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Inquisitor Challenge → Round One: Race

No, I’m not Tal-Vashoth. Tal-Vashoth are rebels. You can’t rebel against something you’ve never seen. I’m Vashoth.

New idea for Pride variant things. Fancy spiral lollipops! It’s a more complicated coloring pattern than my other designs, so I just did an ace lollipop for now. If anyone really wants to see another flag done, then ask & I’ll do it for you when I can.




I’ve been struggling with my two current stories so I’ve decided to have a go at something new to try and get me out of my funk. This is just a little story I’ve had sitting in my head for a while; the name is a joke on the video game ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’. It’s a murder mystery that takes place at @redhotchilisimblr‘s Windenburg University. I really hope some of you can get into it! I’ll be adding the suspects characters to my characters page very soon!

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“I missed you”  :’)

-night sketching and loving faces…

Little Fox

Don’t overwhelm him. Don’t come off to strong.

Nicky repeated this in his head over and over again to help distract his nerves. He was excited but nervous as hell. Taking in a child was more nerve-racking than he expected.

He wasn’t having second thoughts. He knew Erik and him are very capable of caring for a child and raising them right. He was just wondering if the kid would even like them. 

Alarik Muller. They didn’t know much about the kid other than he is 10 years old and his last home was abusive towards him. In the picture that was in his file showed that he was around 4′8 tall, light brown hair, and forest green eyes. He was quite the looker, but his photo displayed a boy with dull eyes with no smile lines on his face. The picture broke Nicky’s heart. When Erik saw how he reacted to the photo he knew that Nicky already made up his mind to give this child a home.

Now they’re here at the adoption agency meeting Alarik for the first time. They wouldn’t be able to officially adopt him until the agency saw that the couple were fit to raise him. Because of what happened in his old home they were going to be extremely careful to who this little boy goes with. It made it a little harder on them but they knew they would pass any challenges or tests the agency threw at them.

Just when they got done talking to the social worker reminding them that this will be a supervised visit, the door to the room creaks open slowly. The noise made Nicky’s heart stop. This was it. He was finally meeting the boy in the picture. Nicky quickly reached for Erik’s hand for a sense of comfort and to ground him to not make any sudden movements to startle Alarik.

Erik gave a gentle squeeze to Nicky’s hand and slowly got up to greet the member of agency and the small boy hiding behind him.

“Hello, I am Erik Klose and this is my husband Nicky. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

The Alarik looked up at the man and then back to Erik and nodded back. It seemed like he wouldn’t be talking to them verbally anytime soon. But that was alright because Nicky was an expert on talking and would talk for the both of them.

Nicky got up after giving himself a little mental pep talk. He didn’t want to make a bad expression on the member and social worker but he needed to reassure himself that he can do this.

“Hi I’m Nicky! I can’t believe you’re finally here! How are you?” The enthusiastic tone made the child flinch back. He stared at Nicky wide eyed like he couldn’t believe that a smile could be that wide.

Alarik surprise everyone in the room when he squeaked out a small hi. The sound warmed Nicky heart because he didn’t think he would get a response back after he barely acknowledged Erik’s hello.

“So is there any restrictions on where we can or can’t go with Alarik?” Thank god Erik was there because Nicky can’t think straight and just wants to coddle Alarik.

“You have an hour and a half to go somewhere nearby but a member of the agency with be with you the whole time.” 

Nicky wanted to roll his eyes because this would be the third time they stressed the who supervised part of the visit. They weren’t just going to be run off with the boy. 

“Great! We were thinking of getting some ice cream and going to a nearby park. Is that fine with you, Alarik?” 

Alarik’s eyes lit up at the word ice cream. He eagerly nodded and looked at the door and then back at them as if to tell them, “lets go now.” It was adorable to the couple.

Nicky grabbed Erik’s hand and quietly lead the group to the doors so that they could get out of the building to the cars. Sadly, Alarik couldn’t drive with them. They would have to wait to meet them at the nearby ice cream parlor. 

