so i've been without internet for like a week

anonymous asked:

Hey guys sorry to bother you. I've been without internet for a week and wondered whether I've missed anything important, and if you could bring me up to date? Thanks for all your hard work <3

Oh goodness, I’m gonna try my best not to miss anything, but if I do, then I’m sorry~! And a week? I’m so addicted to tumblr at this point I think I’d go a little crazy thinking about all the stuff I was probably missing. ;3; 

Anyway, on to the recap! :D

  • EXO’s Die Jungs photobook(s) came in like a wrecking ball (to see the pics, try here or here. To see the 23 minute long bts video, click here.)
  • EXO’s photoshoot for MCM also came in like a wrecking ball (here for the pics, here for the video)
  • Kai was involved in Taemin’s stage for Pretty Boy on Mnet Countdown (here, bts here and up next here), as well as at the SMTown concert in Seoul (here)
  • A bunch of EXO members took part in the ALS ice bucket challenge including Kai and Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun, Suho, and Tao
  • Suho’s M/V remake from the 90:2014 episode was released (here)
  • This happened.
  • There was a Kolon Sport fanmeeting event
  • Sehun and Kai were in an episode of Running Man (which you can watch here).
  • Episodes 9 and 10 of D.O’s drama It’s Okay It’s Love aired.
  • Episode 16 of Roommate aired.
  • Lay participated in an episode of Star Chef.

And there we goooo~! c: