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KISS PROMPT!! #10 + pinkberry :3c

Brooke hikes up her dress, swallowing the curse in her throat as she adjusts the layers of tulle spilling out of her arms. It might’ve taken her a few months, but she’s definitely regretting her choice of open-toed pumps for today. Cute? Yes. Expensive as hell? Oh, for sure. But based off the blisters already forming on her heel, they’re weren’t really made for walking.

Or, in this case, escaping.

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Have I been lost or alone? Was there something I could say or something I should not have done? Was I lost or alone? Was I looking for an answer when there never really was one? ️

8 days… Mike wrote this song 8 days after finding out about Chester’s death. This was one of the many emotional moments from last night and this right here just gives me hope. Hope that these man will find their strengh together and will continue to honour Chester for many years to come! So proud to call Linkin Park my favourite band in the world. Love you guys <3   

You asked two things: why we’re worthy and why we deserve this. You probably think they’re the same. If you’re asking why I’m worthy…I’m not. But that’s the point. I’m not worthy, but I do deserve this. You think this is an honor, but it’s going to be long, and painful, and hard. And if you know about me like you say you do— who I am and what I’ve done— you know I deserve that. People like me don’t usually run toward what they deserve, but I’m trying.
—  Fin, when asked to persuade the gods of her worthiness to go on a noble quest
Is it on? Oh, good. This is the Starship Enterprise, and this is the bit where they say the mantra, which is probably good luck otherwise there’s no way this ship could’ve survived this long. Anyway, you get the point. To boldly go!
—  I had a dream last night that I was watching a Doctor Who episode where the Twelfth Doctor ended up being the acting Captain of the USS Enterprise and this is how he recited those famous lines.
I'm so happy for Hansol!

He came out as Asexual on last nights Insta live and I’m so proud of him! I didn’t understand what he was saying but when I heard that I was so happy! I’m sure it wasn’t easy but when he said it he looked so calm, happy, and so sure of himself, I’ve been so worried about him for a long time and seeing him doing so much better and happier, and coming out on top of that is a huge relief! I love this man so much he’s an amazing and open minded person who is so lovable and kind and creative and really open with his fans and others and- I’d could go on honestly!

Bonus: his Insta live happened on my birthday, it was midnight for me so in a way Hansol indirectly gave me a birthday present the second it became my birthday💕 I’m sorry but I love this man and ToppDogg so much! If you haven’t already please Stan them right now! Trust me you won’t regret it.


hey everyone!

this was the best recording I could find of BTS performance last night for everyone who couldn’t watch it, but I’m a bit mad. They messed up the audio and mics and people are saying they lip-synced it (which isn’t true. I know they wouldn’t do that). The boys did really well though! I’m super proud of them. Their dancing was great and they had to make the audio of the crowd not as loud because people were chanting so loud! Good job getting them there army, we have done a lot for BTS and I’m so proud of them for getting this far. BTS fighting!

here is a second one if this video gets taken down 


(I found this on youtube, it is not mine)

Despite only getting two hours of sleep last night, exhaustion hasn’t hit me yet. I’m still so hyped about everything, so unbelievably proud of and happy for our boys, they did amazingly! Honestly when they finally got to the stage, i was shaking so badly and my heart was beating so loudly, that it was genuinely a struggle to hear the music. I’m not sure i could have been any more tense evn if it were me performing up there! 

But despite all that, i think my favourite part of the night might have to be ‘Army’s around the world have been asking us to ask you this question’. You guys seriously, this is why i love Army. Everyone went: ‘We’re fed up with these repetitive, shallow questions. Ask them something we care about, ask them something meaningful, something important. This is an introduction to BTS for most Americans, and these boys are real people who have real, interesting thoughts, let them show why we love them so much. Ask about their very important UNICEF campaign and highlight something that matters.’ 

I just love that Army care like that. I’ve never seen a fandom do that before and it kinda makes me tear up. Ofc there are some sucky Army’s, like there is in every fandom, but as a whole, whenever i see Army comments, they’re just so caring. It’s always ‘Please take care of our boys. They work really hard, so treat them well, feed them, make it fun for them.’ Or, ‘Don’t overwork yourself, make sure you’re healthy, it’s okay if you don’t do a schedule, we just want you to be okay’. Isn’t that just lovely? 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: grimdark is lazy, good is hard work and Jewish American superheroes

First I know nothing about Marvel comics: all my context I got from the films Thor (delightful) and Avengers Assemble (remember very little except it had good jokes and the final action scene was too long), and reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night because of this which I saw a few people reblog:

(okay and also all the gifsets of Sebastian Stan crying. I WAS MIS-SOLD ON THIS FOR THE RECORD, THERE IS LITTLE TO NO CRYING AND ALSO HIS HAIR IS AWFUL.)