The drive was only five minutes but it seemed like forever to the couple. They wanted to be able to spend the whole time with Alarik. It was a good thing that there was a park down the street so that they would walk and not have to separate again.

When Alarik exited the car he walked hesitantly to the Erik and Nicky. He stopped short of them and they didn’t say anything. Erik just smiled at him and opened the door so that they could quickly order.

Alarik walked up to the display and looked in awed of all the flavors they had. It was like he was given a treat in his life. Nicky was going to make sure he changed that. 

“Alarik, feel free to get whatever flavor and cone you want. After we get our ice cream we will be walking to the park though,” Erik informed the distracted boy.

Erik ended up getting chocolate, Nicky got bubble gum, and Alarik picked cookies and cream. With their ice cream in hands they headed to the park. Erik and Nicky walked hand in hand again with Alarik in front of them leading the way. Erik had a small smile on his face because of the small jump in Alarik step and Nicky was ecstatic because he felt like they were a real family already.

When they reached the park the couple let Alarik go whoever he wanted. Since it was empty he picked the swings. It was a bit difficult for him to try to eat and swing at the same time. He gave a small pout when he realized this. When Nicky offered to push him Alarik eyed him up and down until he deemed that he wasn’t threat. 

“Nicky, love, don’t push him to high,” but the small covered up giggles coming out of Alarik were too distracting. He did his best not to touch Alarik for too long since the first few pushes he saw how tense the small child’s back had been. Nicky made a mental note to ask from now on. He learned that hard way from Andrew and didn’t want their hopefully future kid to hate him for touching him.

After awhile Nicky stopped pushing and sat with Erik watching Alarik swing with a small smile on his face. Nicky quickly took out his phone and took a picture because he wanted to remember their first meeting with him. Erik kissed Nicky’s temple and told him it was about time they try and chat and get to know Alarik.

When Alarik hopped off the swing Nicky nearly had a heart attack. Erik just laughed because his love was being overdramatic as usual. When Alarik sit opposite of them they noticed the tension in the boys shoulders.

“Alarik, we want to get to know you but if you’re too uncomfortable with that then we could tell you about us instead.” The boy nodded and kept quiet. They took it for his response that he rather them go first.

Erik took the lead and began talking about how he played sports growing up, his accepting family, and his job. Erik talked about it all with a huge smile on his face because he’s grown up in a life that was good to him and wanted to spread that to Alarik. He expressed how he’s never dealt with smaller children so it’ll be a learning experience for him. Erik ended his rant with how he wanted to get a dog in the near future and avoided looking at Nicky when he said this. 

Alarik had nodded along soaking up all of what Erik said like a sponge. He especially looked excited when he heard the part about the dog. Great, Nicky thought, now he would have to go along with the idea. 

When Alarik turned to Nicky is when he figured it was now his turn. Nicky began saying how his life didn’t start off great. He told him that his life didn’t get better until he met Erik and his cousins. Nicky didn’t go to into depth on the situation since he was still a boy, but he told him that his family wasn’t very accepting of who he was. When he met Erik was when he finally began to realize there was nothing wrong with him and began to love himself again. Then there was a situation back in the states that made him go back to take care of his cousins. He told him very little on the cousin because he didn’t want to give their personal information away without asking them first. Nicky did however tell Alarik about some of his time in college being a fox and what it meant to him and for those players.

Alarik seemed so interested on his time being a fox but still kept quiet. He gave little nods here and there though to show he was listening. By the end of Nicky’s talk he looked as if he was just about to ask a question when the agency and social workers approached them cutting off their conversation letting them know that it was time to go.

Alarik looked down biting his lip with a look of regret in his eyes. When he went with the workers he gave a slight way to the couple. Erik waved goodbye as well and held Nicky close next to him.

Just as Alarik was turning away he heard Nicky loudly call out, “We will see you soon little fox.”

The boys face was still stoic but his eyes gave him away. The light in them was the most gorgeous thing the couple have ever seen.

That night Nicky expressed how he felt like a piece of him was missing. Erik promised him though that Alarik will be apart of their family soon and he will never have to feel like that again. Nicky could only hope that this was true because he was sure he could love that little boy like his own.

