so i'm starting this kind of meme

I’ve joined tumblr almost a year ago now, and started to draw digitally kind of a year ago too, so i wanted to do this meme with a FULL YEAR OF ART. Anyway, August is 2014′s August and July is July. Like. Now. IT’S A FULL YEAR.
August II September II October II November II December II January II February II March II April II May II June II July

send me an ✚ and i’ll try my hand at roleplaying your muse!

“Well…” the mercenary started, trying to think of some kind of explanation that Jude would surely accept. After all, the kid wasn’t an idiot now, was he? He then let out a light sigh of defeat; no matter what he said, he would probably be found out, wouldn’t he? “Okay, you got me there, but there are things adults need to do to keep the world spinning, y’know? These things… it’s not like they’re easy to do, but you just have to do them to survive. You’ll find out what I mean when you’re older.”

erniil asked:

[ what i like best? how do i even start though. i probably love most how much detail you bring into your headcanons and the way you include all of these thoughts into your portrayal yes ❤ ]

tell me what you like best about how I write my character

!!! thank you so much, this means a lot coming from a fellow Legolas (and an absolutely wonderful one at that!). honestly I didn’t have very many explicit headcanons about Legolas when I started writing him - I knew what he was like, but I hadn’t parsed it all out, so to speak. I think I’ve gotten a lot better at actually writing down specific headcanons since then, and it’s great to know they come through in my portrayal!

*laughs with salad though bc i am sO BEHIND on those 100 headcanons*

gae-nari asked:

looks like they could kill you, but is actually a cinnamon roll. (i thought you were kind of intimidating, but when we started talking i found of that you're really nice and funny ^^)

send me which part of the cinnamon roll meme you think i am

oh really?? i know i haven’t been really paying attention to you what was a mistake because you’re really nice and funny as well and you reblog really good stuff and you’re a wassup stan so what else to wish for <3

oodelollie asked:

6:Eating habits and sample daily menu

Zee is historically an on again off again vegetarian! It started as a kind of pre-teen rebellion with her dad, and has continued to surface on similar moody and sulking occasions. Maybe she just wants an excuse to eat weird Morning Star frozen veggie patties, or maybe she doesn’t enjoy your chili (not naming any names~) and needs an excuse to get out of eating it. She’ll never tell.

Overall though, Zee is a nosher who eats many many small meals over the course of the day

Sample Daily Menu below the cut!

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colfernarvaezwrites asked:

[text] He told me he loved me. I didn’t know what to say so i just squirted the baby oil at him (Jay talking about his sugar daddy om g)

[text] Oh my god.
[text] Sorry, Kae can’t come to the phone right now, he’s been rendered into a helpless pile of laughter at the thought of your panicked expression. Please leave a message about what kind of comfort food you’re going to need to get over the totally horrible and mentally scarring image of an attractive older man saying he loves you.
[text] Also give him my number. I could totally pretend to love him. I saw what he bought you last week. I want one.

anonymous asked:

thoughts on simon

“Idiotic nerd I can’t seem to ever shake – which I mean, he was there for me when I not let anyone close to me and after the course of a few months, I have started to fall in love with him, he kind of has taken that fear of it. Now it’s just so much more complicated and I’m pretty helpless on how it’s going to go. At least it seemed we DTR’d again.”

candyxthief asked:

(ू• ౪•ू )

MEME | Accepting

  Gaius-! ” Cordelia whined, placing her hands gently on his wrists as his hands pressed against her cheeks a little more roughly than she would prefer.

   “ I assure you I do not have any candy stashed inside my mouth! Now- would you please be so kind as to let go of my face. ” The redhead’s voice came out firm and level. But, there was only so much facial harassment a person could take before being a little annoyed.