so idk what this is but


Jonsa AU - Jon x Alayne

#so Jon went to the Eyries to ask them for their army/supplies #and he meets Sansa as Alayne #she is in charge because Baeless is away #so she manages to convince the Knights of the Vale to fight to retake Winterfell & free fArya #and to provide grains to the men of the Wall #while they prepare everything Jon & Sansa spend a fuck ton of time together #Jon thinks she’s hypnotic #bc she’s really cunning and kinda mysterious and of course beautiful #and he’s confused #he can’t say if that’s Alayne or his sis Sansa that he’s growing fond of #Sansa likes his chevalrious side #he restores her faith in men #she also likes his hair and his pouty lips #and she’s confused #because he’s the kind of men she could fall for but he’s also her bro #and then there’s a feast #they dance together #and as they dance they understand they have attraction and are falling for each other #they’re ashamed of it because y'all seem to enjoy angst!Starkcest #but they have sex anyway #because why the fuck not #then Sansa decides to leave with Jon to take back the north #but first she tells Baeless to go fuck himself #but before she shows all the receipts she had about him #so Baeless is sentenced to death by the Knights of the Vale #then Jon & Sansa take back winterfell like the power couple they are #they save fArya/Jeyne #Ramsay dies #they forgive Theon #and then there’s the parentage reveal #so Jon & Sansa can marry #Theon & Jeyne stay with them and they marry as well and recover from Ramsay trauma together #and they get Rickon back #and eventually Arya and Bran come back too #and they’re happy #because why not #the end

self care is drawing twilight

me at me: don’t cut your hair

depression: do it

all i did was give you fruit calm down

honestly i’m so proud of my growth this year, i’ve learned so much about myself, i’ve matured and stood up for myself, became more independent and free, figured out my gender and am confident in who i am, i’ve learned how to accept myself and how to somewhat control my anger issues, i’ve met so many people and became friends with some of the most amazing human beings, i’ve learned to become me, and i’m beyond proud of myself for that

okay so, i’ve been doing work and decided to take a break, during which i ran into some shit again. the thing is, everyone is open to think and headcanon whatever they want, you do you boo, but just…  that fanon thing that makes merlin just gay tires me. i’m not nearly close to ignore the fact he was blatantly crushing on literally everyone, i’m not going to erase freya from his life, just as much as i’m not going to ignore he’s also Super Unstraight™. two things can be true, and for someone who just ?? doesn’t care about this?? at all ??? who has bigger issues to worry about ?? it doesn’t matter okay. merlin’s whole character is based on duality and whatnot, and that is just one of the things which brings you to a point…….. it doesn’t matter which way it goes.