so i'm using these four songs which all make me cry

klance wedding headcanons

alright so a bunch of you asked for some klance wedding headcanons in response to the shallura wedding post and ho boy i am here to deliver 

(shoutout to @leg-defender again for idea bouncing with me!)

  • first off, the wedding is Big. because Lance’s family is HUGE and they gotta be involved in e v e r y t h i n g. they’re basically orchestrating the whole shebang along with the rest of the voltron crew. 
    • Lance’s family does a shitton of research on Korean weddings because they want to include traditions from Keith’s culture as well as Lance’s. 
      • An entire twenty-four hour day is spent with the whole team on computers, at libraries, calling old Korean friends and sending Shiro out to be the honorary diplomat. by the end of the day they could probably run their own program on the history channel.
  • Hunk, Lance’s mother, grandmother, and anyone else with even a fingernail of cooking talent are all on the Food Squad together because let’s be honest there is a lot of food to be made. 
    • nobody knows what kind of food Keith likes and they can’t ask Lance because it’s supposed to be a surprise so they have to send Pidge out for reconnaissance
      • Pidge has no idea how to navigate the situation and ends up trying to ask Keith what his favorite restaurant is in hopes of getting somewhere
      • his favorite restaurant is the Pizza Hut down the street
      • Pidge gives up and just tells everyone he likes traditional Korean food (which he does)
  • The “Bachelor Party” is just the whole original voltron crew having a fun night out of the town
    • they go to an arcade
    • Keith beats Lance in just about every game they play
    • minus the first person shooters and dance dance revolution
    • nobody beats Lance at dance dance revolution
    • nobody.
  • Hunk is pretty much Lance’s Maid of Honor, Shiro is Keith’s
    • Almost every single one of Lance’s siblings is a Bridesmaid/Groomsman
    • Keith doesn’t really have a lot of people to be his Groomsmen so Lance’s siblings take the position for his side too
    • They literally fight over who gets to be a Groomsman for Keith they all want to do it so bad
      • it makes Keith cry bc he never thought he’d be part of a big family like this and it just makes him Really Fucking Happy
  • Keith is kind of a fashion disaster and doesn’t know how to pick out what to wear so Lance’s five sisters immediately adopt him.
    • they spend the whole day shopping together
    • Lance has never seen someone get along with all of his sisters so well in his entire life
      • it’s actually a little freaky how well
      • Lance is Afraid
  • For the wedding Keith has his nails painted blue and Lance has his painted red
    • Lance’s little cousins do it for them so it’s kind of sloppy but it’s insanely fucking cute
  • Allura and Lance’s mom are the Decorating Dream Team
    • the whole venue looks like it just came off of a goddamn pintest board 
    • in the best way possible
    • Allura has added some more questionable decorations but what can you do
    • “Are those… goldfish bowls?” “Yes.” “Ok.”
  • Coran along with Lance’s like 98 year old great-grandmother are the ones who marry them
    • yes both of them
    • they both demanded to have the position so they had to share it
    • at first they didn’t get along so well but now they are best buddies for some odd reason
    • no one knows why they get along but they do so nobody’s complaining 
  • Lance starts bawling like three words into his vows
    • he can’t help it Ok it’s a Very Emotional Moment
    • the whole thing is rly sweet though because Keith just smiles Super Fucking Wide and wipes away his tears. Everyone’s heart in a 300 mile radius melts. If you weren’t crying before you sure as hell are now.
  • They kiss for Way Too Long during the ceremony. Pidge has to not-so-subtly kick Lance in the ankle and remind them not to suffocate eachother.
    • Lance is so getting Pidge later for that.
    • he never actually gets Pidge later for that.
  • The reception is really just One Huge Fun Dance Party 
    • basically everyone is drunk but in the best way possible
    • there is karaoke 
      • Lance forces Keith to come on stage with him and sing
      • except Lance chooses a song in Spanish and Keith has n o i d e a what he’s doing
      • the only part of the song Keith gets is this really slow line when he looks Lance right in the eyes and says “Besame, te amo”
      • it’s a one-hit-KO 
      • Lance is #gone
      • he forgets how to speak spanish altogether and just starts sputtering random words that translate to things like “my entire bathtub is green” and the spanish rendition of the happy birthday song
  • They all unanimously decide to eat the cake before dinner.
    • They wish they had an excuse for breaking out the cake before dinner but they don’t. The just really want to see the cake Hunk has been bragging about making for weeks.
    • the cake is so beautiful Lance starts crying again
    • honestly nobody can really blame him is is one hell of a cake
  • Shiro’s toast speech is like 10 minutes of roasting Keith and Lance for all the dumb shit they’ve done over the years
    • “I remember when you two had a contest to see who could eat more cheese logs–”
    • “Or the time when you both hung upside down so long you passed out and we had to take you to the ER—”
    • “And there was The Poison Ivy Incident last March–”
    • “Oh don’t even get me started on the Slip ‘N Slide race—”
      • “Shiro… Please…. Let Us Live………”
  • alas 20 minutes into the actual dinner a Huge food fight breaks out
    • It. Is. Chaos.
    • Everybody participates. Nobody is spared. 
    • Food is e v e r y w h e r e but honestly who cares they’re having a blast.
    • There is a running debate to this day over how it started
      • “Keith started it! With the potatoes!”
      • “I did not, it was all Lance and his stupid carrots!”
      • “Allura is the one who launched the peas,”
      • “Excuse me?! Shiro dumped the fruit punch”
      • “Only after Hunk threw the rice cakes!”
      • “Oh no don’t you drag me in to this–”
  • In conclusion, it’s absolute Chaos but it’s the most fun, exciting, Lance-and-Keith-like wedding anybody’s been to in like a million years and nobody leaves without a smile on their face and one hell of a story to tell.
Meeting Liam @ SiriusXM

