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Jax wouldn’t say it outright at first – he’d prefer to show you he loves you. But after you’d been together for a little while and he was sure that your relationship was permanent, he’d tell you he loves you late one night, while you were cuddled up on the couch. It would come out of nowhere and you’d look up at him, surprised. He’d smile back down at you and lean down to kiss you.

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Opie would tell you he loves you for the first time when someone threatened your life. He would be there to rescue you and he’d wrap you in his huge arms and mumble something about “I was so worried, I love you, I thought I’d lost you.” And you’d realize exactly how much you meant to him.

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Chibs would take a long, long time to properly admit his feelings for you. He’d purposely act indifferent toward your relationship at first. He’d pretend he wasn’t as interested in you as he really was, and you’d reach a point where you’d decide to call it quits after he was particularly distant for a while. He’d tell you that the reason he was distant is because he didn’t want you caught in the crossfire of all the club shit, and that he wants you to stay because he loves you.

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Tig wouldn’t take long at all to tell you he loves you, he’d be honest about his feelings from the beginning. After a few weeks, he’d say it for the first time and it would come out of nowhere. But after he’d said it once and you’d said it back, he’d tell you every day, just so you know how much you mean to him.

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Hap would take a while to tell you, mainly because he didn’t want to show his emotions. It scares the hell out of him, the way he feels about you. He’d tell you quietly when you’d be lying in bed together and the next time he’d tell you would probably be your wedding day. But you’d know by the way he’d show you affection in other ways that he meant it.

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Juice would be scared to tell you at first, thinking it was too early and it might scare you off, so he’d wait a couple of weeks. But he’d know from the start that he loves you, and when he’d eventually blurt it out one day, your heart would melt, because you’d have wanted to tell him you love him since the beginning. You’d immediately say it back and jump into his arms. After that you’d both tell each other every day.

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I am sorry. I was one of the many people who pressed you into making SM3. I am oh so very sorry. I do hope that there will be a SM3 but I never considered how much pressure we were all putting on you. Sorry Michaela

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You’re fine darling, haha! Every Game Developer, in some shape, fashion, or form, has felt this kind of pressure. In all honesty, it’s rather cute to see such dedication to a little story I decided to tell, albeit a little dizzying to see many requests for a third installment.

To be perfectly transparent, I’d rather use any extra money I get to make the Ten-Year War game (showing the epic war between Diana and the Demon Lord), but people like the incubi a little more; enough to ask for an SM3.

So please, if you (or anyone reading this) feel bad about asking for Seduce Me 3, don’t. Just know that, yes, it has crossed my mind, and while I originally was not going to, there is a small chance it could happen now on the table.

It is now on fans like you to make it happen.

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Hi! I have a sudden urge to write polyamory themed fanfiction about haikyuu characters, and thinking about writing bokuteru, but sadly dont have any plot ideas?? And before I let this urge go i thought about asking those who ship them too?? So pls someone hmu thank

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone’s got any bokuroteru fic requests please let this angel know, we always need more fics for those three!!!! *O* <3<3

Anon said:  Pssst. Do you ship tensemi???

I DO !!!! They’re my fave Semi ship and one of my two fave Tendou ships!!

Anon said: There’s this fanfic in AO3: Need, by ConesOfDunshire. It’s a kuroteru fanfic that you may like? Though it depends on if you like fanfics with sex or nah. I personally prefer without sex (or without too many sex) but this one I couldn’t stop reading just to know how their relationshio would evolve.

!!!!!!!!! A N O N oh my god, okay you know how sometimes you have these ships and they’re, like, good ships and you enjoy them but you’re not deep into it or anything, and then some day you find that one piece of fanwork and suddenly you’re so deep in you’re never getting out that’s an otp right there and you’re d y i n g GOD

so yeah if anyone ever wondered how I ended up shipping KuroTeru they should go read that fic that’s it that’s why

Anon said:  I just want to say that I love your art and the way you represent the bakusquad and just generally the rest of the bnha characters is amazing. Thank you for being alive.

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! Oh my god that’s!!!! Such a nice thing to say !!!!!! <3<3<3

One Night In Seoul // Jackson Wang ft. BamBam

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader (featuring BamBam as readers friend)

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: Bambam’s friend has a concert so Bambam decided to bring Jackson with him. Y/N and Jackson meet for the first time and go hook up in Y/n apartment. 

