so i'm stuck with the black coloring

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So, you can publish this publicly if it helps someone else. I've always believed that there were certain colors a dark skinned black woman cannot dye her hair or she looks ridiculous. I'm wanting to dye my hair but I've stuck to very safe colors before (dark reds, my natural Brown/black hair) so basically, what are some good colors I can dye my hair w/ chocolate skin? Or is it different for every individual?

Hey there!

Girl, this is such a tough question. A part of me wants to be like “your skin color doesn’t matter, color your hair whatever color you want” but the other part of me sees why you’ve been sticking to safe colors. I honestly think that a woman can pull off whatever hair color she wants. I will say that your hair’s health is the most important thing to consider when choosing a color. People with dark hair have to bleach their hair multiple times to get their hair very light. This is why the safe colors are easy for us. I’ve seen people like Justine Skye rock purple hair and others opt for greens, blues, and pinks. They’ve all looked great. The trick is to leave the roots dark and transition down to the color. It makes it look less out there and more glam, in my opinion!

Here’s an example:

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  • Taurus: We can't afford to give up
  • We gotta make our own luck and it goes oh - Hey Everybody! from Sounds Good Feels Good
  • Gemini: So sick of the tug of war, that keeps pulling me under - Carry On from Sounds Good Feels Good
  • Cancer: It's like a broken record, saying that your heart hurts - Heartbreak Girl from 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Leo: Throwing rocks at your broken window - Safety Pin from Sounds Good Feels Good
  • Virgo: When you say you're looking for a way to change your mind, don't walk away - Broken Pieces from the She's Kinda Hot EP
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  • Pisces: Don't let the colors fade to grey - Never Be from 5 Seconds of Summer

I’m amused. You know how Obata emphasized that the black eyes are an important design feature for Mello and Near? I thought that every official coloring stuck to this, safe for the anime that somehow opts for blue eyes on Mello (WHY), but…. I zoomed in on the LINE stickers…

Why brown of all things….