If Kavalier and Clay taught me anything it’s threesomes are the best solutions to love triangles Jewish-American cartoonists in the 1930s and early ‘40s were all over inventing subversively American heroes to fight Hitler, and I was very unsurprised when I got home and looked it up to learn that Captain America was created by two Jewish guys too. (I know this is really basic comics history stuff and I’m sure fifty people have written dissertations on “He’s A Mensch: The Jewish Identities of Captain America and Superman” or whatever.) What really slotted everything into place was realising that Captain America was created and entered on a cover punching Hitler in the face before America had entered the war.

Basically (right?) Captain America was created by two Jewish-Americans to shame the US into properly fighting Hitler.

Like, I am Captain America, the America you say you want to be, and I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is and actually do something about it. And yes he’s over-the-top and tacky but that’s where the challenge is, right? The chest-thumping American patriotism says “We are good and spread liberty! And also freedom!” and Captain America is like “great! I am that, and I have to point out you are not actually doing that”.

AND I think this is Jewishly on purpose, and here’s why:

Judaism has this important phrase/concept/slogan/life motto from the third-century-ish text Pirkei Avot, which goes: Lo alecha hamlacha ligmor (it’s not to you to complete the work of repairing the world) v'lo atah ben chorin l'hivatel mimena (but neither may you desist from it). You won’t be able to fix the world by yourself, or in your lifetime, but that doesn’t absolve you of responsibility to work towards it.

I feel like grimdark/anti-heroes are a response to the fact that the world is neither good nor moral, like “well if the world isn’t like that, I won’t be either”. But they’re also excuses for not working towards fixing the world: I won’t bother because it’s all fucked anyway. Lo alecha and Captain America say, yes, it is fucked, but you still have to work towards fixing it. And yes, it’s hard, that’s why it’s called work.

Which is why I think saying “Oh, if Captain America represents the US he should be a dick, because the US is a dick” or “Captain America is an imperialist symbol of US superiority and is therefore bad” are both off base and a dodge of having to do that hard work.  

“If Cap = America then Cap = dick because America = dick” is basically just throwing hands up and going “right but guys have you noticed that actually America is imperialist and horrible? DO YOU SEE?!” and implying “so what can you do about that, right?”. Captain America says, “Try to make it better! is what you can do!”

And about saying he’s a symbol of US imperial superiority, I mean, he is a symbol of America but aimed as a criticism at real America.  He’s the American ideal cranked up to five million - for the purpose of shaming America for not living up to what it says it wants to be. And he is aimed at Americans, so I can see a criticism for him being US-centric in that metanarrative sense, but he’s yelling at America to sort their shit out and I think him yelling at non-USAmericans to sort their shit out would be much worse? But I definitely don’t think Cap is supposed to be about how great America is, he’s about pointing out exactly in what ways and how much America is failing to be great. And then saying “but, that doesn’t mean you get out of trying harder!”

Also, how great is it that his 'weapon’ is a shield.

so um that’s what I thought about when I saw The Winter Solder last night. that and biceps.

The Boy in My Poetry Class

There is a boy in my poetry class who can make words feel like the warmest sweater, who can spin sentences like spindle, who can make me feel like I’m home.


There is a boy in my poetry class who does not speak a word that isn’t beautiful. There is a boy in my poetry class who shakes every time he is about to recite, but then speaks so powerfully. There is a boy in my poetry class who has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.

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We are growing in a way that’s
distinctly apart. Were you surprised
when I kept paper keepsakes of
everywhere we went? Three years
down the road I want to remember
the number of nights I spent sharing
a single bed with a favorite person
and I’ll remember it by the number
of parking passes from the garage
across the street. No one tells you
that in your twenties you outgrow
people as quickly as children
outgrow clothes. That everything
changes so quickly that you often
forget to say goodbye because it
won’t be until years later that you
know which night was the last
night of a good thing. If I hold on
too tightly it’s just because you’re
growing up well and I’m afraid
that if I don’t stay close you’ll
forget to take me with you.
—  Rebeka Anne, and if I try to say goodbye too soon it’s just because I don’t want to hold you back.

