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Succumb. (Jihoon Smut)

for the anon who requested this! sorry if it’s not to your liking jafhdakfbakjdfbadsf im so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy but he looks like a fucking kitty here omg. btw i kinda got carried away because i have a thing for fem!dom and like idk why i just do. there are parts where he is completely out of character but then again this is a work of fiction. :) i just fucking hope you guys like it, i don’t know what happened anymore, just oh god. i don’t know if this is enough because i’m not satisfied and idk how chastity shit works hbfkjsbfskjfg so enjoy!!

word count: 7.1k holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

disclaimer: so this kinda has mommy kink and stuff. sorry not sorry.

also i guess things will get kinky?!?!?!?

-admin kate x

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here’s your friendly reminder that i should be done with this animatic within the next couple days, and i’ll have it up as soon as i??? figure out youtube???

anyway, it might not be perfect, but i am so proud of this animatic and all the work that i’ve poured into it over the past four weeks, and i hope that other  people enjoy it too!!! 

(((and maybe i’m planning another one if people like this one ;) )))

Look At Me

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Leo x Reader

Look At Me

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Hi! I’m new to Tumblr so Idk how this works exactly.. But can you do a Leo fic? You know how he doesn’t really care that he’s a mutant and all that stuff? He just sort of pushes it aside? Well do you think maybe he could just pour out all of his feelings/break down in front of the reader? Maybe angsty and fluffy??

Note: Aaaaaaah Leo my babe <3

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1097

You had always admired Leo. He was always calm, collected, ready for whatever was coming his way. He stood tall and looked death in the face, challenging it to take another step. His blue eyes sent a chill up your spine, and one of his smiles was enough to send a flurry of butterflies through your stomach.

Sure, you had been hesitant of Leo and his brothers when you had first met them, but now you couldn’t imagine your life without them. They were such a vital part of your happiness that it was impossible for you to go even a day without thinking about them.

Leo had a special spot in your heart. You looked out for him, silently restocking his tea bags when he was running low, sneaking books you finished reading into the bottom of his stack, sketching him when he wasn’t looking. It didn’t take long at all for your friendship with him to evolve into a crush. A big one.

You found yourself questioning if he felt the same way about you. If his glances at you when he thought you weren’t looking meant anything.

It was a chilly fall day when you came down to the lair with a drink holder full of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. You were cozy in the blue sweater you found yourself wearing more and more often lately. As soon as you set them on the counter, Mikey’s disappeared as he zoomed off towards his gaming spot. You dropped Donnie’s off in his lab, and then headed to the dojo where you expected to find the blue-clad turtle, but only found Raph. So, after giving Raph his latte, you set out to search the rest of the lair.

Your search led you to Leo’s room where you could swear you heard sniffling. Well, it was cold season, after all, you figured. Good thing you had tissues in your bag. You knocked on the door to his room.

“Leo? I brought Pumpkin Spice and Hocus Pocus,” you called. You heard a little bit of movement and the sniffling stopped. You raised an eyebrow, confused. Something was not right here. “Leo? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just give me a second.” his voice was muffled by the door. Finally, you were face to face with him. He was wearing that warm sort of smile that made your heart flutter. It almost hid the tears threatening to spill from his blue, blue eyes. Almost.

“Is something wrong?” You asked, handing over the drink. He started to shake his head and then stopped and motioned for you to come in. Once you were inside the room, he closed the door behind you.

“I’m sorry, I just…” he reached up to wipe away fresh tears. And it hit you then that you had never seen Leonardo cry. Not calm Leonardo. Not brave Leonardo. Not the fearless leader in blue. He was always so collected, so ready for anything. “I’ve been thinking too much lately. But I’m okay, I promise.”

“You are obviously not okay.” Your voice was soft. You spoke to him as though he was made of glass and you were afraid a misplaced word would shatter him.

He sat down on the bed all at once, causing it to groan under his weight. You stood in front of him, looking down on his slouched figure. For once he was shorter than you, but not by much. Tentatively, you reached out to wipe away his tears. He let you, leaning into your careful touch.

“You can tell me anything.”

“I know.” he nodded, taking a shaky breath. “I’ve just been thinking about…you know, what I am…lately. And I know it’s not good for me, and I know I shouldn’t, but I just…”


More tears slipped down his cheeks. “I don’t know how much longer I can do this.”

“Do what, Leo?”

“Do this! Pretend I’m content with being a giant mutant freak!” He took a deep breath, recentering himself.

You were quiet for a long time, looking at him, trying to decide what you could do to make it better. Eventually, you ended up wrapping your arms around him, resting your chin on his shoulder.

“I know it’s hard. I know you struggle with it. You all do. I see it in your eyes whenever I come here. I know.” you whispered. With every word, Leo slowly began to embrace you, holding you tight. You could feel his chest shaking, arms trembling as they held you. “But you’re not freaks. I don’t care what you think about yourselves or where you came from or how you came to be. You’re not freaks.”

He took a shaky breath before speaking again.

“No one is ever going to love me. Us. Not like the people up there love each other.”

It took you a second to unjumble his whispered words in your mind. He sounded particularly broken when admitting this part.

“Look at me, Leo.” You pulled yourself out of his shoulder and guided his face to look at yours. His eyes slowly found yours, a sad, dejected look on his face. Your expression softened. “Someone already loves you. More than anyone she knows. More than anyone she’s ever loved.”

“Really?” his voice broke, and through his sadness shined just a little ray of hope.

“Yes. So, so much.” Your heart was racing, and his arms tightened around you again.

“I love you too,” Leo wiped away the last of his tears, a smile finally returning to his handsome face. “I just didn’t think you could…this would have been a lot easier if I had just talked to you, huh?” he sort of chuckled.

“Yeah, I bet.” You ran your small fingers along his green face, admiring every facet of him. He watched you with wonder in his eyes. How someone so beautiful could find something worth admiring in him was beyond him, but you couldn’t help but admire the handsome terrapin. “How about I grab a blanket and we can go pop in the movie?”


Hocus Pocus.” you held up the case. “You said you hadn’t ever seen it, so I brought it over.”

“Thoughtful. As always.” He smiled warmly and stood up from the bed, resuming his spot towering tall above you. You basically had to look straight up to make eye contact. He chuckled at that too. At how small you were compared to him.

“I need to invest in a step-stool.” you laughed. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“We’ll figure it out.”

Being Best Friends With Jughead Part 3
  • You were there the day he got arrested
  • “Jughead put those down!”
  • “What do you think’s gonna happen?”
  • You tried talking him out of it
  • Then the cops walked up to you two
  • He gave you his beanie while he was away
  • You visited him every day
  • More than his own father
  • You came with a black eye one day
  • “Y/N are you okay?!”
  • “Yeah I’m fine. You should see Jason though!”
  • He got out and you went to Pop’s with him for milkshakes
  • He made you go investigate crime scenes with him
  • When Sheriff Keller grabbed Jug, you were talking with Archie and Betty
  • He walked by and you immediately called his dad
  • 13 times to be exact
  • You left 7 messages
  • When everyone left and you ran into him you nearly punched him
  • Archie grabbed your arm and stopped you
  • “Y/N you’ll only make things worse”
  • Chillin at the Twilight before it closed
  • “Jug why can’t you just live at my place?”
  • “I’m fine Y/N don’t worry about it”
  • “Potato”
  • “Star Trek”
  • Jellybean used to steal you from Jughead all the time
  • You get really bored in class and draw on his arm sometimes
  • Or your own arm
  • Or he draws on your arm
  • *poke*
  • “FUCK”
  • “WHAT”
  • “Nothing you were just working so much it looked like you were going to pass out wanna go get food?”