Hiiii, so I’m pretty much writing this post because I need it forever engrained in my memory and I just want to share it with everyone. I genuinely didn’t think it was possible for me to love Liam anymore than I already did, then yesterday morning happened and he exceeded every single expectation I had. 

HERE WE GO (I’ll put it beneath the cut because it’s long, but let me just say, he’s flawless in the picture)

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The Influence Jon Has on Sansa's Storyline

Ok, time for some rambling by me. Something that I’m beginning to notice a lot is the growing influence Jon is beginning to have on Sansa’s story while in Vale. It is only when she begins to accept and grow closer to her Northern roots that we begin to see this influence.

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Just how friggin meta is Yuri’s choreography?

Ok, let’s talk about free skate programs and their meaning.
And I’m sorry, I know y'all have been reading YoI analyses all day, and this one is super long and features zero kisses, but I have a point to make.
Please bear with me. I’m attempting to blow minds here.

Yuri!!! on Ice is very blatant in showing that every choreography tells a story: from the loverboy and the prettiest girl in the town, all the way Beijing assassins as played by the world’s most innocent cinnamon roll.

You have also undoubtedly noticed how Yuri!!! on Ice (the anime) and Yuri on Ice (the song) have the same name.
The free skate program is officially a representation of Yuri’s skating career but I would like to contend that it goes way, way deeper than most of us see.
You see, Yuri on Ice (the choreography) isn’t just a narrative of Yuri’s previous skating career, it’s a meta-narrative of Yuri!!! on Ice (the anime).

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Why is Elphaba The Hardest Role in Theatre? (Part I)

icked is the West End and Broadway’s hottest ticket. And quite rightly, it has a kick ass plot, amazing direction and two amazing female leads. However, it’s argued that the role of Elphaba is considered to be one of the hardest roles to perform and I am here to break down why.

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Obituary: Prince (1958-2016)

I never thought I’d get torn up as much as I have about Prince passing away. Bowie affected me, Cobain and Jeff Buckley shocked me, MCA and Phife made me incredibly sad. But Prince…I guess I hadn’t realized just how much a part of my life he was. I found myself welling with tears with every tribute I saw today, which just doesn’t happen.

I remember hearing Prince for the first time - or at least paying attention to him - when Purple Rain came out. I was nine years old. I remember seeing the movie and actually laughing at it, because Prince was just so…silly…to a nine year old. Those clothes! The purpleness! But then the title track came, and something just sort of clicked. A few weeks later I bought the cassette at K-Mart, and listened. And listened. And listened. I think for the first time, I felt the weight of drama. Epic emotion.

Prince’s music made me feel a lot of things. A lot of it surrounded with dreaming about girls. About sex. About processing that part of your brain that overrides all other desires. It wasn’t coded or cryptic (wait wait wait Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” was about masturbation?), I heard a song like “Gett Off” and there were no doubts. I straight up wanted to FUCK Ms. Diamond and Ms. Pearl, both ladies together in 23 positions, all to that grinding bassline. And you know what? Prince made it ok to think that. It wasn’t obscene, it was straight up erotic.

