so i'm trying to learn and play around


Fanart of Yoosung and Luciel from Mystic Messenger! I started playing this game around three weeks ago and it’s been my life since then lmao. I love all the characters so much, but I’m also pretty biased about these two lol TT v TT I’ll try to post my other fanart that I’ve done.

Day6 as toddlers and kids

Sungjin: 4 years old. Always singing along to the radio. Dancing around.

Jae: 5 years old. Playing outside. Dirtying his clothes.

Junhyeok: 4 years old. Always helping his dongsaengs. By learning them to count their fingers.

Young K: 4 years old. Has always lots of energy. Jumps around non stop.

Wonpil: 3 years old. Likes to be carried. A lot. Shy at first but is really cute.

Dowoon: 2 years old. Trips on his own feet. Falls asleep anywhere, anytime.


Please let me know what you think. I am really not good with writing. I just tried.

Letter to Bora Kim

I so hope you see the response to all this and I hope you see it as more than hate or defensiveness. 

This ‘experiment’ is gross. It is cultural appropriation at it’s worst. Kpop and Korean culture is not something you can play around with and try out to see what happens. You cannot learn to ‘act’ Korean. Please do not generalize an entire genre of music and an entire nation or diverse individual people. 

What you are doing shows a lack of respect, clearly for Korean culture, but also for Kpop idols. They go through years of vocal training often learning English and in special cases even more languages. To say you can make a Korean boy band in 2 week comprised of no one that is Korean show that you have no appreciation for what these artists go for. It is shallow to think you can become a kpop idol through “cuteness workshops”. The way you describe Korean male idols is racist, western-centric, and slightly homophobic. I know you are saying that they express masculinity differently but to say it’s shocking for young girls in the western world to look past their behavior and still find them appealing is insulting to the boys and to us. Not to mention it makes it sound like to boy’s looks are the only thing the female fans care about which ignores their extreme talent and hard work they put in. 

On another note, it is rather gross to talk about the boys being “dolls” that you are playing with. Do you have respect even for the people you are working with? You talk about wanting to objectify them and that is sickening. 

I know you’re probably trying to get a rise out of the fandoms but they way you are marketing your band is not ok. To choose a name so close to an extremely popular band for seemingly no reason except to have that closeness is despicable. To say the band is from EXPlanet when EXO was from EXOPlanet is just further proof of your underhanded marketing tactics. Trying to get attention by tagging other bands in your instagram pictures is also not a positive way to get attention. If you have any pride in your work and your band you should let the art speak for itself instead of using cheap, sensationalist tactics. Clearly they’re working, in a matter of hours EXP had gotten a lot of attention, but almost none is positive. You are actually insulting an entire nation and every artist who has put years of hard work into art. Please respect them, your band, and art itself and realize exactly what it is you’re doing.