-Lizzie (Uh yeah some of these sucked specifically the childhood ones since idk how some of that stuff works bye)

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Unlucky Jersey- Auston Matthews

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Ok isn’t it amazing what I can do when I know I’ve got work tomorrow and I feel guilty for not getting stuff out? Here we are! I’m gonna try and get back to 3 a day for tomorrow, but no promises. We’ll see how work goes. Anyway… enjoy!

Warning: one sexual innuendo and mentions of blow jobs (nothing described nor graphic. I’d call it PG-13 if that. Literally just has the word)

Anon Request: Hi, so I’m a stars fan but Auston just does things to me. I was wondering if you could write one where maybe Auston is really grumpy when they’re playing the stars and it’s really fluffy and idk you can end it from there. I love your writing so much! Like it’s seriously amazing. Thanks!


              You knew Auston wasn’t going to be happy with your jersey selection for this game.

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anonymous asked:

While I adore your art and the frequency you post some, YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAND/WRIST!!! Rest and get yourself back to your fighting capabilities! <3 *aggressively cares about your well being*


Anon said: How’s your hand, Fran? U OK? Are you resting well and taking good care of yourself? Get well soon💜

Anon said: Please look after yourself and keep healthy, you’re art is beautiful and thank you for doing it but look after yourself first 💙💙


and also @ all the people who’ve mentioned similar feelings in the reblogs - thank you guys so much you’re all so sweet and adorable but oh my god it’s!!! nothing as serious as you all think it is hahaha I’m sorry I didn’t think it’d make so many of you worry rip I’m laughing what a mess

I actually mentioned it a few posts ago but it’s really just a blister - a pretty damn huge one, but still just a blister - it’s in a place where I apply pressure when holding a pen so drawing makes it sorta hurt, and to avoid breaking it I had kind of decided to wait it out and not draw until it’d healed?? But as it turns out it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna take as little time as I thought it would?? And not drawing was making me go out of my mind?? So I decided that I’m gonna draw anyway, but the position in which the blister forces my finger is a stupid one and the hold on the pen turns out a little awkward, so (for my own standards) the lines are turning out sloppier even though it’s taking thrice as long to trace them in an even only vaguely acceptable way

So!! This is what’s up! I’m sorry I made you all worry and thank you so much for the concern, but the only thing drawing anyway is gonna do is make me uncomfortable in the moment and maybe make healing a little more annoying, there’s no permanent damage anywhere in sight!

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Ok so i have this idea or Stafou where lefou wants to prove he deserves to be part of the castle staff (even though everyone but him knows he does) so he just starts taking people’s work for them and overworking himself and Stanley can’t sleep one night and so he passes LeFou’s room and its like 3 in the morning and a light is on and so he goes to investigate and LeFou is working on idk something and stanley’s like its 3 in the morning you should be asleep he says i just need to finish some stuff so they don’t see me as the fool who blindly followed Gaston. His words are slurred and he’s swaying and exhausted out of his mind. Stanley’s like you need sleep and LeFou starts mumbling about how he has to prove he’s good enough and he’s not just Gaston’s idiot sidekick. Stanley’s reassuring him that no one thinks that and forces Lefou to sleep and explain the situation to all the people LeFou’s helping and wraps up his boyfriend and protects him.

Ok so quick information this is where Gaston didn’t fall when he shot the beast, instead he was restrained and eventually taken to court and hung for attempted murder, yup, my imagination yay!

Ngl i was listening to evermore through this whole thing and crying :’)

Warnings: self hate, hanging, descriptions of death

Aight, it’s here and queer, let’s get going shall me children

LeFou had never felt so disgusted with himself. The pure loathing of his own being was something that was foreign to him, who had always justified himself in one way or another.

The day of the hanging, he threw up.

It wasn’t that he had any pity for Gaston, he knew exactly what he did and how he had done it, the wrong which he had caused for so many people and how it had hurt them, but it was that it wasn’t quick.

LeFou didn’t know that if the neck wouldnt break, it he wasn’t dropped far enough, then it would take 20 minutes for the painfully elongated death to finally come to a halt. 20 minutes of jerking, choking and begging. 20 minutes of watching someone whom he had previously trusted watch him as the life faded from him. He would forever remember the look of fear that passed over Gaston’s face just as the life finally left his eyes.

The sickening thud as they him cut down didn’t help either, or that the villagers cheered.

When they returned to the castle, all he could do was put on a small smile, trying to blend in with the rest. Why wouldn’t he? The man who had manipulated him for years was finally gone from his life, yet he couldn’t seem to be happy.

The problem about being close with someone, is you only seem to stay because you have things which you believe to be similar with them, so of course, LeFou, being him, had somewhat seen himself in Gaston, and if they could cut him off, someone who had been involved with the village (albeit not positively) then what was stopping them from doing it to him?

Of course the first thing LeFou thought of was to work to show that he could help, that was why Gaston kept him around, he was a good worker, always had and always will be. If needs be, he would compromise his own health to get a job done, in some cases far too much, but a couple of day in bed would usually get him enough strength for the next job, and thus repeated the dangerous cycle over and over again. Not once had he broken it and he had the feeling that he wouldn’t ever again. This was evident when Mrs Potts came down his room with tea, seeming distracted.

“Is everything alright Mrs Potts?” She simply nodded and walked away hurriedly trying to get somewhere in a rush.

When he later saw her, she was in the library quickly stacking books. LeFou would sometimes come and try to read with Belle, he could now do it on his own so the library was a safe space for him, yet the din of books crashing to the floor and a horrified wail was not something that he was used to when going there.

Rushing in, he found Mrs Potts grappling for hundreds of leather bound pages that had scattered from one end of the room to the other, whilst trying to hold up a small bookcase which seemed to be trying to crush her.

After finally pulling the bookshelf back to its original position LeFou made the bold move of asking Mrs Potts what on earth was wrong.

“I can’t seem to do it!” she wailed, grabbing her tea towel which always hung on her apron and whipping it out, to rub at one of the tables for some reason.

“What can’t you do Mrs Potts?” Lefou inquired, taking a tentative step towards her.

“Greek!” she screamed, turning once more and almost catching LeFou with her towel.


“Greek! I don’t know greek and half of these cursed things are. Some ambassador lad from Greece is coming to meet the prince and of course i have to write between him and the Master, so of course i don’t know greek or what to do,” at this point, she had collapsed onto the floor with her head in her hands and tears falling down her face.

“I know greek.”

Mrs Potts looked up to LeFou with a questioning look.

“I know greek.” he replied.

It wasn’t a lie, LeFou really did know greek. He had a friend in the army who only knew the language and of course in his free time got lessons from others, wanting to understand more about the questionable gentleman. Naturally he had picked it up quite quickly, much like reading, and had even taken a couple of lessons with Belle every now and then.

