so idk if this makes sense but i needed to do it anyway

So I refuse to believe Jocelyn is dead
  • There’s no way they would kill off such an important character in the 4th episode. 
  • Clary just got her back
  • Lucelyn got their first kiss and we need more.
  • Plus Jocelyn was acting hella shady this ep so it wouldn’t make sense for her to just be killed off.
  • The Sebastian storyline is coming soon and she is pretty important in that regard.
  • They killed her offscreen which would be a pretty crap was of killing an important character.
  • We need a Lucelyn wedding or I’m suing.
  • Malec have their first date soon and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be doing that if Jocelyn was actually dead.
  • Valentine still loves Jocelyn, why would he send a demon into the institute if he thought it would kill her? I don’t know how but maybe she got out/valentine has her? idk I’m in denial okay.
  • There’s a promo for 2x05 where Clary is talking about how she can bring Jocelyn back so maybe she is dead and Clary brings her back somehow???


Yo Yo Yo!

Are you a witch/wizard/magic practitioner? Do YOU have a terrifying furby that haunts your dreams? Do you want a protective spell? Of course you do! 

I present: the furby protection spell!

What you need:

A furby (preferably with no batteries so it won’t come alive and eat you)

A rock/crystal, really anything (you kinda connect the furby and the rock, so that there’s an anchor for the energy, if that makes sense? Anyway, you could use basically anything, but I used a piece of brick)

Tarot deck (you could use sigils if you want, it just needs to represent the people you want protected)


Some music that you associate with protection, and offense (I used the Mirai Nikki op and Shonen Knife music, cause that’s the music I happen to associate with these two things, but whatever works for you)

A sigil for protection

How to:

Get your stuff together

Go sit somewhere dark (like in your room at night, with low lighting)

Take your tarot deck, and pick out the cards that represent the people you want to fall under that protective spell, and set them aside.

Get your sigil, and put it under the furby

Put the rock/crystal/anything in front of the furby

Put the lavender around the furby 

Stick the tarot cards in a circle around the furby

(Visual aid)

Put on the music for offense and visualize a barrier with the same energy. Make sure to be specific when making these barriers! Then do the same for protection. (You can do it in any order you think works best)

Take the sigil out from under the furby, and activate it

Take the rock/crystal/anything, and put it somewhere safe (the furby and the rock share the energy, if that makes sense? They work together)

Put the furby some where were it can watch you with its terrifying eyes. Its purpose is as a guardian, so put it in the living room or something like that

And you’re done! You might want to reinforce the shields every so often, to do that, just repeat the previous steps!

Anon asked for a tutorial on how I draw mouths/ lips!

I don’t really know how to do a tutorial but I can give some tips and tricks I know! ( I’m also self taught so I could be dead wrong)  LETS DO THIS!! 

You hear it everywhere but you need references if you’re starting out! Especially if you are trying to draw a person in particular. Each person has a different mouth shape and different lip size and shape! 

To make sure I know where a mouth starts and stops I normal start with the little… balls on the side of your mouth??? is that the term?? idk THESE THINGS

I usually draw them first when I draw the mouth like anchors so I know where I’m going with the mouth. ( before my final drawing I’ll draw a bunch of weird cycles/ shapes to figure out what kind of emotion I’m trying to make with the mouth // does that make sense??)  anyway here’s me drawing the mouths above I made the little balls of their mouths a little bigger then I normally would so you can see!  

once you have the anchors of the mouth it’s time to draw the inside! in the picture above I added arrows to show how the two halves interact. Sometimes they go in direction meeting in the middle  (ie a smile/frown ect) or they can go in diffent directions to make weird faces ( ie silly faces/ kissy face ect) Once you know the basic shape you want with the mouth you can really just go nuts! 

Now for lips! I don’t really have any rhyme or reason for my lips… I like to draw them really exaggerated normally. The only advise I can give is to remember that LIPS ARE 3D SHAPES! make them big make the thin make them bumpy, smooth dry, shiny! just don’t forget that they have mass to them!   

I hope this was somewhat helpful! I’m not a very good teacher!! Sorry! Good luck out there all you self taught artists DON’T GIVE UP! And if any of you have questions I can try and answer it! until next time kids! 

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“Study” Buddies | Theo Raeken Imagine

request : could you maybe do one imagine where theo is the reader’s boyfriend and they’re in the same math or biology or something class and the reader is like very bad at it and theo helps her idk tutor theo is like burned in my head. eh, kinda not sense making, thanks anyway xx

word count : 1449 

warnings : heavily implied smut, swearing, theo being hot as fuck. 

a/n : guys guys guys my good writing skills are back & i am one happy girl!!

