so i'm officially back

finally i’m back!! and i feel great because finals are over and i can finally do what i want!! and i’ve noticed that there were a lot of you who left something on my inbox and i would probably look into that some time i’m really sorry it took this long to get to you but yeah that’s how it is hahaha

anywho it’s been almost a month and i feel i have a lot to catch up on in my own time and it will be great!! i hope you all have a wonderful day!!


I just want to turn to God for the answer

can you guys believe that I can say “I have a boyfriend irl” and you guys wouldn’t be able to know if I’m lying or not. like you can just say “no, you don’t” because you wouldn’t know. I could have a boyfriend right now. I could not have a boyfriend. maybe my boyfriend is sitting next to me right now. or is he. it’s so easy

Since I’ve experienced so much attitude in my time at Mode, I’d like to posit an observation: One thing that is often lost in the changing of an attitude is the cause for that change. This is best understood when you consider attitudes on a personal level. I ask you, dear reader, to think back to a time when you experienced a major shift in your life. Was it an external change, something that happened outside of you, and forced a change of attitude to help you adapt to the future? Perhaps you saw a friend demonstrate a prowess that cast her in a new light. Heck, maybe it was as simple as your friend getting a makeover. Or perhaps that friend was undergoing her own life change, one in which she would no longer be present in your life, compelling you to make your own change to keep her in it, even if it were in a new context.

Just as important: Maybe the change was an internal one. Maybe you realized you were no longer interested in maintaining your status quo. Perhaps you wanted to try new challenges not only in your professional life, but also in your personal one. Or maybe one day something just changed inside you in the way you saw that good friend, causing you to want her to be more than, well, just a friend.

—  extract from Daniel Meade’s final letter from the editor.

K O L L Y W O O D    C H A L L E N G E   #1

QUESTION : First Kollywood movie you ever saw

My mum says the first movie I ever saw was ROJA (1992). But I was a baby then [a film loving baby right from the beginning], so I barely have any memory of it. The first Tamil movie I vividly remember watching is BAASHHA (1995) and coming back home all starry-eyed only to keep repeating those dialogues like a maniac for a long long time [don’t forget those glasses, I did that too]. I don’t think my mum ever regretted introducing me to movies so much until then— and to this day, it still continues!!
— s

I haven’t kept up with ku//ros//hits/uji in years, not part of the fandon, not even aware where the manga is going, but now I hear my purest beloved and most wonderful boy is dead?? I’m shook

Afternoon Snooze

So I woke up from a nap and thought of some scribbling. Just now getting to posting it. Kind of did a similar thing with a few little short one-shots I made a while back but oh well. Now we have SonAmy :D

There was a strange glow to the small hedgehog hut. The late afternoon sun was dripping in through the half-closed drapes and the open window pushed open those drapes even further with a soothing ocean breeze. Flickies in the nearby trees were singing happily and the waves crashed in the background.

Rusty eyes creaked open as the natural air infiltrated the lungs. The blue blur gazed through still hazy eyes as he slowly stirred out of slumber. He looked down next to him to see his lovely pink hedgehog still sleeping. Her head poised on his shoulder and her left hand resting on his slowly rising and sinking chest, a slight grip on his light chest fluff. He gave a snug pull to draw her in closer. Her left ear gave out a quick few twitches.

It hadn’t been long since he and Amy started going out and for only a few times now they found themselves sharing a hammock for a quick afternoon snooze. Sonic’s eyes were beginning to clear as he let out the most obnoxious yawn. His mouth snapped shut and for a moment another familiar scent was drawn into his nostrils, mixed in with the natural air of the island. There was no description for it other than a three-lettered name but it was one of the sweetest scents in the world. He let out a smile and took a deep inhale to breathe it in.

Suddenly, a small few beep resonated from his wrist. He looked down for a moment, then let it limply fall to dangle off the side of the hammock. He didn’t want to get up. He used his left arm that was wrapped around the still sleeping hedgehog and gave her a gentle shake.

“Amy….” He whispered. “Hey, Amy….” His shaking only slightly intensified just enough to arouse her. “Amy, wake up.” Her eyes blinked a few times before remaining at a constant squint. Slowly she began to move. She let out a small groan as she began to rub her eyes to ease the waking process. Sonic kept his eyes trained on her and couldn’t believe how cute she was through the whole thing. “It’s time to go. We’re meeting everyone at Meh Burger remember?”

“Yeah, I remember.” She said a bit drowsy. She rolled to the side, giving Sonic a bit more freedom, and the two slowly fell out of the hammock onto their feet. She raised her hand up to her mouth and yawned. “Alright.” She said as she looked at him and smiled. He returned with the same smile. “Let’s get going.”



Day 10 - Your Favourite Pairing

Some post Ep11 Bumblebee based on this beautiful text post by @luxsp !

Uhm quick question have u guys ever been in a relationship but had to keep it under the radar bc if ur parents found out u would be Killed®™ because I need tips on doing that