Prince gave me permission to be young. To be brash and aroused. To love and cherish love. Then he writes a song like “Nothing Compares 2 U” and it contextualizes everything. He gives that gift to Sinead O'Connor and she, with a single tear, turned me from a horny young teenager who never experienced actual romantic loss into someone who felt the pains of a broken heart. All through a song.

And then an embarrassing admission - for many years, I didn’t even know Prince was black. He didn’t fit the mould of the black folks around me when I was a kid, I just assumed he was “other.” Once I learned of his ethnicity, he challenged everything I knew about black identity. About model minorities, masculinity and manhood. He opened me up and freed me from archetypes, and I became a part of his tribe. I could claim something so much deeper, for me at least. “Alphabet Street” transforms from a funky ditty to a claim of territory. The man who embodied sex was one of us. I aspired to his confidence. He was my Marvin Gaye, my Smokey Robinson, my Black Elvis.

Kurt Cobain, Blixa Bargeld, PJ Harvey and Trent Reznor all came along and pushed everything that I loved of pop / R&B/ soul deep down inside, revealing a still-bleeding scab of wanting to be noticed. Prince took a back seat to nihilism, but the slabs of guitars from grunge / industrial / metal actually made me appreciate Prince’s guitar virtuosity all the more. I listen to that guitar on “When Doves Cry,” and it sounds metal as fuck. The drum signatures are almost Kraftwerk-ian. In exploring other music, it dawned on me that Prince really could do it all. And again - he was one of us. When my wife and I saw him live in 2001, it all came together in a glorious four hour show that I’ll never, ever forget.

I’ll never turn off a Prince song. There’s always something new going on. Even with constant change, he remained consistent in wanting us to feel love in all its myriad permutations. “Black Sweat” is dope as hell. “Crystal Ball” as epic as any song ever made. And then I learned that he’d lost his newborn son a week after he was born, and that through all of this he remained as prolific as ever. That he tirelessly fought for creative control, for artists rights, for agency. That he committed millions of dollars and his time to social justice.

Then he died.

And with that death, so many of my memories no longer remain fluid. They are now etched in stone, the chapter closed. The reality that I will no longer grow up along with Prince is what makes me most sad. My son will have his art, but it will remain antiquity. Lessons. I only pray that an artistic and creative force emerges in his formative years to say the things he doesn’t want to hear from me, to allow him to feel without restriction, to dream of sensation.

There’s a gift a generation carries. Each has their own. Prince was ours.

Michael Clifford One Shot → The Hardest Part

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Request: Yes

A.N.: This imagine is based on the lyrics from The Hardest Part by Nina Nesbitt, you can listen to the song here (xThank you so fucking much to the person who requested this, I’m in love with that song now

‘Pretend you’re happy, pretend we’re fine I guess that’s easier after all this time.’

The clock on the wall showed 10.38 a.m. Only ten more minutes until the plane from America would land. The airport was full with people saying goodbye for a long time and full of people happily greeting each other after not seeing each other for days or weeks or month. People were crying, out of joy or sadness. Last time I was here I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend who went on tour with his best friends. I haven’t seen Michael in over five month. We tried to talk on the phone, iMessage or Skype but mostly he had too much on his schedule. Last time we had a proper conversation was three days ago. I was really happy for him though, finally he could life the live he always dreamed of. But on the other side, he was never home, we never saw each other and I don’t have the money to visit him. It’s hard, it’s so goddamn hard for us, especially for me, seeing him with so many girls, hearing so many rumors about him being with someone else. But I knew he’d never betray me like this. We’ve been together for four, almost five years now and it was the best time of my life.

Today I could finally hold him in my arms again, after almost six month. Their break was only for a few days but it’s definitely better than nothing. I missed him like crazy. But deep inside something was different. 10.50 a.m. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out and saw a new text message from Michael. ‘We just landed, can’t wait to see you princess.’ I smiled and put my phone back in my pocket, making my way to the gate which was full of girls waiting for the boys to come out.

15 minutes later some of the girls started screaming, I looked up and saw Luke and Ashton walking out of the gate soon followed by Calum and Michael. They all looked super tired but they greeted the fans politely, talking to them, hugging them and all that. I was watching Michael interacting with the fans and how happy he was looking. A weird feeling crept up inside of me, I didn’t know what it was, but it wasn’t a good feeling. I tried to push it aside and forced myself to be happy again. After a few minutes most of the fans were gone and I slowly walked over to the boys and the rest of the people who were there. Michael immediately spotted me and quickly made his way through the crowed over to me. I had to fake a smile as he embraced me in a hug. “I missed you so damn much.” He mumbled and buried his head in the crock of my neck. “I missed you too.” I whispered, a tear rolling down my cheek. I should feel much happier than I felt right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy that he is back but something inside me told me that this was wrong.