Mustard Coffee?? O-O

Hmm. But I don’t want to imagine Fritz insulting Prussia’s flute-playing. ;^; Knowing how Prussia lives to be praised, I think it would hurt his feelings to hear Fritz didn’t enjoy his ‘awesome flute concert’. ;)

I tell you what we should absolutely NOT imagine tho:

Prussia and Fritz, face-to-face at the party. And Fritz says, “I heard you were playing the flute again the other day, Prussia…I’m glad.”

And Prussia just nods, and stays quiet, because he doesn’t want to cry in front of everyone, but…

Fritz leans in close, and says, “So are you ready to come home with me yet?”

And Prussia shakes his head no; sniffling, he says, “Not yet.”

(I swear to God. If Fritz is there to take Prussia back to Heaven with him, we’re all doomed. u-u Ah! But maybe they’ll just play their flutes together, and everyone will clap and cheer, and Prussia will feel so proud of himself again! ^-^)

Okay, Scott carving his symbol for Theo to see is so important.

Because he’s not just sending a sign to Theo that he’s going to get his pack back together and fuck him up. 

No, because up to this point, Theo’s been thinking that he killed Scott.

 But ohoho, guess who’s wrong! 

Carving his symbol for Theo to see is Scott quite literally saying, “Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.” And declaring that he’s alive and back with a vengeance. 

And it’s beautiful.


So I started out thinking this would just be a funny, “Hey, what would Carlos’ reaction to Cecil in The Puffy Shirt be?” And it turns out… Carlos REALLY LIKES Cecil’s fashion sense.

I have to include hungarianlanterns response to this, as it elevates my silly doodle to canon perfection:


i can totally see things panning out this way, carlos playing up the “~ooh mr palmer i’m overcome~” thing as a joke and then they trade a bit of, like, romance-novel-themed banter and then they start making out and the Searingly Passionate Embrace stuff ceases to be hyperbole

and then the faceless old woman accidentally-on-purpose hits the remote so that the television switches on with the volume cranked as high as it’ll go and cecil almost has a heart attack and carlos accidentally rips a ruffle

queenofthecute: HAHAHAHA



but yes, yes, that

so canon

hungarianlanterns: “oh my god i’m so sorry”

“oh my goodness no, it’s fine, don’t worry about it. i’ve had my bodice ripped now!! this is a lifetime achievement

queenofthecute: Oh my god, he’d be so PROUD

hungarianlanterns: “this is just like my mutiny on the bounty fanfiction” - cecil gershwin palmer, probably

(Also, this would be a good time to send a massive thank you to both hungarianlanterns and branwyn-says and for their constant support and encouragement when I fall to pieces like I did last week.)

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I haven't cut in like three weeks but last night I really wanted to but I didn't because I distracted myself on your blog and I'm proud of myself and I wanted to tell you and say thank you.

so proud of you keep it up darling

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Idk, Caitlyn, idk, I had my prom last night and I felt good and I danced but now I'm looking at pictures and videos and I feel so ugly. I want to say the nicest things and truly, my home is warm and my exams are finished but it is so tiring being a teenager and it is so tiring being the girl without a body to be proud of. I'm so sorry for sending this and I feel terribly selfish and I hope this would never upset a soul, but this feeling is quite lonely. ( sorry again) much love and admiration xo

You are a body in motion. You are a body dancing and swaying and eating and drinking and hurting. Not a statue or a painting, all sprawled over a bed, body stretched thin and soft. You’re here and your body is magnificent, all sparkly and shiny in your tuxedo, in your dress. You are magic when you move. You are magic when you dance, arms wild and outstretched, hair shaking around your gorgeous head. Your cheeks shiny with a little sweat from all of the movement. You are captivating and alive and alluring, living your life and enjoying prom. That’s what happened. That’s how that night will go down in the books. Pictures and videos, too. You were in it. You danced. Glorious and full and SO, so beautiful.


“What makes me cry? Oh, pretty much anything by Hayao Miyazaki. My Neighbour Totoro is, it’s er, when I met (I’m so happy and proud to be able to say this sentence) when I met Hayao Miyazaki last night I told him, with not a word of a lie, that he’s a household God in my family.” (x)

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I'm proud to say i'm a richonne trash because, last night i dreamed that the huge scene AMC want to hide from the season 6 finale is a 2 years time jump where Rick and Michonne are preparing their wedding after they had a baby girl !!! XD ! I need help !

My legit reaction when I read this:

Originally posted by amymariestad

Anon, you don’t need help…you need to keep eating whatever it is you ate last night so you can continue to have those amazing Richonne dreams to share with us all!