Mrs Potts still looked confused.

“I could do the corresponding,” he sighed, knowing what was about to happen, “i could write what the master wants me to write and i could do it in greek.”

Mrs Potts gave a squeal of joy, and tackled LeFou in a hug, squeezing him close to her.

“Oh you are a darling aren’t you!”

From then on the jobs just grew.

Researching recipes in the library, helping out with the washing and cleaning the stables, even helping Lumiere with lighting the candles before any ball.

Between all of these jobs, LeFou never really had any time to eat, or sleep, or do anything for that matter. It had been weeks since he had met up with stanley, who was now serving as an apprentice for Madame Garderobe, and days since he had even had a moment to spare for himself, yet all to help the staff and get into their favor. Anytime he felt himself slacking, he remembered the rope around Gaston’s neck, the look of fear, then the emptiness, and that was motivation enough, on any day.

He wasn’t sure what time it was when Stanley stopped by, but it had definitely been past dinner, and even past midnight when he heard a familiar knock on the door, and a creak which he had grown used to.

He usually had warning when Stanley came to visit, maybe an ‘on va ce voir ce soire’ when they passed in the corridor, yet when the knock came, he found himself scrambling to remove the scraps of paper from his desk, sweeping them to one side and messily arranging them to be in some sort of an order which could be deemed presentable.

By the time the door had opened, LeFou had just realised that the mess in his room could not be fixed with a quick spruce up.

The food which Mrs Potts had brought to him that morning was sitting, cold and forgotten in one corner, ink had spilled all over the floor at some point and so many different pages were scattered around, in fact LeFou wasn’t completely sure how he had functioned in this mess until now.

Stanley stood at the door smiling to himself, until he turned and saw LeFou standing in the bombshell which had gone off around him.

“Mon dieux, mon amour what happened?” he looked appalled, and ran up to lefou, sweeping his hair from his face and bringing him closer.

“Are you ok?” he brought LeFou away to inspect him.

LeFou simply shrugged, unsure of how to answer him.

“I think so… why?” he looked up at stanley to see pure worry in his eyes, and felt himself melt slightly at the beautiful brown orbs which had captured his.

“Mon amour it looks like you’ve been awake for days,” stanley replied, still searching LeFou’s face for any sort of injury.

LeFou sighed, dropping his shoulders and shaking his head.

“I have.”

Stanley looked up.


LeFou closed his eyes as he felt the tears welling up behind his lids.

“I’ve been awake for days. I can’t sleep.”

He waited for it, the remark, the one that Gaston usually made about how he should stay up more to get work done, or how if he ate as much as he slept, everything would be balanced, or some sort of insult which made him feel worse and worse every time.

Instead he heard a soft sigh which sounded suspiciously like he was asking something.


LeFou felt one of the tears fall, then another, and another and one more, until they had begun a steady steam. He began sobbing and felt his knees give way, as he clung to Stanley who had knelt with him, holding tightly to his jacket and buried his face in the collar.

He had reached his limit.

All those nights of sleeplessness, the lack of food, even just the lack of human contact was enough to drive several men mad, yet it only seemed to hurt LeFou, never stop him, not once.

In all that time, Stanley stayed, rubbing his back as he cried into his shirt, whispering encouraging words to him and giving him small kisses to his cheeks, which only prompted him to cry more. In all his time he had never known such kindness until it was exposed to him in that moment.

He sniffled and sobbed, wailed and whined until he was too dehydrated to let any more water fall from his eyes, and yet still clung to stanley as if he were a lifeline, keeping him from joining Gaston in whatever afterlife may await him.

When LeFou finally calmed down, he sat back, and let his head drop slightly, wiping the snot from his nose.

Stanley simply sat, opposite him with a look of utmost sympathy framing his face, and what could have been seen as fear to what LeFou could possibly do to himself.

“Why would you do this to yourself?” He whispered tentatively, reaching out to hold onto LeFou’s hand gently.

LeFou sniffed.

“If they did it to him, why not do it to me?”

A look of confusion passed over Stanley’s face, before understanding settled in.


LeFou nodded.

Finally, Stanley knew why. He knew why LeFou was overworking himself to the bone, why he had let himself get so involved in the work which he had taken up, and why he didn’t care if he compromised his health and why he stayed up so late to finish it, because he thought that he was expected to. He thought that if he didn’t, people would see him as worthless. Because if he didn’t, he thought they would see that he thought he was similar to Gaston, and, god forbid, they believed he was like Gaston and did to him what they did to the villain.

Stanley reached out and grabbed LeFous other hand, and brought them to his lips. He placed a small kiss on each then pulled LeFou physically closer, and lay his chin upon his forehead.


LeFou nodded.

“If you were anything like him, would you have been offered a room in the châteaux?”

LeFou froze, contemplating the question asked.

“And would Mrs Potts have brought you breakfast every morning?”

LeFou shook his head.

“And would I be in this room letting you snot all over my jacket?”

At this, LeFou gave a giggle and shook his head again.

Looking up to Stanley, LeFou gently whispered out one word.


Stanley smiled.

“Now remember that word,” LeFou nodded, “and reply to my next question with it.”

LeFou, confused, complied.

“Now, mon amour, are you anything like Gaston.”

LeFou let out an enormous grin.


Mini Golf Fun?

