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OKAY BUT CAN WE GET THE HAPPY ENDING FOR THE SWITCH VERSE AU?? i'm feeling very angsty about it right now

“Evan!” Sidney shouts. “Evan!”

“Where could he even go?” Geno asks, feeling just as panicked as Sidney sounded. “He so little! Can’t reach doorknob.”

“I don’t care, I don’t care, you told me you were going to watch him!” Sidney takes a deep breath. “Okay. Okay. He couldn’t have left the arena. Oh God. Do you think somebody took him? Oh, God–”

“It’s okay, Sid, we’ll find him,” Flower assures him. “He couldn’t have gone far.”

“Daddy!” Evan yells, his voice faint. Sidney freezes. Geno’s head whips up to his left, down a hallway. “Daddy! Is Pa! He’s here!”

Sidney’s eyes widen, then breaks into a run. “Oh no. He’s with someone. Oh God, it’s actually kidnappers.”

“His facial recognition isn’t that bad, is it?” Flower stops just in time before he bumps into Sidney, who is now standing very, very still and gaping at the sight before him. “Hey, what the hell–” He looks up. “Oh. Oh, shit.”

“What’s going on? Where kidnapper?” Geno pants out as he catches up to the pair. “Where he–”

Geno pauses as he stares right at his own twin, the same hair, same face, same everything except for a ring on his left hand, a man holding Evan in his arms and looking at Sidney like he can’t decide to cry or laugh. He spares a glance at Geno and Flower, before settling back on Sidney like he’s drinking the man in.

Sidney,” he utters, his voice breaking. “Sidney, is really–”

Sidney doesn’t move. Evan pats the man’s face, giggling. “Daddy, is Pa. Pa come find us.”

“I swear to God, if this is just me hallucinating–” Sidney breaks off, but his feet are already bringing him closer to the man. “I can’t–”

“Is me, Sid,” the man promises, drawing Sidney in with one arm around his waist. “Is really me. I’m miss you, Sidney, miss you and Evan so bad, think everything just bad dream but–”

Sidney lets out a choking sound like he’s drowning, and he doesn’t hesitate before cupping his husband’s face and kissing him. He pulls back, laughing wetly. “Zhenya. Zhenya. You’re my husband, right? You’re my husband?”

“Yes, always, Sid,” the man says frantically. “Forever, long as you have me–”

“Oh, thank God,” Sidney sobs out, as Geno nuzzles his neck. “Thank God.” 

And from behind the couple, Sidney, the NHL captain Sidney, walks sheepishly to Geno and Flower’s side, his hands stuck in his pockets. “Hey, guys.”

Flower’s the first to hug him. “Sid. That’s the first thing you say after going missing for a week? How did you even–Damn it, Sid–”

Sidney chuckles self-consciously, glancing at Geno, then at the family behind him. “Sorry. This has probably been a really weird week for you–”

“Not weird,” Geno says, then admits. “Okay. Little bit weird. But good weird. Professor you speak Russian. We talk some.”

“Oh, yeah, I figured that out too,” his Sidney says. “Crazy, eh? And you guys keep going on about my crap French.” Then he looks down at his shoes. “Just…you know what I mean.” 

“They look good family,” Geno says quietly, sneaking a glance at his counterpart, who is currently blowing raspberries on Evan’s cheeks. He still has one arm locked around his Sidney. “Look happy.”

“They do.”

“Maybe one day I have. Would be nice.”

Sidney still doesn’t look up, but Geno his face reddening. “It would be really nice.”

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holy shit I love all your hc's alot? (If you want to) Im kinda curious and wanna know more about Japanese Roy and Iranian Elrics??? (I'm glad someone else noticed how Xerxes is lines up so well with it, bless) ahh ty in advance!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I’m trying to post them more bc they make me happy and this fandom needs all the love and content it can get. ;)  Sooo… TONIGHT’S HC IS ABOUT ROY AND ED AND THEIR HERITAGES!

My headcanons differ, actually, between modern AUs and Amestris for Roy.  Since we don’t get a mention of any Japanese equivalent (minus, I think, one line where Breda mentions the origins of Shogi) but we do have Xing, I actually headcanon him as half-Xingese because he’s drawn, IMO, similarly to the Xingese characters (and also, canon needs less white dudes) on his mom’s side.  She was one of Chris’s girls, and Chris’s brother went and knocked her up, so Chris agreed to raise him because she got attached ok.

However, in modern AUs, I actually go with Chris and her brother as being part Japanese as an homage to the origins of the manga. ;)  For Roy (as opposed to the Elrics) I don’t see him as being super, super into his heritage; I imagine he probably picked up the language because he wanted to and learned some about it but he’s cool where he is.

….I do have some AUs where he lives in Japan and has dual citizenship and is a model, tho, so ymmv.

AS FOR THE ELRICS.  Pls consider Iranian Hohenheim and Jewish Trisha!!!  Ed isn’t really into any of the religion at…. all, though the Elric household was definitely not one that contained pork.  Hohenheim isn’t really practicing either, but Trisha raised them with religion and even though Ed didn’t take to it, Al definitely did and actually pulls from both sides of his family.  (Also!!!  Ed and Al having bar mitzvahs???  please????)

