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*Whoops, reblogged the Mutt one on the wrong blog. My bad. xD I was wondering why it had so many notes.

By the way, all the posts from the skelelodge are queued. I’m at work, so I’ll queue some more up tonight to post tomorrow. If I have time, I’ll get to an imagine or two as well.

I have another question for you guys though!

If you got the chance to go out on a date with one of the skeles, where would you go? What would you like to do? Staying at home, while nice, is not an option in this case.

Psst guess what!! I did a thing :D I’m about to go to sleep (it’s totally not almost 3am) but before I did!! I wanted to tell everyone!!! Cause I’m really really proud of myself and I feel super happy and heck this is awesome!!! I managed to fill the queue up!! For an entire day!!! And I know that’s not much, and I’ve queued lots more than that before, but I’m still really proud of myself ^-^ so ya!!! I feel really happy!!! Thank you for reading if you did!! I hope you have a really amazing day!!! I love you so much!!! You’re amazing and wonderful and you deserve the best! Ya!!!!

  • Chas: (on the phone) Are you sure I didn't mess thing up for you?
  • Aaron: How many times, Mum, no. I mean it, though, Sarah could do with all the friendly faces she can get.
  • Chas: What if something happens to you?
  • Aaron: I'll be fine, I've got Cain and Robert looking after me. So for once in your life, just do as you're told. Look, I better go, there's other lads waiting to use the phone. So...
  • Chas: Okay, do you want a word with Robert first?
  • Aaron: No, the queue's a mile long so I better not.
  • Chas: All right, love, stay safe. I love you.
  • Aaron: I love you, too.
  • Chas: (hangs up, Robert is looking disappointed) Sorry, he had to go.
  • Robert: Oh, yeah, don't worry about it. I've had enough of his ugly mug already today.
  • Chas: So, it looks like I'm going to Prague after all. You were right, he seems to be coping well.

serenablackmore98  asked:

So, because I've been feeling under the weather lately, I was wondering if you could do a short fic where Lightning's got a cold or something and Sally takes care of him??

Due to special circumstances, this gets moved to the front of the queue! Hope you feel better soon, friend!

“No, I wanna go. I’m fine.”

“Stickers, you’re going to stay right here until I say so.”

“But Sal-” his voice croaked.

“See?” she sounded slightly exasperated. “You can barely breathe or talk, let alone spend the day racing around in the dirt with Cruz. You need to rest.”

Lightning groaned, but submitted. He hated being under the weather, especially when he had actual plans he’d been looking forward to. Against his will, he’d fallen prey to a case of the sniffles that had been floating around town. His eyelids were heavy and his voice faint with the exception of the regular sneeze. Sally could see straight through his pathetic tough-guy charade. He was miserable.

Slowly, he rolled back to their bedroom and situated himself in his comfy spot. Sally followed him, allowing her stern exterior to fall away. When he turned to look at her, all he saw was the kind and caring face he loved.

“Here, let me help.” she grabbed an oversized blanket from a shelf and threw it over him, tucking in the edges. He settled in and further snuggled himself within the folds of warmth.

“Thanks, Sal.” 

She smiled softly at him. “I’ll go get you something warm to drink.”

Lightning waited while she drove to the kitchen to prepare his favorite remedy. As he watched her go, he thanked his lucky stars that she was willing to put up with him. He knew he could be a bit much to look after.

“Here you go.” she said as she returned, pushing a steaming mug in front of him.

He took a long sip, sighed in relief, and relaxed. Sally backed in next to him and snuggled up against his side, flipping on their TV.

“What are you doing?” he asked, confused. “You’re gonna get sick too if you stay here.”

“Oh, well.” she shrugged, but then added on slyly, “I guess then you’ll get the chance to take care of me. Return the favor, and all.”

Lightning chuckled at her conniving plan, but stopped as it triggered a nasty cough. Sally patted him on the side in a comforting way. Content, they stayed like that for hours, taking advantage of the downtime to enjoy each other’s company.

First Lines Meme

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether). See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favourite authors.

Tagged by @ramtiger and @comebackwhen, thank you!

Things I have learned: basically every single story starts with Cloud doing something, and usually something sexual. No surprise there, really, but jfc. I have no variety at all.

