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10 More Soulmate AUs That Have Probably Already Been Posted (And If So, I'm Sorry)

1. The only color you can see is the color of your mate’s eyes.

2. Whenever your mate says your name, you will turn towards the direction they are in, no matter how far away you are.

3. Everyone has half of a symmectrical mark on them (butterfly, heart, diamond, spade, etc) and the other half will appear when you meet your mate.

4. Their hobby that they excel in has always been something you wish so badly you could do but fail epically at.

5. There is a bond between you and your mate in which you can sense each other’s emotions.

6. As a continuation of number 5, you can also send each other emotions to comfort the other or confess your love before you know anything about them.

7. If your mate is listening to music, you can hear it faintly, as if it is playing outside.

8. On your wrist you are born with a number. This is the amount of times you and your mate will see each other before you actually meet.

9. Your favorite outfit will be the one you meet your mate in.

10. After you meet your mate, it is physically impossible for you to tell anyone else you love them romatically.

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Can I please have Akashi going home on Valentines, surprising his s/o because she thought he has a business meeting somewhere far and was sad because she won't be able to give him her chocolates?? Fluff, fluff, more Valentines Day fluff!

I live for fluff even though I’m now basically dead

Enjoy an affectionate Akashi! Although request says “she” I kept it gender neutral. Cheesy ending line alert, consider yourself warned.

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When he told you he was going to New York for an important business meeting with a foreign company, you were okay with it as you usually were. Being in a relationship with someone as powerful as him sort of diminishes the amount of time the two of you spend together, what with his giant responsibilities and all. In the span of your romance, you have learned to accept this as a fact, despite you still being lonely whenever he has to go.

It only hit you a few hours after the announcement that he would be gone for Valentine’s.

On the tenth of February, you dropped him off with his driver at the airport, him wearing suit-and-tie, looking unnecessarily dashing for someone who is only going to board a plane for twelve hours. You said your goodbyes, wishing him all the success he hopes to gain from the soon-to-be agreement with the foreign company. You also told him to come back soon.

“I will,” Akashi said with a peck to your lips, “wait for me.”

After he boarded the plane, you and his driver go back to the now colder and emptier home—the living space somehow dropping slightly in temperature as if his hair color brings warmth. You throw yourself on your shared bed with a sigh. 

It’s a cycle that you’ve been through numerous times now. He goes, you get lonely, you wait, he comes back. 

The only difference this time around is that there will be a change in your plans. You won’t be able to give him chocolates on Valentine’s Day—somewhat ridiculous when you think of the gifts he gives to you on White Day, but Akashi claims to very much enjoy the sweet treats, no matter how simple they may seem.

“I think you have a knack in these sort of things,” you remember his words when you first gave him chocolate three years ago, “they’re delicious. It’s kind of a bad thing because I know I’m going to bother you again next year just so you’ll make this again for me.” You remember the way Akashi’s eyes twinkled mirthfully as he presses half of the chocolate cookie he just bit into against your lips.

Moping over his absence in the house isn’t going to solve anything, you tell yourself after spending thirty minutes lying on your bed doing nothing but stare at the ceiling. Somehow you manage to get yourself up and walk to the kitchen—if he’s not home for Valentine’s, so what? You can always bake those cookies and give them to him when he comes home as a belated gift.

To do so, you will need to go grocery shopping.

The reddish pink of the batter looks beautiful, especially when you look at how the dough is arranged neatly on a tray of baking sheet. You smile absent-mindedly, pleased by how great the cookies are going so far. They’re red velvets, like the cake, and they’re the first cookies you’ve given to him three years ago. 

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and Akashi called several hours ago to say happy Valentine’s and that he’s sorry he can’t be with you as of the moment. You reply just as pleasant, asking questions about how the deal is going, and the two of you continue to chat for about seven minutes until he announces that he needs to go.

“I’ll be home soon,” Akashi tells you. You hum, telling him that you’re going to wait patiently like he asked you to.

When the doorbell to your shared apartment rings, you crinkle your eyebrows in suspicion. You most certainly aren’t expecting anyone, especially not at 9 pm. Thinking it must be some stray pizza delivery boy, you wipe your hands on a small towel before going to open the door.

To say that you are surprised is the most massive understatement in history. You actually let out a gasp when you see Akashi, standing in front of your door with his suitcase in one hand. The man certainly finds amusement in your reaction—thank heavens you aren’t holding anything in your hand, as you are likely to drop it upon seeing him.


“Good to see you too, darling,” he says, leaning forward just enough to capture your lips in his. The kiss is more than just a simple peck—you can feel a hint of desperation and underlying desire through the way his lips sucks slightly, but before you can think more, he pulls away. 

“You’re home early,” you whisper, hands resting on his chest as you bask in the scent of him. He chuckles while he plays with your hair, letting your face hover dangerously close to the skin of his neck. The first two buttons of his shirt are undone, presumably as an effort to try and relax in the flight, and that allows gracious access for you to nudge your nose against his jugular.

“I did say ‘I’ll be home soon’.”

“I didn’t know this is what you meant…”

“Did you miss me?” Akashi asks, knowing very well what the answer is going to be, as if the way you hug him back isn’t obvious enough. You can only nod, not believing that your lover is here in flesh and bone, and your arms bring him closer to compensate for the times you wished you had him like this.

“I smell something good,” he comments with a teasing lilt in his voice. You jerk your head up, suddenly realizing that you’re not done with the cookies. Akashi looks at you, seemingly reading your mind and comprehending the situation without having to ask. “Are those for me?”

“Who else am I going to give it to?” You retort, walking back into your home with him in tow, following you in a calmer manner. You rush to the kitchen, only to breathe a sigh of relief to find that the timer hasn’t gone off yet. You’re observing the cookies from beyond the oven window when Akashi slides behind you, arms snug around your waist.


“Red velvet,” you correct, turning around to plant a small kiss on his nose. “Are you tired?”

“How can I be when I’m with you?” He smirks when you blush, walking out of his embrace to attend to the cream cheese frosting you’re working on. Akashi tails behind you with a demeanor that is half an excited puppy and half an elegant cat. “Want me to help you?”

“I could use some,” you smile, a giddy feeling bubbling from your gut when you see him take off his suit jacket and roll up his sleeves. “Knowing you, you’re probably going to be good at this in no time.” You put some butter into the bowl and proceed to whip it, Akashi once again hugging you from behind.

“Sei, is this what you mean by ‘helping’? You’re not doing much, you know,” you chuckle, slightly ticklish at the way his hair brushes against your nape. Akashi kisses you there before burying his face in the crook of your neck, humming as his fingers trace your apron.

“Forgive a man for missing his love too much,” Akashi croons, and you can’t help the color returning to your cheeks, making you look amusingly similar to the treats being baked in the oven. 

If you’re a red velvet cookie, he’s your oven, because he never fails to warm up your heart.


The Drake brothers holding their enemies hostage.

And there it is! A fanart to celebrate the 1K followers of @ask-the-floating-heart​ that I promised. She deserves this, if you don’t follow her, do it now ! We sometimes forget about @ask-collegechara but they deserves your love too (and their design is so cool)!

This is a nice chat between them about multiverse story, while eating the best pie of the Underground.

I’m kinda proud of this drawing, even if the color is more blank than I believed.
Anyway, I hope you like it!