Hohenheim actually immigrated from Iran and I looove Trisha being a UN ambassador, so she’s a polyglot, and Ed and Al definitely know at LEAST Farsi and possibly a couple other languages.

Not Japanese.  Roy alternately insults and flirts with Ed in Japanese and it drives Ed up the wall and Roy loves it.  Not that Ed doesn’t do the exact same thing.

(Unfortunately, Al DOES understand what Ed is saying in Farsi so his shriek of horror is enough for Roy to figure out how inappropriate that last comment just was)

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okay though soulmate aus are also my life and I'm not a writer but I keep thinking about like if there was a patater version of those teleportation soulmate aus where tiny child alexei summons tiny child kent to save him from bullies but kent never summons him, and then theyre at like a hockey dinner together telling stories and kent has to leave to go freak out because tater's story is him? and fucks up so bad he ends up needing to summon tater to save him that night with a happy ending ofc

OKay so I am like the WORST at writing these to a time frame apparently but here we are!


When Alexei was young his Mama would always shake her head and say “Mishka, you are too full of love.”  It wasn’t a bad thing, she’d tell him, but for someone so small how did he have so much room for it all? He would always help the teachers at the end of class by putting the books away or carrying things for them. On Sundays he would walk with his Grandmother to the market and hold her basket the entire time, even when his little hands struggled to keep the handle up. You would always find him playing with the little girls down the street, helping weave flowers into their hair like he did his cousin. Wherever he went Alexei would let the people into his heart and never wanted to shut anybody out. He wanted everybody to feel special.

Although Alexei shared his love with everyone, not everybody wanted his love. The boys at school would sneer when he helped the teacher and laugh when he ran off with the girls at lunch. It wasn’t right, or so they’d say. They told him so when they pressed him against the wall one lunch time. Told him how he was too small and girly. That he had best scurry away like the mouse he was because nobody wanted him there. Alexei had never felt so small and wished someone would come and help. Pressed up against the wall he waited for the first blow to strike.

But it never came.

When Alexei opened his eyes he saw a new boy standing there. A boy with sunshine hair. Instead of anger in his bullies faces he saw wide eyes and open jaws and soon they would run away. He didn’t know what the sunshine boy had done but he didn’t care, he had saved him.

“Thank you!” Alexei beamed, walking forward to shake the young boy’s hand. “Thank you for helping me! I’m Alexei!”

The sunshine boy turned and Alexei swore his young heart broke that day. The boy’s eyes were full blown in fear, clutching his shirt tight, and he spoke a different language. Alexei knew it was English, had just started studying it in class, but didn’t know a single word just then. It didn’t matter anyway because before he got to say a single word the boy vanished into thin air and Alexei ran the whole way home.

It took his Mama an entire hour to calm him down and then only five minutes to get the story out of him. She listened as he waved his tiny hands and paced around the room, managing to only frown when he mentioned the boys from school. When he’d finished she patted the space on her lap and allowed Alexei to climb up.

“Mishka, when we are born we are made in two parts. One part of you is here,” she said, pointing to his heart. “The other is elsewhere. Sometimes it is in the house next door or in a different city. Sometimes it is miles away but it is there. There are times when our halves hurt too much, that they call out for their other half and the other one comes running. That’s what happened today. Your half called and your other came to you. Do you understand?”

Alexei nodded, not wanting to stop his Mama from talking.

“You can only call your other half once, Mishka. They come when you need them most. You are very lucky to have already seen your half, some people wait years. Papa made me wait many years before he called me. This means, Alexei, you have a long wait ahead of you and when they call you you must be ready. You won’t get another chance, okay?”

To young Alexei it all seemed a little bit too much. He was too small to be there for his other half, how could he help? But he knew that when it would happened he would do anything he could. He never wanted his other half to feel as scared as he did and when the time would come he would pour all the love he had into helping him. Mama always said he had too much love and now he knew why and he couldn’t wait to share it all.

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OMG!!! I'm happy ^^ I'm glad you liked it!. About the prompts, I was thinking on a Voltron Legendary Defender AU ( this show is good, I swear) with shadowhunters crew as paladins or an AU where they both are shadowhunters/downworlders...

Okay so confession I don’t actually watch Voltron Legendary Defenders (but I’ve seen it around? I don’t even know what it is someone educate me?) but I loved your other prompt! I might do a double-whammy and write them both as Downworlders later, but for now, here’s our favourite boys as Shadowhunters! (This really ran away from me, thank youuuuuu for the prompt!)



The training room door hit the wall, swinging back on its hinges with a crack as Isabelle strutted in, heels clicking a staccato rhythm of disapproval across the stone floor.

Alec’s breath left him in a rush as he landed a particularly hard blow against the wooden dummy with his pole. He let his hand drop to his sides, and turned to fix his sister with a glare that she met with double the ferocity.

“You can’t hide in here all day,” she said, one hand resting on her hip.