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hey! so i'm fairly new too bootlegs and i don't have anything to trade with. how do i start if i have nothing? i don't want to trick someone into giving me something, i want to do it fair and square.

a lot of people are really nice and will try to give you a bootleg you want even if you don’t have anything in return and then you’ll have something to trade in the future!! if you message me off anon im sure we can work something out because i think that everyone should be able to see the shows they really want to 

heres a lil nina who knows that sharing is caring :)

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Hi PBG, I just wanted to send you a quick thanks for being so cheerful and positive in your youtube videos. Back in high school I had a rough time and dealt with depression and it took a lot to make me smile. But your videos were always something to look forward to and never failed to put a smile on my face. Now I'm halfway through uni, loving life and still loving all your new videos. I guess I just wanna say thanks for having given me something to look forward to, it made all the difference!

Really glad to hear that! Thanks so much for watching them. 

When I was going through some tough points in college (didn’t feel I was in the right place, was going through a confusing ideological/world view transition, felt like I was wasting money on tuition, didn’t have enough social interaction because I was cooped up trying to make my whole YT/online video dream thing work) I turned to a lot of online videos/content to cheer me up. AVGN was a really big one for me. Always loved that he put a lot of time into each video and it was re-watchable. I really looked up to him/wanted to make something similar. Something that could make people feel the way I did when I watched his stuff.

So to hear you and others say things like this, trust me, the pleasure is all mine. =)

Sometimes you’ll read someone else’s work and think it’s impossibly creative. You’ll think there’s no way in hell you can come up with something that good. Eventually, you’ll read even more stories that capture your imagination in one way or another. 

And when you sit down to write, to come up with your own little jewel, you’ll think to yourself, “I can never come up with something that creative. Nobody will ever read my stuff and say 'Damn, this is one of the best things I’ve ever read.’” You think you can’t possibly do something new in the fandom, at least nothing near that level of awesome.

Here’s the thing though: you can. Don’t look at your plot and compare it to that of others. It won’t stack up in your own mind simply because it’s in your own mind. It will seem bright and brand new to others, and they will love your stories… as long as you put your heart into your writing, someone will find a deep appreciation for it. 

Just keep trying, keep working, keep getting better. Write. Every day, write something. You can write something amazing. We all can. 

Self-belief can take you a long way. Forget writing, just live your life that way.

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Hiya! I'm fairly new here and I really enjoy your work, and so I want to ask you something. How would Sombra, Reinhardt and Dva react if their S/O was an extremely good cook, and when they try their food, they can't stop shoveling it in their mouths?

((nom nom nom - Mod Tez))

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  • Mate she loves home food. 
  • Anything cooked in a pot that’s like a soup, she eats it right up.
  • She likes beans and sweet potatoes the best.
  • Will definitely kiss you and pamper you after three plates of food.
  • She loves desserts too. She’ll ask if she can share them with Gabe and Amelie.
  • She always pays back by hacking her way to getting you cool collectibles at no charge.
  • Make her mashed potatoes with gravy and soup.
  • She will make sure you go to bed happy if you do.
  • I’ll leave up to you how she makes you happy before bed ;)

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Reinhardt Wilhelm

  • He grew up with stews and roasts.
  • That’s the only thing he hated about Overwatch.
  • The canteen of the mess hall didn’t serve that nice home cooking.
  • He had to eat what he called lard on crap.
  • When you cook for him a stew or anything that reminds him of home he will bear hug you.
  • Say goodbye to your ribs because he has a crushingly strong hug.
  • He is better at baking sweets than cooking savoury meals.
  • So when you cook him something, he bakes you a nice, delicious batch of cookies or small pasties.
  • He likes to make cookies best so you and him can chat about cooking over a mug of hot cocoa and cookies.