Request: @bluestghost “heyo! i have a fic idea if you like it. Evan and the reader (and maybe the other DEH characters if that works) go mini-golfing at midnight and Evan accidentally ends up hitting the reader with his golf club. instead of the reader crying Evan just bursts into tears and ends up being the one who needs comforting, instead of the person actually hit with the club (this is based off of a post i saw around similar to this but instead it was BMC)”
TW: bad writing, jared being lame, crying, was written on the notes of my phone
Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long and I didn’t upload last night or this morning, my bestie and I were facetiming for like 6 hours. Anyways sorry if this sucks, I tried making it cute! Also requests are open but getting out slowly because I have to write these on my phone. Also will edit whenever I can get near a computer!
Word Count: idk but not that long
“We’re all going to golf n stuff this Friday, you in?” Jared asked you at your locker before sixth period. You had advanced drama next and so you were just stuffing all your government work back into your locker when your best friend slid right next to you.
“Minigolf? Eh, I’m not sure.” You said grabbing one of the scripts you needed to practice for class.
“C'mon Y/N, Alana’s older sister works there and is getting all of us in for free after the park closes! It’ll be fun, you have to go.” Jared sighed out before getting a smug look on his face.
“Plus Evan’s going.”
Your face started to heat up in embarrassment. Oh Evan Hansen. The boy you’ve been crushing on since sixth grade. Jared never misses a chance to dangle the fact that you’ve been basically in love with this boy right in front of you on a daily basis. You love your bestie but sometimes you really just want to tell him to stuff a sock in it.
“Of course Evan’s going. I’m assuming the Murphy’s are coming along too?” You asked not amused. Jared rolled his eyes at your diversion and nodded his head. Rolling your eyes back at him you shut your locker and walked with him to your last class of the day.
You didn’t realize how much you sucked at mini golf till you started playing. Maybe it was the fact that your only focus was on the nervous teen, who stood by you as you made your shot cheering you on. It’s not like Evan was doing any better, the boy was lucky if he made the hole in less than ten puts. Your friends might have paired you together because of your obvious attraction to your close friend, but maybe they just wanted to see you two make fools of yourself. Connor and Alana who were in first place giggled and looked smug every time it was one of yours or Evan’s turns. The game was supposed to end at midnight according to Alana’s schedule, but she forgot to plan the fact that you and Evan were horrible at the game. It was now 1:30 am.
“It’s the last hole and as much as I’d love to see Evan and Y/N dominate this one, maybe we should just call it quits.” Jared said from one of the benches, while scrolling through his phone.
“No, we all have to go, for this to be a fair game.” You all rolled your eyes at Alana’s antics before plopping on the bench next to your bestie.
“As much as I love playing mini golf Alana, maybe Jare is right.” The Murphy siblings nodded along with me and were obviously a little tired from this long ass game. Before anyone could say anything else, Evan walked over to the hole.
“If I make this in one go, then Y/N and I win and we can all leave and go get food or something.”
You got up off the bench and walked up to Evan placing a gentle hand on his arm. Why would Evan put himself through this embarrassment? You all knew it was a far reach for Evan to make this shot in five goes let alone one.
“You don’t have to do this Evan, I’m fine with losing. We can just go straight to A-La and call it a night.”
“Y/N, I can do this.” Evan looked at you with a small smug smile and winked. Your eyes widened a bit and a blush tinged your cheeks as you nodded. Taking a few steps back from Evan but still close enough to support your partner your mind raced a mile a minute.
“We have a deal guys?” Your group of friends just let out an uninterested “yeah” as Evan placed his blue colored golf ball on the black strip. Evan who looked more confident than before looked at the course almost calculating his next move. Your brows furrowed in confusion as he lined himself up. Swinging his arm back he firmly hit the ball and before you knew it, the ball rolled into the white cup at the end of the course. Your eyes widened and your mouth opened and closed as you could not believe what just happened.
“Oh my fucking god.” You could hear Jared say as you screamed in awe. You ran to give Evan a hug but instead of a nice warm body against your cheek, you felt cold metal.
“Oh my fucking god!” You could hear all your friends yell as you clutched your cheek in pain. You were not expecting that. Of course you should have known better than to run at someone who just made the most bizarre hole in one ever but your emotions and excitement got the better of you. You didn’t expect Evan to throw his hands up in the air in victory, and you most certainly didn’t expect one of those hands to be still holding his golf club. Evan didn’t know you were going to run full speed and jump him for a hug, and he most certainly didn’t know he was going to smack you in the face with a three feet tall stick.
“Does it hurt?”
“Are you alright?”
“Does she have a concussion?”
“Oh my god someone get some ice!”
Your cheek did hurt a bit, but honestly your friends were being so dramatic. It wasn’t a big deal, you’ll probably not be able to sleep on that side of your face but things could be worse. Things like Evan crying. Oh shit Evan’s crying. You broke free from your friends crowding around you.
“Evan are you okay?” He turned away from you guys with his face in his hands. You could see his shoulders racking and hear his gasps for breath. You immediately wrap your arms around the small boy and rub his back.
“Evan are you alright sweetie?” He didn’t answer but kept crying. Your friends slowly come up to help but you raise a hand knowing that it was even a little too much for him that you were there. They backed up gathering everyone’s stuff and going back to the lobby of the golf n stuff to return the stuff leaving you two alone.
“Evan please say something…for me.”
You heard him mumble something but don’t question what he says until he’s calmed down. His shoulders eventually stop shaking and you hear him sniff a little bit.
“You okay hun?” You ask with your arms still around him. Evan lifts his head wiping his face off with the sleeve of his hoodie. Nodding he takes a step back from you. There’s still tears in his eyes and he still looks heartbroken, but he’s better.
“I’m so sorry, Y/N I didn’t mean to hurt you I was just so happy that I won for you I’m so sorry.” Tears began to roll down his cheeks at a faster pace and you lead him to the bench so you could both sit down.
“Evan it’s okay, it was an accident. You didn’t know I was going to run up to you, you had no idea that that was going to happen. It was an accident, honey and I forgive you.”
Evan nodded, but the tears kept pouring. You knew that when Evan cried he lost so much energy and you wanted him to still enjoy his night with his friends, so you had to distract him.
“How about you tell me how you made that hole in one back there?” Evan’s face flushed in embarrassment and a small smile started to form on his lips.
“I used to come here every week with my mom. We stopped going together junior year because she was too busy, but I still come here by myself every week. I know the courses like the back of my hand.” You were floored. Did Evan Hansen just admit that he was basically a mini golf pro? Wait-
“Why did you pretend to lose then?” His cheeks turned a beautiful shade of red that took you by surprise. Wow this boy was so beautiful. Your heart physically started to ache just looking at him.
“I didn’t want you to think you were the worse, so I pretended to be bad so you weren’t alone.” Your heart that was aching started beating a million times per second and your face flushed. Before you knew it you grabbed Evan by the cheeks and softly pressed your lips to his. His lips and cheeks were wet with tears and his body was shaking, but it was amazing. Evan, after being shocked for a second quickly wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. The soft kiss lasted for another thirty seconds, before you both parted in awe. Evans eyes were still closed when you pulled apart but he looked so happy compared to a few minutes ago.
“Wow.” Was all that he said. The smile on your face grew and grew until it began to hurt. Your hand found his and his eyes looked at you.
“That was the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me. Thank you Evan.” You both just stared at each other with matching grins on your faces. The moment was nice and comforting, until your friends decided to make themselves known.
“GAYYYYY!!!!” Your lips pursed as you turned around to face your bestie. Narrowing your eyes at his smug face you gave him the finger.
“You guys ready to go? I’m starving and A La Mode closes in an hour.” Zoe stated impatiently grabbing onto Alana’s hand. You nodded standing up with Evan’s hand still entwined in your own. Glancing at each other with small smiles you walked off to the car thanking whoever was out there that you came to golf n stuff tonight. Even though you got hit in the face, the golf club that hit you wasn’t the reason why your cheeks hurt so bad that night.

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tbh I think Tyler tops bc he has a more dominant attitude. Josh is a soft lil baby, and I have those receipts™. Most ppl say Josh tops bc he's more built and masculine than Tyler but I'm a twink and my boyfriend's a jock but i top.

i mean, sometimes i get to thinking and i’m like “oh my god what if i’ve been wrong this whole time” but to me it has nothing to do with their physical build as much tbh like i hate seeing people say tyler bottoms cause he’s a twink idk why that word just kinda rubs me the wrong way when describing others? like you can call yourself that but something about it feels wrong to me to call other people that? also maybe this is tmi but i see myself in tyler a lot like soooo much in common so maybe i’m also projecting but like for me it’s their emotional stuff? josh being built has a part in it but (and this is some really long explanation i’ve worked out in my head) but like, basically josh look soft lil baby on the outside and tyler has a dominant attitude but that’s just like, the public eye? like maybe that’s what they show us but it’s different in private/between the two of them imo and tyler hands the reigns over to josh cause sometimes he just really needs someone else to be in charge like,,, advanced big spoon/lil spoon, tyler is def the lil spoon -n 

I play animal jam and pixel art was jist added into the game.

