so idk if anyone made this yet

Idk if anyone had made this headcanon yet, but I present to you: NHL prospect Chris “Chowder” Chow.

Listen, NCAA hockey is no joke. So many of the best NHL players went NCAA first. You get to develop your game and go to school at the same time. And if Chowder is really as good as it seems, playing D1, you best bet he was on the radar for the NHL scouts.

He actually grew up a Boston Bruins fan, because both his parents are both from the Boston area originally. But right out of high school, before he came to Samwell, Chowder was drafted into the NHL. To the San Jose Sharks.

It explains his love on a whole new level. He’s more than just a hockey fan from California. He’s the chosen one of an NHL organization. Their top goalie prospect. The future of their team.

Just. NHL prospect Chowder.

!! Here’s a reminder that Eat Jin live on V app is just a few days away!!

Eat Jin live airs on June 11 (KST)! There is no known time of when it will start at the moment (presumably at 12AM KST but that’s not confirmed anywhere, it may air at a random time). For those confused about V app having paid videos there has been no announcement of Eat Jin being on Vlive + so it is highly likely that it is free!

Now here’s your important reminders for the show:

  • Do NOT ask for other members (This is Jin’s show, asking for others when he’s on is very disrespectful!)
  • If Jin does have a member or multiple members on the show please give all the members the same amount of love and attention! 
  • Give lots of hearts
  • Compliment Jin as much as possible, tell him you love Eat Jin and you’re glad he’s doing it back on the V app
  • No rude or sexual comments please

Never commented during an Eat Jin live before or any other live before? Also have you never not tuned into an Eat Jin live before? Here’s why you should consider doing it and making this day important for Jin: 

So in short we are very lucky and should be very grateful that Jin is doing an Eat Jin on the V app again! I know time zones make it hard to watch live streams but if you can, please make this Eat Jin very special for Jin! This is our opportunity to let him know we really love and appreciate him! :’)

Also it would be great if anyone reading this has a large following on twitter and can help spread this! Thank you~

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Political Animals is my go-to show to rewatch when I'm extremely stressed out about life. TJ Hammond reminds me a bit of myself, and the struggle he's gone through. He has a strained relationship with his parents like I do, especially in terms of mental health. PA has made me cry more times than I can count because TJ is so relatable. Sebastian played him so well.

He made me cry, too and rage and just so many emotions all in six lil episodes. idk about anyone else, but it amazes me how much we learn about TJ in 6 hours time. I can’t believe it’s relatively short and yet we really “get” who he is - and I’m giving Sebastian a large chunk of the credit for that. Hell, I relate to him and I haven’t been through half the stuff he has - Seb is just that good. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on TJ Hammond week!

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Possibly a weird one, but a) I love writing memes, and b) I need to get back in the swing of writing. (Notice how I keep saying that, and it has yet to happen.) Does anyone remember fanfic bingo cards? The bingo cards that had all kinds of different prompts, and the goal was to fill enough of those prompts to make a bingo? I never actually took part in any bingo challenges, but I was thinking that it could be fun to do so - idk I went on a search for prompts/terms that caught my eye and made some cards:

So I might try and fill out a bingo sometime? Idk we’ll see how it does, but I think it would be fun to write a fic tying tickling into any of these ideas.

can we talk about the significance of harry’s event bracelets & how he purposely keeps them on FOREVER even after the event is over?

EXHIBIT A: leeds festival with louis in august of 2011


EXHIBIT B: jay’s wedding, in which harry greeted all of louis’ relatives. how great.

it’s not like harry wanted to be there. it’s just his platonic pal arch-enemy’s mom’s wedding. his attendance at the wedding was all for show. it obviously meant nothing to him.

…yet he kept his wedding bracelet on forever?!  

to the point where he got a damn wedding bracelet tan. why didn’t you just take it off after you left the damn ceremony. 

and after it wore out he even tied it to his bag. who does that. WHO DOES THAT

CONCLUSION: harry styles is very extra when it comes to any event that is connected to his husband louis tomlinson. as long as it’s special to his husband, it’s special to him, and he doesn’t care if the entire world knows it. as long as there is a smile on louis’ face when he sees that harry still has that wedding bracelet on, harry will keep that damn thing until it falls into the deep pits of tartarus. (even until then, he will dive in & risk his life just to salvage this piece of cheap flimsy fabric.) 


I was tagged by daughter-of-winter-and-stars to post 6 pictures of my band member crush (thank you!) and of course I would post gifs instead. 

I have quite a few crushes tbh, but doing my best to pick the worst… this is it: Mathias Nygård from Turisas.

These gifs are all part of old gif sets I made and you can find each of them here

I made utaite keychains for sale on ComiFuro 6 this August! I’ll be selling these with my circle only on the second day. I might open some preorder (for domestic only) after they’re arrived so if you’re interested please stay tuned haha ( ´ ▽ ` )

PS: the final product might differ a liiiil bit since I’m still going to edit it a bit

idk if anyone has thought of this yet but please imagine that one day Gabriel wanted to do a nice thing for Jack so he made him lunch but Jack couldn’t handle it because it’s TOO SPICY FOR HIM

One Direction Vine Masterpost

Idk if anyone has done this yet, but watching little snippets of them makes my day so I made a list of a bunch of vines, send me your favorites if they aren’t on it and I’ll keep adding to the list! 

Please share it around with others, because it took me 4eva to make this.

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I’m not the best at drawing jellies but.. i had to try ok–

Idk if anyone/alaina has made a design for a fresh!jelly yet?? Or thought of one?? So i decided why not make one loll–

this was out of pure boredom oki– but i hope no one minds me popping this here yes~

Fresh © @loverofpiggies

Jelly realms © @alainaprana

Art, fresh!jelly design © @kaoticdaydreamer / @sierralartz