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Hana Song

  • She lives solely on junk food.
  • Please feed her proper food.
  • She eats anything that isn’t a vegetable.
  • She loves fruit salads but she’s too busy playing games to make them.
  • Hana appreciates everything you cook up for her.
  • If you hand her a snack while she is on a livestream she likes to embarrass you nicely.
  • “My sweet partner (Y/N) makes the best snacks! shout out to my love!”
  • When she’s not busy she eats with you while watching movies.
  • She appreciates everything you make her.

I’m not freaking out, but I’m afraid

Afraid of losing you

I haven’t been able to make myself draw much of anything in over a year, so I guess that says something about Mystery Skulls. I loved Shiro’s flowers and the possible symbolism behind them,  plus it gave me an excuse to break in my new markers.Thanks to the Ghost Crew for giving us another gorgeous video!


*sounds of a crowd desperately trying to convince Kenny to get in the ring*

Palaeoartist problems

When there’s a ton of awesome new species being described and so many amazing scientific discoveries and you have to try and find the time to draw all of them. And then you feel really bad about the ones you never managed to draw.

… I’m sorry Borealopelta. I love you, I promise.

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Are you taking prompts at the moment? ^-^ bc I saw the prompts you reblogged and thought “You’re not pulling another all-nighter, not if I can do anything about it.” sounded cute, and I also saw you say you like thinking about Killua & Gon sleeping next to each other, and thought it might fit? only if you want to of course! and while I'm here, THANK YOU for sharing your writing, it's so so much fun to read and to follow you because I know my day will be saved whenever you post something new <3

I’m actually trying to hold off on doing requests at the moment bc I have three other projects I’m currently working on hahaaaaaaa ^^; But this was so cute and your message was so incredibly sweet, I just had to write it!!!

This takes place after two-ish years after the killugon separation, so they’re sixteen here! Alluka and Killua are visiting Whale Island (and Gon, of course) for a bit before going off to travel the world again!

I hope you like this! Thank you so much again for your kind comments~


Killua jolted at the ear-blasting sound and dropped his DS, heart leaping up into his throat. 

“Killua,” came the familiar, stubborn tone from the open doorway. 

Gon, Killua’s mind sang out silently. 

He immediately stomped that inner voice down. He had thought being separated for nearly two years would’ve gotten rid of the way his insides twisted at the sight of his best friend.

Apparently, he was wrong.

“What, Gon?” Killua snapped as he snatched his DS of the soft sheets. “I said goodnight to you nearly half an hour ago. Who do you think you are, barging into my room like this?”

“Technically, it’s my room since it’s my house.”

“Technically-” Killua shot back, irritated, “- I’m the guest, so its my room. Not yours. Seriously, what do you want? Normally you’re asleep by now.”

Gon shut the door behind him before padding over to the bed. Killua could hear him approaching with the quiet tap-tap of his bare feet against the wooden floor. By the time Gon arrived at his bedside, Killua had pushed himself upwards into a sitting position.

They just looked at each other for a minute, not saying anything. Killua swept his eyes over Gon’s mess of hair, the crumpled green t-shirt and caramel eyes that seemed to glow even in the dark of night. 

He didn’t see anything wrong with Gon. But that didn’t mean anything. Killua had learned that the hard way.

“…Gon?” Killua asked lowly. “What’s-”

“Move over,” Gon said.

Killua blinked. “Um.”

But Gon was already pulling back the sheets and moving to sit down on the mattress. Killua scrambled away until his left arm hit the wall, gaping as Gon shimmied down under the covers.

There was a beat of silence. Then-

“Aren’t you gonna sleep, Killua?” Gon asked and Killua’s mind reeled.

What the hell was going on here?!

“Gon,” he said through gritted teeth.


“What are you- no, why are you in my bed?!”

Gon peeked up at him. “Sleeping. You still do that, right?”

“Of course I do, stupid!” Killua spat. “Why do you have to do it in my bed, though?! You have a perfectly good bedroom of your own, you know!”

Gon frowned. “I’m doing this for you, Killua.”


“I’m not gonna let you pull another all-nighter,” Gon explained patiently, like Killua was some temper tantrum throwing two year old. “Not if I can do anything about it.”

“W-Who said I pulled an all-nighter?!” Killua stammered.

