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Been here awhile and like to keep an eye on general fandom chatter. This ridiculous Piers incident does highlight an issue on the rise. Fandom hate for Louis is returning bit by bit. From about 2013 thru to March 2015, Louis had a lot of haters within the fandom-- it was intense, some of it very disturbing. But when Zayn left & Louis was so supportive of fans, it subsided some. Recently I've seen a resurgence of the hate. His SM activity & promo run seem to be aggravating it. It's very troubling

Hey anon. Unfortunately I agree and I have very little doubt that its a deliberate manipulation of his SM to lose him support and have fans actively turn on him. Sony are smothering his career but where are the fans attacking? Not Sony.

 I wasnt here before Zayn left but I saw some references to the extent of hatred for louis before then, which had been carefully curated by making his SM the mouthpiece for Sony’s $-driven homophobia and bullying. Putting Louis face on their vileness.  I think that having Louis in that role was hugely useful to Sony and I suspect they were taken aback by how quickly his image rehabilitated itself when they put ‘aggressive loudmouth @Louis’ on ice for a while and turned to ‘irresponsible party boy’ Louis ready for BG.  They must have hated how his support returned in the fandom and how so many fiercely loyal fans stayed with him and had his back for BG, instead of turning on him and Larry wholesale. How loved Louis became for a while and how despised 1DHQ became – as displayed in Projects NC and JHO and Home

 But huge corporations like Sony dont lose. Its not how things work when theres so much money at stake. They have people trained in fandom psychology and they’ve worked subtly and ruthlessly to undermine Louis image and make sure fans who succumb and turn on him in the end don’t blame Sony and ‘Louis team’ – they’ll blame Louis for ‘bringing it on himself’. The way his SM is being used to create a persona fans are almost programmed to be turned off by is blindingly obvious but Sony have taken out insurance this time by forcing him to to ‘say the words’ on camera - to consolidate the stunts and deny Larry out of his own mouth because they *knew* that his refusal to do that before was totemic to certain groups of fans. This isn’t a solo launch, its a careful stripping away of the strength of his fanbase. Theyre weakening him very deliberately.

Notably we have now very few personal appearances to counter the SM image and those are deliberately tainted for fans by pushing stunts, so @Louis is who we see. The people who run his twitter throw in a few bouts of gratitude to fans and artificial exchanges between UAs and a plastic imitation of Louis to make the construct seem real when they slip the knife in. And every so often they put up a selfie to tie the SM to the face.

You’d think fans would know the Louis we see in interviews etc (which is the closest we’ll get to ‘real Louis’) well enough by now to see how wrong his SM personality is. You’d think the fandom would be sophisticated enough by now  in the ways of corporate PR manipulation but –no. Sony have farmed blocks of fans who want to hate Louis, who want that caricature on SM to be real to justify it.  When you actually see Louis in the flesh - shy, self conscious, the polar opposite of arrogant, almost pathologically grateful, desperate to please fans and be loved by them – how can anyone make the leap to connect *that* guy to the @Louis Sony have created?  But sadly Sony’s PR and marketing demons know very well how people and fandoms work.  

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First time Adam feels sexually aroused by Nigel - but obviously, he isn't sure what to do about it - does Nigel even like him back? Thanks so much for doing spacedogs prompts Izzy!!! <3

‘…So anyway, that was when we opened up the back of the truck and let one of Ion’s goats out and let me tell you baby, that thing was fuckin pissed off. It’d been in the truck for about an hour and was in a whole new country and didn’t like it one fuckin bit! I guess is was some kind of snob. So, anyway, we let this thing out and it immediately goes up to a waiter and…baby, you ok?’  
'You look ah..what’s the word in English? Fuck…it’s..ahhh..’
'Flesh…full…flushed! There it is!’
'What a terrible fuckin language. Is he a little pink? Is he a toilet? Who fuckin cares! Fuckin English.’  
'But yeah, darling. You look a sight. You ok?’  
'Do I look bad?’
'Not exactly the word I would use.’  
'You look like you’re thinking about something. Something that’s really fuckin got'cha.’
'Is it the cigarette?' 
'You keep fuckin lookin at it.’
'I should have figured that you wouldn’t like it. I’ve been told it’s an American thing.' 
'You’ve had three of them!' 
'I’m was telling a fuckin story! It sets the mood!’
'So you think it sets the mood too?’
'I well I you see the thing is that they are very bad for you according to the surgeon general you see that what I am trying to say is that-’
'Oh I think I’ve gotten you all wrong, Darling.’  
'The risk of cancer-’
'It turns you on doesn’t it?’
'When I lean close to you, smoke a few cigarettes, blow some fuckin smoke in your face…whisper in your ear…’
'Always so honest, Adam. Why not this time?’
'Well, I thought you are supposed to wait some time before you tell people that you find them sexually arousing…Why are you laughing at me?' 
'Darling, I’m not like most people.’  
'We have only known each other for fifteen and a half days but I do know that about you. I noticed.’
'Don’t be polite for my sake. It’s fucking boring. Tell me what you want.’
'I don’t think we can kiss in the park, Nigel.’  
'And why the fuck not, Darling?’
'I don’t want to kiss you just once.’
'You’re killin me, kid.’  
'Thank you?’
'Let’s go to your place. You can kiss me all you fuckin want.’