I greeted the other boys as well, we all walked to my car together and after we said goodbye to each other Michael and I drove home. “So, how have you been? We haven’t talked in a while.” He said and placed his hand on my thigh. “Yeah well you never have time.” That wasn’t what I wanted to say and I surely didn’t want it to sound so snappy. “Sorry I didn’t mean it like this, I know you have a lot of work to do.” I sighed. “No I’m sorry. I know it’s hard for you.” ‘It is. And I don’t know for how much longer I can do this.’ I thought to myself. I was shocked by my own thoughts. How could I think something like this? I slightly shook my head and just said ‘No no it’s fine. I mean you’re living your dream. That’s all that matters. I’ll be fine.” And I fake smiled again.

I loved Michael I really did, but it hurt so damn much not to see him for month and month. I didn’t know what to do and what to feel anymore. He was back for not even two hours and I already felt like something is wrong with us, it wasn’t the same as it was last time and I know he felt it too. His expression was serious and he didn’t talk much throughout the whole car ride.

We arrived at his house thirty minutes later. I parked in the driveway and sighed. I really didn’t want to get out if the car. All I wanted was to drive home and be for myself. Why did I feel this way? I haven’t seen Michael in almost six month and I didn’t even want to be with him. “You coming?” He asked and looked at me with a weird expression. I pushed my thoughts aside and got out of the car.

We spend the whole afternoon with Michaels family, talking about everything that happened in the time he was gone. When Michael talked about his experiences on stage and with all the people he met, his face lit up, he had a huge smile on his face and all I could think of was 'he is so much better off without me. I’m just in his way.’ I knew it wasn’t true and I tried to push the thought out of my mind but it always came back. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror, silent tears running down my face. “Everything’s fine. We’re fine. He loves me and I love him. More than anything.” I told myself and even though it was true it sounded so wrong. I shook my head and wiped my tears away. I walked back with a smile on my face, pretending everything is fine.

'Stuck in the memory of what has been, just please don’t love another like you loved me, time doesn’t heal, it just leaves me asking why. 

When we were finally alone we sat down next to each other on his couch. “Are you alright?” he asked concerned. “You barely talked to me since I’m back.” Seconds passed before I could answer, “I don’t know.” I said and looked down to my feet.

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“It’s just- I don’t know Michael. I just have this strange feeling that-that..” I coulnd’t say it out loud. The words were stuck in my throat, instead I felt tears welling up in my eyes. 

“That what?” I looked back up to Michael, I couldnt say what I saw in his face, was it fear? hurt? I coulnd’t say. 

“That we won’t make it.” I whispered. “You’re never home and when you are it’s only for a few days and I don’t have the money to come and visit you. It’s not the same anymore Michael and it never will be. You’re this huge international rock star and I’m just…me. I don’t want to stand in your way anymore.” Michael looked at me with an expressionless face. “You could never stand in my way. You are my way.” He said and sadly smiled, “But I think you’re kinda right. I thought about us and all I could think of was ‘she shouldnt be waiting for me. She deserves so much better.’  I don’t want to let you go but I don’t want you to wait for me forever. I see how much it hurts you that I’m not around. And I should make you happy, like I used to, but instead I just make you sad and I don’t want that anymore. You should find someone who can be with you whenever you need him and not someone who can’t be with you. Someone who can hold you everytime you’re sad, someone who can make you laugh, someone you can go out with, someone you can call whenever you need to, someone who can come over any time, someone you can have a movie night with and eat pizza with, someone who can protect you, someome who is always there for you.”

"You’re that someone.” I whispered, wishing it would still be the same as it was before he went away on tour. “I used to be that someone. But I can’t do all these things anymore. I wish I could but I cant and it breaks my heart. But its even worse to see you sad all the time, so I think its the best we just -” I stopped him before he could say the words. I knew he was right and I knew its the best for the both of us but I dindn’t want to hear it. “Don’t say it, please don’t say it.” I sobbed. “It’s best we break up.” His words hit me hard, my heart broke into a million pieces. “I love you.” I said and tried to wipe my tears away but miserably failed. “I love you too, princess.” He whispered and pulled me in for a hug. We stayed like this for a long time before I broke the hug and stood up. “I’d wait forever for you, I hope you know that.” I said and left. 