“No one. I could just tell. You kept staring off into the distance and spacing out all day. And you never do that.”

Killua’s mouth snapped shut. He could feel Gon’s heavy gaze on his face, even in the dimness of the room. It made his skin hot and itchy.

Killua looked away, ignoring the heat on his cheeks. “So what if I did?”

“Ki-llu-aaaaa,” Gon whined and Killua clenched his jaw hard enough to ache. “Why aren’t you sleeping? Is the room too hot? I’ll tell Aunt Mito if that’s the case and we can open up the windows an hour before we go to bed.”

“No! No, that’s not…” Killua didn’t know what to say. The truth was too embarrassing, there was no way he could tell Gon.

A feather-light touch brushed against his wrist.

“Killua,” Gon said quietly as Killua sucked in a breath. “Tell me. Tell me and I’ll fix it.”

He shook his head. “It’s stupid.”

“No.” The calloused hand tightened around his pale fingers. “Its not. If its bothering you, its not stupid. I promise I won’t laugh. Please, just…tell me. I want you to be comfortable here.”

Gon didn’t say ‘with me’. But the implication was heavy and palpable as it hung in the air between them.

Killua squeezed his eyes shut, inwardly cursing. There was no way he could hold back after that.

“I, um. Its just, that- the thing is, ever since Heavens Arena…”


Killua swallowed. His hands were starting to sweat. He really hoped Gon wouldn’t notice. 

He inhaled deeply before starting again. “Ever since Heavens Arena, after you and me started sleeping in the same, uh, bed. I have a hard time…sleeping on my own. I normally sleep with Alluka when we’re in hotels.”

Gon didn’t say anything for a moment. He didn’t let go of Killua’s hand either, though. Killua wasn’t sure what to make of that, but apparently the rapid pounding of his heart could.

The stupid thing hadn’t calmed down since he’d ran into Gon’s open arms three days ago.

“Is that all?” Gon asked, voice cutting through the air, and Killua blinked.

“Um. Yes?”

“Oh,” Gon said. He didn’t sound angry, or upset, or even annoyed. If anything, the little sigh in his tone was relieved. “That’s great! I was scared it was something really bad.”

“I.” Killua was so confused. What was going on. Why was everything always so damn weird whenever Gon was around?! “I don’t get it.”

Gon beamed at him, those tan, freckled cheeks dimpling like they always did whenever Gon got ridiculously happy, and the air in Killua’s lungs disappeared. 

“I’ll stay with you,” Gon said simply. “Every night until you have to go again- we can share a bed, just like we used to when we traveled together! That should fix the problem, right?”

Killua let out a squawk as Gon suddenly yanked him down onto the pillow. Somewhere in the distance, he heard the DS clatter to the floor. 

But that didn’t matter. Because all he could see right now was the tiny flecks of gold in Gon’s eyes.

“G’night, Killua,” his best friend whispered and his breath ghosted over Killua’s cheeks.

Killua bit the inside of his cheek. He could still feel his blood racing through his veins. He’d just have to deal with it. There was no way Gon was leaving now.

“Night, Gon,” he murmured back. The last thing he saw before he shut his eyes was Gon’s tiny but completely genuine smile, like he wouldn’t be anywhere else but here, at Killua’s side.

It wasn’t until the next morning that Killua realized they’d fallen asleep holding hands.

Shawn's Miami Q&A Breakdown
  • "My best songs I wrote in like an hour they're really fast"
  • Shawn has a punching bag in his room!
  • Shawn said he was working during the Women's March but if he hadn't been he would have gone
  • When asked why he never sing imagination Shawn said he always gets asked that
  • Shawn will try something new and special tonight! Wow I'm already shook
  • "I know honest isn't on the setlist but one day it will be I promise"
  • "I'm going to try something new & special tonight, you guys will be the first people to see it, so maybe tonight will be the best"
  • Shawn went from "you guys are very sweet" to "Calm down, you couldn't even speak to me at the M&G" the sass lmao
  • "Have you watch "Riverdale"?
  • -I haven't watch "Riverdale" yet"
  • Shawn talking about how TNHMB was the most exciting mv to shoot
  • Shawn's really into the word cozy lol
  • Shawn said he thought he played basketball well, but he met some people and said that now he does not know


our wonder of the stars is bone-sunk; we’ve been thinking and dreaming and watching and watching and watching since the beginning of time, and we looked for so long that we started making connections. we played a celestial game of connect-the-dots; trying to find order in something so vast and trying to show that the stars are in everything and everything is in the stars. [x]

