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Do you have any advice on how to improve drawing realistic faces? Thanks!

I’m not sure if you mean drawing realistic faces in general or how to paint faces photorealistically but imo the most important aspect of both is being familiar with the general proportions of a face, e.g. this:

And of course these proportions vary by individual, and an infant isn’t going to have the exact same proportions as an adult, but knowing the general rules helps me a ton, both in drawing without reference and trying to capture likenesses. (There are tons of resources out there dealing with facial proportions that can explain it better than I can, so if you’re not already familiar with this stuff, I think it’d definitely be worth it to google some)

If you mean painting photorealistically, then I would say practice is the most important aspect. Paint a lot using reference, and try to get your painting as close to the reference as possible, and if it doesn’t look exactly like the reference, figure out why and learn from that. Treat facial features as three-dimensional objects that reflect light and cast shadow depending on their shape. If possible, try drawing/painting from life. That’ll give you a better sense of the three-dimensionality as well.


Dead animal warning! Decomposition warning

Dead gannet on the beach, found by sittaeuropaea while he, bonemonger, specios and I went for a wee stroll along the shore. Poor bird, sooooo beautiful though and heavy and big and smelly.

A little healthy competition...

It’s hiatus time which means fandom switches gears and instead of focusing on “what’s coming next!” it becomes a mash of “what just happened” + “lets promote our ship/vote in this poll/write this meta” + “i want to celebrate what I love about this ship!”.  A lot of times its a mix of all three of those things.  Hiatus is for unity within a fandom/ship… you don’t generally see a lot of in-fighting going on.  People talk more about their lives.  People talk more about other shows/ships.  

This hiatus, so far, has been a whirlwind of polls and voting.  I don’t think it’s stopped since the finale aired, has it?  We’ve gone from one poll to the next to the next to the next… While it’s exhausting to keep up with all of it, it’s also wonderful affirmation for our fandom and our ship. Olicity has been recognized and is being celebrated, as it should.  We went through a lot of angst to get here. This is our reward.  The promise of this is what kept us going during those long Ray-Palmer-filled nights.

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So you’re a new-ish J2 tinhatter...

Just as an FYI, every year since I’ve been in this fandom, there is a het push right around the start of filming. The last year or two haven’t been as bad as some years, but this is when we see the actual pap photo shoots of the J’s and their wives and kids (in various combinations) and all sorts of over-the-top stunts (because they’re total stunts) come about. I think they do this for a couple of reasons. 

A) One big push with a LOT of things crammed into a short period of time makes a bigger impact than spreading them out. They’re making a big splash to get media attention, and also to tell a narrative with the attention they do get (SDCC is one of the things guaranteed to make the mainstream media sorta kinda pay attention to J2 and SPN for at least one news cycle).

B) It sets a precedent that makes it easy for them to maintain it with little top ups throughout the year. If we get a picture of Jensen & Danneel together every day for 3 weeks, then getting one picture of them together every 3 months for the rest of the year = of COURSE they’re always together! DUH!

C) I think the beginning of the season is a point when they basically have the mental energy to essentially play two roles at once. Keep in mind all four of these guys are actors. Actors sometimes balance playing two different roles at the same time. ;)

In other words, sit back, stock up on fic and alcohol, make sure you’ve got a safe place to vent and roll your eyes among friends, and get ready to enjoy the show.


Hi everyone !

So here is my second follow forever. The first one is from last year and I felt like doing a 2015 edition (plus someone asked me on anon about my fave blogs). I’ve met so many wonderful people on here with who I can share my passions and I’d like to give them some appreciation. So here are the people who enlighten my dash with their blog, posts, reblogs. Big hugs to all of you !

altatensione ❄️ athletageek ❄️ bellezzamortale ❄️ blenamiboa ❄️ brosnia ❄️ buffysummerr ❄️ dancinginmyswimsuit ❄️ e-durm ❄ edge-triggered ❄️ everyonelovesiniesta ❄️ finnhaagenkrogh ❄️ firkloever ❄️ iamlestat ❄️ iheartskijumpers ❄️ in-love-with-arsenal ❄️ insteadofsound ❄️ jetaimeskiliashkeane ❄️ lowe-magdii ❄️ maeaettae ❄️ magioghvitetekopper ❄️ martumes ❄️ mesutsergio ❄️ miss-wimbledon ❄️ myfourcade ❄️ nordiccombined ❄️ ohlalaskijumping ❄️ oliviajonasson ❄️ petternorthugjr ❄️ podolzki ❄️ preciousidiots ❄️ queens-of-football ❄️ secondhand-sunlight ❄️ scarlet-wltch ❄️ swawrinka ❄️ theroseathiagoseelva ❄️ treasuredthings ❄️ wintersportsmadness ❄️ whereisyourpippinnow ❄️ wolvesofdead

Also a big thank you to all my followers who handle my sport obsession ♡

Again (This Is A Dream)
  • Again (This Is A Dream)
  • Cotter Koopman

You’re a dream I never told you I had…

This new song ended up being about so much— mostly, it’s about the cottage our family goes to for one week every summer. I hope you listen and enjoy.

I’m releasing this as a single that you can download FOR FREE on bandcamp

You can listen on soundcloud too

XOXO — Cotter

The Little Things

Here is the next installment of ‘The Little Things’ series. There was a longer than normal gap between this one and the last one but I’m going to assume everyone is okay with that because no one bugged me for an update. On the plus side, this is kind of a two for one. Let me know what you think!

The Heart

Prologue - The Good Times

Chapter 1 - The Fallout

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Be legit with me. What're you doing that makes a tomato so busy all the time eh?

“Be legit” for a second? Okay, fine, I’ll get real. But you asked for it, all right?

What I’m doing is life. Attempting to do a balancing act with it. Just like anyone else.

I love being involved with my creative side, but I’ve also grown up with a strong attachment to the math and sciences. And I’ve come to a point where, yeah, I really want to pursue both the medical field and voice acting. (With a bit of dabbling in singing, but that’s a story for another day.) Through a number of experiences, especially in the more recent years, I’ve been able to conclude that I won’t be happy giving up either dream entirely, not giving myself a chance to try.

Look, I’m no genius. I don’t have photographic memory. I have to really sit down and study the material for a period of time so it soaks in. I have to practice and observe, go through trial and error. But through hard work, enthusiasm, and so on, I know I can do at least well in giving my best shot at that. If it works out, great! If not, I did my best, and I’ll be satisfied knowing that.

As of my current situation, there’s no chance for me to pursue voice acting to the extent I want to and even further unless I do well on the medical field studying, so there’s double stress on that particular subject.

And I have this while also attempting to be more rounded in communication and time with loved ones and friends, attempting to lessen previously placed limitations, attempting to break non-conducive habits, and attempting to get better with my health and I guess myself in general. But I’m getting too TMI as is, and I’ve used up my limited comfort capacity for the day sharing this kind of thing in public.

That’s not including more online specific stuff things I want to get involved with too, like dabble more in art and do more fun audio clips and videos, get involved in collabs and things, etc.

Long story sort, I’m just a slow tomato still sorting things out.

I’m sorry for being so ninja all the time. I’m sorry I don’t have everything together yet. I’m sorry it’s not all a piece of cake for me yet when it’s supposed to be. I’m sorry I’m not always so public about things outside my creative side, so you only have pieces and snippets.

(Thank you, by the way, to everyone bearing with me. I hope I don’t sound cross or anything bad, I’m just a bit tired is all.)