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Here’s a shitty Gwenvid sketch I did the other day! It’s for my Norwegian Fairytale AU where David’s a huldra. This is just some very happy Gwenvid because I felt like making Gwenvid OK.

@dadvidismycanonheadcanon @directium Thought you guys might like this?

Last Sentence Tag

Rules: Post the last sentence you wrote (fic, original, poetry, whatever you like!). Tag the same number of people as words in your sentence.

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“At 14, Sonny knelt in front a priest, pegged himself Hellbound.”

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The “rules” can be different for every poly/non-monogamous people and their relationships, but some things are universal:

  • cheating is horrible and has nothing to do w/ polyamory
  • honesty and communication are KEY 
  • we often have too much affection to give rather than not enough tbh
  • who tf has time for orgies everyday?? it’d be so tiring??? also some poly ppl are ace so??? yeah

“Perhaps I am being too forward, I don’t know what your expectations are, the books I have read about Japan did not discuss such things, but, ah… you surely must know that I would very much like to kiss you.”

He hadn’t expected Victor to say something like that so soon, but it was the simplicity of the request that startled and charmed Yuuri all at once. Not a desire for them to go to bed together, or to become regular lovers; only a kiss. And he seemed so concerned that even that could offend Yuuri. It might have, if this were his first time among Westerners. But it was only a kiss. Yuuri had kissed plenty of men.

He didn’t respond, only reached up to take his glasses off, and then slid his fingers up from where they still rested against Victor’s shoulder to the back of his neck before he leaned across the distance between them and pressed their lips together.

I’m currently rereading @thetwoguineabook‘s Blackbird and AHHHHH I love this fic SO MUCH I wish I could draw every single scene in it *sobs*

This scene in Ch 2 is probably one of my favourite scenes in the entire fic. The way Victor tells Yuuri that he wants to kiss him - it gets me every time

a bop

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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!

There is more in Russian than Vitya :D


Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5

my dragonfly, my black-eyed flower 


Our conscious minds are very spread out. We worry about the past. We worry about the future. We label. And all of that stuff just makes us very separate. What I’m trying to do is just quiet it down. Put that brain down from time to time and hope those periods of quiet and stillness get longer. When you do that, what rises from the mist is a kind of surrendering. You’re more connected as opposed to being separate. A lot of the questions about destiny or fate or purpose or any of that stuff—it’s not like you get answers. You just realize you didn’t need the questions.

today in critical role finale things that make me cry:

laura giving liam his ‘do not go far from me’ ring back

because during the break, after vax died, he must have taken it off and given it to her (because he definitely has it on during the first half)

and he only takes it back when the campaign is wrapping up