so i'm saying no one has ok


Thank you everyone- my friend has raised the goal amount and… guys… thank you. To those who reblogged and to those who donated… guys you gave her a chance to say goodbye to her nephew. To grieve and support her loved ones. A time when you’re supposed to be with family- you gave her that. 

Thank you. 

You gave a family closure. 

Thank you. 

You are all angels, blessed and kind and rekindled not only my faith in humanity- but hers. This is the first truly good thing that’s happened to her this year… and to come from such tragedy… it will help heal the wounds. 
You are all beautiful and she wants to thank you from the bottom of her heart- I know that her family will never be able to completely show you their gratitude- but, know that it’s there. 

Thank you. 

“My tears are bittersweet as I can now be where I am needed. Thank you all for helping me in such a tough time. God bless you all.” - Trigmy

  • Morrowind: *exists*
  • Fanbase: yes please we love this can we have more of this?
  • Bethesda: we made oblivion! It mentions the Neravarine at one point!
  • Fanbase: ok that's cool. It's not Morrowind though
  • Bethesda: we made Skyrim! And look one of the DLCs has you going to Solstheim! One of locations from Morrowinds DLC haha isn't that funny
  • Fanbase: Morrowind remake when?
  • Bethesda: ok I here what your saying, so we're remaking-
  • Fanbase: Morrowind!
  • Bethesda: Skyrim! :)
  • Fanbase: No!
  • Bethesda: oh Now we know what you want, Morrowind!
  • Fanbase: YES
  • Bethesda: In ESO!
  • Fanbase: DAMNIT

Elden Henson, who plays best friend and law partner Foggy Nelson, offers up one other attribute worth appreciating: “I don’t know if you know this, but Charlie, he has a great ass,” he says. “I’m not kidding, dude, that thing is gooood!”.”

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My math teacher was teaching us about volume of a pyrimid. So he has me pour water from a pyrimid into a prism. It's 1/3 of a prism. Apparently I poured well because he suggested I become a bar tender.... I'm a junior in high school (11th) and my geometry teacher said I should be a bar tender. One girl said a striper is paid more, and he says "yeah ok." WTF DUDE?

Any kind of career advice can be helpful

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hey! i just wanted to share some stuff and before i do, i just wanna say that i one hundred percent respect your beliefs and opinions. i've been a ~larrie~ since 2013, and of course babygate was laughable to me in the beginning. but i later on saw a picture of freddie and i'm like, oh fuck. he actually has a kid. i'm staring at louis' nose on a baby. that child literally has his exact fucking nose and it messed me up so bad. idk why i came to say this but needed to ok sorry have a nice day

idk how to tell you this but that kid doesn’t have Louis’ nose

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This AU is making my brain go weird places help. OK so things I know: 1. you ship Grillster.. or at least one-sided crushing Grillby-ster, and 2. as you said in the Windows 7 joke post a couple days ago, Gaster's positronic brain isn't programmed for sexual attraction. So. *pats Grillby* that's rough buddy. Why the difference though? I'm guessing this will be explained later in detail, but does Grillby have more of his original body? Or, did Gaster not have an organic body in the first place?

Ok *stretches* here we go.

Ok Im going to start right of the bat by saying this:

Gaster is a full blown machine, a robot. He is an A.I. in it’s purest form. He has never had an organic body because he was never organic. (don’t worry Trifoyle, Im not mad at you

(Also, Grillby has most of his original body, he just has a few minor augmentations)

Now, we’re gonna delve into the inner workings of Gaster’s mind and (my favorite subject) Robot Psychology. ^^

So, In my explanation of Synthoids, I explained that they can survive without their soul core as long as they have an alternative power source. This means that Gaster doesn’t particularly have a “soul”. Or at the very least, he has no connection to the soul that powers him. You could say his ‘spirit’ or ‘sense of self’ comes from his positronic brain.

A positronic brain is a fictional technological device, originally conceived by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov (1920–1992). It functions as a central processing unit (CPU) for androids, and, in some unspecified way, provides them with a form of consciousness recognizable to humans.

Two examples of individuals who have positronic brains are Sonny from ‘I Robot’ and Lieutenant Commander Data from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’.   

Yourng Gaster behaves how the humans programmed to. Him along with 3 other synthoids where given personalities to accomplish specific tasks. (ex. construction, warfare, espionage, exc.) Gaster’s behavior is not guided by emotion, but by logic. His job was to make calculations and predictions, a tactician. Like most machines created by humans, Gaster fallowed Issac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics” up until a specific incident witch liberated him. 

He can’t feel anything even though he is powered by a soul. So as you can see in the few pictures I’ve made of him, young Gaster has no emotions.

