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Hi! Would it be possible to get a tag update on the Polish Stiles? I'm trying to learn and so it's nice to see how it might be used in conversation. Plus it just makes me swoon a bit. Thank you!

mighty cool

Sundae Mornings by raisesomehale (1/1 | 5,495 | PG13)

“Derek had had his doubts when Cora first suggested their family play host to a foreign exchange student from Poland, but it wasn’t until the kid arrived that Derek really began to resent the entire program.

Sure, Stiles Stilinski cleans up after himself – never not a perfect gentleman around the house – and gets straight A’s while still somehow managing to make friends insanely fast. But he’s also cocky and sarcastic; quick witted in a way that can tangle Derek into a neat, flustered little bow with only a few choice quips.

The worst part is that English isn’t even Stiles’ native tongue, and he still manages to be better with it than Derek. Bested at his own damn language.”

you know you’re on my mind by bibliosexual (6/? | 9,453 | PG13)

If there’s one thing Derek’s learned in life, it’s that crushing on someone who lives on an entire other fucking continent is probably a bad idea.

Mystic Beginnings by BritDenise88 (5/? | 8,349 | NR)

Stiles has been used and dragged through the mud one too many times. It’s been made painfully clear that he was not wanted in this pack, so it’s time to move onto greater things. This story will eventually contain m/m relationships, hurt/comfort themes along with some angst.

What Would the Press Think? by whiry (1/1 | 1,801 | PG13)

“Fuck the press,” Derek growls too lowly, and it makes Stiles smirk more.

“Fuck the press,” he whispers back, almost excitedly.

pidge falls asleep everywhere - whenever a member of team voltron finds her they will usually carry her back to her room and tuck her into bed, except for lance. lance will simply drop down wherever pidge is and just snooze away next to her. she’s fallen asleep on a sofa in the lounge? cool, lance will collapse next to her and drool away on her shoulder. she’s fallen asleep in the hangar whilst making upgrades to her lion? not the comfiest place to nap but lance will happily lie and use her stomach as a pillow. she’s fallen asleep crawling through a vent in order to tinker dangerously with the castle-ship? you bet your ass lance will crawl in there, accidentally kick pidge in the face, wake her up, get yelled at - which will in turn alert the whole castle to his activities - have shiro drag him from the vents only to cautiously coax pidge out, to then be sat down in the lounge and explained the dangers of crawling around in small spaces, then falling asleep in a pile on top of pidge because they’ve heard this speech and had this situation play out a million times before and for quiznaks sake lance why can’t you learn that your legs are too damn long to be crawling around in those vents


Fanart of Yoosung and Luciel from Mystic Messenger! I started playing this game around three weeks ago and it’s been my life since then lmao. I love all the characters so much, but I’m also pretty biased about these two lol TT v TT I’ll try to post my other fanart that I’ve done.

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"character A slowly falls in love with character B over the course of several years, realization hits them that they’ve been in love with B for a long time hits them like a truck" for Jeremy and Michael please, thank you!

Jeremy wasn’t sure when it started. Maybe it was when they were playing video games and Michael dozed off on his shoulder. Maybe it was when they were fake sword fighting with light sabers, Michael, as expected winning. Maybe it was when he realized how nice Michael’s arm felt around his shoulder, how soft his hand felt when their hands brushed. Or maybe it was when they first kissed, drunk off their asses, messily slamming their lips against each other’s and just staying still, not even drunk them brave enough to make the first move. Jeremy stared at his best friend, instead of the screen, Michael groaning.

“Dude, it’s a two player game, I can’t play it without you.”

Jeremy bit his lip, trying to dial down his anxiety as he surged forward, kissing Michael gently, the other boy letting out a sound of surprise but wrapped his arms around him, leaning into the kiss. 

When they broke away, Jeremy let out a breathless laugh, smiling. 

“Where did you learn to kiss?”

“Where did you learn to kiss?” Michael fired back with a grin, holding onto Jeremy’s hand. 


I can’t stop playing around with these things!  My inexperience may be obvious, but also COLORS I LOVE THEM. I’m sure I’ll learn more with practice, but for now I’m just sorta loving that, with watercolor, there’s a kind of beauty in imprecision, a built-in permission to not be perfect. That’s pretty badass, I think.

Day6 as toddlers and kids

Sungjin: 4 years old. Always singing along to the radio. Dancing around.

Jae: 5 years old. Playing outside. Dirtying his clothes.

Junhyeok: 4 years old. Always helping his dongsaengs. By learning them to count their fingers.

Young K: 4 years old. Has always lots of energy. Jumps around non stop.

Wonpil: 3 years old. Likes to be carried. A lot. Shy at first but is really cute.

Dowoon: 2 years old. Trips on his own feet. Falls asleep anywhere, anytime.


Please let me know what you think. I am really not good with writing. I just tried.

A day off duty in which Sasuke learns never to trust Naruto around chopsticks, and Nar flattens Sauce, 10 - 1, in Smash Bros. 64, even with Sasuke trying to cheat using the sharingan. It’s not his fault that he’d never owned or even touched a console growing up– and besides, video games are just a stupid waste of time, dumbass. 

He wouldn’t let Naruto quit until after they’d played another twenty rounds.


Are you sure, Ford, because-

You seemed fine to me.

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do not fear my child for i am with you. i have summoned the twit spirits that are muse and have come to a conclusion: i have no fucking idea what’s going on!

if I were to guess I think he’s referring to the recording of the seventh album and not the actual release of it. I doubt they’ve had time to record a whole album with matt playing family man, chris running a kindergarten and dom faffing around in france. but you never know with muse, they’re masters of teasing and surprise so we might as well prepare for anything and everything.