so i've decided to do these for all kinds of things


Rumiko Week - Day #1: Favorite Female Characters

The twins have always known that Grunkle Stan is a divorced bachelor.

Okay the context of this is actually all kinds of HILARIOUS to me.

SO. Legend of the Gobblewonker. Great episode, no matter which way you look at it. But check out this super specific scene way at the beginning of the episode:

Stan: Good morning knuckleheads! You two know what day it is?

  • Dipper: Umm… Happy Anniversary?
  • Mabel: MAZEL TOV

Stan: *proceeds to smack small child with newspaper*

Okay so inconsequential it seems to the rest of the episode but! The big thing that happened here that caught my eye was that Dipper and Mabel responded with “Happy anniversary” and “mazel tov” in relation to wondering what day it is. They could have said “Happy Birthday”, the actual day of the week, etc. So many jokes to be made! And Alex Hirsch decides to make a marriage joke.

While it technically wasn’t confirmed until Roadside Attraction, it’s always been insinuated that Stan was once married, got a divorce and is now a lonely bachelor. He makes a joke about his ex-wife in this very episode, and Hirsch himself has mentioned his ex-wife at cons. And now we know she exists! Marilyn divorced him after only 6 hours.

But… the Twins know about this. They always have known, and hell it might even be a running family joke; Stan and his 6 hour marriage.

Of course, if the twins know about it, that means this 6 hour marriage happened while Stan was not actually Stanley, but Stanford.

Stan probably married Marilyn while posing as his bro bro.

Think about this, and then think about his marriage being only 6 hours long.

“Now that we’re together, I just wanna let you know…”
“What is it, Stanford?”
“Well, that’s just the thing. Stanford isn’t my real name. I’m kinda posing as my potentially dead brother.”
“We’re getting divorced immediately.”

( so i want to clarify a thing about shipping with me and i will edit a bit
in my way of shipping, so here it goes–


i ship EXCLUSIVELY WITH ONE PERSON / MUSE ( meaning? ex. i
will only ship with one Mei, no other ship with another Mei of the romantic
kind will be pursued by Hanzo; It will all be friendship based )

i will REMOVE THE ONE SHIP PER VERSE thing i had going. there’s
simply too many verses now and relationships will at times be required to
be in two verses at a time. it’ll just end up a mess otherwise

. as it is with threads,
sometimes plotting is better. i do, however, still want to know a person OOC
 before anything will happen

. i don’t wanna end up in a huge mess of ships that criss cross
and i don’t want to end up being in the middle of two ships with the same
character at the same time. i don’t. i don’t want to be there.

thank u if u read it!! )

Kakayama Week day 3: AU ridiculousness feat Yam in glasses

Long story short: Because of our ky lord and savior yamkash I played the Evil Within a few months ago and then jokingly suggested to make it an AU for a ky fanart. And somehow it became a thing. 

I still can’t figure out why on Earth did I decide to go for some crazy ass perspective though. I must have been feeling particularly adventurous while sketching xD


Ahhh everyone has been extremely kind and supportive, so I’ve finally decided to do a little giveaway for everyone following me to show my thanks and to celebrate a few things too! (like the end of Inktober and maybe an early Christmas if it’s posted out on time hahaha)

This giveaway is both on my Tumblr and IG; you are allowed to join both for better chances (but only one reblog/regram for each)! 

Winner 1:
Original copy of Inktober Day 21: Red Nocturne (Sora) (A4)
Original copy of Inktober Day 28: Kairi (11.5cm by 14cm)
A set of FF/KH single-sided 5cm acrylic charms (incl. FF7, FF9, FF13-2, FF15 and KH358/2)

Winner 2:
A set of FF/KH single-sided 5cm acrylic charms (incl. FF7, FF9, FF13-2, FF15 and KH358/2)

A few important notes! :
♛ Only Tumblr reblog (x1) and/or IG regram (x1) count. 
♛ This is for followers only since it’s a follower-appreciation giveaway! (;u;)
♛ Both giveaways end on 10th December (GMT+8), 00:00.
♛ I’ll be picking the two winners through a random generator, and will contact the two winners through IG/Tumblr. I’ll pick a new winner if there is no reply after 48 hours. (Also, please make sure you’re comfortable with giving me your address when you’re selected)
♛ I’m able to ship worldwide! \(‘u’)/
♛ ((…And yes it’s the original copy, meaning you’ll get to see my scribbly ink stuff close-up (^q^)rz ))

Thank you so much! ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙-

Going to work on the 3k+ project, but I need some help

(( Don’t worry! It’s not much! While I’m pretty much SHOVELING my way through all my followers, I’ve been having trouble since I need your references!
Plus, apparently, some blogs I bump into have been inactive for a long while now       v v v

(( Because I am very close to 3k, I want to take the opportunity to be able to promote other blogs ovo”! ))

What I need you to do, is to reblog this little thing so I know you’re somewhat active, and put the tag to the reference of your oc below! o3o

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I hope this doesn’t sound like advertisement, just thought it would be a nice way to find the blogs who pay attention to what I post, plus your references o3o!

Thank you all so much for sticking around, even if we have less than 20 story related posts ;w;”

- Ebbs

PS. I expect to have this finished after 3.5k qwq //that’s a long while from now. I just expect to be drawing a lot of ponies- several times as well .w.” I need to do this in my spare time too, since I can’t do it everyday ))