Older Gaster is a little more complex. The personality that most people see didn’t develop until thousands of years later, when Gaster completed his construction of the Cyberground. In the beginning, Cyber was mostly imitating organic behavior in order to make the monsters of the Cyberground feel more comfortable. However, the soul that was once only a power source is slowly beginning to sync up with his positronic brain, giving him the ability to comprehend feelings  

 He can experience positive emotions such as joy and happiness like an organic, but he still has trouble grasping negative emotions. In fact, when Gaster comes close to experiencing anger or hatred, he reverts back to his earlier self.  But Gaster usually snaps out of it when the emotion passes. (This phenomenon could be caused by the remnants of ‘The Three Laws’ burned onto his cortex)    

The robots made by the monsters are ghosts inhabiting metal bodies. In other words, they have a full range of emotions. That being said, Gaster sometimes feels alone in his struggle to understand organics.

But Gaster will eventually learn and experiences the entire emotional spectrum one day.  

*sigh* Thats about it.^^ Im gonna go chill now. -w-    

Victoria Smurfit giving the best answer to my question at OUAT Chicago
  • Me: My question is for you Victoria
  • Victoria: *Gets up and dances tells Jaime to sit back and relax* (there had been a ton of questions for Jaime about Warehouse 13 prior to me)
  • Me: We all know Cruella has some great one liners, my personal favorite was when she referred to Hook and Arthur as a stubble sandwich.
  • Victoria: And they are!
  • Me: So my friend and I have a theory that maybe Cruella and Arthur got together in the Underworld and are ruling it together. So I wondered what you thought she is doing down in the Underworld?
  • Victoria: Oh darling the poor boy is exhausted right now. You know what I'm saying, she destroyed the man. Um...yeah that could be fun. Ok. Yeah I'm up for that. You're right.
  • Me: Cool, thanks!
  • Victoria: Can she not just be like, ruling everybody? He can be Monday to Wednesday. Everyone else can be Thursday, Friday. Saturday she takes a day off, and Sunday she just randomly chooses. It's the Lord's day after all.

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whenever i'm sad i think about how tiny andrew is and then everything is ok

omg dude yes he is so smol. i used to be really short (i grew like 5 inches in 4 years) so here are some annoyances that andrew definitely deals with

  • (this ones pretty obvious) he can’t reach things on shelves so he stands on:
    • counters
    • chairs
    • boxes
    • tables
    • tiptoes
  • people constantly think he’s approximately 6 years younger than he really is (he exploits this into getting candy and things off some kids menus [it’s not really a height thing, the weight staff is just too afraid to say anything])
  • his seat in the car has to be all the way pushed up, and also as low as possible
    • this causes problems since he has to be low, and he can thus only just see over the dash while he drives
    • nicky constantly leaves the seat all the way pushed back from when he drives, so andrew has to move it up when he drives (this only happens when andrew is on meds since nicky doesn’t get his own set of keys later on)
  • always having to look up at everyone when they’re standing (thank god neil is also short or this boy would have neck problems when he’s older)
  • his feet never touch the ground if he sits all the way back in a chair (my mom is 5′2″ and her feet never touch so andrew’s certainly don’t)

but there are also some positive things about him being smol

  • can curl up on any couch and in any big enough arm chair
  • can blend into a crowd very easily
  • perfect height to gut someone who is taller than him
  • also good center of gravity in a fight
  • better hiding spots
  • compressed anger, he’s more of a ball of rage

idk i just love to think about andrew’s height as well :)

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ok but what if fai straight up didn't have magic at all. Like his world has some handy portal to yuuko's world (because let's be real that would be the best thing), and he went there using that. and like, he's always just really wanted to roleplay a wizard so he turned up and was all 'yeah I'm totally magic', but now whenever someone asks he has to say 'oh no, I can't use my magic right now because of... reasons'. like he's been waiting for someone to call him out all this time but no one has.

Honestly that would be the plot twist of the century. 

Fai’s tragic backstory is that he’s a LARPer who accidentally committed to something way over his head and it’s too awkward to tell anyone the truth at this point. 

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I feel bad I transferred to a different store because my old manager was an asshole of epic proportions. So my coming to that store messed up people's hrs because it's based on seniority. One of the guys who works there put in his two weeks because there's no hrs for him anymore. He told me that I took his hours and I was like ok I appreciate your honesty. After talking to him though he says he has an interview at an in n out. So I'm crossing my fingers for him because he's a really nice person

Something happened about “8 or 9” minutes ago…

A facken’ Earthquake here?! Everything’s facken’ swaying left to right, oh gosh i hope this won’t get any worse!!!
Before a facken’ Volcano erupted & now another earthquake?!