1) Ice Down His Spine -  Sephiroth raised an eyebrow. “On a mission, Cloud?”

2) Whatever It Takes - Anyone who knew Cloud Strife knew one thing to be true; he was the most stubborn little shit on the Planet.

3) ASGZC gangbang (Little Black Book ch. 15) -  The concrete was cold and hard beneath Cloud’s back, a stark contrast the heat of rough hands that pinned down his wrists and thighs.

4) Welcome to SOLDIER -  Cloud had more or less adapted to being a Third Class.

5) Requited -  If there was one thing Sephiroth truly understood, it was the art of battle.

6) Call Me -  Cloud’s breath rushed out in a needy gasp. “Do it.”

7) Bite Me -  “Z-zack, please,” Cloud gasped. His head was spinning, breath coming in shallow, rasping gasps. That was all the air he could get with Zack’s hand around his throat.

8) Sefikura prostate massage (Little Black Book ch. 14) -  Cloud sighed as he let the kiss break off. “No,” he said, gently but firmly.

9) Whiskey & Kisses -  The door slammed closed behind Cloud with an echo of finality, leaving him standing face to face with a rather bemused looking Sephiroth.

10) Second Chances -  Claudia had been watching the group from ShinRa from the moment they arrived.

11) Sefikura making out (Little Black Book ch. 13) -  Cloud leaned his weight back against the kitchen counter. He needed more alcohol.

12) ASGZC incubi AU (Little Black Book ch. 12) -  Cloud was pretty sure he’d died and gone to heaven. Several times over, probably.

13) Sefikura knotting (Little Black Book ch. 11) -  Cloud’s hands were buried in Sephiroth’s hair, and his lips were hot and insistent and delicious.

14) Prize -  Cloud rolled over and pulled the pillow down over his face, trying to block out the tumultuous noise of the crowd outside.

15) Turn The World (Against Us) -  It had been a long time; a decade, at least. Cloud wasn’t that stupid, naïve kid anymore, dreaming of  SOLDIER and of Sephiroth.

16) Exposure -  “You know, this wasn’t exactly the introduction I was hoping for,” Cloud grumbled under his breath.

17) Hair Gods -  “Sir!” The infantryman stood to attention at the door. Although his eyes were covered by the helmet and his head remained immobile, Sephiroth could tell he was glancing around the room, thinking he could do so without notice.

18) Last One Out Of Midgar -  Sephiroth was… well. Sephiroth was trying.

19) Strifesodos bondage (Little Black Book ch. 10) -  “Alright, precious?” Genesis asked, running a hand along Cloud’s heaving sides.

20) Sefikura office sex (Little Black Book ch. 9) -  Somewhere between Sephiroth’s teeth sinking into his throat and Sephiroth’s fingers slipping beneath the waistband of his uniform, Cloud decided he really, really didn’t care about consequences any more.

I think a lot of the authors I know/follow have already been tagged, so not going to tag more this time.

((…I remain astonished at how many followers I get in those periods when I’m not active, but welcome regardless!  I’m afraid the semi-hiatus thing is… probably going to keep being a thing for a while as I’ll be rearranging and then packing up to move in the middle of a shop sale, charity stuff, and whatever madness the holidays decide to throw at me, so, uh.  Well I am technically here.  Somewhat lingering.  Half paying attention at night sometimes.  But no activity promises can be made past that for the next month or so at least.

Of course if that doesn’t work for you, then please do feel free to unfollow.  No hard feelings, etc.  ………..Really trying to resist following that up with an inappropriate joke.

Still, HELLO.  I’d apologize for life happening, but life isn’t regretful about anything so it’s a wasted effort.  You can probably summon me for random anonymous angst, though.  If you make sure to tug my sleeve and direct me to the appropriate post.))

