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Sloppily colored Modern!TBOL characters ‘cause I’ve been thinking of that one AU where Xibalba was a reitred pilot and how that’s basically all I’ve said about it.

  • OK, so Joaquin’s in the Colegio Militar but he’s still a dweeb :D
  • Manolo’s studying musical anthropology while scholaring in the same museum where Catrina (La Muerte) works.
  • Maria just came back from studying abroad in Spain (Still haven’t figured whether she’s studying Laws or Literature) 
  • They’re probably gonna be ghost-hunters of some sort in this AU
  • Haven’t really figured out Celeste (La Noche), but she’s gonna be either working in some investigation agency or on the desks up top from the museum where her sister works (Also, she’s a huge flirt, just like Xibalba…that’s gonna make it all the more funny when Chamuco comes along…still thnking up a name for him)

Swan Queen AU Chuck Style: Regina and Emma are happily together but somehow Emma ends up taking a potion that makes her forget all about Regina. Emma asks her to tell their story.

And so Regina tells Emma everything.

She tells her about fights and hatred. About changing and redemption and about unexpected friendship and unexpected feelings. And about Regina fighting her darkness with Emma’s help and about Emma fighting her darkness with Regina’s help. She tells her about sacrifices and looks and smiles and kisses and impossible magic. And about somehow all the impossibles turn into possibles when the two of them are together.

And they cry and smile and even laugh. And when Regina finishes, they are looking at each other like they always did, and all Regina can think is how she missed Emma smiling at her like that. So she starts with a temptive tone.

“You know… Henry has this imaginative idea stuck in his head-” but Regina stops, because she doesn’t know what she’s doing, the words scaping her mouth before she even could think of them.

“What is it?” Emma asks with this small excitement in her voice. And that just reminds Regina of how she’s so much like Henry, like their son. And how they are a family, even now when they are not. And her heart breaks just a little bit more.

"He thinks that… with one kiss you will remember everything.” Regina finishes with a chuckle and she looks down. Because this is just a teenager’s hopeful idea that everything could be fine again, with one magical kiss. And she doesn’t want to believe in it, because it’s simply impossible. Even though deep down, she does anyway, it’s all they have now.

"True love’s kiss?” Emma asks with a smirk in her mouth, looking down quickly before she looks right into Regina’s eyes again. And everything is so much like old times. It’s just them flirting. It’s just them, and everything is fine.

But it’s not really, is it? Because they are not true loves, are they? All Regina can think is fate, and how they beat fate, and how they are sorrounded by fate. And they are not true loves, they can’t be. And even if they were, this is not a curse, and everything is so impossible, even in her head.

"I know you’re not under any curse, it’s-”  Regina starts to voice her thoughts with her head down again, just to be interrupted by Emma. Emma calling her name. And Regina is afraid and expectant all the same, because she knows what’s coming next. And she’s still looking down and thinking too much, when she hears again.

"Regina?” Only then she finally looks in Emma’s eyes and answers her.

"Yes?” She waits, she waits looking at Emma, and it’s like before, before everything. Before when they didn’t say the words but it was already in their eyes, when it was like they were staring at each other for an eternity, but it was just a few seconds.

And Emma has that smile again. A smile that is only for her. And all Regina’s fear suddenly stops. Because this is Emma. Memories coming back or not. This is Emma. They can go through anything. Together.

"Kiss me.” Emma finally says with that smile still in place.

So Regina does.

And their story begins…

Rivers and roads
                               Rivers and roads
        Rivers ‘til I reach you

The Potions Master

I was talking to @nelayn a while ago about a Harry Potter AU where Lily lives, and is the Potions Master at Hogwarts when Harry starts school.

On the auspicious occasion of her birthday, I found I had to write something. I think Lily would have been a great teacher.

Read it on AO3 here.


Harry sighed for about the sixth time. By now, almost everyone was ignoring him.
   ‘Stop it. You’re starting to make me think Fred and George were lying about her being alright, and she’s some kind of monster,’ said Ron.
   ‘Well,’ said Harry, gloomily. ‘To you, probably not, but to me…’
   ‘You said you were worried she’d look at you sarcastically,’ said Hermione, from the front of the waiting queue of students.
   ‘Oh, she definitely will.’
   ‘Monstrous,’ said Hermione, coolly. The dungeon door creaked open – Harry and Ron jumped.
   ‘Come in and find a seat, and get a quill out,’ called the not-very-monstrous-sounding voice of Professor Potter.
   Harry took a breath, like a soldier steeling himself for battle. Because they were friends, Ron managed not to laugh.

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I don’t think it’s so much that South is angry. South is angry, but her anger is not the iron core that is South. South is raw emotion, South is everything bubbling on the surface, South is blunt and aggressive and she lets you know exactly what she’s feeling at any given time.

By the time we see her in PFL, everything in South’s life is falling around her ears. Her world is caving in around her as the Project begins to fall apart and she’s being left behind by everyone around her, including her brother. She wants to shine, she wants the chance to prove that she is great in her own right (not as North’s twin not as one of the Dakota’s but as South) and every time she turns around there is someone there standing in her way. Someone trying to stop her. The Project itself even stacks the deck against her because they want to see what happens if they draw a line between the twins- even as an experiment, her identity is wrapped up in her brother’s and she hates that.

So yeah, she gets angry. She storms off and breaks things and has terrible tantrums and doesn’t endear anyone to her because that’s how she feels and everything South feels is on the surface.

But look at how she was at the beginning of the PFL flashbacks. She wasn’t really angry there, not to start off with. She was enjoying herself- she was having fun. And that fun she was having showed. She didn’t really start getting angry, even when they were outnumbered, until Carolina showed up. Suddenly it’s not fun anymore, because Carolina is there and Carolina is going to steal their glory. Everything’s going to shit and they don’t even have the chance to pull themselves out of that fire on their own because it’s Carolina, and Carolina shines brighter than them and no matter how well they do it won’t matter, because Carolina was on their mission.

(Carolina later gets a taste of this feeling herself, when Tex arrives, and it would have been nice to have South and Carolina bonding over that feeling of always-someone-better-I-just-want-to-shine.)

Yes, South has a short fuse. She gets angry very easily. But that anger is not the iron core of who she is- it is her raw emotions that make South South.