In my first drawing I accidentally made something that looked like the bi flag.

So i thought hey it’s pride month, I’ll make all the flags. The first was the gay flag.

Now on AJ masterpieces (which are your drawings you get to keep) have to be approved.

I just got mail from AJHQ that the masterpiece was NOT approved for inappropriate content.

I don’t know if i should be concerned about homophobia or they just dont want fights breaking out about the LGBTQIA+ community.

Because after the 2016 election, not even AJ was spared frpm the wrath of the people and children about Trump winning.

A giraffe dressed in orange and a spikey blonde wig saying: I’m Trumpet skill me (because we have filters on chat you cant say certain words)

One person was yelling at all the people who were angry to suck it up because of some trump supporter reason idk. Everyone who dislikes trump ganged up on this one person saying he was going to lead us down a dark path.

Being the mediator i am i tried gettong everyone to calm down and not fight each other. Didnt work.

So i can see why they would want to keep stuff like this out of the game since it is a kids game but idk man.

I’m making the het flag tpday and if that get approved tonorrow i will not be happy.

anonymous asked:

are you lesbean?

ive never IDd as a lesbian personally, just bc I’m still figuring stuff out and idk I’m working thru the connotations and definitiveness that to me have always come w the word (tho I support all my wonderful girls who use it!!!!! u go lesbians are the best and I love you guys a lot and you deserve the world!!!!!)

I’m definitely a wlw, I love girls a LOT and yep yep yep, so I guess maybe I’d use sapphic?? tho I tend to just say gay. but hey, I IDd as bi for a while and if I meet the right guy, maybe? I’d wanna experiment, im young and haven’t had any experiences in that region one way or the other bc boys tend to be…Like That

tldr: i don’t id as a lesbian rn but I love girls and lesbians are amazing!!!!!!!

i really want a domestic jedtavius au where they share an apartment and they basically act like a couple but they think it’s just normal but everyone else is like when are they gonna fucking get together and they are like both totally in denial but they have like movie nights where they cuddle on the couch and in the morning oct will have jeds coffee ready for him just the way he likes it and at sometimes jed will cook dinner as a surprise for oct and one day jed brings a little pup home that they aren’t allowed to have and at first oct objects but then he just loves the pup too much so they keep it in hiding

and like oct would be working on stuff for work or class (idk if this is also a college au idk) and jed would always distract him by like tickling him or turning on music really loud and pulling him out of his chair and getting oct to dance with him and oct is just like “ugh” but he’s really like “<3333”

and like they totally tiptoe around the “L” word bc they do both like each other but they kinda don’t know it yet. like they do but they dont but then ONE DAY LIKE UGH octavius leaves for work or class or something and he is just mindlessly like “okay bye jed!” and jed is like “love you!” and octavius after walking a little ways away from their door just runs back and slams into the door bc he’s just like ????!!!!!???? and once he gets it open he’s like “what did you  just say??” and just is layin on the couch like “i said i love you” and oct just blushes and mumbles “well i love you too” they just fuCKING S HIT DICKS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OKAY

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* odd blushy lady approaches* he-llo idk how this self ship stuff works I just I really love Toshinori. He's so sweet and funny such a good guy he needs someone to shower him with love. I feel like I would a big red hess if I ever tried to talk to him babbling nonsense OTL

For real though! I am the same Toshinori is so important and perfect.

○ He’s so worried about you when you first try to talk to him and just take off when you can’t get the words out properly! It’s not the first time it’s happened to him (well it is when he’s in normal form but he’s used to it in All Might form) so he just hopes you’re not upset about how things went

○ If he sees you around even somewhat regularly (say you stop by UA from time to time) Toshinori’s going to make an effort to talk to you. It’s still a little awkward but it gets both of you more comfortable with each other and it’s actually kinda cute bc you’re both adorable

○ Gets so embarrassed when you snuggle up and give him the love he deserves but highkey loves it. Returns the favor. You don’t have a lot of time alone together but a good chunk of it is spend snuggling and kissing all over one another’s faces

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Ah. Thanks for clarifying about what your problem is with Chris sometimes. The getting a pass made me side eye him but the second part about working together was something I assumed he worded poorly at an attempt to promote bipartisanship. I'm mostly torn because I have my own views on issues and would never really go by what any celebrity or even regular person would necessarily promote/say. It's not an easy situation.

Yeah I think a lot of Chris’ stuff is just him trying to make a good point and just getting it out wrong because he comes from pretty much the most privileged background possible so it’s a constant learning process for him, but idk. Everyone thinks I fully hate him but I don’t he just annoys me sometimes :’) 

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hey... just wanted to say I'm really sorry that I haven't finished your birthday fic because midterms and various group projects have turned my life into a Mess... I will keep working on it (and maybe use it as an excuse to reread TRC again), or if you would like the fic content without any... fancy word stuff... I could give you the tldr version? idk I'm really sorry and constantly amazed that you find the time to write so much and so well -Negligible!Anon

Omfg please don’t worry about it!! I would love the finished version whenever you finish it (like even if it is in a year lmao). Please don’t stress yourself out more to write it though. Take your time, it’s totally cool

I write because I have a lot of self studies rn aka I’m home All The Time and I’m so sick of this house and need to create in order to make my life a lil easier lmao (I prefer to not go to uni or a library to study/do work bc social anxiety ya feel) so tbh don’t feel amazed I write because I can


haven’t seen much honeyst stuff out there but i’m posting this because i am a certified Kim Hwan Hoe™

  • sooo many shy smiles. sometimes he still can’t meet your eyes even though you’ve been dating awhile and it’s so cute
  • peaceful dates at the cafe where you sip at your coffee and read a book while he works on his laptop and tangles his legs with yours beneath the table
  • sweet words murmured to you when you’re wrapped up in his arms with his chest against your back and his hands carding through your hair
  • he likes to poke fun and tease you and it’s so adorable because you know he doesn’t mean any of it with his soft voice and sweet smile
  • on the other hand, if you tease him he just laughs and takes it because he knows it’s probably true
  • rolling around on the floor laughing during hwan’s moments of intense, excited energy because he usually ends up breaking out whatever strange dance moves dawon taught him
  • squints at you and pretends he didn’t hear anything when you ask him to introduce you to sf9
  • always greets you with a kiss and a “hi, baby.” if you’re in public/in front of other people he’ll press a kiss to your temple but if you’re alone, he’ll pull you in for a long kiss that leaves you dizzy and breathless
  • gets embarrassed when he talks about something so excitedly that he drops back into dialect
  • shrugs off his button-up shirts and hands them to you when you’re cold
  • giggles at everything you say and stares dreamily at you when he’s drunk
  • hides his face in the back of your neck when you come over to the dorm and his hyungs start grilling you about how you’re treating him
  • “hey!! don’t think i didn’t see those bright red marks you left on hwan’s neck after your last date. did he consent to those??”
  • “seungseok, please. hwan was the one begging me for them. i simply indulged him.”
  • “oh my god, shut up–”
  • “so that’s what you’re into, our youngest hwan”
  • day trips to busan a few times a year where hwan takes you to the beach and to the same restaurants every time
  • but the food is always good and seeing him happy never gets old
  • you and hwan are literally dawon’s favorite couple
  • he loves to annoy hwan hang out with the two of you and coo over how cute you are together
  • but he also spends a lot of time cockblocking and hwan’s like…can you stop hugging me so i can hold my actual partner’s hand thanks

Keep reading

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I hate that your getting hate :( your like my fav josuyasu fanfic writer (^3^) I really hope the hate isn't bothering you too much. Your work is so good and I love seeing a new update from you! <3

❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ Thank you for your kind words!  ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

I just saw this sorry!!!!! And dont worry about it!! It doesn’t really bother me lol I write for myself and ppl who enjoy my content and … its not for the ugly anon(s)? So why should I care? 