A/N: Just as a side note, if any of my readers ever decide to have a one night stand with anyone, please always try to remember to use a condom ^^ Safe sex with strangers is the best kind of sex!

“What kind of band did you say she was in again?” Jackson asked BamBam as he sat down at the table with him.

“It’s like, heavy pop-rock. But they’re really good live, and (Y/N) is an unbelievable singer. Like I said – I met up with her yesterday for a catch-up after not seeing her in years, and she gave me two free tickets to their show. Plus, we can hang out with her and her band afterwards.  So, obviously I’m gonna go…” BamBam, explained as he placed the two tickets on the table.

“So…do you wanna come with me?” BamBam asked Jackson, pouting cutely and batting his eyelashes at him. Jackson threw his head back, yawning and pretending to make a fuss out of being BamBam’s last hope, before he shot his head back upright and smiled.

“Sure, I’ll go with you. Does she know much about GOT7?” he asked, whipping out his phone to Google your band to find out more information.

“Yeah, she loves GOT7! She really wanted to meet all of us but because she’s only here for 2 nights in Seoul and pretty much everyone is busy, it was just bad timing” BamBam sighed. He had promised you that you would be able to meet his group when you came here on tour, but it turned out that it was physically impossible seeing as everyone had plans except for Jackson and himself. Jackson scrolled through the internet on his phone, looking at various pictures and videos taken from last nights show in Seoul. He widened his eyes at a close up shot of you, dressed in the tightest black leather pants he had ever seen, along with a ripped Nirvana t-shirt with your hair falling around your shoulders as you closed your eyes and sang into the mic. He couldn’t help but find you extremely attractive.

“She looks pretty cool, and their music is good too. When are we leaving?” Jackson asked suddenly, making BamBam’s eyes light up.

“So you’ll go with me?!” he practically jumped out of his chair and hugged him as Jackson began laughing and trying his best to push him off.

“Yes! I’ll go with you, but if this is some kind of rock gig, then you’re gonna need to help me pick out something to wear…” Jackson looked at his younger friend seriously.

“…Jackson…all of your clothes are black. You’ll fit right in” BamBam patted Jacksons shoulder, both of them laughing at BamBams backhanded diss before they began to get ready for the gig.

You and your band had been on your first world tour for the past 10 months. Korea was the last stop in the Asian leg of the tour before you all headed off to Europe , so you wanted to make the last night in Seoul go out with a bang. It had been a while since you last seen BamBam so when  you found out that your band would definitely be going to Seoul, you contacted him immediately to see if you could hang out with him – to which he said he would love to. But since both of your schedules were so hectic, it proved to be difficult to get to meet him and his group too – so you settled with being able to give him 2 free tickets to the show and catching up with him after words.

“I hope he was able to get to the VIP box without any trouble” you said to your guitarist as you all stood at the wings of the stage, looking out at a crowd of about 600 people who were ready to have a good time. Upon looking up at the VIP box, you smiled from ear to ear as you seen BamBam and another guy standing and resting their arms over the railings.

“Looks like they had no problems! Ready (Y/N)?” Peter said, before running out on to the stage and the crowd going absolutely crazy. Hearing them scream gave you a massive boost of energy, as you joined the rest of your band on stage.

You began the set with your opening track, all of you going hard and giving the best performances of your life as you could literally feel the crowds energy being fed into your body as if you were hooked up to an IV. You didn’t know much Korean, but you knew simple words and phrases to communicate with the audience to get you by. Song after song, you gave it your all; every so often looking up to the VIP box and waving at BamBam and who you presumed to be another member of GOT7, seeing them wave back at you as they had their own private party, dancing and jumping around to the music.

“Thank you so much Seoul! You guys were awesome! See you next year when we’re back alright?! Kamsahamnidaaaaa! Annyeonghi jumuseyoooo!” you shouted into the crowd as the gig ended. The roars of the crowd faded as you made your way backstage, sweaty and feeling slightly tired as you put your towel around your neck. You entered your dressing room to pull out your phone and text BamBam, letting him know where to go and who to show his passes to, before lightly touching up your makeup in your vanity mirror.

“So we’re going backstage now?” Jackson asked BamBam as they descended the flight of stairs from the VIP box towards the stage doors.

“Yeah, she said to knock these doors and wait for the bouncer to come so we can show him our passes” BamBam replied, before knocking the door and waiting patiently as they watched the hall beginning to empty of sweaty, tired fans.

