so i'm sharing and you all better start caring

marauderskeeper  asked:

Hi! So I'm sick & im in desperate need of a oneshot or Headcanon we're your like the 5th Marauder & you get sick, so they all take care of you ❤️. Ugh I'm so pathetic when I'm sick 😂😩😷🤧🤒. (Seriously wishing I had my own Remus rn 😭)

hi friend! i hope you feel better. being sick sucks. :( i have the sniffles myself, haha.

  • there would be lots of fretting
  • sirius would tuck you into bed and make sure you stay there all cozy
  • remus would bring you tea (and perhaps sneak in some hot cocoa when you’re starting to feel a bit better)
  • peter would get the assignments you missed as well as share his notes with you
  • pretty sure james would be trying out some potions and swearing on merlin’s beard it’ll help cure you
  • they’d stay up talking to you until you fall asleep
  • they’d always be making sure that you’re comfortable
  • fluffing your pillow
  • adjusting your blanket
  • making sure you always have soup and water
  • the marauders would just be a bunch of caring dorks who would do anything to help you feel better :)