so i'm officially back


I just want to turn to God for the answer


Alright, I’m not officially back yet, but obviously I had to log on and post a giant brain-dump about the fucking TLOU2 TRAILER OMG FINALLY AHHHHHH.

No kidding, I spent a good long while yesterday hyperventilating and making loud noises and gibbering. My husband was very pleased with me, as you can probably imagine.

So here’s a messy collection of thoughts on the trailer!

  • The animation looks so good, holy shit. That grass just waving slightly in the wind? Beautiful.
  • Ashley’s voice acting in this trailer alone is incredible: the roughed-up singing (she does have a lovely singing voice!), the breathing, the beats. Amazing.
  • MY BABY GIRL HAS A TATTOO I’M SO PROUD. On her scarred arm, no less. I couldn’t even make out the bite, could you guys?
  • Joel did teach her how to play guitar. In a bleak trailer, that gave me some warm fuzzies.
  • I’ve had the song she sings stuck in my head all day.
  • @raffinit, @anne1marie, and I can’t get over how much Ellie resembles Tess in her new, older character design: The hair, the angles of her face, the cuts on her neck that are in the same place as Tess’s bite. Wild.
  • I love how Joel coming upon the carnage Ellie has wrought in this house sort of perfectly mirrors the first cinematic trailer for the first game, when Ellie runs through that hotel full of dead guys and finds Joel beating one last adversary to death with a wooden plank. However, interesting to see how there are no infected in this trailer. Druckmann continues to emphasize that this is really a game about people, and this trailer is very much on human terms.
  • God as soon as I saw Joel’s silhouette I screamed. My trash dad lumberjack husband is back with his stupid boots and his stupid jacket and his stupid revolver. Even though he only has two lines here, straight chills.
  • Through the course of the first game, we see how much Ellie has change, how much she’s lost her innocence. The intervening four years since the end of that game (Ellie will be 19 in the sequel) can’t have done her any favors. Still, it’s a little jarring to see how much hate there is in Ellie’s eyes, her voice, her heart. Druckmann has explicitly said this game will be about hate, whereas the first game will be about love. I can’t wait to follow this character arc.
  • Lots of speculation about the people Ellie wants revenge on. My personal theories are that Joel really told her some shit about the Fireflies to cement the lie, in which case, he follows her around uneasily as she takes them out; when he finally confesses, I think she has to kill him. If Joel dies, there’s only one person, I think, that Druckmann will let kill him, and that person is without a doubt Ellie. Or, are these bandits that attacked Jackson and destroyed it? Maybe the Fireflies gutted Jackson?
  • God this fucking soundtrack destroys me. So glad Gustavo Santollala is coming back.

What are your thoughts? I’ll be back for good after the holidays, and I’ll be super pumped to talk to you all then! Thanks for all your kinds messages checking in on me. I miss you all! <3



Day 10 - Your Favourite Pairing

Some post Ep11 Bumblebee based on this beautiful text post by @luxsp !

posting celeb news and photos with direct sources helps fandoms and your blog


○ The people who took or found the photos/video/news will get credit for their hard work if you link back to them

○ Providing direct links gives everyone access to the same information, whereas linking to your blogspot/website or neglecting to share links makes it appear as though you’re monopolizing or capitalizing on the information

○ By providing a source you’re protecting your blog from being accused of stealing, plagiarism, misattribution or breach of copyright - all of which are against tumblr’s guidelines. Yes, people do go after blogs/sites that post their content without credit

○ Sharing a source - even if you’re posting an edit - allows others to share, post, and make fanworks of the photos/video, which will in turn give your posts more notes by helping the fandom grow 

○ It makes your blog look more legit and tumblr users may be more likely to give your posts notes

What can we do if we find celebrity news, photos, or videos posted to tumblr that don’t have a source? 

○ Do an internet search for the content. Legitimate sources can be media such as BBC, getty images, a celebrity’s own social media, a show/movie/theatre’s own blog or website, or trusted fansites. After finding the proper source, you can post it with a link to that source yourself! 

