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love the piggy!

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Okay let’s just assume these items are available in the wasteland lol

Butch: One of those butterfly knife combs.

Clover:  Probably a dress that’s actually clean.

Charon: A dumb Christmas sweater just because it’d be funny. (like can u imagine)

Dogmeat: Some kind of squeaky dog toy, duh.

Jericho: A bottle of the finest alcohol he’s ever had, and maybe a pair of mittens that he’d complain about but would end up using them.

Fawkes: Fawkes isn’t the kind of person(?) to want a whole lotta stuff, except maybe a less ripped shirt.

Star Paladin Cross: Lone could give her anything and she’d be :00 

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so as i've played i noticed that jumin always brushes it off or insists he's not whenever anyone says he's being nice. could you do something with MC getting frustrated and trying to get jumin to Just Accept The Compliment when he's done something nice

  • Jumin swears he’s Opening Up 
  • and he is
  • but why can’t he just. accept MC’s compliments
  • like ok sure, he doesn’t like baseless compliments
  • that’s valid
  • MC understands
  • but then just, normal and justified compliments he??? plays them off and brushes them aside???
  • “Thank you for buying me dessert, Jumin. You’re very kind and nice to me!”
  • and then he replies
  • “It’s nothing, it’s normal I’d buy my lover a dessert.”
  • um
  • sure jumin but…. maybe consider this:
  • MC wants to compliment you so you feel nice 
  • seriously there is no way to compliment him without him shutting down the compliment with some sort of reason??
  • “Jumin, you’re so nice!”
  • “I’m not. It’s normal that I’d-”
  • “Jumin can you please just take a compliment?”
  • Jumin is surprised??
  • why does MC want that??
  • “Because you deserve to be complimented, duh! It’s not fair if only you get to say nice things to me. I want to make you happy with words, too!”
  • Small Blush
  • he’s just so used to people throwing compliments at him that don’t mean much at work??? clients and such throwing flattery??
  • he thought he’d become numb to it
  • and then he has. A moment of realisation that when MC compliments him it’s from their heart
  • Jumin inhales and then replies to MC
  • “… Ok. Thank you, MC.”
  • MC smiles and hugs him because finally he seems to drop the stubbornness
  • “You’re so sweet, Jumin…”
  • “I’m not- I mean… Thank you.”

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Please consider: John Tracy in a shirt that says "Space is Ace and so am I" (Gordon and/or Alan are probably responsible for it. they probably got him it as a gag gift)

please consider: this is all I need in life

I colored it. Of course, not that I have it up on a different monitor I realized the lighting on her face is all screwy. This is what happens when I don’t use refs. However, I’m kind of loving the colors I got in the galaxy :D