“She’s so energetic right? This was the first time for me to see her live. She’s so cool~” BamBam openly began fan-boying, Jackson immediately joining in.

“I couldn’t believe it! And she’s sexy too – she could be an idol if she wanted to!” he said enthusiastically as BamBam playfully smacked him on his shoulder.

“Hey, no perving on my friend!” he shouted, before the doors opened to reveal not a bouncer, but you.

“Surprise!” you shouted, as BamBam and Jackson turned around to see you standing there with your arms wide open. BamBam screamed and threw himself around you before picking you up and spinning you around.

“You were so amazing (Y/N)! That was so fucking cool okay? Ahhhh I’m your biggest fan boy” BamBam giggled as he jumped up and down in jest, making your sides ache with laughter. It was then you remembered his friend who was standing next to him awkwardly, not sure what to do as you both accidently made him the third wheel of the conversation.

“Oi Bam! Don’t be so rude and leave your friend out. Who’s this?” you teased, looking up at his handsome friend and smiling at him. You couldn’t take your eyes off of his striking features, his well built arms which were on show and his deep, alluring brown eyes. Jackson was at a loss for words, taking in your presence, looking at how your tight pants hugged you in all the right places.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry! This is Jackson! He’s our rapper in GOT7 and he’s from Hong Kong but don’t worry he speaks English too” BamBam put his hand to the small of Jackson’s back, ushering him forward.

“And I already know who you are, your fanboy didn’t stop talking about you all night” Jackson smirked, holding out his hand to shake yours. You giggled at his remark, before pushing his hand aside and pulling him into a hug.

“I don’t do shaking hands, come here you” you said as you hugged him tightly, as if you were both long time friends. Jackson was taken aback slightly, before reminding himself that you were probably used to hugging your fans back in the west. He gladly returned your hug, feeling your breasts press against his firm chest as well as the heat radiating from your body from being on stage for the past 2 hours. You took in the scent of his expensive cologne, your face in the crook of his neck as your hands pressed on his shoulder blades for support, standing on your toes to reach up to him.

“I apologise if I’m all sweaty and gross” you moaned lightly as you broke the hug, however Jackson couldn’t care less as all he could think about was your body, the softness of your voice and how you smiled at him. You locked eyes with him, a little longer than just a passing glance as you could have sworn you saw something dark lingering in his intense stare. You giggled softly, before turning back to BamBam.

“Alright so – here’s the plan. Let’s go and meet the rest of my guys, and then if it’s okay with you both, I thought we could just chill out in my hotel room, order some drink and food and just talk about whatever? I’m kinda too tired to go out anywhere right now ahhh” you sighed, rubbing your neck and hoping they were down for a chill evening.

“Sure that sounds good to me” Jackson said without hesitation, BamBam nodding in agreement as you screamed joyfully on the inside.

“Awesome – shall we?” you said, opening the door and waiting for them to go through. BamBam walked ahead, before Jackson stood directly behind you, taking the door from you and holding it open, making you look back at how close his body was to yours.

“Ladies first” he winked, giving you a cheeky smile. You scoffed at his cheesiness, as you raised your eyebrows and walked ahead. Jacksons eyes fell to your very lovely derrière, examining the very clear outline of your thong as he watched you strut in front of him. He bit his lip, before following you and BamBam backstage.

BamBam and Jackson both met and talked with your band for a while, before you told your members that you were going to hang out with them for the night. Your band were going to some bar to drink and celebrate the successful gig, so you all went your separate ways before you, BamBam and Jackson made your way to your hotel in your managers car.

“We’re not famous enough yet to stay in The Hilton, so this will just have to do for now” you joked as all three of you walked into your hotel room. The hotel wasn’t as fancy as others, but your room was large nonetheless, with ivory walls and a plush red carpet. BamBam went straight for your king size bed, throwing himself on to it and groaning at how comfortable it was. You and Jackson both burst out laughing at him as you took your shoes off before plopping yourself on to the couch.

“Alright you two, go ahead and order a bunch of food and whatever alcohol you guys want – I’m gonna get a quick shower because I’m kinda a hot mess right now” you chuckled as you pulled your jacket off, leaving you in your Good Charlotte tank top.