I get that ppl don’t like certain things, but idk why they feel like policing others lol like … i don’t actively search out content/content creators of stuff i don’t like so i don’t really understand what ppl get out of it?? And just, idk what brought on all this hate i’ve been seeing lately… ? I know a few josuyasu centric content creators have been targeted by the fandom police. Its such a wholesome ship and I hate that stuff like this has been happening recently. 

Never Been Kissed Part 2

Summery: Sam is surprised that Dean has chosen the reader, a shy, innocent girl, when he usually goes for women with more… experience. Voicing this makes the reader determined to prove she can be the type of girl Dean goes for, if only she wasn’t so clumsy.

Dean X Reader

Warnings: Dean gets a broken leg, mentions of blood. Kinda embarrassing? The reader falls a lot. Reader tries to be sexy. Suffice to say it doesn’t work out.

Word count: 2438

A/N: Read part one here

 Anonymous asked: Just wondering when you’re going to post part 2 to never been kissed? IM JUST REALLY EXCITED!!!!!❤️ And if you don’t mind since the reader is always in the book store and all, could she been super intellectual when she talks sometimes. And idk I like medical stuff so maybe that of u can! I understand if you don’t want to.

anonymous asked: I’m glad you’re doing a PART 2 Of never been kissed. If you haven’t already finished it, can you include like the reader trying to be sexy for Dean (but kind of fails). Because Sam says “I’m surprised he’s going for a girl as nice and innocent as you. He usually loves a busty blonde with experience.” Or something along those lines..? And if you can make more of those innuendos she doesn’t understand! 

Moving into the bunker had to be the best decision you ever made. Not only did you get to add to the already massive library and read any book that you wanted, it meant that you were close to Dean, which was much better than if you had been still living in your store. Sure, you liked the peace and quiet when the boys left on a hunt, having the whole bunker to yourself was awesome! But you especially loved when they returned back, it put your mind at ease and made sleeping a lot easier when you were wrapped in the hunters arms, when you could hear Dean’s steady breathing and feel the way his arms wrapped around you on instinct, tightening as he pulled you closer.

That was about as intimate as the two of you had gotten, aside from, you know… making out.

Its not that you didn’t want to be intimate, you certainly had thought about it a few times, you just weren’t sure you when the right time was let alone what you were suppose to do once the metaphorical ‘ball’ was rolling.

It was even worse when you found out exactly how promiscuous Dean’s past had been.

“What do you mean?” you questioned to Sam.

It was quiet in the library where the two of you sat, Dean had bounded off in need of a good shower, but not before inviting you with him, although when you explained that it would be crowed he simply laughed, mumbling ’innocent’ under his breath before leaving you and Sam alone to chat.

“Its just weird is all.”

“You said that.”

“I mean its just a surprise that Dean went for a girl like you, you’re so sweet and innocent you know?”

You folded your arms over your chest, slightly offended. There was that word again. Innocent. 

“No, I don’t know.”

“Well, its just… Dean usually goes for blond, busty bombshells, you know? He loves women who are sexy and have experience, and well, no offence Y/N, but Dean was your first kiss so I doubt you’re… deflowered.”

Your heart sank in your chest.

“How… ahem” you cleared your suddenly dry throat “How many girls has Dean been with exactly?”

Sam gave you a sympathetic look and your heart dropped even further.

“That many huh?” you said sadly.

“Dean’s always been like that.”

“Has he even been really… committed?”

“Once, for about a year.”

“What happened.”

“Things uh… things didn’t work out.”

You nodded sadly.

“Is… Dean… is Dean going to leave me?”

“What? No! come on Y/N.”

You didn’t know why you didn’t fully believe Sam. But if Dean wanted a busty bombshell, then that’s what he was going to get.

It was all a strategy game, a game based on a pure give and receive basis. You would be the giver and Dean, the receiver. You basically had it down to a science, all that was needed was for your plan to be put into action.

Sure, your plan was practically flawless, but that didn’t make you feel any less ridiculous as you walked down the hall in extremely high heels, tight jeans and a low V-neck t-shirt that showed a little more than you were use to, even more so when you were wearing a push up bra, emphasis on push, these puppies were practically falling out. You tried to put as much swing in your hips as you could without tripping.

“Dean?” you asked, popping your head around the corner and into the library.

“Yeah?” he said without looking up from the laptop in front of him.

You walked out, heels clacking causing Dean to look up and suck in a breath, eyes immediately travelling up and down your body.

Breathe, stay calm, follow the plan.

“Y/N…” Dean breathed “What are you-”

Pushing Dean’s laptop aside you slid onto the table placing your feel on either side of Dean’s legs, hooking them so they stayed on the chair. You were happy to see that Dean had been wearing his FBI suit for the case they just finished, also adorning his ensemble was his tie, you immediately grabbed it, bending forward so you could look at Dean who had a hard time keeping eye contact when he could see down your shirt.

“Y/N…” he breathed again, shifting in his chair.

“Yes?” you asked innocently.

Dean’s mouth bobbed, the only sound escaping his lips were a mix of a moan and a growl. Dean quickly grabbed your hips, his warm hands seeping through the fabric of your thin shirt as he pulled you forward to straddle his lap.

Dean had a firm grip on your hips, his hands digging in slightly as he kissed you, your hands cupped his face as Dean turned to deepen the kiss, snaking his tongue along your bottom lip. Dean wrapped his hands around your thighs, lifting you up.

This, you had not calculated for.

Your leg kicked out causing Dean to stumble and drop you on the table with a thump as your head hit the table rather hard. Dean continued to fall forward, face planting in your chest. And of course that’s when Sam decided to walk in.

“Dude we work here!”

Pushing up Dean pulled you forward, a blush creeping across both your faces.

Well that was a bust.

Plan B. You always had a plan B. Technically speaking most plan B’s didn’t really work out, but after careful consideration, you decided that this had to work.

“Hey Dean?” you asked, this time peaking around the corner and into his room. You had ditched the heels and tight pants, opting now for shorts and a low cut t-shirt.

“Hey good looking,” Dean said as he looked at you “Wanna rock the bed?”

Your eyes narrowed slightly.

“How the hell do you rock a bed?”


“Bed are not meant to ‘be rocked’, beds are a sturdy structure intended for sleep Dean.”

“No I just- never mind.”

You and Dean started at each other for a few minutes before you broke the silence.

“Wanna watch a movie?”

“Heh, I know what that means.” he said with a wink. You furrowed your brows.

“It means I want to watch a movie?”

Dean’s smile faltered for a minute before he laughed and stood.