The next few days went by pretty fast, I met with the other boys a few times, but other than that I lay in bed, crying my eyes out. I knew we’d break up eventually but I never thought it’d be this hard. Today was the last day of their break, I haven’t seen Michael since we broke up and I didn’t intend to say goodbye to him either. I already said goodbye and this time it was forever. I was sitting on the couch when I heard my phone vibrating. I looked on the screen, Michael was calling. I sighed and answered the phone. 


“Hey.” After a little pause he asked, “How are you?" 

"Okay I guess. How are you?”

“Okay. We’re leaving today.”

“I know.”

“You coming to the airport?”

“I dont think so.”

“I thought so.”


“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.” I tried to keep my voice steady but I knew it was shaking. “I really hope you have a great time.”

“I’ll try.”



“Please dont love another girl like you loved me.”



Almost a year went by since Michael and I broke up and even though it was a mutual decision he was always on my mind. It was pretty hard to get over somone who was constantly on tv or the radio, but it wasn’t just that. We texted once in a while and I never got rid of our old memories. I just couldnt throw them away. I was feeling miserable without him, breaking up was the worst decision we could’ve made. Everyone always says 'time heals the pain’ but it doesnt, it leaves me asking 'why did I make this huge mistake?’

‘I’d give anything just to be with you again but it’s not the right time and I’d give anything just to feel you on my skin but it’s not the right time and it’ll never be the right time, will it? It might never be the right time and that’s the hardest part of it’

I decided to save some money and take a few weeks off to visit the boys on tour. I talked everything through with my parents and the boys’ tour manger and it was okay to be with them for about two weeks while they toured the UK. 

I arrived at the airport at around 9 a.m. I walked through the gate and to my surprise I saw Calum waiting for me. “Oh my god what are you doing here?!” I asked a hugged him tight. “Well we have the day off, so I decided to pick you up from the airport!” Calum smiled and helped me with my bag. “Michael doesnt suspect a thing by the way.” he winked. “You havent told him?” I asked surprised “You asked us not to.” “Yeah but mostly you guys can’t shut your mouths.” I laughed. “Well that’s true.”

About thirty minutes later we arrived at the hotel. “He’s in room 221. Here’s the key.” he said and handed me the key to Michael’s room. “You’re not coming?” I asked and started to became a little nervous. “No, I’m meeting Ash and Luke now. Don’t be nervous, he’ll like the surprise.” Calum smiled “Now go.” I took a deep breath and got out of the car. 

Slowly I made my way to Michaels hotel room. As I stod in front of it I began to question myself. Why was I even here? We’re over. But I had to see him. I missed him. I missed him so damn much. All I wanted was to hug him and tell him we made a huge mistake back then. I’d give everyhting to be with him again. But was it right? I inhaled deeply and unlocked the door. I quietly walked into the room, and what I saw broke my heart in two. 

Michael was lying in bed, next to him a pretty blonde. She was still asleep but Michael’s head immediatly shot up, looking at me shocked. “(Y/N) wha- what are you doing here?” I stared blankly at him and then back to the blonde girl lying next to him. My words were stuck in my throat. “I- I just..nevermind.” I breathed  and ran out of the room. 

My head was spinning and I couldn’t see through all the tears in my eyes. I knew we broke up and I knew that I told him to move on but seeing him with someone else hurt like hell. It was a stupid idea to come here in the first place. “(Y/N)! (Y/N) wait!” Michael shouted. “(Y/N)!” I stopped and turned around to face him. “Guess I came at a wrong time.” I shrugged and wiped my tears away. “I’m sorry you had to see this.” He said, a sad expression on his face. “It’s fine. We broke up. You can do whatever you want.” I fake smiled. “Why are you here? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” He asked and put his hands in his pockets. “I wanted to surprise you.”

Telling him that sounded so ridiculous and suddenly I felt really stupid. “Well you did.” He said and a quick smile spread over his face. “How long are you staying?” “Two weeks.” I mumbled, wanting to leave right away. “That’s- that’s great,” he smiled “I really missed you.” He blurted out. I furrowed my brows thinking about the girl in his bed, “Did you?” I said, sounding harsher than I intended to. “I really did. The girl she’s just….she means nothing to me. It’s just-” I cut him off before he could continue, “A groupie or whatever, I get it.” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Uhm do you- do you wanna meet later? We could go out and talk.” He suggested. “Yeah sounds good I guess.” I replied. “Okay, let’s meet in the lobby in one hour.” I nodded and turned around to walk away. “You look really beautiful by the way.” He shouted after me.