“Good Charlotte…is that a western brand of clothing?” Jackson asked as he approached you. He found it impossible to look away from your breasts, seeing your black bra very clearly underneath the thin white shirt, so he made an excuse to look without looking like a complete creep. You began laughing again, before standing up right in front of Jackson, your bodies but a few inches away from each other.

“Good Charlotte is a rock band from the US dear~” you said softly to him, cocking your head and flashing him a teasing glace. Jackson felt his ears go red as he watched you pull out a pair of what he presumed to be black pyjama shorts, noticing that they were just that. Short.

“Okay, I’m off for my shower.” You called out as you went into the bathroom.

Jackson and BamBam ordered a tonne of food and drink from the room service menu as they waited for you to finish your shower. They both talked and recalled different parts of the gig, before BamBam lowered his voice and looked at Jackson seriously.

“Sooo…you and (Y/N)?” he said, raising his eyebrows up and down, giving Jackson a shit eating grin. Jackson scoffed, rolling his eyes in the process while shoving BamBam away.

“Me and (Y/N) what exactly?” Jackson said coyly, playing dumb on purpose. BamBam knew that you were exactly Jackson’s type and the sexual tension between you both was pretty intense.

“Oh, nothing.” BamBam said in a sing song voice, before they both heard knocking at the door. Jackson jumped up, before opening it and helping the room service guy wheel the huge tray of food and alcohol into the room, before thanking him and closing the door behind him.

You finished your shower, drying yourself off and slipping into a clean thong, your pyjama shorts and throwing on your bands own hoodie before returning to the boys to see the mountain of food sat in the living area of the room.

“Holy shit you guys…you better eat and drink all of this…” you widened your eyes at them as they laughed and began dishing out the food. You hooked up your iPod to your speakers, putting your music on shuffle as background noise before sitting down on the sofa beside Jackson, BamBam on the chair in front of you both as you all tucked into your food and alcohol, chatting and catching up.

The food proved to be too much for you, as you admitted defeat and just stuck to sipping on your soju as the two boys practically inhaled the rest of the food. You could feel yourself getting kind of tipsy, as you noticed BamBam was pretty much as drunk as he could possibly be – Jackson just happily buzzed from his beer as you all continued to talk and have a good time.

Before long, you both had to put BamBam to bed on the sofa as he had quite literally just fell asleep, making Jackson shake his head as you grabbed a pillow and the comforter from the bed to put around him.

“He always does this; I swear he can’t drink to save his life. You’re pretty good though” Jackson smiled as he watched you sloppily tuck BamBam in, making sure he was somewhat comfortable. Jackson watched you as you bent over, feasting his eyes on the bottom of your bum cheeks and the small space between your legs from behind. It was then he felt himself becoming semi-hard in his pants, his intoxicated high fuelling his arousal even more. Little did he know, that you had bent over in front of him on purpose, your mind filled with liquid courage as you stood up and turned around to Jackson, smiling sweetly at him and looking in towards the bedroom.

“Do you wanna go in there and talk so we don’t wake him?” you asked innocently, even though you both knew that a bomb could go off and it wouldn’t wake BamBam from his drunken slumber. Jackson smirked before nodding at you and lifting his beer as he walked over to the door, opening it and looking back at you.

“Ladies first~” he said for the second time that night as you sneered playfully at him, watching his drunken gaze following your every move. You meandered towards the bed with your bottle of soju before turning around and falling on to it, spreading your body out over the sheets as Jackson closed the door and leant against it. He looked at the way your body sank into the plush bedding, the soft tone of your voice as you giggled gently in your tipsy state. He licked his lips, suddenly feeling a bit nervous as you raised your head to look at him.

“Are you gonna stand there all night or are you going to come over here and join me?” you lightly slurred while looking up at Jackson, giving him the ultimate ‘come hither’ eyes as you felt the sexual tension in the air so thick you could cut it with a knife. Jackson gulped, smirking at you before trailing his eyes along the ground and falling down on the bed beside you. He was nervous on the inside, even with the alcohol – but his arousal was spurring him on even more so now that you had instigated him. You were a confident girl, and it had been too long on the road since you had been intimate with someone.

Jackson lay beside you, giggling and joking along with you, listening to your silly intoxicated words. He noticed how your eyes kept falling to his lips, watching them move as he spoke. He examined the way your womanly curves lined the bed sheets as you lay on your side facing him, the way the bottom of your hoodie rode up a bit to reveal your hip just above your shorts and your smooth legs brushing against his jeans.