Dean sat on the couch, his legs kicking up onto the coffee table.

“What movie you wanna watch?” you questioned as you stood in front of the tv.

“Your pick sweetheart, oh and do you mind if I slide into your shorts later?”

“I don’t really think you would fit in them.”

Dean’s mouth hung open for a moment, deciding to ignore your comment.

“I think we should watch…” you trailed off, bending over to look at the display of movies and giving Dean a better look at your display.

“Ah, how about Star Trek V?”

Silence came on Dean’s part.

“Dean?” you questioned, turning around to a very distracted Dean.

“Hmm? Star- whatever- sounds good.”

Turning away you smirked. This was going a lot better.

Placing the movie into the DVD player you sat back down.

“Well would you look at that, the remotes all the way over there. I’ll get it.”

You placed your hands on Dean’s upper thigh and squeezed, using it as leverage to push yourself up. Dean sucked in a breath and in your haste you didn’t notice Dean’s shoes he had kicked off earlier. You ended up tripping and landing flat on your face.

“Oh my god Y/N! Are you okay?!” Dean asked, jumping off the couch to help you up.

“I think my nose is bleeding.” you mumbled as Dean laughed.

Maybe you weren’t sexy.

Time to get your act together Y/N, you can do this, you’ve embarrassed yourself twice already, Dean wants a sexy girl, not someone who is only good for falling on their face!

You were all sitting in the library, Sam and Dean both looking for new cases, with no luck.

Glancing over to Sam who was engrossed in his work you rubbed your leg up against Dean’s, slowly travelling higher and higher as you continued to flip through your book on recent medical breakthroughs, not really material to get your motor running but if you were gonna patch the boys up it was worth a read.

You heard Dean suck in a breath when your leg reached his knee, you could practically feel his gaze on you, Sam was none the wiser.

“You know Dean, its very impolite to stare.” you quipped, flipping the page of your book, eyes refusing to meet his.

What were you suppose to do now? Where was your leg suppose to go? Should you make your way back down his leg or keep going up? And if you did go up, when the hell were you suppose to stop?

You could feel your cheeks flame up at your own idiocy.

That’s when your shoe fell off and made a loud thump under the table.

Sam looked to you, a confused expression dancing across his features before he looked under the table.

In your panic you jerked your leg down, stomping on Dean’s bare feet.

“Ow!” he yelled causing you to jump up and bump the table, spilling Dean’s beer all over his pants.

“Hey!” he yelled again, this time shooting up, hands thrown in the air as he stared at his soaked pants.

“What just happened?” Sam questioned as he crawled out from under the table to look at you.

“W-what? Nothing!” you yell nervously as you run to grab a towel.

“Dean I’m so sorry, let me help.” you say as you start to dab his pants. You couldn’t see the way Dean’s eyes widen and shoot to Sam’s. Dean grabbed your hands.

“Y/N stop.”

“I am so sorry, this is all my fault, I’m such an idiot thinking I could be sexy like all the other girls you go out with.” you muttered angrily. 

For someone who was suppose to be a genius, you were an idiot. You continued to dab Dean’s pants, not noticing Sam leaving the room stiffly.

“Oh my god Y/N you have to stop.” Dean practically moaned.

This caused your head to whip up and drop the towel.

Was this making Dean… aroused?

You stared wide eyed at Dean. You were just rubbing his- oh my god.

You ran to your room and locked the door.

There was a soft knock on your door but you ignored it.


“Go away.”

You could hear Dean sigh and rattle the door handle, luckily you locked it.

“Y/N, can we talk about what’s gotten into you? How could you believe that I don’t find you sexy?”

You scoffed.

“Have you seen me? I’m not really the epitome of sexy.” you muttered angrily.

“What has gotten into you all of a sudden?”

“Nothing has ‘gotten into me’ Dean, I’m just reacting to an increase in Norepinephrine which causes my heart rate to increase which, evidently, makes me clumsier.”

“Um…” Dean trailed off, confused.

“There are a lot of chemicals racing around my brain and body right now because that’s what happens when you’re in love-”

You stopped suddenly, face flushing as your eyes widened.


“j-just go away!” you yelled, mortified. You just told Dean you loved him! The man who had commitment issues!

The door handle rattled then swung open as Dean walked in. You hid under the covers.

“Did you pick my lock!”

You felt the bed shift at Dean’s weight.

“Come out from under the covers.”


Dean pulled the covers down and you stared at him, arms crossed.

“Did you just say you loved me?”



You looked away stubbornly. “Do you love me?” Dean asked, voice barely a whisper. He sounded sad, almost as if he doubted your feelings for him.

You gave in and looked at Dean, nodding your head slowly causing Dean to smile crookedly.

“I love you too.”

“We’ll be back in a flash.” Dean mumbled, kissing the top of your head. “Come back in one piece.” you mutter, burying your face in his chest. “I don’t know, I was hoping we could play doctor.”“I don’t really think I’m qualified to give medical diagnostics Dean…”Dean chuckled. “Me and Sam will be back in once piece.” “Good.”

The last conversation you had with Dean was scrambling through your mind as you ran around the bunker in search for the big medical box you kept, grabbing it you ran to Dean who was placed on the library table.

“You said you’d come back in once piece.” you mumbled numbly as your fingers unlocked the box.

Dean breathed heavily.

“Its just… a sprain.” Dean said, wincing.

You cut the bottom of his jeans, eyes widening in horror before you quickly resumed your composure.

“Dean, no matter what, do not sit up.”

“What why?” Dean said as he tried to sit up.

“Dean I’m serious, stay still.”

It must have been the tone in your voice because Dean settled back down with a groan, his breathing irregular.

You looked over to Sam who stared at you wide eyed.

“Sam, I need you to support his leg.”

Sam moved over to the table and held Dean’s leg gently.

“Okay Sam, he has a open fracture, we need to clean it as soon as we can or else there can be a serious infection.”

Sam nodded, growing pale as blood continued to seep from the wound.

“Sam, I need to know what happened.”

“Why is that-”

“ I need to know if there are any other serious injuries!”

“Right, okay! We were ganking vampires and one threw Dean down a flight of stairs-”

“Oh my god- he could have cracked ribs, they could puncture into his lungs!”

You quickly unbuttoned Dean’s shirt, relief flooding over you when you noticed there was no bruises or any swollenness.

“Whoa little lady, not really the time to get frisky.

You ignored him.

“Dean, are you breathing okay? Its not hard to breath?”

“No, but my leg ain’t feeling to great.” Dean wheezed.

“Okay, good new, you don’t have a cracked rib, bad news, your legs broken.”

“How do you know all this stuff!?” Sam yelled, eyes panicked as they bore into yours.

“What do you mean how do I know that, I literally live in a book store! I read!” you yelled.

You opened a few bandages and alcoholic wipes, making sure they were sterile before you cleaned and pressed the bandages to Dean’s leg.

“Sam I need you to go get me a towel to support Dean’s leg.”

Sam ran off, following your instructions.

“Dean, I know you hate it, but we need to get you to the hospital-”


“Dean Winchester there is literally a bone sticking out of your leg! You are going to the hospital!”

Sam came back to your yelling.

“Elevate his leg, I’ll start the car.”

