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10 Good Things That Happened in 2016

Thanks for tagging me, my love @ardentaislinn​! 

  1. I got into/now attend my top choice grad school; I’m doing really well in it and I love it.
  2. Fitzsimmons became officially canon.
  3. Rogue One.
  4. I live in an apartment where I have my own bathroom that I do not share with anyone (let me live—this is big deal for NYC).
  5. I created a few new original characters that I really love.
  6. I got to meet and hang with a lot of awesome people from tumblr dot com: @unbreakablejemmasimmons​, @jiubilee​, @agent-85, @jemmasimmonsy, @shieldsil@msdevindanielle, @lillianfromaccounting, @katiekeysburg and more! (Plus I met Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennett and Gabriel Luna!)
  7. I found out that one of my cosplays was featured in a book about it.
  8. I got a new mattress (so excited because it’s so big and comfortable).
  9. I guest-wrote a blog article for a big-time tech company.
  10. Although not all, I did meet a lot of my personal goals for the year.


Your eyes are like....

Please use your MOON and RISING signs ~

Aries: the first morning of the spring, fire reflecting through, warmth that melts the ice away gently but fast

Taurus: the first flowers of the year, dawn of the day, beauty of the world, relaxed and gentle, hot tea after work, silent but meaningful like forest

Gemini: the curious eyes of child, reflecting the colorful mind, like the morning breeze, little fairies dancing in the rain

Cancer: strong but full of understanding the complexity of empathy, the bright summer nights, reflection in the surface of the lake

Leo: work of art, bright like sun but understanding like moon, midsummer day and celebrating, sparklers in the water

Virgo: warm cup of coffee in the morning, small but strong flowers, the morning rain, shine of the diamonds and purity of first snow

Libra: the first star of the night, window reflecting you, understanding of the person, slowly burning candles on a winter night, cozy fall days

Scorpio: the moon and the stars of the night, coldness of the winter and heat of the summer, passion of the tiger and understanding of the deep sea

Sagittarius: the adventures of the summer, the sparkles of the fire, meant for understanding the life, snow angels and snowball fights

Capricorn: ambition that goes over the sky, the moon and the universe, warmth of a hug on a winter day, stability of a maple

Aquarius: understanding humanity and everything beyond, dancing in the summer rain, galaxies of the universe

Pisces: looking through the rose glasses, where the worlds top secrets are kept, white clouds of the sky, snowflakes falling from the sky


☕️ coffee shop au + date for @lunchu for this year’s tsukkiyama exchange!!
i had a lot of fun working on this! i’m so glad i got you as a recipient - your prompts were really cute!! i hope you like it :>

(full view for cute expressions and the full glory of tsukki’s blush!)

If search engines were Supernatural fans...


Conclusion: Bing is kinky as fuck but also deep as fuck, confused about the brothers’ nicknames, has a love/hate relationship with Sam and really wants to know WHY, and thinks Dean is the Hulk.


Conclusion: Yahoo is a Sam!girl, is pretty sure about Dean’s orientation, has plenty of crossover headcanons, and ships Wincest.


Conclusion: Google prefers Dean but doesn’t know quite what to make of his sexuality. However, Google is certain that Sam is gay—while at the same time being entirely unable to pin down his species.


blunt as hell


*wheezes* (Please click for better quality…!!)

Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! 

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!!