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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!


#like….okay. okay. this is one of my absolute favorite scenes out of the entire film #i’ve posted about this before but GOD zack taylor bravely confesses his love in this little moment between the four of them and it just. #it breaks my heart. because for starters it’s so in character? zack taylor is canonically impulsive and reckless and risk-taking. #he doesn’t always think things through. he acts first and thinks later. it’s part of the whole parkour persona he’s got going on. #so of course in this moment (when he’s feeling anguish/desperation about losing billy) he realizes and says aloud what he’s thinking #“billy probably did die for us. i would too if i could.” just…he just says it. you hear a little hesitation in ludi’s delivery (SO GOOD) #but he just flat out tells them he would trade his life for theirs after knowing them what. ten days? god. zack has fallen so hard. #jason mightve been the one to deliver the sad speech about wanting to trade places with him but it’s zack who steals the show imo #imagine loving someone so much that you’d trade your life for theirs? THEN MULTIPLY THAT BY FOUR #that’s what zack does. he drops the ‘i love you’ bomb. “there are a million different ways to say i love you. you just have to listen.” #I CANT GET OVER THIS LIKE I CANNOT EVER GET OVER THIS zack who had NO ONE BUT HIS MOM two weeks before #is now prepared to give up everything in order to keep these people he loves (l o v e s) safe.


Requested: Hi, can you do a imagine that y/n’s assaulted and Shawn comforts and helps her? I understand if isn’t possible! Thank you, have a good day (sorry for my bad English, isn’t my first language) ❤️

Thanks for the request! You don’t have to apologize for your English! It’s great for English being your second language. Hope you enjoy this! Sorry that its short and a little different than you were probably expecting, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out though and I hope you are too :) 


Shawn’s hand on your waist makes you involuntarily jerk away from him as your heart starts pounding with panic before you can even process that it is just Shawn, and nothing to be afraid of. “Shit, I’m sorry,” He immediately says as he removes his hand from your waist and runs it through his hair instead.

“No, I’m sorry,” You respond quietly, shaking your head, just trying to get all the bad stuff out, just trying to forget it all.

“Can I,” he hesitates for a second as though he isn’t sure if he wants to even ask or not before continuing, “Can I hold your hand?” His eyes are wide with concern and worry. It is a simple request for something he shouldn’t even have to think twice about just doing.

The self-hatred has already started eating you alive. Why did you let it happen? How did you let it happen? You wish you could have done something to prevent it. You wish you hadn’t gone out that night at all. Now your own boyfriend has to ask before he can hold your hand because if not you’ll literally freak out on him, even if you don’t mean to and even though you wish you didn’t. He’s still getting used to that too. He’s not used to having to ask permission for something as simple as holding your hand, or touching your waist when he comes up to you. That used to be something that was so natural, something neither of you ever thought twice about, but now he has to, and you have to hype yourself up just to let him touch you. You have to constantly remind yourself that Shawn would never hurt you.

You nod in response to his question, and he slowly intertwines his fingers with yours, carefully watching your eyes the entire time, making sure you’re not feeling triggered at all. “Sit down with me?” He questions, and you nod, following him to the couch. Once you’re both seated, he starts talking, “Baby, I know I can’t change what happened, and I can’t force you to feel better. I’m not trying to do that, I know you need time to heal, but I just want you to know that I love you. I want you to know that it’s not your fault. None of what happened was your fault, okay?” He says, trying to make sure you understand. He’s already told you this, so many times, but yet, you still find it hard to believe. You just nod in response. You want to believe him, you do, but it’s hard to get out of your head, to not think about the past.

He doesn’t try to pull you any closer to himself, even though he’s a very touchy person, well at least he used to be. He used to always need to touch you, always pulling you down into his lap when he sat down somewhere, always resting his hand on your hip, or throwing it over your shoulder. Now, he wants to touch you, to hold you close, to keep you safe, but he doesn’t.

“I love you.” He says, and even though you know he means it, his voice is full of hurt. Hurt because of what happened to you. Hurt because he feels responsible, even though there was nothing he could have done because he wasn’t even with you when it happened. But most of all, hurt because he knows you’re a different person now, and neither of you are sure you’ll ever be able to find your way back.

  • hi, it’s me, back at it again w/ the (mostly) non-sexual intimacy
  • I would very much like to discuss soft baths and andreil today bc i had a fucking fantastic bubble bath and i think everyone should have more of them so buckle up my dudes
  • (also we’re operating in a little au in which college dorms have baths bc i do what the fuck i want) 
  • it starts mostly just bc andrew likes to have baths, he likes to sit there for ages in the soapy water and let it relax his muscles after tough training for stupid sports and adds hot water when it gets cold and he is short enough that his whole body can be under water (lucky bastard) 
    • he likes to hold his breath under water and enjoy how everything feels muffled and distant and separate and like nothing else matters for a minute so he usually has baths when he’s having a bad day, with a locked door and soft pyjamas and hot chocolate waiting for when he comes out
  • it also happens in part bc Allison likes two things a lot 
    • 1 - buying things for her friends
    • 2 - lush bath bombs 
  • so she combines this and decides that neil Needs some bath bombs bc we all know this boy is shit at self-care so allison is trying to get him to take actual care of himself bc she is an Excellent friend 
  • one day she comes to visit armed with a bag of lovely smelling stuff, shoves it at neil and tells him to take a fucking bath 
  • neil is sorta stunned (poor boy still isn’t great at accepting gifts but between andrew’s eden’s outfits and allison’s enthusiasm for gift-giving he’s been getting better) and he just sort of mumbles out a thank you and allison gives his cheek a soft pat
  • neil takes them all back to his dorm and lays them all out and smells them all and some are too strong but most of them are so nice and he actually likes the idea of them a lot and makes plans to take an actual bath this weekend for the first time in years 

