so i'm starting this kind of meme


Ultimate Shipper Meme ♥ [1/5] first meetings

Oliver: I’m having some trouble with my computer and they told me that you were the person to come and see. I was at my coffee shop surfing the web and I spilt a latte on it.
Felicity: Really?
Oliver: Yeah.
Felicity: ‘Cause these look like bullet holes.
Oliver: My coffee shop is in a bad neighborhood.



[1/4] Band Members: Dan Smith

“I played for a couple of years under my own name and I never really wanted to be a singer-songwriter. […] The thought of it all being centered around me sort of made me feel a bit awkward.”

Ahhhhhhhhhh it’s been almost a year since I’ve started badly drawn ! I appreciate all the follows, messages of kindness and encouragement I’ve received, and yes.. The memes. I still get so happy to see people laughing at the badly drawn content and hope people will still continue to do so. Glad I could make you smile !!


The gorgeous, kind, and badass Chrome Dokuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. She starts out as a follower of Rokudo Mukuro, the first antagonist of the series, but soon becomes Sawada Tsunayoshi’s true Mist Guardian. She is currently a crucial core member of the Vongola Famiglia as one of its seven guardians. 

I started watching Hunter x Hunter recently and when I first saw Illumi’s face, my immediate reaction was FOR SOME REASON HE REMINDS ME OF A NATU??, and it all spiraled downward from there. This will be a print available at any future artist alleys I table at because of reasons.

I tried taking a 20 minute break to draw things that would make me happy/laugh and basically it turned into a huge mess because I started watching skooks videos and thinking about group rp stuff. I’m really sorry, the only art I know how to do is like… Internet memes.

Apparently when I draw OCs as scooby doo characters I draw them in the actual style of the original show which is kind of terrifying I’m sorry about that it won’t happen again.

Sorry I haven’t been able to be on much with work. Hopefully this makes people smile.

I’m going to post this now before winter actually starts so we can reflect on it together once it’s over.

On September 1, I got a very strong premonition that this is going to be a hard winter. Like that “brace yourself, winter is coming” meme. A few weeks later, a psychic that I know mentioned the same in conversation. So far, it hasn’t gotten too cold, but I imagine it will.

We’ll all be alright, but if you’re feeling the energetic cold wind of winter, too, I recommend bracing yourself. Do what you can to wrap yourself in layers, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. Hold your loved ones close. Now is not the time to bury our heads in the sand, fill up with bravado, or think we can do this alone. Save that for spring.

I imagine there will be losses suffered this winter, but also, if we prepare for any hard falls that we expect are coming and focus on loving and supporting each other during this time, we will find a lot of warmth. Sometimes the cold forces us to get cozy, but I think there will be a lot of good things coming out of this winter for those who look for them. Now is the time to find strength and warmth in our communities. And in warm blankets, good books, and hot chocolate!

This has been my prophecy for the quarter. Much love to you all! We’ll get through this 💕