Never Been Kissed Part Three

Baby Could Use a Wash

Request: I’m the one who asked if you took requests :DDDDD can you do one where the reader is washing the impala and dean catches her and she knows that he’s watching so she starts going all sexy n stuff… Idk XD I love your work though anything you do will be fantastic

Word Count: 1168

Warnings: None.

A/N: Thank you for the request!! I really liked this idea, and it was actually pretty fun to write! I hope you like!!! <3


Finally back home at the bunker, you, Sam, and Dean pile out of the impala. The guys immediately retrieve their stuff from the trunk, but you lean back against the car. Tipping your head back and closing your eyes, you try to soak up as much of the warm sun as you can. That last hunt was a long one, and most of it was rainy and gloomy.

“You need a wash.” You hear Dean say, so you open your eyes and look at him.

“You’re not so squeaky clean yourself, there Winchester.”

He laughs, “I was talking to Baby.”

You stand straight and look back at the car. It was a muddy, filthy mess. That rain didn’t do it much good either.

You nod. “Yeah, you should probably get on that.” Then in a mock whisper, “She’ll think you don’t love her anymore.”

“Yeah. I’ll get right on that when I’m done doing the million other things I have to.” He laughs again, and starts towards the door.

You laze around another few minutes before finally getting your things, close the trunk, and head in. The first thing you do is go straight to your room to set down your duffle and find clean clothes before a shower.

Once you feel clean again, you throw on your cut-off jean shorts, tank top, and an open plaid over-shirt. Sam hurries into the shower next, and you find Dean in the kitchen making a sandwich. Since his back is turned to you, you allow yourself to appreciate the view a little. The two of you are always teasing each other. Sometimes a little flirty. That’s as close as you’ve gotten though. You tease him mostly to hide any real feelings towards him that could make the living situation awkward, and you assume he teases you because he mostly feels like you’re a sister. Another reason to bury those feelings of yours deep down.

He takes a bite as he turns around and sees you. With his mouth stuffed, he lifts his sandwich in an offering gesture.

“Gross. I’m good. I’ll make my own.” And you move to the counter where the ingredients are still sitting out.

He shrugs and leans against the counter.

“What do you have to do?” You ask him.

After he devours more of the sandwich he finally answers, “Shower first of all. Someone beat me to it.” He elbows your side, and you jump away from him. “Then clean the guns. Maybe help Sammy research those symbols that’s been bugging him, but I doubt it. You could feel free to though. By time I get to baby, it’ll be too dark to wash her. That’s on the agenda for tomorrow.”

You nod along as he talks, and you start eating. He finishes his, and leaves the room. While your standing around eating, an idea strikes you that you could wash the car. You didn’t have anything else to do. Besides research, and you were really not feeling that. Dean is always helping you and Sam though, and it’d be nice to do something for him. The brownie points couldn’t hurt either, so you clean up the mess in the kitchen, and go to find everything you needed.

Outside, it takes you awhile, but you eventually find a hose hookup. Before starting, you use the keys you stole from the kitchen where Dean left them, to dock your iPod in the car and play your own music loud enough to hear it with the windows up. After filling a bucket with water and soap you drop your sponge into it, and spray off the car. It doesn’t take long for you to start dancing along with the music.

While you’re scrubbing, you start to feel a little too hot, so you take your top shirt, and now soaked shoes off and toss them to the side. As you do, you can hear the door behind you open and close, but you ignore it.. When you get to the front of the car, you sneak a peek to see it’s Dean that came out. He hasn’t flipped out because you’re touching his precious yet, so you continue.

Next time you glance over, he’s leaning with his back against the door to the bunker and his arms crossed. A little smirk on his face. This is probably not how he imagined it’d look if he ever saw a girl washing the impala. Maybe you could fit the bill a little bit better if you tried though….

You make a bit more of a show than necessary of reaching across the car to get as much windshield as you could. Not bothering to tug the bottom of your tank-top back down when it creeps up enough to show a little belly over your low-rise shorts.

I could be sexy if I wanted to. I’ve seen this a million times in movies.

Not being too shy to dance in front of him or anyone else, you keep dancing along to the music. Thankfully it’s accommodating, and you can shake your hips a little. Waiting for the right moment in the song, you wiggle your hips some as you dip down to clean the rims. When you’re done, and have the car hosed off, you bend down like a naturally sexy girl would, with your ass in the air, and get one of the towels you brought out. It doesn’t take long to dry, and you’re about done near the trunk when Dean finally speaks.

“Missed a spot.” He comes over, takes the towel, grazing your hand, and reaches a spot on the back window that was just a little too high for you from that angle.

“I would’ve got there.” You say, a little defensively.

“I know.” He tosses the towel in the direction of the rest of the stuff, and backs up. Looking like he’s inspecting your handy work.

“So?” You ask spreading your arms. “Not so bad, huh? You’re welcome. Baby will still love you now.”

He nods. “Probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Now you’re just sucking up to her.”

“I wasn’t talking about the car.”

Thank you cheesy car wash scenes.

You look up into his eyes, as he takes a step forward. The next second, he bends down, and his lips are on yours. You wrap your arms around his neck, and deepen the kiss. Allowing his tongue to explore your mouth. He picks you up, and gingerly sets you on the truck of the car, so your legs are on either side of his hips.

When he pulls back a little, you don’t let go, but that seems fine because he just grins down at you.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that. Then watching you…” He stops without finishing his thought.

You don’t even say anything back, and pull him back down to kiss him again.

anonymous asked:

So I'm a freshman and I've got my first high school tech week next week... Any advice? Anything would be appreciated Haha

DUDE I am honestly so excited to answer this bc I was wildly unprepared for my first tech lolol HAVE NO FEAR, THEATRE STRUGGLES IS HERE!

Kk so one word: caffeine. Drink that ish. I recommend tea, bc it is not only good for ya know like staying awake and stuff but it is good for ur throat!

Next word: homework. Do that ish. Talk to ur teachers in advance to explain what tech is and tell them how late you are staying (my school is 10:00- idk what urs is but I’m guessing it’s around that time). Ask for work in advance, ask for extensions. Normally teachers are good about this stuff. Now, important part: use any free time U have to get stuff out of the way. You don’t want to be coming home at 10:30 with pin curls, 3 pounds of makeup on, and biology HW to do. It will make your life more miserable than it needs to be.

Another word for ya: sleep. Get that ish. If you have a free/elective/ class that you can easily miss. FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS sleep in. It will be worth it. Tech is so emotionaly and physically draining (I just got home from it lololol) that every second of sleep counts. Sleep as much as possible.

Tech is ALWAYS the best and worst week of being in a show. On one hand, you have a ton of HW, have to stay at school for 7 MORE HOURS DA F, are most likely sick/on your period/both, and are hella stressed. What is the good part you may be askin, well I’ll tell yah. BONDING. It is the best bc the entire company gets really close. Think about it. You are gonna be spending more time with ur cast and crew than you actual family. So they become your family. It really brings people together (side note lol I just pulled a bobby pin out of my hair and found mic tape on my AFTER I showered lol). Tech is where the friendships are made. It’s an incredible experience, and, even tho eveyone complains a lot and you will most likely want to kill AT LEAST one person by the end, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.