 Theo had been positively insistent that the perfect person to tutor you in all things English Language Arts related was him, because he was good at everything and needed to make sure no other boys with inappropriate ideas on their minds would even come close to his girl. His words, not yours. He had gone on and on about the things boys thought when they were around you, the things he thought when he was around you, and had demanded that he be the one to help out and assist in you in any way possible. 

 Considering his grades were near perfect for someone who was out of school half the semester, you couldn’t really say no. Plus, when Theo Raeken flashed that charismatic, adoring smile that he kept locked away only for you to see in his happiest moments, there was no way you could possibly argue with him. 

 But god damn it, with that boy stretched out on your bed wearing just his gray sweatpants and perfectly fitting black muscle tee, you knew you were never going to get any work done. And Theo knew it, too, which was half the reason he had took up the position as your personal teacher. The other half of the reason was that he loved to see your concentration face, where your eyes got a bit squinted and your nose crinkled and you were absolutely adorable without even realizing it. Those were about the only innocent thoughts in his brain when he begged you to let him tutor you. 

 “So,” he began, readjusting his position on your bed so that his head was propped in his chin and his body slightly lifted up by elbows. “What exactly is it you’re having trouble with again?” His lips pulled into a smile when your gaze was cast skyward, a slight shake of your head and an exasperated sigh accompanying that look. “C’mon, angel face, I was kidding. English, right?” 

 You let out a small laugh, nodding at him and moving just slightly closer to his statuesque figure so your shoulders were touching. He smiled at the side of your head, glancing down at the notebook propped open in front of the both of you when you noticed his awed stares. “Yes, English. I am having some very big issues involving English Language Arts. Teach me your intelligent ways, baby? Pretty please?” You pouted at him. 

 “No need to beg, that comes later when we’re all finished here,” he gestured toward the books scattered across your bed. He pretended not to notice the blush on your cheeks. “What’s the problem you’re having with English? It’s not that difficult of a subject, you just have to read the books and write the essays.” With another look at your expression, he could tell that the whole essay thing was where the problem lied. “What’s wrong with the essays?” 

 “I don’t want to do them.” You replied, shrugging your shoulders. “I mean, how do they expect us to come up with some complicated, supposedly deep understanding of a relatively simple text where everything is actually pretty straightforward? I swear, English teachers just drag everything out to the point where I for one am exhausted.” You put your head down for emphasis, closing your eyes. Theo chuckled, shaking his head at you and lifting your face back up to meet his. 

 “You know they give us weeks to prepare for the essay, right?” 

 “Ah, there lies my other problem, so you see.” 

 “You make things way more difficult than they have to be, pretty girl. Here, I’ll help you get started.” You shifted over so Theo could invade more of your personal space, reaching his entire arm in front of you to snatch your pen out of your hand and begin filling things out on the required graphic organizer. “See, this is an outline of what needs to be in the essay. I also helped ‘decode’ some of the notes for you, so they would make more sense and you could better analyze the text for the essay. It’s all about reading between the lines, finding the hidden meaning of the text, teachers love that bullshit. Just remember the central idea, main characters, and important plot devices.” 

 You thanked him with a quick kiss to his lips, applying barely any pressure or force behind it. It was really just a chaste kiss, but for some unknown reason, every single thing that had to do with studying was suddenly pushed out of his brain. The only thing on his mind was you, and while you would have been all for skipping out on the studying an hour ago, you were focused and utterly determined to get majority of your long overdue essay with over tonight. 

 “Ah, fuck my life,” Theo muttered, so quietly that you heard nothing but an incoherent mumble of angriness. He could actually feel his bulge pressing against your bed, and it certainly wasn’t the most pleasant of situations to be in. He wanted to be pressed up against you, not your stupid bed that was getting more and more uncomfortable  with every second that his lips weren’t pressed against your collarbone and you weren’t moaning in ecstasy against his shoulder. He tried ignoring his building desire, wiggling around slightly to hide his painfully clear arousal. But he glanced back at you to find that you were now lying on your stomach, wearing the tightest pair of yoga pants known to man and looking fucking stunning and sexy at the same time. This was like his personal heaven and his personal hell. 

 He decided to play up the heaven part. 