*claps hands*

*breathes deeply*

it’s lily. yeah, i know i’ve been hella absent. oops. 

okay so i figured that i’d make this for the sole reason that like, aesthetic tumblr-ness is all very well and good. but it ain’t working for everyone. including me. and yeah, i know that this has 100% been done before, but i’m doing it again, and who knows? maybe you’ll learn something new. let’s do this, fam.

1. find what works for you. and hey, if that means Colour Coded Notes and Aesthetic and Bomb Lighting, then go for it. whatever works. but if that means sitting up in bed dressed in a fucking onesie drinking milk out of the carton and having a mild Stress Crisis while you’re surrounded by pages of your scribbly handwriting in cheap black biro that’s Somehow Managed To Smudge Itself All Over The Goddamn Page, so be it. this leads me into my next point:

2. when and how do you study best? are you an early bird or a night owl? do you work better in the morning or in the evening? also: what kind of clothes do you wear? pjs or trackie dacks and a huge jumper vs actual clothes that you could go out in? what kind of learner are you? visual? auditory? verbal? kinetic? hint for my fellow visual learners out there: whiteboards + flash cards + whiteboard markers for drawing up connections is the best thing since sliced bread, especially for science. but something else that’s fucking important to figure out: do you work best in random spurts or steadily? for other people like me who can’t get their lives organised and instead work when the urge hits them, i advise you that when you feel even slightly productive, or able to work, sit yo fucking ass down and work. just do it. because otherwise you won’t get anything done. if you can organise a time to work each day, then you’re doing great already and i am Highly Shook. you guys are fucking cool.

3. relationships and feelings suck. i get it. sometimes, you just catch Unwanted Feelings and there’s nothing you can do about it. please remember that it’s okay to tell them, and it’s okay to not. they’re your Unwanted Feelings, to tell or not tell whoever you wish. OBVIOUS LIFE HINT: don’t tell secrets to people that you know aren’t very good at keeping their mouths shut. it’s a recipe for disaster. also!!! don’t every blame yourself for catching Feelings. it’s not your fault - as someone once said, the heart wants what it wants. also guys, you’re in high school. you have a fuck ton of hormones going batshit crazy - this means that things probably will change as you get older, but on the same note, don’t let anyone make you feel like your Feelings are invalid. as for relationships lmao sorry can’t help you there i’m as single as a pringle that was never put into a box. but look. people are dicks. it’s human nature, and i guess the only thing i got to say is that time heals all wounds. it’ll get better, i promise, even if it takes a very very long time. and guys - if you’re in a relationship that’s hurting you, leave. nobody has the right to treat you like shit.

4. that goes for friendships too!! if you have a friend who you just don’t get along with, or makes you feel bad about yourself, or whatever. if you’re in a toxic friendship, stop talking to them. please. and if you can’t get away from them, talk to someone - a teacher, a parent, another friend, anyone. people aren’t as scary as they seem, and lots of people are willing to help, if you just ask. fuck, come talk to me and i’ll help you draft a Plan Of Attack. our inbox is always always always open and we don’t bite. i mean. we might bite the person who’s treating you like shit. depends. but please also think about it carefully? do you really want them out of your life if it’s just a spat? sometimes a simple apology without an explanation is the best thing, to just fucking move on and forgive each other. 