“Tonight’s been so fun~ I miss having good conversation with strangers” you fluttered your eyelashes at him, brushing your hand against his chest. Jackson looked at you coyly, putting his hand on top of yours – his skin hot to the touch.

“Are you flirting with me (Y/N)?” he asked in jest, biting his lip and making you open your mouth in shock.

“Me?! Flirt? I would never~” you giggled, turning over and facing away from him.

“Fine! I’ll just go to sleep and stop flirting with you if you hate it that much. Goodnight Jackson~” you called out softy before dimming the light on the bedside table leaving the room in a soft hue.

It was then you felt Jackson move right up behind you, his hands immediately going for your hips and wandering over your stomach, pulling you closer and grinding his hips into your ass. You suddenly forgot how to breathe under his touch.

“I didn’t say I hated your flirting, I just hate that you’re not doing anything about it” he purred into your ear before leaving open mouthed, damp kisses along the sensitive skin on your neck. You turned around to face him, the smell of liquor on his breath as you placed your mouth on his, kissing him softly and feeling his hands travelling around your back and eventually cupping your ass as he squeezed it to the rhythm of your kiss. You reached for his shirt, feeling his hard abs underneath it and wanting more access to his stomach.

“Take this off” you murmured through the kiss, making Jackson smile at your orders, before he leaned back and slowly pulled his shirt up and over his head, tossing it to the floor before watching your eyes light up at his physique, feeding his ego in return. You pushed him down on to the bed before straddling him, this time giving him small kisses on his neck and along his collarbone.

“Your turn sweetheart” Jackson breathed as he hooked his fingers around the bottom of your hoodie, pulling it up and watching you as you let it fall to the floor, realising that you didn’t have a bra on as he felt himself getting insanely hard at your perky breasts while you teased him, rolling your hips into his and cupping your chest as you bit your lip and gave him your sultry bedroom eyes. He groaned at the friction you were creating, his hands primitively placing themselves on your hips as you moved. You shimmied down his thighs before leaning over his body, kissing down his chest and stopping at his left nipple, swirling your tongue around his small, hardened bud and looking at his face to see his reactions. He moaned quietly as you took it in your mouth, trapping it gently in between your teeth before placing gentle kisses around it. You continued south, coming to his jeans. As you kissed through the valley of his toned stomach and stopped at his hips, you began unbuttoning him, feeling his rock hard member pulsating through the thick fabric. It was like unwrapping a gift as you helped him pull his jeans and boxers down in one go. Jackson kicked them off as he watched your eyes linger over this impressive manhood, not wasting any time before you let your built up saliva pool around the tip, taking him in your hand and pumping him slowly from the base. Jackson threw his head back as he moved his hips to meet your hand in search of more pleasure.

“Feel good huh?” you cooed, watching his body tremble under your grip as he tugged at the covers around him in sheer pleasure. You slowed your movements before completely removing your hand. Jackson winced at the sudden loss of contact, but as soon as he seen you removing your shorts to leave you in nothing but a red thong, he shimmied himself up in the bed, resting his back against the pillows while pleasuring himself at the sight of you.

“Come here baby, fuck you’re so hot…” he moaned as he loosely pumped himself up and down. You giggled at his reaction, before getting on your hands and knees and crawling over to him, straddling him once more. Jackson put his hand between your bodies and pushed your thong to the side, running his fingers through your folds which were already soaking wet, making you moan as he fingered you relentlessly.

“I want you inside of me Jackson” you moaned, pinching your nipples and looking him straight in his eyes as he bit his lip hard in response to your words. You repositioned yourself over him, leaving his tip just brushing your entrance as Jackson flickered his eyes to you, looking for permission. Without any warning, you slid yourself down on him, your tight walls taking in his thickness inch by inch. Jackson held his breath as he looked down, watching himself disappear inside of you and feeling pure ecstasy as you began to bounce gently up and down on him. His hands gripped your hips tightly as he watched the beautiful movement of your breasts along with your body, your soft mewls leaving your lips as he grazed your bundle of nerves inside you over and over.He began pulling your hips forward, faster and faster; making you grind down on him harder as you felt the natural friction of his body on yours massage your throbbing clit. Streams of profanities left both of your mouths as you raced towards your highs, Jackson trying with all his might to not finish before you.