 With a (sexually) frustrated groan that made you finally finally finally look up from the notes you had been pouring over for the past half hour, Theo grabbed ahold of your notebook and chucked it across the room so hard that it hit your framed picture of the two of you and made it crash to the ground. “Theo, what the fu- mhm,” he cut you off as abruptly as possible by flipping you over on the bed, pinning you down and hovering over you. His eyes scanned your face for any sign of discomfort, but he was met only with surprise and maybe even a hint of excitement that sparkled in your eyes. 

 Your shirt was off in a matter of mere seconds, forest green eyes roaming over flawless curve of your body. The grin that found its way to Theo’s face was unparalleled by any other beautiful thing in the universe. “Angel face, you are really fucking beautiful, have I ever told you that?” Before you could reply with something even the slightest bit coy, his lips were caught on your neck, pressing a kiss to every spot that he knew would drive you out of your mind, the spots that set your nerves on fire. He took a certain cocky satisfaction in the fact that he was the only one able to do that to you. 

 When he came up for air, your skin covered in marks that could only be described as love bites and nothing less, there was a thin layer of sweat shining over your face and your eyes were dazed in a moment of bliss. “I- I’m supposed to be writing my essay,” you choked out hesitantly, your voice revealing that there was nothing in the world you dreaded more than having to push Theo off you and go back to writing after a moment such as that

 “I’ll write it for you,” Theo replied without missing a beat, as if he had anticipated your hesitancy and had already supplied himself with a variety of clever comebacks. “I will do anything you want, baby, as long as you let me pleasure you for just a little longer. I don’t want to stop kissing you. I will write your damn essay, all right? I will. I love you.” 

 You were just a sucker for his pretty face, and you both knew it, so you caved. 

 When it was finished, when Theo was lying on his back with his shirt off and claw marks that would unfortunately heal scattered across his back, he let out the most satisfied sound you had ever heard. He rolled over on his side, giving you that secretive, reserved sweet smile that made his dimples pop out on either side of his cheeks. You smiled back, and he wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you closer so that the tips of your noses were touching. Neither of you moved to close that gap. 

 “You should let me tutor you more often, baby girl.” 

[ ok but why do any of the paladins need to switch to black in the interim?? is there something from the older series that i’m missing?? ]

honestly.. the main reason why i can’t get behind rey being lukes is that … warring cousins is so… anti-climatic like… cousins??? it’s not as /urgent/ and closely tied in my humble opinion. like everything would be so much more wild and interesting to me if these two siblings opposites, counterparts fighting and battling everything out against each other. needing two siblings to balance out the force seems so much more like a star wars thing and would also reflect back on luke and leia and how there are two of them, like, even though cousins could do that in a sense too, but familial relationships are so banked upon in this franchise and it would make so much more sense if the two sides going against each other were tied closer together compared to being cousins, like if darth vader was luke’s uncle??? that wouldn’t be as wild?? like. idk if thats much of a comparison but like.. that’s how my mind thinks of it and it’s just not as gripping or interesting, but that’s just my opinion don’t @ me on this 

ok i wrote this at 3am so it doesn’t make any sense i’ll rewrite it one day but…..

i need to know what happened the night alec stayed over at magnus’?? like for real? in detail?? cause their entire [idk what to call it- the way they interact, the things they say, the way they say it, the way they expect the other to respond….the things they do, the things they don’t do. not just their dynamic, it’s more] just completely changes after that night. like i know the changes start well before that too, but the whole night, everything we didn’t see, changed it all so much. i rewatched, i have all the receipts, i’m just gonna write it down so we can maybe get an image…

-we start with “slept at magnus’ place?” “didn’t do much sleeping… i was helping treat luke’s wounds, that’s all.”
that’s interesting cause before that scene even happens, luke, clary and jace have already been out all morning. hell, luke already got /arrested/ before that scene happened. meaning it was already pretty late in the morning when alec came back from magnus’. meaning they probably stayed up really late, causing alec to sleep in? they had breakfast together maybe even??

-izzy says “you never talk about your personal life”

-“i don’t know if alexander’s even interested”

-“magnus bane? to… come here, to the institute?” (…) “magnus is… quite magical. he is eh… very good at magic”

-“do you know him well?” “ehh just a little” see that’s interesting cause right after that, there’s the “you don’t have to get dressed up for me” scene, in which alec immediately tells magnus about how he’s Feeling. the same alec who doesn’t talk to his own sister about his personal life, the same alec who says emotions are nothing but a distraction… without a single push he opens up and tells magnus what’s going on, what he’s feeling. he even tells magnus he thinks he’s right and he should follow his heart.