○  Note that trusted fansites do NOT include: davidtennantontwitter, davidtennantcom, or david-tennant-news. These blog-sites have been known to post content without sources, including posting fan photos without permission. Though you could use them as a means to get a lead on finding the direct source

We know that new stuff is exciting and it’s tempting to reblog straight away. But taking an extra moment to check for a source helps everyone - and you get more content and/or notes out of it! Win-win! :D

Afternoon Snooze

So I woke up from a nap and thought of some scribbling. Just now getting to posting it. Kind of did a similar thing with a few little short one-shots I made a while back but oh well. Now we have SonAmy :D

There was a strange glow to the small hedgehog hut. The late afternoon sun was dripping in through the half-closed drapes and the open window pushed open those drapes even further with a soothing ocean breeze. Flickies in the nearby trees were singing happily and the waves crashed in the background.

Rusty eyes creaked open as the natural air infiltrated the lungs. The blue blur gazed through still hazy eyes as he slowly stirred out of slumber. He looked down next to him to see his lovely pink hedgehog still sleeping. Her head poised on his shoulder and her left hand resting on his slowly rising and sinking chest, a slight grip on his light chest fluff. He gave a snug pull to draw her in closer. Her left ear gave out a quick few twitches.

It hadn’t been long since he and Amy started going out and for only a few times now they found themselves sharing a hammock for a quick afternoon snooze. Sonic’s eyes were beginning to clear as he let out the most obnoxious yawn. His mouth snapped shut and for a moment another familiar scent was drawn into his nostrils, mixed in with the natural air of the island. There was no description for it other than a three-lettered name but it was one of the sweetest scents in the world. He let out a smile and took a deep inhale to breathe it in.

Suddenly, a small few beep resonated from his wrist. He looked down for a moment, then let it limply fall to dangle off the side of the hammock. He didn’t want to get up. He used his left arm that was wrapped around the still sleeping hedgehog and gave her a gentle shake.

“Amy….” He whispered. “Hey, Amy….” His shaking only slightly intensified just enough to arouse her. “Amy, wake up.” Her eyes blinked a few times before remaining at a constant squint. Slowly she began to move. She let out a small groan as she began to rub her eyes to ease the waking process. Sonic kept his eyes trained on her and couldn’t believe how cute she was through the whole thing. “It’s time to go. We’re meeting everyone at Meh Burger remember?”

“Yeah, I remember.” She said a bit drowsy. She rolled to the side, giving Sonic a bit more freedom, and the two slowly fell out of the hammock onto their feet. She raised her hand up to her mouth and yawned. “Alright.” She said as she looked at him and smiled. He returned with the same smile. “Let’s get going.”


when seunghyun threw back the daesung plushie that was thrown to youngbae ಠ_ಠ

I have officially become someone who listens to the Stardew Valley soundtrack even while I’m not playing Stardew Valley.

This is it, this is my life now.

In other news, I’m tentatively thinking the three books within The Ice Plague will be called:

Book one - The Lost Forest
Book two - The Sickened Sea (or Seething Sea, either/or)
Book three - The Ice Plague

Starting to knuckle down when I want reveals to happen.

There are…17 plot reveals (of varying levels of significance) that introduce new threads but tie up a lot of old ones. What is old lore? Why did the Oak King and the Raven Prince disappear around the same time? Why is Gwyn Unseelie? What are Classless fae really, and why are they around?

It’s always a little nervewracking having these mysteries in the background for so long and knowing that soon they won’t be mysteries anymore. And hopefully, when those reveals happen, you’ll be able to go back through 600k or previous writing and see that almost all of them were foreshadowed. Which itself is a little terrifying. Lol.

This disapproving stare thing you’ve got going on is getting pretty old– either you need something, or your aim is to burn a hole in the back of my skull. 

hey, you asked for this t.t (continuation of this weird chunk of text)

They got through the morning with next to no hitches, disappearing for a private lunch much to the confusion of everybody else. During the free hour, Geoff and Ryan tried everything from handing the stone back and forth a few more times, looking up the sender (the address had turned out to be non-existent and the name appeared to be equally as fake), to straight-up running into each other.

Geoff isn’t sure why he assumed that might work, since it didn’t help in Freaky Friday either, but they were desperate for new ideas and the restaurant staff was pretty unfriendly anyway.

“So,” Geoff says, over new fries in a new restaurant and all out of ideas, “Gavin, huh?” 

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