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After everything that has happened in the PJO fandom today, I want to end this day on a good note by wishing my favorite couple of all time, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, a happy anniversary. I really do believe that their love gave me hope for finding something like their relationship; the love, care, and respect they have for one another is beautiful. I know I have many ships, but these two will always be my favorite.


fails/flops pt.1
Hey, these edits didn’t reallyyyy come out the way I wanted them to; I’m posting them just because that was what I had originally intended to do with them.

“So what if he has 6 fingers? Maybe I pulled the extra off a chump like you!

Protective Gargrunk is my favorite Gargrunk.

its really angsty but we still dont know what really happened to them in vietnam i better get an angsty backstory in season 21 or ill be mad at matt and trey


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God could you imagine how Iggy would feel when presented with a harem? Because now I am. I'm torn between the Iggy that would be like "hell yeah of course I'm hot shit" and the Iggy that would be all flustered but flattered as hell by all the attention.

As much as I so wanna go right along with the sex god!Ignis HC, I know good and goddamn well how Ignis would actually react to all the thirsty hoes clamoring after his dick:

(Default gif for shell-shocked Ignis btw)

Ignis: …I don’t understand why all of these people want to-


Crowd: *cheers in agreement and thirst*

Ignis: …by the Six… *fiddles with his glasses nervously, a bright blush forming on his cheeks* What… these people don’t even know me.

Me: yes, they do. They’ve watched your every move. They’ve created HCs about what they couldn’t see. They’ve drawn pictures of you in outfits you probably don’t own… well, idk, do you happen to own a set of garters and pantyhose? Asking for a friend.

Ignis: *chokes* I beg your pardon?

Me: Yeah you were begging for something else in this one fic… anyway, so, go say hi to all of your adoring fans *pushes him closer to the edge of the stage where the crowd surges forward*

Ignis: *digs in his heels* Oh no, this couldn’t possibly be- you’re presenting me to a hoarde of people who want to… they want to…

Me: …fuck you, yes. You know, Gladio took to this a lot better, and Prompto is busy taking panoramic shots with his group and helping them figure out which Snapchat filters are best

Ignis: *full sarcastic snark mode on* Oh, right, I suppose you just expect me to discuss new recipes with the masses as they unrepentantly oogle my rear end, I gather.

Me: *forcibly diverts gaze from his ass* Huh?

Ignis: *rolls his eyes* And how is Noct doing with his harem?

Me: Uhhh… he was playing a nice game of “the crowd is lava” by warping to a high point on a wall and just hanging there until his arm gets tired before switching sides, last I checked.

Ignis: … so in other words, he’s terrified. I should go to him and get us both out of such untenable circumst-


Crowd: *SCREAMS*

Ignis: … *swallows*

Me: you can’t win. Don’t even try.

Tortured artist? Irascible writer? Bitter misanthrope? Disillusioned Simerican? A severe case of resting bitch face?

…Or all of the above? ;) Nathaniel’s story coming soon to a screen near you!

I’m so sorry about that ridiculous intro, lol, but I’m nothing if not corny. XD But anyway, the main reason I’m posting him yet again is that I still need a few more sims for this challenge. I don’t mind making them myself, but if anyone is interested in creating an author to join Nathaniel at the writer’s retreat please contact me. I realize that I’ve been moving slower than a herd of turtles on this project, but after a year and a half the world I intend to play in is finally finished and ready to go and I’m eagerly anticipating getting his story started for real.

If you’d like more information about the challenge before deciding whether or not you’re interested, you can find the original post I made about it here. It’s a bit wordy, but my inbox is always open for questions and I promise I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. Thank you so much for your consideration! :)

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Hi hi, I'm the anon that asked for the NSFW Todoroki post and it was perfection! 😊 Before you close the ask box, head canons for his nightly routine like you did with Midoriya? Thanks so much, you're one of the best MHA imagine blogs yet ❤️👍🏼

Psh, I’m not one of the best, you silly goose; but thank you and enjoy! :^)

Todoroki nightly routine headcanons

  • Shouto goes to bed at 10 at the latest, he cherishes sleep more than food and wants a good amount of it
  • He won’t admit it but he snores. It’s not loud, it’s actually very quiet, but he’s embarrassed by it
  • Guess who’s a late night snacker? He craves salty snacks at night so he’ll just eat some goldfish and pass out. He knows it’s not good to eat before bed but #FuckThePolice
  • It has to be absolutely silent when he sleeps. If he hears any of his siblings through the walls, he can’t sleep. If he hears someone walking past his room he’ll wake up. It’s a never ending cycle
  • Shouto sleeps on his stomach with his face pressed in his pillow. He looks like a corpse when he sleeps and it’s kind of unsettling
  • He likes to read before bed, it calms his mind and it makes it easier for him to sleep