hey, the damn comic is free anyways is not that of a big deal seein it reposting it places, i think, BUT if you are gonna do omething badass and cool like this video here! damn i want to see that, my point is, WACTH THIS VIDEO IS PRETTY DAMN COOL!

don’t mind the thumbnail, is not related, just play it dude

After reading @thephandomtea ‘s blog for literally hours (who hasn’t) it has come to my attention that POC (anyone who is not white so this includes asians, latinos, etc.) are not as appreciated in the tumblr phandom as they should be and honeslty i’m bored of seeing the same white crackers every meetup.

On Friday from 4pm-9pm (UK TIME) there will be a meetup for POC in the phandom.

Post a selfie, share your fanart, submit your fics, anything that gets you the recognition you deserve to the tag #pocphandommeetup! (no reposting please respect whoever made the work)

If you are white please do not participate in this meetup (I myself am white so I won;t be posting a selfie and i expect you to do the same). If you do I will kindly ask you to remove it  and please just wait until the next meetup. This isn’t a dig, it isn’t me shading anyone, it is simply me letting poc get the recognition they deserve! Everyone in the phandom is beautiful no matter what *:・゚✧

Please, please reblog this to let everyone in the phandom know!

does anyone else remember that scandal back in 2011 where there was a gif of a guy winking at the camera at a weird angle or some shit and he looked a lot like brendon urie and everybody thought it was brendon urie, and everyone was reposting it with “oh my god brendon is so hot <3″ and etc BUT THEN the actual guy from the gif came forward and was like “that’s me….. thats not brendon urie….” and it was a Crisis

Blog idea: It’s called ‘fuck-fuckyeahzarry’ and it’s literally just there to repost every single one of FYZ’s posts, so you can reblog all the content you want without giving douchebags any notes/web traffic/advertising revenue.

Anyone want to set that shit up? Because you’d have my follow immediately.

Queen Of Shadows

Does anyone else out there read queen of shadows and LOVE it!?!? The character depth and insight, the changes, the insane ending with Dorian and Aelin!?!?!? The gorgeous one liners and elegant speeches?! The change to come in the next book!? The relationships!? So much shit went down!

Because there’s so much hate and its bumming me out :(

“but i don’t have any art style! thats why i preffer copying other artists’s artsyle!!!”
even if you don’t see it, you will grow your own, try not to make other artist’s style “yours”, you CAN and will get yours while time passes
hell, even myself i don’t see it, but others do!

i recommend trying new things, try different style inspired stuff, not just stick with, for example, “anime kawaii style” and that’s it (if you do, not problem at all, i say this so you could learn to have a more varied and not “average” style, if that’s what you want)

and yeah as i always say, study your favorite artists, save art (not repost it) for that, browse and see, internet it’s a really good source for inspiration

art it’s something that requires dedication, passion, it’s not easy for anyone, we all have our art-blocks and shit, and no one borns being good at it, so keep practicing and get inspired :)