-then alec proposes. he’s engaged. to him, his relationship with magnus has now changed. magnus doesn’t know yet. the way he acts around alec shows so much tbh?

-“a forsaken wound often needs a little warlock TLC. may i? free of charge” he said that and acted like he knew alec was gonna say yes. and magnus is a good judge of character, meaning that if it hadn’t been for the engagement, alec probably would’ve said yes. which magnus believed as well. and that believe is based on earlier interactions.
another interesting thing is alec immediately pulling away. not just physically but emotionally. closing himself off, when earlier he was opening himself up to magnus without him even having to ask. why? cause he got engaged? and that, to him, changes his relationship with magnus? why?? because there was something there already?

-“if anything were to happen to you, i-” you what, magnus? listen, we focus so much on what magnus says here, that we forget that he Says That?? he tells alec that. he feels they are close enough for him to say that. what happened that night that this is a thing he feels okay w saying? a thing that he thinks alec won’t find strange? WHAT HAPPENED?

-alec pulls away, says he needs to go and magnus is so obviously confused as to why alec is closing himself off suddenly. because….why, exactly? why didn’t he expect alec to react the way he did? it’s because since that night, alec hasn’t closed himself off to magnus like that. they somehow got close enough during that night for magnus to be confused when alec closed himself off

-alec goes to the trainingroom and punches the punching bag until he hurts himself

-their next scene together is in the hallway, after magnus stole alec’s stele. he says he came to check up on alec. alec doesn’t find that weird at all. cause they’re??that close??? since that night???

-“i meant to thank you for your advice. the whole follow your heart thing”. magnus’ entire face lights up.

-“i’m getting married” “well that’s a tad sudden isn’t it? we haven’t even been on one date-” idek what to say abt this….

-“you’re a traditional guy, i’m fine with it” why would you need to be fine with it?


-magnus is obviously HURT. 1. why is he hurt???? 2. why didn’t he mind that alec saw him hurt?? 3. why wasn’t alec surprised magnus was hurt?

-alec is going to magnus for a lawyer, magnus makes it very obviously that he’s pissed about the engagement. again: why is he pissed, why didn’t he mind letting alec know he’s pissed and why wasn’t alec surprised he’s pissed?
also, if alec was so convinced magnus wasn’t gonna be allowed to rep izzy anyway, why did he come all the way to see magnus? if he was expecting a “no” but wanted to ask anyway, he could’ve texted or called. but instead he came all the way there, “knowing” magnus was gonna say no

-“what else is important to you? (…) ah, i know. your bow and quiver” how does magnus know? did they talk about this during The Night?

-“so you get it!” WHY is magnus’ approval so important to alec? he didn’t care about izzy, jace and his parents not approving. what happened that night that caused this i just….

-“neither of you deserve it. and i don’t either” HE SO ACTIVELY WANTS ALEC TO KNOW HE’S INTO HIM?? and alec wasn’t surprised or confused when he said that. we went from alec not knowing why magnus would want to see him again to alec not even being surprised by stuff like this, overnight.

-“i know you feel what i feel, alec” how does he know?? we literally went from “i don’t know if alexander is even interested” to this and IT’S SO INTERESTING

-“you flirt, you laugh, you use magic” is that what they did that night? up all night to flirt and laugh?

-“even if i did feel something for you… dyou want me to give up my life for you? (…) i could lose my family, my career, EVERYTHING” if you did what, alec? called the wedding off to be with magnus? kissed magnus right now? imagine how many nights he fell asleep thinking about doing that. he has obviously considered it.

so this is what we know:

-alec stayed at magnus’ till late in the morning, meaning he either slept in because they were up all night talking, or he just stayed the entire morning talking to magnus. they might have had breakfast together.

-after that night, magnus still doesn’t know if alec is even interested

-alec is literally shook when magnus is mentioned. let’s out a very gay “magnus is quite magical”

-when alec’s asked if he knows magnus well, he says “ehh just a little”. but only like ten minutes later he’s pouring his heart out to magnus. which is a big thing for alec, esp when earlier izzy said that alec never talks about his personal life to her. alec “emotions are nothing but a distraction” lightwood feels fine pouring his heart out to magnus after That Night.

