so i've been planing to make this for ages

let’s get together before we get much older (ronan/adam)

summary: Adam doesn’t know what compels him to make an attempt at finally finding out.

Does Ronan Lynch have a crush on me?

(Do I have a crush on Ronan Lynch?

Otherwise known at the one where Ronan, Blue, and Noah visit Adam and Gansey at their university for the weekend.

notes: This project transcends two months, three countries, and more than a few states of sobriety. It has become my Noah. That is to say, I adore it, but I would also throw it out a window if given the chance.

The lovely, talented Caroline drew some absolutely gorgeous art to accompany this fic.

Special shout out to all y'all who had to deal with me talking about this damn project for so long.

(Please see the ao3 link below for more notes.)

(words: 16,673)

[ao3 link]

“I had almost three years to teach him how to use a cell phone.” Gansey says, looking at the lines of his palms as if they had uttered some sort of unspoken accusation, “Where did I go wrong?“

    Adam glances up from where he had been picking at a loose thread on his sleeve, rolling it between his fingers before tearing it off in a quick pull of his wrist. He lets out a rushed sigh and stretches his arms above his head, rolling his shoulders and neck before turning to Gansey seated beside him.

    “I wouldn’t say Ronan is an ‘old dog,‘” Adam begins, “And learning how to text back isn’t what I’d call a 'new trick,’ but he doesn’t seem inclined to learning how anyway.”

    “Do you think he even brought it with him?”

    “I wouldn’t bet my life on it.”

    “What would you bet on it?”

    Adam pauses, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth and glancing briefly to the the baggage claim, watching the conveyer belt circulate, eyeing jet-lagged passengers from across the Atlantic heave bulging suitcases to their sides as the flight number from Richmond, VA flickers to the top of the electronic tally.

    “A pack of gum. A gum wrapper. Chewed gum.”

    “That’s promising.”

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