“I’m…I’m g-gonna cum” you moaned loudly, his name falling out of your mouth over and over like a mantra as your body tensed and you came hard around his cock, your sweet nectar dripping down both of you slowly as your muscles expanded and contracted. Jackson was nearly there, before you felt him squirm underneath you.

“Fuck I need to pull out, I’m gonna cum, fuck” he moaned loudly. You chuckled, placing your hands on his chest.

“Cum inside me, I’m on the pill don’t worry” you replied gently, as you picked up your pace and rode him hard, making him moan over and over. Jackson widened his eyes as his entire body shook in the wake of his orgasm, hitting him like a tsunami as it washed through him. You felt his member twitch inside of you as his warm seed mixed with your juices. You found out that Jackson was quite vocal during his high, as he moaned deeply, his voice getting a little higher on each drawn out breath. You slowed your movements, both of you looking each other in the eye, before you gently took him out of you and rolled beside him, still feeling the remains of him between your legs. You kissed him on the cheek, but that wasn’t enough for Jackson as he pulled you in closer to administer another passionate kiss to your lips. You knew this was dangerous; kissing you so lovingly when it was just a one night stand. You pulled back, smiling shyly at him – much to his disappointment. Jackson sensed your hesitancy, before cupping your cheek and moving his face closer to yours.

“Sorry…I just…it’s gonna sound stupid but I’ve…never came inside anyone before and that felt amazing” he chuckled, lowering his eyes as you giggled back at him. You pinched his cheek, admiring how beautiful he looked as he smiled, before you got up and wrapped your dressing gown around you.

“I’m gonna take a shower – i’ll be back soon” you said as you quietly stepped out of the room.

Jackson lay there, recounting what had just happened and silently cursing himself for developing some kind of feelings for you. He had only known you for the past 8 hours, making him feel even more crazy. You were leaving Seoul tomorrow, so surely this couldn’t work. He tossed and turned in your bed, pulling the covers up around him before eventually being able to fall asleep.

You returned to the bedroom, seeing Jackson completely passed out and soft snores falling from his mouth. You chuckled silently, before getting in beside him – making sure you didn’t wake him up, as you nuzzled in behind him. You knew this was a one night thing that you had done a few times before on the road, but why did it feel different with him? You scolded yourself for catching feelings so quickly. Why was he different? You breathed in his natural scent – finding it strangely calming as it lulled you into a deep sleep.

Your eyes fluttered open the next morning to see the soft sunlight coming through your windows. You felt the all too familiar ache in your head that you always got from drinking, as you stretched out your body, only to find that Jackson wasn’t there. You sat up suddenly, realising that he was gone.

“Wow.” You said to yourself. You couldn’t help but feel sad. You thought that he wouldn’t be the type to just get up and leave the next morning, especially after you had felt something completely different after sex. You reached to the floor, fumbling for your phone to see that BamBam had sent you a message early this morning.

From: Bam

(Y/N), we had to leave early because our groups leader had to be rushed to hospital with pains in his back. We didn’t wanna wake you because you seemed so tired. I’m sorry that we didn’t get to say goodbye properly, but don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be goodbye forever. Next time we’re all in the same place, let’s hang out again. Sorry for falling asleep >_< Can’t wait to see you again. B x

You furrowed your eyebrows. BamBam wouldn’t lie to you, and you knew that. But you couldn’t help feeling sorry for yourself.

“I didn’t even get his number” you chuckled, thinking that you had really lucked out with Jackson. You pulled yourself to the side of your bed, when you noticed a glass of water, two aspirin and a note sitting on the bedside locker. You cocked your head to the side, reaching over and picking up the paper, before you smiled so much you thought your cheeks would hurt.


I’m sorry I had to leave without saying goodbye. It really hurt me to do that and I hope you believe me. Last night was…one of the best nights I’ve had in a very long time – for more than the reason you think. I know you’re probably the type of person to not catch feelings for someone so quickly, but sadly – I am not. I know it’s crazy, but I feel something for you. And I wish you didn’t have to leave today.

I’ve left some painkillers for you – you probably need them :P And I’ve also left my number on the other side of this letter. If you feel the same way that I’m feeling about you, then…please contact me and we will work something out. Don’t forget about me too quickly, alright?