-alec gets engaged. to magnus, nothing has changed yet here cause he doesn’t know about it.
he offers alec some warlock TLC (for free of course) and expects alec to say yes. magnus is a good judge of character so i’m just gonna assume alec would’ve said yes if it wasn’t for the engagement. which means to him, the engagement changed something between magnus and him. meaning, alec has already admitted to himself that there’s something there, otherwise he wouldn’t feel like being close w magnus would somehow be wrong when he’s engaged. which is interesting because of the “i don’t know if alexander’s even interested” line. cause apparently nothing happened that night that showed magnus that alec was interested, but /this/ shows that he’s already admitted to himself that he was

-magnus feels like him and alec are close enough for him to say “if anything were to happen to you…” without that being strange

-they are close enough that magnus casually checking up on alec even though alec was kind of pushing him away earlier isn’t weird

-magnus says he’s fine with alec being a traditional guy. why would he need to be fine with it?

-alec felt like he owed magnus an explanation

-magnus is hurt and pissed off after alec tells him, didn’t mind making it clear he’s hurt and pissed off AND alec wasn’t surprised he’s hurt and pissed off

-alec goes to see magnus for no reason at all. he was convinced magnus couldn’t help him so why did he bother going all the way there?

-magnus knows alec’s bow and quiver are important to him

-magnus “getting it” is important to alec. he didn’t mind that his own family didn’t get it. but magnus getting it is important.

-they are close enough for magnus to say HE doesn’t deserve the loneliness alec marrying lydia will bring him. and alec doesn’t seem surprised or confused when he says that.

after that night, two characters who are usually closed off are suddenly super close and pretty comfortable with each other and talk about their Feelings.

interesting how we get to see every boring clace scene but we still don’t know anything about this night 🤔

(don’t worry, i stretched before the reaches!)

So I wrote a thing in response to this post.  It makes a few specific references and really only makes sense if you look at that first, but I didn’t want to add this on by reblogging because 1) I don’t want to start an argument or anything (though I think I’ve kept it civil, it’s just a different opinion, I just like to really examine each point and why I disagree okay) and 2) it’s over 1500 words SO

Basically the post is about how Harry should have become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and I respectfully disagree and here’s why

I have a fricking midterm tomorrow what am I doing

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-But not as beautiful as…. me.  ☆ /poses/ 

-Aha, just kidding. Words really can’t express how perfect you are, so I’m sorry if I’m coming off short. I’m not really a poet or a writer, but I do love you with all my heart. And I hope you do as well!~ ♡ ♡

this-is-andavs  asked:

Prompt setting: SPACE.

I see what you’re trying to do. I SEE IT. DON’T THINK I DON’T. (And it worked, because here’s a snippet. I don’t know if it makes any sense out of context, but here y’go anyhow.)

When they’d arrived on Bera, Stiles’ scent had been around him purely by virtue of cohabiting the same space for a period of time, but by the time Derek and Stiles return to the inn on the evening of their third day, Erica’s shooting him sly little grins from behind the bar. Derek doesn’t need to check to know that Stiles’ scent isn’t just on his clothes, anymore – it’s coating his skin: he can still feel the warmth of Stiles’ long fingers on the back of his neck, directing him to look at something; the brush of their arms together as Stiles gesticulated wildly.

 Perhaps the worst part about it is how simple it feels. There’s no awkwardness – Derek’s metaphorical hackles don’t rise when Stiles draws near, and Stiles never tries to treat him with kid gloves, doesn’t ever hesitate to come closer. The idea of hesitation doesn’t even appear to pop into his head, which—well, it’s possible that says more about Stiles than it does about Derek.

 No, Derek realises: the worst part is that he wants. Derek wants Stiles’ hands to linger, wants Stiles to press in close and keep going until there’s no space at all between them. He wants those pretty eyes on him, he wants Stiles’ smart mouth. It’s not just objective appreciation anymore – it’s bordering on full-blown fantasy.

 Derek’s so, so screwed.

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in og pokemon it was strongly hinted that ghost pokemon were literally just the souls of dead pokemon, but the only ghost pokemon at the time were ghastly line. so it was like all pokemon turn into ghastlies. which is like a weird ultimate evolution, if you think about it. in that framework gengar becomes the final evolution for which all pokemon are ultimately destined. that makes gengar terrifying. pokemon facing gengar face their own mortality and know that in doing so they face a creature that has transcended death to achieve a new immortal power. and it’s weird that it happens through trades, actually. like, to achieve ultimate power a pokemon needs to not only die but also be captured and then given up by their trainer. ultimate power through ultimate suffering. anyway it makes sense that it doesn’t actually work that way at all and they’ve added a lot more ghosts but it’s still a neat thought. that episode with the giant gengar was cool.