5. finding out who you are isn’t a one time thing, it’s a journey. i feel like this is kinda obvious, but because there are people out there who convince people that this is wrong, i’m gonna say it. discovering your sexuality/gender identity/anything else is not always a sudden moment of realisation. sometimes, it’s a long journey of self-discovery. if you’re worried because you’re thinking “oh my god, maybe i’m not ____” just…shh. shhh. it’s okay. lots of people are discovering who they are, their sexuality, their gender identity. and it’s okay to identify with something and then discover that you’re not that thing. it’s not pretending, it’s not being fake, it’s just you on a path of self-discovery. and if anyone tries to fuck with you because of your gender/sexuality, they about to catch these bi-as-fuck hands, boi. 

6. self care is important but that doesn’t always mean soaking in a bath on the weekends or buying cute pens and books - side note: retail therapy is fucking awesome. if self care means not doing any homework for a whole day and just lounging around on the couch petting your pet and drinking unreasonable amounts of orange juice, fucking do it. if self care means spending a whole day on youtube watching crack videos and rip vine compilations (i love that shit istg), do it. just do whatever you need to do to feel better - but try to steer clear of illegal shit, yeah?

7. but sometimes, we just don’t have time for self care. and that’s okay too. if you gotta pull a few all-nighters to study for exams or skip sports or whatever, it’s okay. don’t sweat it. if you gotta lie to someone because you’re terrified of losing marks, just chill out a bit. i stand by the saying that whatever my teachers/parents/coaches don’t know isn’t gonna hurt them. if they think you’re sick and you’re actually busting a lung studying for a test, it’s okay as long as they don’t find out. try not to make it a habit, obviously, but just once isn’t gonna kill you or them. on that note, it’s best not to do this too much because it can get tricky remembering what lies you’ve told which people. keep it to one or two and you’ll be fine. example: i skipped my dance class two weeks before a competition to study for a science test. i told them i had gastro (which is a great excuse, btw, it’s hella contagious and you can get over it quickly and nobody wants diarrhoea) and then when they asked me the following week how i was feeling, did i tell them “fine”? no. i told them i was feeling better. you gotta keep up pretences.

8. high school is a time to learn. sure, your marks aren’t gonna be the end of the world, but like…don’t…not try, either? it’s okay to get stressed, it’s okay to worry about school. and like i said in point 7, it’s okay to sometimes prioritise school over everything else. it’s also okay to prioritise your health, be it mental or otherwise, over school and whatever else. please don’t drive yourself into a bad place because you’re worrying about school. just…do whatever makes you be the best person you can be. in short, you do what’s best for you and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

9. gather information. figure out which teachers you can fuck around with, and which teachers it’s best to keep your head down with. which classes you’re gonna have to work harder in to keep your grades where you want them to be, and which classes you can worry a little less about. 

10. don’t be a piece of shit. don’t be horrible to other people, don’t be horrible to your teachers (god knows they go through enough without you picking on them as well, i know this for a fact because i am related to a teacher), don’t bully people, use your fucking common sense. high school can be an emotional roller coaster as it is, and if you decide to make some poor person’s life hell, then you suck and i hate you. sort yourself out. stop. apologise. figure out why you’re being a horrible person and sort it out. i ain’t got any time or patience for people like you. unless you’re actively trying to fix it, in which case i have a bit more time and patience and i’m willing to help. people can change. i believe that.

so, in summary, high school can suck, but you gotta make the best of it because you will miss it, i’ve still got a term to go and i’m getting nostalgic already (side note: i live in australia, our years are a bit different, 7-10 is high school and 11-12 is college, then we go to uni). do what you want, try not to stress too much, you can deal with feelings, don’t be a horrible person and just try to enjoy it. you are a wonderful, amazing, unique person and don’t ever forget that - you can do it, whatever it may be. smile, and don’t ever be afraid to try something new or take a risk. life is short, high school is shorter, and don’t sweat the small shit.

keep your chins up and hustle hard, my chickens 💚💚

anonymous asked:

Hey, just a question from artist to artist, can you recommend some good line art pens? I'm honestly stuck and want to move from microns to something else tbh.

copic multiliners are pretty good and currently i’ve been working with sakura pigma brush pens. i also want to try and find new pens to try out though so i don’t have many recommendations as of now? though is really good, they have a huge variety of pens to choose form