so i'm starting this kind of meme

Day6 Watching Kdramas
  • Submitted by @jeli17,thank you!
  • Jae: pretends he hates romcoms but secretly those are the only kind he watches. acts like the emotional moments don't get to him but also cries every time. screams at kiss scenes.
  • Sungjin: gets way too invested. once he starts a drama don't touch him till he's done. gets really emotionally caught up in the show but then forgets what happened like two days later.
  • Young K: rarely finishes anything because he gets bored super easily. watches like six dramas at once and then gets confused because he can't keep up with all the plots. likes action more than romance.
  • Wonpil: you know the friend who never shuts up when you watch something with them? Wonpil is that friend. also during emotional moments he's either crying his eyes out or laughing inappropriately hard.
  • Dowoon: drama snob. it honestly seems like he's watched every drama in existence. a pro at binge watching and balancing dramas with responsibility. relates everything in life back to a kdrama scene.

I started watching Hunter x Hunter recently and when I first saw Illumi’s face, my immediate reaction was FOR SOME REASON HE REMINDS ME OF A NATU??, and it all spiraled downward from there. This will be a print available at any future artist alleys I table at because of reasons.

I tried taking a 20 minute break to draw things that would make me happy/laugh and basically it turned into a huge mess because I started watching skooks videos and thinking about group rp stuff. I’m really sorry, the only art I know how to do is like… Internet memes.

Apparently when I draw OCs as scooby doo characters I draw them in the actual style of the original show which is kind of terrifying I’m sorry about that it won’t happen again.

Sorry I haven’t been able to be on much with work. Hopefully this makes people smile.

Ahhhhhhhhhh it’s been almost a year since I’ve started badly drawn ! I appreciate all the follows, messages of kindness and encouragement I’ve received, and yes.. The memes. I still get so happy to see people laughing at the badly drawn content and hope people will still continue to do so. Glad I could make you smile !!