Jackson x”

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hey pretty do you know any good blurbs or one shots about sitting on harry's face (by you or anyone?) and if so could you pretty please link them? i've seen people ask writers and they're like "yes i've written that!" but i just can never find them 😭 but i'm craving it rn

I’ve got one called “More About Balance” on the requests list (that’s the second link at the top of the main masterlist) in with all the “It’s About Balance” requests, so close to the bottom of that page. And @stylesunchained has one called Sunburn that’s on her masterlist, so if you click on through to her page and click the link for her masterlist, you should be just fine if you look through her list of stories. :) xx


My first time making Dangan Ronpa sprite animations (or any animations that weren’t Yu-Gi-Oh! related). So, I decided to make my two SDR2 OTPs <3

(If anyone has any requests, please just send them to my ask! I can make animations for any Dangan Ronpa ship, as long as the characters have either a school mode or island mode sprite.)

Feel free to use any of these as you wish, as long as you credit me!

I Really Like You ~ 10K/Reader

I received this request:

“10k imagine where the f!reader second guesses herself and her relationship with 10k after seeing how he interacts with Cassandra so he has to reassure her that he sees Cassandra as like a sister or something. Ends with some cuddles cuz cuddles are life.”

So I wrote this as a continuation to Freckles. I just wanna say thank you so much for the requests. If you have any ideas you’d like to give me please feel free to message me or send me asks ^^;;

Warnings: Fluff and ridiculous amounts of cheesiness. 


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I’m running out of ideas for lockscreens so if anyone has any requests just send me an ask please I’m begging you I cannot make any more McNugget lockscreens or @laurynfaith is going to kick my ass

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Would it be alright to request a Cassandra/Ezekiel fanvid? to literally whatever song you want I just want more of them always

It’s totally alright to request that! I do have a few other vids that I’m working on, and I have been trying to figure out a good song to set a casekiel vid to, but I haven’t been able to think of one, so I figured I’d ask if anyone has any song suggestions for a Casekiel fanvid.

I’ve already done one to Ordinary Day, and a 1/3 of one to Criminal (also a Jazekiel & Jassekiel vid), but if anyone has any other suggestions please send them my way, either by replying to this post or by sending an ask.

- Alex

Paypal help

Ok so I only just got a paypal so I’m not entirely sure how it works or how to link things in the most efficient way but I really need some help right now.

Long story short my original plans for college aren’t going to work out but for the sake of my mental health there’s really no way I can stay where I live right now. So, I tried to check my status with the late application I sent to Bridgewater but realized it never went through bc I never sent my SAT scores. However, I need to pay $12 to send in my SAT scores and at this point my parents are extremely angry with me so I’m honestly afraid to ask them about it. So I’m just asking if anyone has any money (all $12 or even just smaller amounts to donate) that they are willing to donate please message me ASAP so I can send a paypal request through email (bc that’s really the only way I know how to work requests/donations on there right now).

Thank you

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OoooooOoo asks are back!! Can I please request a fluff and jealous scenario between Thunderhoof ( Transformers RID) and his s/o? I don't anyone has ever asked about this mafia mech.

My mafia moosee

Fluffy Headcanons

Thunderhoof (RID):

  • You’ve had this exact conversation at least once.
  • Even if you ask him not to, he keeps buying you these expensive gifts. Lot’s of jewelry, fancy plates, and cloth/clothes (Cybertron didn’t have much cloth so any cloth that isn’t used for cleaning is expensive and it means a lot to have someone give it to you). He just wants to make sure his darlin’ is well taken care of.
  • JEALOUS: Oh man, nobody, and he means NOBODY messes with HIS S/O and gets away with it! He puffs himself up all big like, steam practically shooting out of his olfactory sensors. He starts getting into the other person’s space, shoving them back and loudly insulting/threatening them. May start a brawl that turns into an all-out bar fight.

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hey! do you have any happy padme au recs? thanks!

Hello anon! 

Thank you so much for the question! It’s hard to find happy Padme AU’s but these are some of the ones I’ve found after searching the tags. 

 (I can’t personally vouch for the happiness of every story, but I have read the first one and it’s great). 

the family amidala 

Summary: Padme lives. She runs.

Warning: Major Character Death (towards the end- not Padme)

(A wonderful AU where Padme lives, she gives birth to the twins, and goes on the run with her children. This features an AU version of A New Hope as well).