Exactly one hour later I stood in the lobby, waiting for Michael. “Hey there.” His voice said from behind me making me shriek. “Oh my god don’t scare me like this.” I said, my eyes wide open. “Sorry” he laughed. “Ready to go?” I nodded and we walked next to each other, talking. We talked about literally everything, like we did in the old days. “So, did you find someone you like?” He asked. “Uhm well there is this guy I met at work but it’s nothing special. I mean I never had, you know, someone else. What about you?” I asked even though I didn’t wanna know. “Well, here and there a fling but nothing big or something. Nothing like you.” He mumbled and looked down.

“Anyway, let’s not talk about this. What else is new?” Michael started talking about the upcoming tours, important interviews and events and that they started writing again. “Sounds amazing!” I smiled, and I knew that his time schedule was even more filled than it was a year ago and I realized it was not the right time to tell him that I’m still in love with him. I wanted to be with him again more than anything in this world but I didn’t want to hold him back so I decided to keep my mouth shut about how I really felt.

I loved him, which meant I had to let him go, let him live the life he deserved. Maybe today was not the right time to tell him and it might never be the right time but seeing Michael happy was worth it.

I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is always nice. :) x

Now just to be clear one of the cool things about this tour, for me, is that every single one of you is illuminated. I can see every single one of you. Every person. You know it’s the most amazing thing to look out into a crowd and to see 15,000 individuals rather than just like endless darkness. And you know there’s people out, and you know they’re awesome, but it’s even cool to see you guys. *crowd cheers* Yeah! It is! Which means if you think about you in a slightly different way, it makes you think about each individual person who’s here and why you’re here and where you came from: if you live in LA or if you traveled a great distance to be here. Or if it’s possible then maybe a lot of you have gone through really high highs and really low lows, and turned to my music in those moments because honestly there’s no better compliment you could ever give a songwriter than to say, “I listened to your song to help me get through something or I celebrated to your song.” You know? And I’m looking at 15,000 people who all have thing one thing in common, and the thing that we have in common is the reason why we’re all here. The reason we’re here is that when we feel great amounts of joy or great amounts of pain we turn to music. That’s why we’re in this arena. Every one of us. And um, you know I’ve always been very active on the Internet. I’ve always talked to you online a lot. I’m always like on there commenting on your selfies, and reading about what it was like for you to go to school for first day, and you know hoping you’re gonna get that job promotion. I think that over the years – I’ve been knowing and loving you for ten years – I’ve been touring putting out albums sharing my life with you for ten years, and I’ll tell you there’s been a lot that has changed in those ten years. We have so many more opportunities to look at some one else’s life, and scroll through the greatest hits, the highlight wheel of what they’ve got going on, and think about our own lives and think, “Man I didn’t go to that cool party.” Or, “I don’t know how to take a selfie in that like awesome angle. I can’t figure out lighting on a cell phone. I feel like they’ve got so many friends, I feel lonely. They know where they’re going in their life I’m don’t, I’m not sure.” And so I think that in talking to you, in 2015, I guess what I just want to say to you is that, who you are has nothing to do with what people who don’t know you say about you or to you on the Internet about your life. I just want to say to you that we have enough people that are gonna come at us, attack us, try to take us down, insult us, criticize us, tell us what we aren’t, and what we should be. Please don’t do it to yourself, in your own mind okay. Be kind to yourself a little bit for me. Okay? And another thing i want to tell you is that, I know each one of you probably has your own things going on. Fears, doubts, regrets, insecurities, and I want to tell you that I’m proud of you because instead of wallowing in them, and focusing on them, you decided to push them to the back of your mind for the night, and come out, and have the best time ever with me at a concert on a Tuesday night, so thank you for that. And I want you to know that the more lessons, you learn the more mistakes you make, the more you learn from them, and move on, the wiser you become. It doesn’t make you damaged, it doesn’t make you tarnished, doesn’t mean there’s some mark against you on an invisible record. And I think that if you continue to walk through rainstorms, and you continue to put one foot in front of the other. It doesn’t make you damaged. It’s the opposite. I think that it actually makes you clean. If you know the words please sing along.
—  the clean speech from night four staples center (8/25/15)