“Watch me,” Alec mumbled.

“If you want to lead the Institute one day, you’re going to have to learn to meet people you don’t like. Besides, you haven’t even given Magnus a chance—”

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hi!! i just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy your yoi harry potter au!! it's so cute and your drawings are amazing!! i also love how you kept their age gap and i'm quite happy to see viktor help yuuri with his confidence when yuuri is still growing!! have you thought about the two of them after the tournament? do they keep in touch? or do they meet coincidentally years later? what are their jobs?? is viktor still a quidditch player? ahh so many questions. anyways, thank you for your work!!

Hello, and thank you so much!!! I am very happy to hear that ; O ;

To be honest, by this point I’m not planning on anything else big- I think my next post will consist mostly of where other characters stand in this AU(like Yurio and Phichit), and maaaybe something else for Victor and Yuuri, but probably in present time. This AU was very fun to create, but I don’t think I’ll expand that much on it, since I have my own personal projects as well and I’ve been struggling to find time;; ol-< But I’m really happy by how well-received it was!

Now- I can still reply to your questions with my personal choices on this AU. If you consider them to be definitive answers or not, though, that’s your choice!

I got a bit excited over it, so, beware! THIS IS LOOONG.

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okay, this is going to sound really random but... u know soap by melanie martinez?? that song reminds me of words that water flowers for some reason

I’ve actually never heard that song before you mentioned it to me, but WOW I really really really love it!! The melody is really nice and the lyrics remind me of WTWF too, especially the parts where she sings about something coming out of her throat because it makes me think of the marigolds…

Thank you so much for sharing this with me, it means the world to me that you were reminded of my fic by listening to this song ;;;___;;; If you haven’t heard this song please please please check it out here!

Guys, I just got extreme Solavellan feels from watching and listening to these old animated classics. I’m in way too deep and I will drag you all with me if I have to.

Pre trespasser:

Post trespasser:

Oh god, I’m a sap.

I don’t think it’s so much that South is angry. South is angry, but her anger is not the iron core that is South. South is raw emotion, South is everything bubbling on the surface, South is blunt and aggressive and she lets you know exactly what she’s feeling at any given time.

By the time we see her in PFL, everything in South’s life is falling around her ears. Her world is caving in around her as the Project begins to fall apart and she’s being left behind by everyone around her, including her brother. She wants to shine, she wants the chance to prove that she is great in her own right (not as North’s twin not as one of the Dakota’s but as South) and every time she turns around there is someone there standing in her way. Someone trying to stop her. The Project itself even stacks the deck against her because they want to see what happens if they draw a line between the twins- even as an experiment, her identity is wrapped up in her brother’s and she hates that.

So yeah, she gets angry. She storms off and breaks things and has terrible tantrums and doesn’t endear anyone to her because that’s how she feels and everything South feels is on the surface.

But look at how she was at the beginning of the PFL flashbacks. She wasn’t really angry there, not to start off with. She was enjoying herself- she was having fun. And that fun she was having showed. She didn’t really start getting angry, even when they were outnumbered, until Carolina showed up. Suddenly it’s not fun anymore, because Carolina is there and Carolina is going to steal their glory. Everything’s going to shit and they don’t even have the chance to pull themselves out of that fire on their own because it’s Carolina, and Carolina shines brighter than them and no matter how well they do it won’t matter, because Carolina was on their mission.

(Carolina later gets a taste of this feeling herself, when Tex arrives, and it would have been nice to have South and Carolina bonding over that feeling of always-someone-better-I-just-want-to-shine.)

Yes, South has a short fuse. She gets angry very easily. But that anger is not the iron core of who she is- it is her raw emotions that make South South.

The sequel to my Pacific Rim/Harry Potter AU Magic and Progress Do Not Speak as Loud as My Heart is POSTED AT LAST, OMG FINALLY.

Title: Progressing To Flight
Summary: Newt was beginning to realize that there were certain intricacies to navigate when you’re a wizard suddenly out of a job and experiencing an existential crisis. Luckily, these were things that could be solved by: traveling the world with his Muggle boyfriend, letting his tattoos finally roam where they pleased, eating Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, showing off his dragons, thinking about flight, and maybe even falling a bit more in love with one Hermann Gottlieb.

Also known as the AU where Newt is a wizard and Hermann is a Muggle.

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I rarely, if ever, ship sterek with another person. I used to multiship Stiles with practically everyone, but that stopped for some reason, and I never could ship Derek with anyone else. I think the character i came closest to with him was Kira? But then I just stopped multishipping altogether.

Yeah, they’re really it for me. They’re it to the point where if Stiles is interested in someone else I’ll just sit there thinking about how sad and unwanted Derek must feel.

Even if it’s a story without Derek in it. Literally someone could write an AU where Derek does not exist and Stiles is dating… whoever, and I’ll still be looking at it like “ok but it’s so sad that Stiles is in this happy relationship and Derek doesn’t even get to exist, Derek deserves so much better than this, Stiles, you would be so much happier with Derek why don’t you realize this.”

Like, there’s really no way to separate them in my head.