so i'm uploading

This was supposed to be a quick coloured sketch but it took me way too much time and it’s not exactly how I wanted it to turn out. Buuuut,it’s our boy, Mateo and I felt bad not posting it. 

I just love the close connection Mateo has with his grandfather despite having never met him. Through his heritage, his mother’s stories, the books Alacazar left behind,  Mateo has a deep bond with him and hopes that one day he’ll be a worthy royal wizard, like him.


last homework of that chara design course I was taking. We had to choose an inanimate object so I chose peonies. The second picture, those first three, were the initial sketches from where I took the third design and adapted it another two times. At the end I still liked the discarded two so I lined them and colored them anyway


Holy shit

a blessed fancam.