Plot Twist 

Obi-Wan/Padme/Anakin relationship- Modern AU

Summary:  The supposed love triangle between Mr. Skywalker, Ms. Amidala, and Mr. Kenobi is all their students (and even their fellow teachers) can talk about. The only thing is, no one at Coruscant High School can figure out exactly which of them are together.

all measures which are required

Daredevil/Marvel AU- Anidala (kind of)

Summary: Padmé Amidala is a fully-fledged doctor and has been for years when Dev Sibwarra opens her apartment door and says, in desperate Spanish, “There’s someone bleeding in your dumpster.”

or: four people Padmé Amidala patched up, and one time she didn’t need to patch someone up. (featuring: an inadvertently high amount of vigilantes bleeding on her couch, goddammit.)

Parent-Teacher Conference

Modern AU/ developing Anidala/single dad Anakin/teacher Padme

Summary:  Anakin has to meet with the twins’ second grade teacher after Leia punches a classmate in the face. But he hadn’t counted on Ms. Amidala being quite so pretty.

Will You Fake Marry Me?

Based on the movie ‘The Proposal’- fake/pretend relationship-developing Anidala

Summary: Anakin’s boss may or may not have accidentally given her family the impression that she’s engaged to him. Anakin may or may not be pleased about the situation.

Two For The Price of One

Modern AU- Married Anidala- Domestic

Summary: It isn’t often that she can knock him speechless with just words.

If anyone has any fic rec requests feel free to ask

EXO Reaction to you Crying Because They Don’t Have Time for you

Remember guys i am looking for two people to join this blog so if your interested here’s the info. Anyone can try i just need one reaction from you and it doesn’t have to be requested by someone or you can write something if you want (fanfic,imagine,secnario) and just like the reaction it doesn’t have to be requested. I’m not being picky or anything so everyone has a chance :) Also if you have any request go ahead and leave them in my ask box - Jasmine

(none of these gifs are mine)

★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ 

XIUMIN: no,no,no don’t cry i will make more time for you *shit how am i gonna do that*

TAO: i’m sorry jagi i’m never here please don’t cry

SUHO: please don’t cry i’ll make time for you i promise…

SEHUN: i though we talked about this already, please don’t cry anymore

LUHAN: i know its not the same but we can always facetime 

LAY: *writes a song to make you feel better*

KRIS: *he walks in on you crying* ummm….

KAI: you don’t need to cry i’m here now right?

D.O: the tour is almost over just little bit longer ok?

CHEN: please don’t cry i don’t like to see you upset

CHANYEOL: well i can’t do much but i’ll try to be here

BAEKHYUN: *what do i do*

Imagine: harry and you are dating and he’s away on tour. You’re in different timezones and he just wants to let you know how much he cares and misses you.

Sooo many harry feels tonight. If anyone has any requests please message me because I have no life and am constantly bored, so please please ask. Or if you just wanna talk about harry that’s cool too cause I could talk allllllll day about him, or have a question or ANYTHING please send me a message, I love new friends too!


~Imagine telling Sam about your crush on Castiel, only to find out Castiel hears and things turn for a surprise.~

“Sam! You can’t tell anyone ok?” I beg, standing in front of the tall brother. “But y/n! I think he likes you too!” He yelled excitedly like a small child. “Sam, does he even know what a crush is?” Then I heard wings flap from the other side of the room, catching my attention and making me turn around, it was Cas, hoping and praying he didn’t hear my confession.

“Hello Sam, y/n.” “What are you doin’ here cas?” I ask nervously, feeling my hands shake. “I heard your confession, and well I’m pleased.” He replied, walking up to me and pressing me against a wall, pressing his lips against mine. They felt perfect against mine, like this was meant to happen. After a minute of passionately kissing and trying so hard not to scream from happiness the brothers interrupt us.

“Wooo! Get it guys!” Dean yelled, tipping his glass of beer towards us, making me giggle but Cas didn’t find it funny. “Way to interrupt the moment, Dean.” “Sorry, we’ll leave you two alone. And y/n..” Sam asked while looking at me with soft eyes. “Yes?”.

“I told ya so..” Then he left with a wink and evil smirk, leaving us alone and let me tell you, he was right.


A/N: I might just start making only short imagines like this, unless they’re requests then I’ll make them long because I don’t know I don’t think anyone likes my imagines anymore because they’re been crap which I’m sorry, been busy with school. If anyone ever has any requests please feel free. Sorry for the change.