I STILL WANNA LIVE!! (even thou i really wanna die) BUT I STILL HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO LIVE FOR!!! *ahem* stop should stop this drama… hope no one gets hurt… there is still some after shocks right now but i dun give a Fack? Maybe? Lol!!! *dabs out* Was facken’ overreacting about this shi– didn’t i?  ̄ε  ̄

bangtan when blazed
  • Namjoon: philosophical af (as expected), creates thirteen different conspiracy theories within a minute, doesn't react to physical contact
  • Seokjin: so much munchies, the kind of munchies where you get weird ass cravings like why tf do i want to put ranch on the doritos i put in my sandwich, laughter gets distorted, praises himself to sleep
  • Yoongi: exhausted as soon as he hits the blunt, moves super slow, honestly he's probably only smoking to help his insomnia, is also super deep but he keeps it to himself
  • Hoseok: so much laughter, taehyung blinks and he's dead, more touchy than usual, paranoid af tho, if you cough slightly he will scream, gets in his feelings but then gets distracted by something and starts laughing again
  • Jimin: super happy for no fucking reason, starts complimenting everyone with a soft voice, pets people, "I'm just so thankful I'm friends w you guys :-)", everyones annoyed, is probably on the verge of tears
  • Taehyung: blankity blankity blank, really thinking about namjoon's theories, wants to get up and get something but ends up just staring at it from afar w his mouth slightly open, becomes a genius when he does speak
  • Jungkook: completely baked w one hit, coughing mess, "I'M FINE I'M COUGHING ON PURPOSE I'M ACTUALLY GOOD AT SMOKING WEED OK", dtf, starts laughing at his own thoughts, more meme than usual, just sitting in the back eating the rest of the doritos by himself, smug af, has never smoked before but didn't say anything for the sake of looking cool

Dear Sana! Thanks so much for so nice message. Can I say something nice back without it becoming cliche? Ok, I’ll do it. You’re one of my best friends because you’re so good, smart and loyal. You’re one of the most independent I know, who I look so up to and learned so much from. You’re a true friend. Fuck insta-hate, Pepsimax-girls or blacklists. No matter what happens will we have each other. Ok? Of course I want to come to Eid-feast. I’m even wondering if I’m going to fast this week. Hihihi love you 2 peaces.

- 🌸friends4evah🌸

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Hi this is European holiday anon! Don't mind me I'm a little nervous to come of anon bc this blog has nothing to do with yoi whatsoever but if you need me to I will. If this is about a kic chapter 3 not being out before tomorrow, that's okay; just let me know the date it'll be out and I'll be able to pay for wifi for a little bit of time at the resort I'll be staying at :) I'm really excited to read it! Love you Justine!

first off i love you and i’m sorry! ❤️  this has been a hellish week and i’m submitting my last final today ahhh. but anyway omg i dont want you paying wifi to read it dfjdkd what. ok. let’s do this ok euro hols my lov: give me 1 more week

thanks so much for being patient and here’s a preview!! 

“I have a surprise for you,” Victor says, eyes twinkling. He’s wearing that ghost-smile again, the one where the corners of his mouth are upturned and only the faintest glimpse of teeth peek out from behind pink lips. Yuuri wonders again if the man ever completely smiles, is tempted to make a note for himself to conduct some deep research behind this phenomenon – but then Victor’s tugging his arm and shooting him another glance. It’s bright, too bright for nine in the morning, and it’s not that it burns but it’s warm

Yuuri feels like he’s been struck with something all of a sudden. Some truth that he’s only beginning to grasp and his fingers itch for his pen so he can mind-map it out, deconstruct every look that Victor’s given him since that moment at Saint Laurent –

Victor stops them right outside a discreet door next to the HMC closet. Yuuri had never even noticed it before; it’s white, blends into the wall around it. “Close your eyes, please.” 




It is very possible that I was reading too much into the floaty bubbles and it is not actual. 


I have also been staring at those suits for long minutes now. I feel like I should say something beyond “wow”, and yet that’s all I can think of. 

So. Like. 


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Wait wait. What is this shit list? I saw one thing mentioned earlier and now people are cyberbullying people for writing things they don't like? Explain? Help? I'm missing this entire story.

ok ok alright alright lemme break it down for nyall

  1. a yoi fic rec blog which i will not mention has a *~secret~* “badlist” which lists out “problematic” writers, and i believe most if not all of them write ota/yuri
  2. because of this list the authors start getting harassed (bc news flash: saying “dont harass them” in a shit list will not stop people from harassing them!!!!!)
  3. someone exposes the list so people are aware of why people are getting attacked 
  4. people start harassing the original poster of the list and we have come full circle
  5. op refuses to apologize for creating the list and getting all these people cyberbullied

what a fun day in tumblr dot hell :)

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Ok I have a confession. I was raised on the 1996 Pride and Prejudice and was always strictly against the 2005 version just because they had to cut stuff out to shorten it, and I was so used to the actors in the 1996 version. Your blog has convinced me like 99.9% of the way to try watching the 2005 version if for nothing else than for the aesthetic. Like I'm almost there. What would you say is the biggest reason to watch it? I need one more push to get over my mental block against it lol

The 2005 version may not be the most strictly accurate to the book adaptation but the whole feel of it from the cinematography to the acting /feels/ like how the book feels when you read it you know what I mean?