Neverwhere Sentence Meme Pt. 1

  • “It starts with doors." 
  • "I’d watch out for doors if I were you." 
  • "You look like a drowned rat." 
  • “Now: Onward. Things to do. People to damage." 
  • "Bugger and blast." 
  • "Please, no. It’ll be fine. It’s not as bad as it looks. “ 
  • "Don’t worry, most of the blood was someone else’s." 
  • "I suppose you could call them men, yes. Two legs, two arms, a head each.”
  • “We’re not going to get very far if you keep repeating everything I say, now, are we?" 
  • "People who put their noses where they aren’t wanted sometimes lose them." 
  • "I understand that the words favor, really, and big have been used. In conjunction." 
  • "We don’t need a bodyguard, _______. We hurt people. We don’t get hurt." 
  • "If you cut us, do we not bleed?" 
  •  "Well? Say ‘Open sesame,’ or whatever it is that you do." 
  • "You’re a piece of work, aren’t you?" 
  • "I don’t know how I could have missed it before." 
  • "I’m afraid we don’t have any redeeming features." 
  • "Now is the time to be afraid of the dark." 
  • "Well. You’re here. Safe and, more or less, sound.”
  • "We’re hopelessly lost. We’ll never be seen again.”
  • “In a couple of days we’ll be killing each other for food." 
  • "He’s a little bit dodgy in the same way that rats are a little bit covered in fur." 
  • "Scare her?  We’re cutthroats, not scarecrows.”
  • “So what is it that you want me to do this time? Theft? Arson?“
  • "My sides are splitting, my ribs are cracking, and my mirth is positively uncontainable.”
  • "Things like that, they’re too vicious to die. Too old and big and nasty.”
  • “That was okay. Nice food. And no one was trying to kill us.“
  • "Yes. Well. Some people thought I was dead. I was forced to keep a low profile.”
  • “Can’t make an omelette without killing a few people.”
  • “He’s traveled so far beyond right and wrong he couldn’t see them with a telescope on a nice clear night.”
  • “You mad little witch. What have you done?”
  • “Who do you think she is–the Wizard of Oz?” 
  • “We can’t send you home. This is your home.”
  • “Then we won’t ever see each other again.”
  • “Just walk. Don’t look back.”
  • “Have you ever got everything you ever wanted? And then realized it wasn’t what you wanted at all?" 

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AWW AND I LOVE YOU! let me bless you with some predebut wonhui goodness

wonwoo pushing hansol aside so he can kiss junhui instead for the paper kissing game

wonwoo secretly petting junhui but stopping when the cam zooms out and captures them

wonhui holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes

ok so anyways now that I’m home and jetlag is starting to set in (it’s funky; i still feel like my surroundings are wobbling, like i’m on the plane or something, even tho it’s been 4 hours since we landed now) I can officially say I’m available to do things, and I’ll be doing replies and stuff. … tomorrow.

Today I think I’ll just keep it small and then go to bed at a reasonable hour coz hooooooboy i’m…. … I would be asleep by now in ireland and i’m pOOPed


I’m close to running out the queue, and as some of you may have noticed, I’ve been severely lacking in any motivation to read for the past couple of weeks. I still think I’m going about the reading slump recovery thing wrong, so I think I’ll drop a few of my current reads, and pick up some other books. This quote helped a lot, actually. 

What I’m trying to say is, this hasn’t been much of a booklr for a month or two, but I’m trying to get back on track. I keep slipping up, and then I try to scramble up again. What can I say.

So lightning is terrible ‘cause it’s dark now but I got a bit too excited about my Easter outfit and decided to give it a test run tonight

Super glad I found my butterfly hair clip it matches the color perfectly

I’ll be taking pictures tomorrow provided the weather holds out so stay tuned for full-length dress pics!

sagelynaive  asked:

so, are you gonna stay active now that the show's over? or are you gonna start winding down? (u dont have to answer if you dont wanna) I'm sure there will always be more awkward dips to find. He is such an awkward boy after all, bless his heart. But I mean I'd understand either way cause running blogs is hard and having no new source material can be depressing sometimes. I've been there. I was just wondering what your plans were? Either way, this blog has been a gift from day one :D

so far i’ve got plenty in the queue and i still wanna keep rewatching GF and capturing dips as i go, so i won’t stop posting anytime soon. this blog has been really fun and its crazy to me how many followers it’s gotten, so i don’t have any plans to outright abandon it. i’m sure the fandom will die down eventually, and i’ll probably run out of stuff to post at some point - but for now i want to keep posting, and it’s kind of become a hobby at this point to save weird pictures of characters as i watch haha!

Basically the cutest thing is going down our activity list and seeing people tagging other people on our pictures.

Like is it love? Are you best friends? Are you killing each other with sad fandom references?

We may never know but it makes me feel all cute and cuddly inside.